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Drafthorse AI - The Best AI Writing & Bulk Publishing Tool In 2023

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Drafthorse AI - The Best AI Writing & Bulk Publishing Tool In 2023

Drafthorse AI is not just your average AI content writing tool. It was intentionally built and designed to help marketers bulk publish hundreds of high quality articles onto their sites in just a few clicks.

Drafthorse AI
Drafthorse AI

What started off as a self-funded project by Cody Schneider and Max Chehab, has quickly become one of the most powerful AI writing tools, giving you the ability to bulk publish hundreds of AI written articles directly to your site by integrating with your CMS (WordPress, Shopify, etc).

What is Drafthorse AI?

Drafthorse is an AI content writing tool that helps you bulk publish hundreds of articles in minutes.

Unlike tools like ChatGPT & WriterSonic, Drafthorse AI is geared towards effortlessly bulk publishing high quality content directly onto your site.

With ChatGPT, you have to manually generate each piece of content, using multiple prompts, and then manually copy and paste it onto your site.

This process can take hours to perfect, but DraftHorse can generate hundreds of 2,000+ word articles & upload them to your site in minutes.

The articles are posted as drafts so you can make final edits before publishing live.

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Why use Drafthorse AI?

It’s simple, Drafthorse is the most feature rich, most fairly priced bulk publishing AI content writer, and has the best support, and active X community.

From one-click bulk publishing directly to your site, to programmatic content refreshing, mass indexing (beta), Drafthorse does it all and produces high quality content that doesn’t get penalized by Google.

Features & Benefits

Import Your Keywords, Generate Content & Publish in 3 easy ways, you can suggest keywords/blog titles, or outlines for your articles, or suggest links for it to scrape, generating an article & report.

Import Keywords/Outlines & Bulk Generate


These 3 modes make it super easy to pop your keyword research into Drafthorse and bulk publish great quality content, you’ll be able to edit them easily from their interface, or push them as drafted posts to your site.

One click publish to WordPress, Shopify, Wix & More!


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Refresh old content

The team has recently pushed a feature never seen before, and that’s Drafthorse’s ability to refresh old content in one click.

This tool integrates with Google Search Console to see which articles have been underperforming, and will improve your content on those pages in one click.


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Drafthorse also comes with an indexing feature (currently in beta) which uses Google’s Indexing API to notify search engines when you post/update content on your site.

These features are extremely helpful when you’re trying to mass publish content, and the amount of control you have over each section is really what makes Drafthorse utility truly incomparable to any other tool on the market.

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Our Ratings & Review

Features: 5/5 Pricing: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Value: 5/5

Drafthorse makes it extremely simple to publish hundreds of high quality articles, all you have to do is load up your keywords, lists, or outlines, and it will generate the quality for you, and in one click, publish it on your site.

Most AI content writing tools come with confusing interfaces that have you trying multiple times, guessing prompts, and then having you copy-paste their content into your CMS, but that’s not the case with DraftHorse AI.

Besides the integrations directly into your site, Drafthorse has taken the guessing out of prompt engineering - and done it for you.

Their team keeps the prompts and code up to date, so you never have to worry about coming up with the prompts needed to create awesome content.

Another huge feature is the word count, while most apps will write 1,500-2,000 words, Drafthorse easily pushes 4,000+ and beyond, creating extremely detailed, rich articles that would otherwise take multiple submissions.

This marks a significant advancement over earlier AI content writers, which couldn't produce full-length articles from just a list of target keywords.

DraftHorse seamlessly integrates with popular content management systems including WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify, enabling you to publish finely-crafted articles directly to your blog in a matter of seconds.

Drafthorse AI distinguishes itself by being able to write long-form detailed content from a single keyword you provide it. It can easily write hundreds of 2,000+ word articles in minutes, which makes it much more powerful than traditional AI content writers.d

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What to look for in an AI Article Writer

Content Quality

There’s a ton of AI article writing tools in the market that, to this day, still use GPT 3.5 with default prompts, which gives you generic content that Google can instantly recognize as written by bots, and it’s unlikely to rank.


Most AI writing tools come with barely any options, for example, with ChatGPT, until recently, you could only add functionality using Chrome extensions, until they added the Plugin store, which even then doesn’t really help you save time.

The main reason to use AI for content writing is to save time and become more efficient, and that’s simply not the case with most tools. Drafthorse has catered to this by providing ways to integrate directly with your site and other tools, actually saving you time in the process.


Almost all AI writing tools on the market nickel and dime you on your usage, by giving ridiculously low limits on how you get to use their tools.

There’s only a few tools on the market that charge you close to the OpenAI API rate, and Drafthorse is one of them.

For example, running Drafthorse will cost you a few pennies more than what the OpenAI API would cost you per 1,000 words, whilst other platforms will give you a limited word count for a set amount of dollars per month.


Finally, you want to be using an AI content writing tool that doesn’t jam while you’re using it, and in the times that they do, you want active and live support to help you, so you don’t waste more time and money.


What is an AI Article Writer?

AI article writers are programs that use artificial intelligence to generate content, you may be familiar with tools like ChatGPT, Jasper & WriteSonic, but DraftHorse is different.

DraftHorse uses OpenAI’s API & their in-house prompts to generate content based on outlines or keywords you provide it, and it does so effortlessly.

What is Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO refers to the automated process of optimizing a large number of web pages at once, typically via the use of scripts, APIs, or specialized software.

This approach is often utilized when dealing with websites that have hundreds or thousands of pages that need to be optimized for search engine performance.

Manual optimization of each page would be tedious and time-consuming, so programmatic methods help to scale these efforts.

  • Bulk Publishing: DraftHorse allows for bulk publishing of AI-generated articles. This feature essentially automates the "content creation" aspect of SEO, allowing users to create multiple articles based on outlines or keywords. This can be particularly beneficial for building topical authority or quickly scaling a content marketing strategy.
  • Content Refreshing: The AI Content Refreshing tool is another layer of programmatic SEO. Old content can lose its SEO value over time, either due to outdated information or simply because search engines favor newer content. Refreshing the content programmatically means that DraftHorse can automatically update the articles to keep them relevant and fresh, enhancing their SEO value.

What is bulk publishing?

When you’re trying to improve topical authority, or build up content on your sites quickly, you need to post content, but the velocity at which you post can matter.

This is something all AI writing tools lack, a way to bulk publish, or even post directly onto your site without a hassle.

Drafthorse has made this so simple and user friendly, by combining all the essential parts you need in one place, and integrations with your site, such that you can just format outlines or keywords for each post, and it will write them all at the same time.

While slightly different to programmatic SEO, Drafthorse is the only AI article writer that can refresh your content programmatically, which is unseen in the field.

After you bulk publish your content, you can use their AI Content Refreshing tool to refresh everything at once.


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