Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Emerging From Crisis: How 21North Is Leading The Automotive Pickup & Drop Space

Through the Store to Door approach, 21North is solving the vehicle mobility problem and bringing automotive businesses and solutions providers closer to their consumers

How 21North is leading the automotive pickup & drop space
How 21North is leading the automotive pickup & drop space

The year that we all witnessed has completely altered how the world used to work. The automotive industry took a massive hit that only intensified further with the spread of the virus. Extremely cautious about their savings, consumers were less willing to commit to high expenditure/ maintenance purchases like cars. 
However, as days passed and the world gradually adapted to the prevailing situation, consumers started investing in solutions for the future. These are solutions and services that can cater to their needs, be it urgent or routine, to their doorstep. The demand for it surged to an extent that it even drove major oil corporations to deliver fuel to our doorstep.

The automotive retailers had their hand-tied with falling demand, strict restrictions and insecure customers who only wished to step out for essentials. Unlike apparel and salon services, this is not a service that can be smoothly availed at the consumer’s convenient location. The problem was not just lack of demand but also limited supply of resources, labour, materials and real estate, to fulfil the existing demands. The question that was spiralling in the minds of all automotive business providers was how can I sell and service my customer without asking the customer to step out of their home? 

21North entered the automotive space 5 years ago with a simple yet elegant solution, however, it was the onset of the pandemic that truly got the organization the spotlight it deserved. The on-demand digitally-abled Vehicle Pickup & Drop facility provided by them is widely used by automotive businesses for vehicle servicing, test drives, deliveries as well as internal stockyard movements. Through features like QR based appointment scheduler, real-time geo-tracking, digital inventory, image analytics, OTP authentication, integrated cloud telephony, digital feedback, COVID safety measures and 100% contactless service, 21North is assisting auto businesses in reimagining an at-home experience that is effortless, transparent and dependable through cutting-edge white-labelled tech platforms.

Few days into the unlocking phase, 21North was revolutionizing not just the aftermarket industry but the automotive industry one trip at a time. 21North was providing hygiene enabled doorstep test drive and delivery to both new and used car dealers, marketplaces and sellers. The workshops were seeing over 30-40% increase in demand with the optimum potential to supply. The ambassadors had specifically undergone training to adhere to safety measures like daily temperature checks, responsible usage of masks and gloves at all times. 

The aim was to drive business for the auto retailer while ensuring their customers feel satisfied and safe. It was at that point that the identity of 21North was elevated. Instead of being perceived as a value-add service, it was now considered an essential digital solution. The enhanced performance of the auto retailer by focusing on their core function drove customer satisfaction to the next level with a bonus of on-time deliveries. The company is now an essential medium of enabling swift, cashless and hassle-free vehicle pickup & drop not just for workshops but also for mobility players that require vehicle movements. From vehicle resale marketplace, rental companies to even insurance providers and aggregators, the need for on-demand vehicle pick up and drop is becoming prominent by the day. 

The international markets too have acknowledged the gap of digital intervention in the automotive aftermarket. Responding and assisting instantly is a key selling point of any business and now that the Auto Industry is shaping up again, it's important to do it right. With global operations in Singapore, Greece, Italy, Indonesia and Malaysia, 21North is gearing up to scale with sophisticated technology. The response received from auto retailers and vehicle owners is a testimony of how much the Auto Industry needs to constantly innovate to deliver convenience to this growing market. 

The automotive industry is on the path of recovery now that customers are inclined towards owning a personal vehicle. 21North has transitioned from being a Pickup & Drop partner to being an essential partner for living up to the expectations of the new normal.

Since July, 21North has been reporting record pickup & drops. This reflects the immense opportunity for business that the ongoing festive season holds. The recent ISO Certifications 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 has boosted our confidence and prepared us to plan for the road ahead. With over 7,500 assistance providers that facilitated over 7 million trips in 20 cities since July 2021, 21North is not only keeping up with the surging demand but enabling businesses to reach their customers timely, safely and conveniently wherever they are.