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DOGE Price Prediction - Will DOGE Recover After FTX Losses And Rally Again

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DOGE Price Prediction - Will DOGE Recover After FTX Losses And Rally Again

DOGE is the first meme coin featuring a dog. It was launched by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, both software engineers at Adobe (ADBE) and IBM (IBM).


The implosion of FTX recently has got many people worried. When such a large cryptocurrency exchange files for bankruptcy, it is obvious that the investors will become worried about so-called "crypto contagion. " It is the effect when the losses spread from one crypto in crisis, in this case, FTX, to the other cryptos on the market. In this article, we will cover DOGE price prediction, but since its price was down for the most part during the previous week, we will also include the most popular cryptos on presale D2T , $TARO , IMPT , and $RIA as an alternative.

DOGE Price Prediction

Let's first check out the price prediction table before anything else!


Price (Min-Max) 


$0.08185 - $0.1077 


$0.0975 - $0.1025 


$0.1122 - $0.1097 


$0.1192 - $0.1260 


$0.2084 - $0.2194 

DOGE is the first meme coin featuring a dog. It was launched by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, both software engineers at Adobe (ADBE) and IBM (IBM). They wanted to mock the rise of altcoins (alternative coins), which were trying to capitalize on the success of Bitcoin. Despite the fact that its start was, in fact, a joke, its success certainly isn't one.

Dogecoin's uniqueness is that it is a fascination for Elon Musk, a business magnate. Musk supported Dogecoin via Twitter and once called it a hustle, significantly increasing its price. Elon even made DOGE the official payment method on his Tesla website, just showing how much he believes in this crypto. However, after the crypto-market crashed in May 2022, and many Dogecoin investors lost their money, Keith Johnson, an investor, filed a $258 million lawsuit against Elon Musk and SpaceX for allegedly running what he called a "Dogecoin Cryptopyramid Scheme."

When it comes to the way it will continue to grow in the future, no one can make any claims. The price predictions are quite optimistic, but looking at the price dip in the last seven days, it is not easy to take a leap of faith and invest. This is why it is better to invest in cryptos available on presale until the situation becomes clearer, so here is a little bit about the most popular cryptos on presale now!

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade offers the best crypto analytics that can be extremely useful to traders looking for a competitive edge. By using all the features on the platform, investors can see clearly which market factors affect prices and make the process of choosing which cryptocurrencies to invest in much easier. One of the features that will blow the investors away is the alert that can be a notification for new listings or presales, which is what the investors need to get the most from their efforts. This platform is highly useful, and it is powered by the D2T token, which is currently available on presale. The price per token is planned to rise in the following stage, so it is important that you invest as soon as possible before the price goes up!

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RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra is an innovative gaming platform that encourages players to explore its many features. This project was created to make it easy for people to play and earn while experiencing interesting gameplay, such as exploration and creation. This metaverse platform is a place where players can be robots and also use planet resources to build the world of their dreams. If they succeed and overcome the challenges, they will be rewarded. You can access this new world with $TARO tokens, and they are currently available on presale, so make sure to get these tokens now at a discounted price!

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It is becoming more important to find ways to save the planet and reduce destruction to the maximum extent. Carbon offsets are also known as carbon credits, and they can only be issued by projects that have been certified. The IMPT platform acts as a broker and allows individuals or organizations to purchase carbon credits. The demand for carbon credits by businesses will increase, and the IMPT platform uses blockchain technology to make it even more accessible. Most people don't like complex processes, especially when dealing with an issue such as pollution, which is why the IMPT platform makes it easy for investors to purchase carbon credits and improve the planet we are living on. The presale of IMPT tokens is ongoing now, so make sure you get a portion before it is too late!

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Calvaria ($RIA)

Calvaria is a platform where passionate players will be able to enjoy a card game that takes place in the afterlife. The adventure is so mesmerizing because it is based on Mexican mythology, which means that players will be captivated by the details and enjoy the game to the fullest. Players will have the chance to lead their armies on the battlefield and learn new skills as the game progresses. $RIA is the token that powers it, and it is currently available for presale. Since these tokens won't be as cheap in the future as they are now, this is your opportunity to invest!

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DOGE has been extremely popular from the moment it appeared on the market. However, many people have suffered huge losses so far when investing in DOGE because of Elon's fascination with it. If you want to avoid having losses yourself, investing in D2T can surely help you with that, so investing now while the price is affordable is a way to go. If you wish to do something to lessen the effects of climate change and earn at the same time, investing in IMPT is the solution. Also, there are RobotEra and Calvaria, which are ideal platforms for exploring the metaverse and enjoying all the delights that they have to offer, so this is your chance to make your move and reap the benefits in the future!