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Earn Up To 40% Commission With 2023’s Best Pet Affiliate Program

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Earn Up To 40% Commission With 2023’s Best Pet Affiliate Program

Pet parents are constantly looking for ways to give their pets a healthier and more rewarding life. As such, more and more are moving away from big box corporations and turning to specialized pet companies that offer products that personalize how we care for our best furbuddies’ health. 

Pet supplements
Pet supplements

Looking for the best high-playing pet affiliate programs in 2023, curious if joining a pet affiliate program is right for you, or unsure what an affiliate program even is? No worries because we have all that information and more. 

What Does It Mean To Join A Pet Affiliate Program 

Pet parents are constantly looking for ways to give their pets a healthier and more rewarding life. As such, more and more are moving away from big box corporations and turning to specialized pet companies that offer products that personalize how we care for our best furbuddies’ health. 

When you take part in a pet affiliate program, all you have to do is use your influence to inspire others. By making regular but not too frequent posts about what a pet brand has to offer, you earn money on any sale you kick off for them. 

Sounds simple! And it is! 

In fact, the best pet affiliate program does pretty much all the work for you. Providing you with a custom link that precisely tracks every click from your social media/website to the brand’s website, multiple-week cookie durations that earn you money for repeated sales, and unique content so you can quickly and easily whip up a post to your followers. 

And none of that will cost you a thing! You already did everything by building your base of followers, and now it’s time for you to enjoy the splendors of your hard work. 

6 Factors To Look For When Choosing The Best Pet Affiliate Programs In 2023

There are many factors and perks to consider that will help you narrow down your search for the best high-paying pet affiliate programs. There are a lot of pet companies out there, but you’ll quickly find most aren’t offering the best pet affiliate program. 

1. Audience Purchase Probability

This can be a little tricky, but as long as you have a good idea about your audience, it shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Obviously, if you’re running an anti-pet blog, it’s probably not in your best interest to join a pet affiliate program. Otherwise, thanks to so many walks of life having a pet in their house, there is a strong likelihood you’ll see a high audience purchase probability — especially if your blog relates to pets in any way. 

2. Commission Type

The heavy majority of pet affiliate programs offer a cost per sale (CBS) commission, and that works best for most affiliates. But it’s important to consider your blog and niche and whether another commission type will work better for you. Other than cost per sale commission, you can earn money through earnings per click (EPC), cost per impression(CPI), cost per engagement (CPE), revenue sharing, and others.

3. Commission Rate

In the pet niche, you will find various commission rates, with many falling under 10% with an average of around 15%. That’s OK, but with a little research, it’s not too hard to find a high-quality brand that offers a significantly more lucrative rate. 

4. Cookie Duration

Cookie duration may sound simple, and it is, but that should not discount its importance. The longer your cookie duration, the greater chance you earn a commission from a sale. Even if one of your readers clicks your affiliate link but doesn’t make a purchase at the time, as long as they come back with the cookie still in effect to purchase an item, you will earn a commission. 

Cookie duration often ranges from a couple of weeks to a month, and because pet parents like to take their time to research a new pet item, we believe a cookie duration of at least a month is critical to look for.

5. Payout

When do you want to get paid? Traditionally, once a month payout is the most common, but you can find some affiliate programs that offer weekly or bi-weekly payouts. 

6. It’s All About Dogs

While there is a lot of passive income to be made in the cat niche, choosing an affiliate program that features products for dogs, or just choosing dog affiliate programs instead, will usually be your better move. Unless your blog/website/shop only caters to cats, that is. 

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, pet owners spend more on their dogs across the board. 

Basic Annual Expenses






Treats (Food)









Veterinarian (Routine & Surgical)



Grooming Supplies



Kennel Boarding        



Why Innovet Pet Has The Best Pet Affiliate Program In 2023

It can vary from year to year when it comes to who offers the best perks in their affiliate program. White high-paying pet affiliate programs are definitely the name of the game when narrowing down your selection, some brands like to throw out a flashy number in hopes you don’t see that all the other perks are less than stellar.  

Top dogs, pretty much every year, and certainly this year is Innovet Pet. Innovet Pet's affiliate program more than satisfies all the factors we discussed above, and that’s they are our choice when it comes to being one of the best pet affiliate programs in 2023.

Innovet Pet is a pet health company with nearly two decades of experience that have transformed how we care for our pet’s health.

 If you’re familiar with hemp CBD, especially when it comes to giving it to our pets, you are already experienced with what Innovet Pet has achieved. 

Innovet Pet was at the forefront of pet CBD, fighting to push CBD’s exorbitant costs down while pushing to establish the proper regulation for pure and potent hemp items that only care for our pets’ health. 

Where Innovet’s peers offer an average commission rate of 15%, Innovet Pet offers up to 40% with language that they will go even higher for high-performing customers. Compare that to Chewy’s 8%, and you can see why Innovet Pet’s affiliate program immediately popped out to us. 

And that’s not to mention Innovet Pet’s providing double the cookie duration length. This was one of the ways you can tell they're just not throwing out a high commission at the detriment of other perks.

Speaking of cookies, Innovet Pet offers 30-day cookie tracking, which is exactly what we want to see. This gives customers plenty of time to research new and unique items that update how we can best care for our pets. 

Last, Innovet Pet offers a little something for pretty much every pet, from dogs to horses to birds, giving you plenty of content for catching your readers’ attention. 

Innovet Affiliate Program Perks

●    Network / Software: Searlco / Atwin 
●    Commission: Up to 40% and higher for high-performing affiliates
●    Cookie Duration: 30 days 
●    Markets: U.S. (Hemp/CBD) and Global (Non-Hemp Products)
●    Average Order Size: $60, which implies up to $24 commission
●    Bonus Offers: Custom links and banners for social media and websites
●    Pet type: General (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, and others)

One of our favorite things about Innovet Pet is they continue to offer the products they created before they introduced their hemp product line. As well they have continued creating innovative products that don’t feature hemp, such as their Whole Foods-approved shampoo product line. This gives you a lot of chances to make money and keeps your posts about Innovet Pet from becoming redundant. 

Fan favorite products include: PurCBD, Tracerz (scent guides for blind dogs), Innovet’s diverse supplement line (probiotics, multivitamins, skin & coat support, and more), and Purotic (all-natural ear cleaner & dryer). 

About Innovet Pet’s CBD Oil

From offering unique health twists on traditional pet items such as flea control, with their wide range of both essential and health-boosting pet items, Innovet Pet gives your followers many options to choose from. Basically, that means there are several ways for you to make money. 

However, without a doubt, it will be Innovet Pet's revolutionary CBD oil that will most likely earn you the most commission. So let’s focus on that. 

Created in 2016, Innovet Pet introduced their PurCBD oil to the public with the intent to bring down CBD’s price point that was only affordable for a select few while also improving its quality. 

Before PurCBD, hemp CBD was extremely difficult to find, and despite its high cost, you never knew for sure if it was properly created. 

Hemp CBD offers pets a way to reclaim their health from a treasure trove of common medical conditions, from anxiety to mobility pain to cancer. But if CBD is manufactured without care, it can be unsafe for our pets. 


In fact, it can be illegal to own. This is because CBD comes from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that, when grown and manufactured improperly, can contain too much THC. THC is the compound that gives marijuana plants their intoxicating high. 

From providing 3rd party lab-tested reports to working directly with hemp farmers, Innovet Pet ensures their CBD has been crafted to the highest quality and safety standards. Quality and standards they helped create.  

Other Ways To Work With Innovet Pet

If you find that an affiliate program isn’t right for you, but you would still like to work with Innovet Pet, you’re not out of luck! Innovet Pet offers pet supply wholesale where you can take advantage of all the perks Innovet’s products have to offer without having to do all the work creating them. 

Similar to other wholesale options, there are a few restrictions Innovet Pet applies when it comes to selling their products.

Key Online Wholesale Orders Conditions:
●    $100 minimum orders 
●    Expedited shipping options are not available for wholesale orders, but accommodations are possible
●    Due to special wholesale pricing and bulk discounts, products CANNOT be resold online, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, or Alibaba to avoid direct competition
●    Discount codes, coupons, sale prices, free promotions, reward points, and free shipping offers do NOT apply to wholesale orders 

If you don’t have a website for your business, Innovet Pet still offers a way for you to take advantage of their affiliate program with “Get Links”. 

Is The Pet Niche Right For Me?

Even with high inflation and fears of a looming recession, the large majority of pet parents are reluctant to reduce what they spend for their pet’s health and wellness. There is a good reason you hear the term ‘pet parent’ more and more vs. ‘pet owner’. Nearly 70% of American households have one or more pets, and even before the pandemic that accelerated pet ownership, the pet industry was growing at a rapid rate. 

With each new generation, the desire to give our pets a better life with personalized items that better care for their health only increases. The point is, it can be very lucrative joining pet affiliate programs in the pet niche. 

If any of the following occupations apply to the field you’re working in, joining a pet affiliate program to earn passive income is a no-brainer. Pet brands find Ideal partners include bloggers, doggie daycares, dog walkers, trainers, veterinarians, and pretty much anyone that works with pets in some form. If that applies to you, what are you waiting for?! 

Pet Industry Facts:

●    Pet owners spent about $103.6 billion on pet products/care in the U.S. alone
●    Out of that $103.6 billion, about only 25% is spent on veterinary care, with the remainder going to pet foods, supplies, and other purchases such as grooming and boarding 
●    The pet industry is expected to reach $358.62 billion by 2027
●    86% of pet owners shop online for their pets

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.



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