Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Director Bhavesh Manglani Is Creating Buzz On Internet With His Direction on YouTube Channel 'Hasley India Originals'

To date, the channel has grabbed whopping 1.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube making the director proud of his work.

Director Bhavesh Manglani
Director Bhavesh Manglani

Hasley India Originals has created a storm on the Internet breaking all the records. The YouTube channel is winning the hearts of millions with its daily dose of laughter. Director Bhavesh Manglani is overwhelmed with the tremendous response received to the show and is thankful for the audience. To date, the channel has grabbed whopping 1.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube making the director proud of his work. Bhavesh Manglani, director of this channel aims in delivering the most engaging content for the audience all across the globe. 

Let’s check out the inspirational journey of Director Bhavesh Manglani from a small-town guy to a famous figure in the YouTube industry. 

Early Life
Bhavesh Manglani comes from the famous Pink City of India, Jaipur Rajasthan. Coming from a middle-class family, Bhavesh was always been an average student in the school. He was a mischievous and impatient type of guy during his school days. But, he was specific about his goals and was sure of achieving his goals in the future. 

The journey towards the YouTube World
Bhavesh at a very early age decided to do something unique other than the traditional careers. “I decided to listen to my mind and achieve my goals in life. The mantra of life is hard work, Patience, and a little bit of sacrifice, and I don’t know that this mantra would help me in reaching the peak and making me famous across the globe”, proudly says the ace director Bhavesh Manglani. 

When he was in 9th class, he came across Instagram and Facebook and was fascinated with social media platforms. Content creation was generously spreading all over, and the young guys were attracted to it. Bhavesh used to make 15 -second vines and upload them on social media. He gained millions of followers within a year making him star overnight. 

Bhavesh always loved living in fantasies. He used to watch movies and try to implement the plots in his real life. He always wanted to play a character in Bollywood films. The fantasy motivated him to walk forward in his film-making career and portray his intense imaginations on the big screens. 

Thus, he started his YouTube channel in 2017. He also started making short movies and getting millions of views and comments on his work. Amongst many of his short movies, ‘Hamari Adhoori Kahani’ become viral on YouTube gaining applauds from millions. Bhavesh was overwhelmed with his success and was also praised for his outstanding screenplay and direction. 

He has also worked as a lead character in his own directorial short film ‘Hero’ which was based on the struggle of policemen during the outbreak of Covid-19. His struggle, hard work, and intention of giving unique content to the audience opened many new opportunities for him. Hasley India Originals is a famous YouTube channel and getting an opportunity of Direction was the feather in his cap. His direction won millions of hearts making him the favorite of everyone across the world. 
Currently, his mini web show, Poles Apart Season 2 and is soon gonna be aired. The first part of this series has gained 1 crore views on YouTube. Also, one of his web series ‘Dating College Junior’ was cast on Hotstar in December 2021. 

Future Aspects
Bhavesh’s most-awaited direction on “Work from Hills” is on its post-production stage. The series has been shot in the serene atmosphere of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. It was decided by the crew that nature would not be harmed while shooting the series and Bhavesh also proposed the idea of not using any kind of plastic during the entire shooting of the series.” 

“I want to create unique content for the audience making the entertainment industry proud of my direction, says Bhavesh Manglani, the young, talented director of Hasley India Originals.”