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Epistane Steroid Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

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Epistane Steroid Review Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

The overall Epistane reviews and feedback are a mix of good and bad. You largely come across opinions speaking volumes about its effects as a lean muscle booster. Professionals and mid-level bodybuilders seem to make the most of its hypertrophy effects and express satisfaction over their progress.

Epistane Steroid Review
Epistane Steroid Review

Epistane, also known as methylepitiostanol, is a designer steroid and prohormone that is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). While Epistane shares some similarities with other prohormones, it is unique in its ability to produce lean muscle gains with minimal side effects. 

It is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), meaning it selectively targets androgen receptors in the body to promote anabolic effects, such as muscle growth and strength gains. Click Here to Buy Epistane online  

What is epistane? 

Despite the therapeutic promise some anabolic compounds like steroids and prohormones offer, bodybuilders choose to see them their way!  

According to them, these are substances that offer them the power to grow, strengthen, and tone beyond their natural tendencies. 

Rightly so, these compounds bust through their limits while packing on mass, unleashing raw strength, and sculpting their bodies. However, there are always some dangers and contraindications that need special consideration before following their cycles. 

A prohormone with an immense customer base in the fitness fraternity is Epistane. Not only is Epistane popular for its versatile effects, but the improvement it shows in every bulking, cutting, and performance area is also significant. Click Here to See Prices online  

However, considering its incredible promise to these enthusiasts, we wonder if it’s different from those liver-toxic substances of its kind. That is, is its contribution to your transformation worth overlooking its dangers, or is there a way out? 

The derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, Epistane was synthesized in 1966 while its consumption began to take place in the 1970s.  

Also known as Methylepitiostanol, the prohormone had medical uses for treating male reproductive issues and supporting weight loss. However, its medical promise failed to gain serious attention as much as its powers to: 

  • Fuel fibrous muscle growth 
  • Shape and sculpt muscles   
  • Intense leverage at the gym   

Unlike the misconception revolving around epistane as an anabolic steroid, it’s a prohormone, and that too is a potent one. In comparison with the designer steroids however, the popularity of the prohormone Epistane too, has always been on the rise.  

This is because buying and consuming Epistane was legal as some nutritional supplement up until 2015. However, the dynamics pertaining to its legal landscape changed from then, causing no damage to its demand as a performance-booster.  

How Epistane works? 

Dihydrotestosterone is an extremely powerful prohormone. Hence, it greatly works in areas directly contributing to the efficiency of your training and performance.  

This indicates that Epistane is essentially effective for taking your strength to advanced levels. 

As a prohormone, it activates and raises the level of testosterone after undergoing the process of metabolization. The anabolic hormone testosterone then binds to the intranuclear androgen receptors and generates androgenic effects, delivering epistane benefits like: 

  • Fat loss: The weight loss or fat burning potentials of Epistane are similar to some of the strongest cutting steroids available. As per some bodybuilding pros, it generates that shredded appearance that accentuates your deltoids and abs with a great finish 
  • Muscular growth: Not just muscular growth, but the mass you get to gain during the standard Epistane cycle is dry and quality. Moreover, as the prohormone does not aromatize, there is no liquid retention but pure bulk to flaunt 
  • Tough muscles: one of the greatest qualities of Epistane dosage is its ability to toughen up your muscles. This is particularly essential for a higher bodybuilding aesthetic, which many steroids fail to ensure 
  • Relentless strength: the strength and stamina gains you get to experience through the use of Epistane are extraordinary. It enables endurance to take your progressive overloads to serious levels 

Is epistane legal? 

Back in the day, Epistane enjoyed the reputation of being a dietary supplement that would "assist people with health-related needs." In fact, it made its way to the market, camouflaging in a product called Havoc by Recomp Performance Nutrition. 

By 2015, the authorities realized that the nature of epistane was not ordinary but one with a dangerous safety profile. They immediately took the needed actions, categorizing the drug as a schedule III controlled compound that people cannot source legally.  

Hence, Epistane is an illegal drug that the World Anti-Doping Agency has also prohibited. Despite that, many struggle to acquire the prohormone through illegal means like underground labs, stressing their health and safety.  

Epistane steroid 

Considering how epistane influences the rise in testosterone, it is common to refer to epistane as an anabolic steroid. However, far from the truth, epistane is not an anabolic steroid but a prohormone with effects similar to them. 

So what makes a prohormone different from an anabolic steroid? Or, let’s put it this way: how is Epistane different from anabolic steroids? 

Essentially, prohormones like epistane perform in a different way than some androgens do in the body. They are prodrugs that signify their potential to transform into a natural hormone like testosterone after metabolization in the body. Through this mechanism, they enable the body to have an abundance of free testosterone that can benefit your bodybuilding needs. 

Androgenic steroids work by recreating the properties of hormones like testosterone by binding to the receptors that they naturally stimulate. This too benefits the body by reaping the most from the abundance of testosterone, which is particularly effective for muscular growth and fat loss. 

Overall, each of these is full of promises for athletes and mass gainers, as are the risks and side effects. Hence, it is essential to avoid anabolic steroids and prohormones to keep your health safe. 

Epistane prohormone 

Epistane may be a prohormone in nature, but its effects and significance are no short of an anabolic steroid. Similar to a prohormone, it elevates the concentration of the anabolic hormone testosterone after being metabolized in the body.   

With the increased amount of free testosterone, muscles create more protein through the process of protein synthesis. Protein promotes efficient healing while testosterone further breaks down fat to create fuel for your workouts.  

Overall, the hormone is indispensable to muscular development and metabolic function. Hence, epistane results in quality bulk and unbeatable physical power with the removal of unnecessary flab. 

Moreover, the prohormone does not lead to aromatization, which signifies its inability to change into estrogen. Evidently, it works in favor of Epistane which does not trigger complications associated with abnormal amounts of estrogen. 

However, even as we reduce its potency to cause estrogen-related complications, Epistane does not become any safer. It causes side effects ranging in intensity and type from hair thinning to heart disease that may not be curable.  

Epistane cycle 

The typical epistane cycle does not go beyond the 4-week limit, considering the immense stress it inflicts on the liver. During this period, users begin with a low dose of 30 mg a day for two consistent weeks. They can then upgrade to 40 mg a day for the remaining two weeks. 

Of course, these are the general recommendations as some go beyond these strengths, only to experience side effects more severely.  

Avoid stacking the prohormone with others and follow a PCT after the 4 week cycle to regulate endogenous testosterone.  

Epistane dosage 

While the standard daily dosage of Epistane is 30 mg, it is better to break the strengths into three halves. That is, break the concentration into 10mg each and consume ensuring a break of 7 hours in between. These three doses can go as one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the night.  

Starting with a lower dose while stepping up to a stronger one manages (not eradicates) the risks it carries.  

After the completion of two weeks, users can continue the cycle with 40 mg a day, following a similar pattern but with 20 mg in the morning this time.  

Epistane results 

In terms of its contributions to the body makeover process, the users express extreme contentment over its 4-6 week cycle. Click here to see before and after results 

According to many, its potential to budge the scales and generate the desired cutting effects is exemplary. It is more of a metabolic modulator that efficiently influences the dynamics revolving around the handling of fat. 

Moreover, its propensity to induce dense skeletal muscle growth also comes across as promising to users. As per them, Epistane results favor body recomposition and not mainly a specific set of goals.  

It largely assists your bulking needs by growing 12–15 lbs of quality, lean mass while busting through that 1-rep max. None can deny its powers to impact fitness, nor can its powers to create complications.  

Yes, while it does not aromatize or cause problems like liquid retention, there are many more reactions to worry about. Despite the practice of pulse cycling and following a PCT after a mere 4-week dosing, epistane is sure to wreck havoc on the natural growth of testosterone.  

It largely destroys male reproductive functions and causes joint aches as a start. With the increase in doses and progression of the cycle, you become more vulnerable to complications like liver toxicity.  

Epistane review 

The overall Epistane reviews and feedback are a mix of good and bad. You largely come across opinions speaking volumes about its effects as a lean muscle booster. Professionals and mid-level bodybuilders seem to make the most of its hypertrophy effects and express satisfaction over their progress. 

But then there is the majority who believe that its aftereffects, especially its detrimental changes in the natural growth of testosterone, leave the system in a very weak state. Apparently, the body struggles to regulate its testosterone production, and despite the PCT, it does enough damage through poor Ts. 

Epistane Reddit, too, is sure to leave you feeling uncertain about the consumption of the prohormone.  

According to some, their purpose in resorting to a prohormone was to limit the complications that come with anabolic steroids. However, Epistane was no exception and was equally perilous. Yes, there were a few claiming to experience side effects of a typical androgen, but there were many claiming abnormalities in the natural growth of testosterone, blood pressure, and liver function. 

Epistane side effects 

Epistane does not elevate the level of estrogen. Hence, you do not get to encounter the general aftermaths like man boobs, hair thinning, and aggression. But in general, you are more likely to develop problems showing in areas like: 

  • Liver damage- including jaundice, toxicity, and failure 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Poor reproductive health 
  • Testosterone imbalance 
  • Poor male drive 
  • Tiredness and joint pain 

Overall, it is wiser to avoid anything as harsh as epistane. But thankfully, you can reap its bodybuilding properties and attain your fitness goals without complicating your health.  

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Epistane for sale 

Buying and consuming epistane is illegal, as is selling epistane. Yes, you cannot source Epistane through legal means, as no retailer stocks or supplies the drug just as randomly. 

However, you can legally buy Epistane's alternative at a discounted rate from its official website. This alternative promises a natural bulk that you can flaunt for a long time without the risks of liquid retention or liver toxicity.  

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Epistane buy 

Buying Epistane, the illegal drug, is a complex task. Unless you are ready to get into a legal mess, you can use and endanger your health through the prohormone.  

However, you can safely cycle the Epistane alternative without exposing your health or safety to any danger. You can buy Epistane through its official website and make your bulking and cutting regimen more fruitful and result-oriented.  


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