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Ethereum Price Prediction - ETH Could Pump 10x In 2023 - Here's Why 

In this article will explore IMPT.io, RobotEra, Tamadoge, and Ethereum, along with Calvaria and Dash 2 Trade.



Since its formal inception, Ethereum has never stopped attracting developers and investors owing to its apparent advancement potential. The crypto crash of 2022 transformed the whole industry forever, as Ethereum, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, saw the most momentous shift ever. The Ethereum Network executed the Merge just a few weeks ago, switching to a proof-of-stake mechanism and leaving the proof-of-work technique.

This article discusses popular cryptocurrencies that could provide you with higher returns and explains why you should not delay investing. We will explore IMPT.io , RobotEra, Tamadoge , and Ethereum, along with Calvaria and Dash 2 Trade, to find out what characteristics make them much more reliable and secure investments in the future. 


Some emerging cryptos performing exceptionally well
Here is a detailed overview of the best Ethereum alternatives that you can find in the market right now.

IMPT.io – the revolutionary green crypto

The token presale for IMPT.io, a carbon offsetting and climate change effort, is about to end after earning more than $16.1 million in just two months. Given that the presale has already raised over $1 million in the past day alone, it appears that it will raise significantly more money before ending on December 11.

Similar to Tamadoge, another recent crypto project that is making all the headlines lately is IMPT.io , which is changing the way we are used to perceiving eco-friendly projects. IMPT is aiming to bridge block technology with sustainability to solve the age-old issues regarding carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The Green Crypto Project has introduced a unique approach to twisting the way we do online shopping and merging it with the green movement.


The increasing demand for the coin is presumably due to the underlying value of the project as well as its successful presale.

RobotEra - Sandbox-Style Metaverse Project

RobotEra has set out on building a planet-rebuilding experience using the power of the Metaverse. It allows players to become a robot and manage land, thereby contributing to the overall creation of the virtual world. The native token of the project is TARO, which is used as the currency within the ecosystem. 

RobotEra provides numerous rewards for performing certain activities that help rebuild the planet. They can mine minerals, collect raw materials and acquire resources from their land. Players can also sell their robot avatars as NFTs on the open market to earn tokens. 

Another way to earn money on RobotEra is by staking TARO tokens. They can get rewards for locking their coins away for specific periods of time.  Players receive more rewards when they stake their coins for longer periods. This is also a great way to earn passive income. 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) - a full-fledged crypto intelligence platform

The news that Changelly Pro will list Dash 2 Trade after its presale concludes only heightens interest in this outstanding new venture. The D2T coin had previously been accepted for listing by LBank and BitMart at the time.

Dash 2 Trade is committed to bringing a feature-rich crypto trading intelligence platform into the hands of crypto market participants, both professionals and novices. The project in question is currently in stage 3 of its public presale and observing record-breaking support from all sorts of investors. 


For an emerging crypto project like D2T, creating such a buzz points towards its successful planning and solid use case. Once launched, the Dash 2 Trade platform would be a haven for all those crypto enthusiasts who imagined having a Bloomberg terminal-like solution but for crypto. Its unique features include on-chain analysis and social sentiment for trending cryptos in the market. There will also be a strategy builder for creating, testing, and implementing better trading techniques.

Calvaria (RIA) - a new P2E game connecting crypto and the public

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn (P2E) battle card game whose presale is now live. This presale allows investors to buy its governance token, called RIA, with ETH or stablecoin. This presale is the best opportunity to purchase RIA at a low price. Because once this presale concludes and RIA gets listed on exchanges, you won’t get it at these prices at all.


Tamadoge (TAMA) – more than a usual memecoin 

Tamadoge is the new memecoin that is changing the course of how these coins are usually observed in the crypto space. Tamadoge is basically the pioneer memecoin, which is merging the metaverse with NFT and P2E features. Players can take advantage of the benefits of Tamaverse (Tamadoge’s own metaverse) through the play-to-earn platform, where they can earn rewards by breeding, petting, and competing with virtual pets.

This new memecoin with utility is a deflationary coin where users are able to climb the leaderboard by competing and earning dogepoints. Not only this, but Tamadoge has also recently introduced the "Ultra Rare NFTs" that will allow users to get a chance to appear not only in the metaverse but also in the P2E leaderboard on OpenSea. This is certainly a big break for a new coin like TAMA that shows its hidden potential.


Notable mention: World Cup Inu (WCI)

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 going on right now, many crypto enthusiasts are seeking a way to combine both of their passions together. Luckily, there is a budding crypto project trying to achieve just that. Presenting World Cup Inu, the first-ever ERC-20 coin that is based on the World Cup theme. The WCI launched at the perfect time, and it resulted in the token’s popularity going over 1,000% within just two weeks.

With their approach, the World Cup Inu is ushering in a new era in the Ethereum DeFi space. This coin has continued to make headlines ever since the beginning. Its founding team has made several announcements, such as the total tax going into marketing efforts, the liquidity of WCI remaining locked for 4 years, etc. All of these aspects make WCI a worthy investment while the FIFA World Cup 2022 is still on.


ETH price prediction 

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain that hosts the majority of dApps and other blockchain applications. The platform's native currency is known as Ether (ETH). It was just upgraded to Ethereum 2.0 in a process known as "the merge.'

For the very first time since the PoS merge, the Ethereum network burned more coins than it issued in a seven-day period. Ethereum is the most prominent altcoin in the market, with significant price fluctuations in 2022.

The crash wiped out more than 60% of the cryptocurrency's all-time high, lowering the price of ETH tokens from about $4,800 to below $1,500. The fall affected many cryptocurrencies, but since then, ETH has reached new lows.


Below is a list of estimated price fluctuations for ETH in the coming years, from 2023 to 2027.


Minimum Price

Maximum Price













Based on the abovementioned list of data, it can be clearly seen that ETH is highly unlikely to crash in the near future. 

After the merge, Ethereum is not only reducing the energy consumed to produce new coins, but it has also slowed down the issuance of the coins. Since its inception, Ethereum has become deflationary after issuing 603k coins a year and burning 803k coins per year. This gets even more interesting as the burn/issuance dynamic is coupled with the staking mechanism of the coin, which eventually influences the coin price.


It is true that after the merger, Ethereum lost quite a percentage of its value. However, considering its underlying value and the bullish trend of the coin, ETH is likely to be 10x in 2023. However, it is always a better idea to keep in mind that the crypto market is highly volatile, so the predictions are subject to adjustment to the current market trends.


ETH, despite its downward trend after the merge, is getting stronger and is forecasted to experience an upward surge. Similarly, investing in TARO, D2T, RIA, IMPT, and TAMA which are set to break records in 2023 would be the wisest decision you can make. 


So instead of waiting for the market to take a bullish turn, buy these coins and unlock a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity.