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ETC Will Not Pump Faster Than These New Cryptos In 2023 – Here Are 4 Reasons Why

ETC does not perform well based on historical and present stats. However, other options, especially eco-friendly ones, show a promising future. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCGH), RobotEra (TARO), Calvaria (RIA), IMPT.io (IMPT), and Polkadot (DOT) are examples of eco-friendly crypto you shall read about in this article.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Crypto trading and investment demand a lot of background data on the potential token you are willing to invest in. Any investment is not a “rush and takes” process; you must have access to historical price value and future predictions about the token.  

ETC does not perform well based on historical and present stats. However, other options, especially eco-friendly ones, show a promising future. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCGH), RobotEra (TARO), Calvaria (RIA), IMPT.io (IMPT), and Polkadot (DOT) are examples of eco-friendly crypto you shall read about in this article. They are performing exceedingly great, with outstanding historical value and good future predictions.   

ETC and 4 reasons why it will not do well than the cryptos on your list  

  1. ETC will not attract investors  

As you have learned above, historical data and future predictions are one of the things investors consider before they invest in a project. ETC does not show satisfactory data in past performance and future predictions. Thus, it cannot attract “effective investors” ready to make waves via their contributions.  

  1. ETC does not keep up with the competition  

The crypto market is competitive and highly volatile: a coin de-ranks if it does not perform exceptionally. ETC was launched in July 2016 but de-ranks since it failed to maintain stable ground for the past six years since its launch. Statista shows that “there are about 10,000 as of 2022,” and new coins like Dash 2 Trade are proving to be better investments on several exchange platforms. Again, investors do not reckon with a “particular coin;” their primary concern is a coin that can bring profits. In short, ETC devalues because it does not make a stable ground; new coins overweigh its values.  

  1. Unsatisfactory price history  

ETC price has been performing very poorly the last three months and has seen a steady decline in price. In August of this year the price was above $40 but things have been very poor since there and the coin recently dipped under $20.  ETC does not show a satisfactory price history that can attract investors or bring partnerships. ETC is at the edge of losing more value if it fails to introduce a new concept or infrastructure or attracts investors.  

  1. Unfavorable future predictions  

Investors consider future data and experts’ contributions before investing in it. Based on this, ETC does not seem to have a bright future because predictions do not work positively for the coin. The token may rise again tomorrow; no one knows. However, here are cryptos that have shown outstanding performance among over 10,000 tokens in 2022:  

  1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)- The Most Promising Play-and-Earn Platform 

  2. Fight Out (FGHT)- The best move-to-earn crypto platform 

  3. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)-Trading platform coin that empowers investors  

  1. C+Charge (CCHG)- The most promising green crypto for 2023 

  2. RobotEra (TARO)-Metaverse coin project with lots of revenue opportunities  

  3. Calvaria (RIA)- The P2E game tipped for a strong 2023  

  4. IMPT.io (IMPT)-The best green crypto to buy today 

  5. Polkadot (DOT)- One of the top eco-friendly cryptos 

The Alternative Cryptos  

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)- The Most Promising Play-and-Earn Platform 

Gaming fans have certainly embraced the newest platform Meta Masters Guild and its native coin MEMAG with delight. 

Until now, we have had the opportunity to connect with different play-to-earn games, but Meta Masters Guild brings us a play-and-earn experience. Yes, games are really fun, and we'll enjoy them, and while we're having fun, we'll also earn! If you buy MEMAG now, while it is on presale, you will have the opportunity not only to have fun and enjoy yourself but also to earn rewards, stake, and trade. Take advantage of the good price of the MEMAG coin and buy it ASAP! 


Crypto users have recognized the potential of the MEMAG coin, and in the first 24 hours of the presale, more than an amazing $50,000 has already been collected! This is a clear indicator that MEMAG is here to stay and that this is just the beginning of the success of this fantastic coin! 

Fight Out  (FGHT)- The best move-to-earn crypto platform 

The end of 2022 brought us an extremely interesting crypto project, which is especially attractive to those who want to improve their lives in several different fields. It is a move-to-earn crypto project called Fight Out, which provides users with a fantastic fitness experience and a rich reward system. Every progress you make during the Fight Out "journey" will bring you fantastic rewards and will constantly motivate you to persevere and not give up. It is a project that offers much more than just counting steps (which has been the case in most M2E applications so far). Fight Out provides you with personalized workouts, and consultations with trainers, and all this is based on your preferences, wishes, and goals. The native coin of the Fight Out platform, FGHT, is currently on presale, so you can get it at an extremely good price. Hurry up and start 2023 the right way, improving your health, body shape, and finances! 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)-Trading platform coin that empowers investors  

With all the uncertainty swirling around after FRX’s collapse we need strong trading platforms now more than ever. We believe Dash 2 Trade is the best alternative for anyone looking for different options at the moment.  


The inventors had the unique idea to combine strategy and sentiment to come up with the best buy and sell opportunities for their coin holders. On top of this, as a coin holder, you will have access to all the new coin listings as well as first dibs on new presales. 

Dash 2 Trade had a very successful presale. All D2T coins intended for the presale have been sold, but you still have the opportunity to buy D2T on very favorable terms, before it gets listed on crypto exchanges! Already after the first listings, the liquidity and popularity of D2T will be even greater, and therefore, its price will be higher, so take advantage of these last moments and buy D2T ASAP! Do it before January 11, because starting from then, D2T will be listed on BitMart, Changelly Pro, LBank, and Gate.io. 

C+Charge (CCHG)- The most promising green crypto for 2023 

All environmentally conscious investors have the opportunity to join the fight against climate change by connecting to the phenomenal C+Charge eco-friendly platform and its native CCHG coin, which is currently on presale.  

The C+Charge platform aims to provide an increasing number of EV drivers with a simple and useful approach to paying for charging, and at the same time allow them to charge their EVs in a more efficient, transparent, and simple way compared to standard charging stations.  Using the C+Charge platform will reduce pollution, and at the same time provide users with various rewards. So, if you are environmentally conscious, C+Charge brings you double satisfaction. Take advantage of the current presale price of CCHG tokens, because by all accounts, this coin will explode in the next few months! 


RobotEra (TARO)-Metaverse coin project with lots of revenue opportunities  

The Metaverse seems to be the future of crypto coins but it's also important to do your research before jumping right in. We really like the concept of RobotEra, a game that allows you to purchase land and rebuild the planet of Taro. RobotEra wishes to create a kind of functioning virtual society within the Metaverse where players can build whatever they want on their land and use NFT purchases to build their own Robot sidekicks. 

Players will also have a unique way to earn in-game currency by selling advertisements on their land and also by charging other players for entry. This is a cool concept as it encourages players to build the best structures they can, concert halls, theaters, or sporting stadiums, the choice is yours. The presale has just recently begun for RobotEra so those interested can get in at the ground floor. 

Calvaria (RIA)- The P2E game tipped for a strong 2023  

Calvaria or Clavaria Battles of Eternity to give it its full title, is a gaming token that many experts are tipping to be top of the totem pole in 2023. The reasons for this are pretty clear once you play the game. Besides the great gameplay, the use of NFTs is excellent. Players can buy them and then incorporate them into their battle strategies to win battles against other players. 

From these battles players can earn eRIA which is the in-game currency and can be exchanged for real RIA. A great reward for players who succeed at the game. Calvaria also has a free play option, which is another factor that has us tipping a bright 2023 for the game.  


Calvaria is having a very successful presale as it is already approaching its ending,  despite it only beginning recently. The presale is divided into 10 stages and the coin price will go up as it progresses through the stages so, if interested, the time to buy is now. 

IMPT.io (IMPT) –The best green crypto to buy today 

The best eco-friendly coin for 2022 does not need any special introduction. The huge number of users who bought IMPT, the huge number of companies that joined this platform, and the extremely successful presale that was completed in record time are enough indicators of how much potential this entire platform carries with it. Despite the negative happenings on the crypto market, crypto analysts are extremely optimistic when it comes to IMPT, predicting its value to grow by as much as 10x in the next few months. Few cryptocurrencies managed to achieve such good results in 2022, so even if you missed buying IMPT while it was on presale, know that it's not too late. You can find IMPT on LBank or Gate.io. 

Polkadot (DOT)- One of the top eco-friendly cryptos 

Crypto analysts say that Polkadot (DOT) is one of the lowest carbon footprint crypto assets, emphasizing that it has lower carbon emissions than many other popular cryptos. This is a good choice when it comes to eco-friendly coins, but keep in mind that crypto experts do not predict any serious growth in the value of this coin for 2023. 


ETC does not have impressive historical or future impressions that can attract investors. However, the above mentioned coins are suitable alternatives you can consider. Now more than ever we need to be more environmentally conscious, and a cryptocurrency that cares about the world also cares about its investors. A conscious crypto is one we can get behind as we look for stability in the market and that's why we are so impressed with the cryptos we have listed in this piece.   

And in addition to eco-friendly cryptos such as CCHG or IMPT, we also have the opportunity to opt for cryptos with huge potential for value growth, such as MEMAG, FGHT, D2T, TARO, or RIA. All in all, whichever of these cryptos you opt for, one thing is certain: they all have a great chance of seeing nice growth in value during 2023. 

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