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Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Do They Really Work?

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Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Do They Really Work?

Here, we will cover how to detox for a drug test, we will also talk about the difference between full detoxification, and using detox drinks to pass a drug test. We will also cover the different types of detox cleanse for drug test success out there, and which ones are the best quality.

Detox Drinks
Detox Drinks

Do detox drinks work for drug tests? Yes, and in this complete guide, you are going to learn exactly how to use them.

We will cover how to detox for a drug test, we will also talk about the difference between full detoxification, and using detox drinks to pass a drug test. I will cover the different types of detox cleanse for drug test success out there, and which ones are the best quality.

Plus, I will give you my top tips based on personal experiences for making sure that detox drinks work as efficiently as possible, and tell you the top two best detox drinks for weed and other drug metabolites out there right now and where to buy them for the lowest price .

How To Do A Detox Cleanse For Drug Test Success
 The best way to get clean is to get completely clean. To do that, you’ll undertake a natural detox until you test clean with home drug test kits:
•    Eat lean and small meals every day
•    Exercise every day
•    Drink plenty of water
•    Cut out all drugs
•    Cut out as many medications as you can
•    Cut out alcohol
•    Cut out anything that the body has to process heavily
•    Sweat every day
Doing this will allow your body to work at peak efficiency. However, it can still take a long time to get clean.

If you are a chronic weed smoker, for example, then it could take you two weeks or more to get clean using a natural detoxification method. You can accelerate this process using high-quality detox pills though. Toxin Rid are the ones I would recommend as they can speed up the removal of toxins by up to 50%.
10 day course, or seven-day course of the push, is recommended for people with high levels of toxins in the body. But it means that in about one week you will start testing negative, which is incredible considering how long it would take you to get clean naturally.

This Is How A  Drug Detox Drink Works
 If you’ve got time before your test, then you’ll want to do a natural detoxification cleanse to push out as many toxins as possible.

Then, on the day of your test, a detox drink has got fewer drug metabolites and other detectable elements to deal with and get rid of.

But here’s the thing. The detox drink is just a masking agent and not a full detoxification product. When you drink it, you are not going to get rid of all the toxins in your body unless you are incredibly lucky and only have a few left.

So if you are really light user, if you use drugs once per week at moderate doses, you’ll probably be fine to stop but if you are a regular smoker or user, then no detox drink on earth is going to have the potency to push out all the toxins in your body.

Therefore, a detox drink works as a masking agent. It does the following to achieve this:
1.    First, your body is flooded with liquid. This is no different to water, but there’s more to it than that as I will explain in a moment. Because so much hits your stomach at once, it is passed through rapidly and you urinate several times. This pushes out all of the toxins from your kidneys through your bladder through your urinary tract, emptying them.

2.    Second, your body does this eradication process faster because the detox drink is loaded with diuretics. This makes you urinate more frequently.

3.    The detox drink also contains ingredients that help to speed up the processing of toxins and also things that draw more toxins out. This means that the enhanced process draws far more out. This creates a gap in your system, where you will have a short time before fresh toxins get processed and passed through the kidneys. This is your window of opportunity time.

4.    The detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine. That way, they are passed through as waste/excess and are therefore found in your urine making it appear balanced. Also, the detox drink floods you with vitamins and minerals that help to make the urine look like it isn’t adulterated.

Can You Get Detox Drinks For Weed Specifically?
The difference between weed metabolites and other drugs is the way that they are shaped means they claim to fat cells in the body more readily. This is why you can test positive for cannabis use weeks after your last joint. It takes longer, and it’s more sporadic, in terms of the metabolites working their way out of the body.

Also, cannabis metabolites clinging to these fat cells means that they more readily are removed from the body through the bowels.

In fact, 60% or more of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowels, whereas with most drugs, overwhelmingly it’s through urine. So by increasing fiber intake, you can create more bile, and you can speed up the removal of cannabis metabolites through them being drawn into the bowel.

However, nothing is particularly efficient at this. So yes, you can get detox drinks for weed  or " THC detox drinks" that have higher fiber content that attempts to do this, but it’s usually nowhere near enough.

For example, a detox kit designed for weed usually contains 10 g of fiber or less per day in the portion of liquid/capsules.

By comparison, a small bowl of all-bran cereal contains 30 g. So it’s nonsense that detox and pills claiming to target weed actually do it efficiently at all, even though they contain small amounts of other things which can help to draw more toxins out.

Buying Drug Detox Kits And Detox Drinks From Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Or GNC
Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and GNC are some of the biggest online retailers on earth, selling both their own products and third-party products.
It’s the obvious place to look for almost anything. So you would think they would have a great selection of high-quality detox cleanses and kits for drug test passing.
Unfortunately, that’s not actually the case:
•    Amazon have the best range but it’s still poor
•    Walgreens have literally nothing that would help you pass a drug test
•    CVS only sell one product that half decent
•    GNC only sell 2 detox drinks capable of passing

Although they all sell a wide range of detox kits, they are more general products. They are designed to be used over a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, alongside a natural detox.

Therefore, they are not designed specifically to draw out drug toxins rapidly, but to gently remove toxins as part of the change in lifestyle. That’s why they are low powered, because they aren’t designed for a quick result.

There really are only two notable detox drinks available from these sellers, the main one being Ultra Eliminex. Amazon also sell Mega Clean, while all of them sell QCarbo.
Ultra Eliminex used to be fantastically potent, but it’s not as good any longer. It’s actually the successor, the updated formula to QCarbo, so if it’s going to struggle, then it stands to reason that buying QCarbo would be worse.
Mega Clean is the best option but it’s only available from Amazon. On top of that, you don’t get the best combo deal which makes it even more potent (I’ll cover that later).

Top Tips For Completing A Detox Cleanse To Pass A Drug Test
The consumption of detox cleanse drinks is pretty much the same whichever one you choose, but it’s what you do before and after that can be vital to your chances of passing a drug test.

The question around do detox drinks work for drug test success is definitely yes, but only if you understand that it’s not literally just about chugging down and drinking and then going in and submitting a sample.

Before the day of your test, one day before at least, you need to do a natural detox. 24 hours at a bare minimum, 48 hours if possible. Even two days toxin free and living well will allow the body to push out a lot of toxins.

On the day of your test, there will simply be fewer toxins left in the body to appear in your urine at an awkward moment. You can accelerate this process by using high-quality detox pills. Toxin Rid is the best out there.

A one, two, or even three-day course if you’ve got the time, will push out far more toxins and you can naturally leave yourself with far less in the body. It simply means that they will reappear in your urine stream less frequently, increasing the length of time you will appear clean.

You then follow the instructions for drinking the detox drink. Pretty universally, you drink it, urinate frequently over the next hour, and you should be clean for three or four hours.

But here’s the step most people miss. Just before you leave, which you should aim to be about 45 minutes after you consumed the drink, you should do a home drug test kit once you’ve urinated at least three times.

Then you’ll know if you are still testing positive. If you are, have a second detox drink in hand. Drink that down, and make sure you urinate a couple more times before you submit your sample. It’s your only chance at that point.

So before the day of your test detoxify as much as you can, and the day of your test, just before you leave, make sure that you are actually testing clean and then get there as quickly as possible.

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Top Two Best Detox Drinks For A Drug Test
Now you know exactly how a detox drink works and how to use it, along with which detox cleanse is for drug tests you should avoid, let’s look at the top two brands you should be considering using to pass the next test.
Both of these are high quality, there’s not much to choose between them. Some of will come down to personal choice and what you can get your hands on before your test.
1.    Rescue Cleanse
For me, Rescue Cleanse is the number one brand. It’s been around for many years and has passed many drug tests. I used Rescue Cleanse to pass a pre-employment drug test, and my best friend has as well. We know it works.
If you’re not convinced, buy a bottle and test it out. Get yourself a home drug test kit and see for yourself. But, if it’s short notice, buy two bottles and a couple of home drug test kits, and I’m promising you it will not let you down.
Rescue Cleanse only costs $55, pretty cheap considering the potency of the formula which is packed with diuretics and natural ingredients that help to draw more toxins out of the body. It will leave your urine perfectly balanced and looking completely natural for around three hours even if you are a chronic weed smoker or user.

Instructions for using it couldn’t be more straightforward:
1.    Drink the contents of the bottle for about 15 minutes, beginning 90 minutes before your appointment time.
2.    There’s no need to even drink any additional water. Drink the detox drink, that’s it.
3.    The hour after you have consumed it, urinate as frequently as you can. Three times is a minimum. This will empty your bladder and allow the flood of fresh urine conditioned and toxin free to start to fill it.
4.    So after one hour, you should be free of toxins. Test it, and then head off to submit your sample as fast as you can.

Rescue Cleanse is only available from Test Negative . It’s high-quality and highly recommended.
Although it’s highly concentrated and you can get away with just using the detox drink on the day, if you are going to be full of toxins then I do recommend you still do a 24 or 48 hour detox if possible.
If you can accelerate that with Toxin Rid pills from Test Clear, then even better. But on its own it should still work; it’s just going to leave a higher chance of stray toxins creeping through.

2.    Mega Clean
On its own, Mega Clean is not as potent as Rescue Cleanse. It’s a good detox drink, but if you’ve got high levels of toxins in your body then it’s going to struggle in comparison. However, if you buy it from Test Clear then you will get a 24 hour course of pre-rid pills bundled in completely free.
If you’ve got 24 hours before your test to prepare, and you can take the pills alongside a natural detox, it will push out plenty of toxins and leave less on the day of your test. That powerful combo makes Mega Clean as good as Rescue Cleanse. If you do a 48 hour detox, it’s probably actually better.

Instructions for using Mega Clean are pretty straightforward:

1.    About 90 minutes before your test drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes.
2.    Refill the bottle and drink that water for another 15 minutes. Be careful here because it can leave your sample diluted, literally only drink the refill before you submit your sample.
3.    For one hour from the time you start drinking the bottle of Mega Clean, urinate as frequently as you can, with three times being a minimum.
4.    Just before you leave make sure you do that home detox kit. As long as you are clean, head off and submit your sample as quickly as you can.
If you’re not clean, hit that second bottle and urinate a couple more times. If you’ve got time you can do another home drug test kit, but you’ll probably have less than half an hour to submit your sample after starting the process.

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