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Delta 9 Syrup Review: How To Buy & Use This Effective THC Syrup 1000mg

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Delta 9 Syrup Review: How To Buy & Use This Effective THC Syrup 1000mg

Delta 9 THC is what gets you high when you smoke cannabis. But can THC drink syrup that contains D9 do the same? In this full Delta 9 syrup review I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

Delta 9 Syrup Review
Delta 9 Syrup Review

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I’ll explain what the difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 syrups is, and whether you should look for an individual one, or instead look for a syrup that combines both.

We will also talk about the effects and benefits of Delta 9 THC syrups, and what you can reasonably expect to feel, along with the best places to buy them.

What Is Delta 9 & How Is It Different From Delta 8?

When you smoke cannabis (or infuse it in any way) it’s Delta 9 that gets you high. It’s the main cannabinoid, and it’s responsible for the feelings you get when you use cannabis.

But that can be good and bad, because at high doses, there can be some side effects both in the moment, and longer term that can be problematic.

The problem is that Delta 9 is a full agonist of the CB1 receptor, meaning you get very intense effects both good and bad. Other cannabinoids, particularly D8 are only a partial agonist of this receptor, and are also partial or full agonists of the more beneficial CB2 cannabinoid receptor sites.

The good news though is that that’s at higher doses, and most THC Delta 9 syrups only give you a low dose (unless you consume lots of it).

The best news is that a lot of these Delta 9 syrups are blended with Delta 8 as well, so you get both receptors hit, and get the widest range of positive benefits without the side effects.

Delta 9 Benefits

So at the dosage levels you’ll get from a Delta 9 THC syrup dose, what are the benefits and effects that you will get?

Well, these are what are often stated, and these are what I have experienced:

● Feeling calm

● Retaining focus

● Getting a buzz

● Feeling slightly high

● Happiness

● Less fear and anxiety

You’ll get all this without the downsides of Delta 9 THC , primarily anxiety, dry mouth, paranoia, clouded thinking, and an inability to function well.

If you get a combo syrup, that also contains Delta 8 THC, you’ll get even more benefits.

Delta 8 isn’t as potent, but you can still get a buzz from it. But it also has the benefits of activating at CB2 receptor sites, meaning pain relief, more even mood, and a slight buzzing high that will still leave you able to fully function and focus.

Why Use Delta 9 THC Syrup 1000mg?

Delta 9 THC syrup is only mild. On average, you’re going to get around 50 mg per serving into your body.

But the idea is that it’s meant to be gentle, and as you drink more it builds up over several hours, creating really subtle effects as I’ve explained above.

It’s a great way to get some of the benefits of Delta 9 and 8 without smoking joints, moonrocks, or any of the more potent and difficult to consume infused products you can buy.

Think of it as a slightly enhanced calming aid. People drink green tea to calm themselves, or coffee for energy, so think of it like that, but it’s gently bringing the positive benefits of THC to your mind and body.

How To Use THC Drink Syrup

The great news is that THC drink syrup is really easy-to-use, and tastes fantastic.

You can literally drink it from a spoon in the same way you would cough syrup. It’s rich and will be sharp and sweet to the taste, depending on the flavor you choose, but it’s a quick way to consume it.

Alternatively, you can mix it in with something else to create a delicious flavored drink. That’s my preferred way of doing it.

If you like milkshake, then that’s the perfect place to start. Get a small glass of milk and put in a couple of teaspoons to get a decent dose. You want more? Then simply add another teaspoon or 2 to increase the dose. It won’t do you any harm, but it will obviously taste sweeter and richer.

You can do this with milk, soda, or even with crushed ice. An alternative is to pour it over ice cream like you would an ice cream syrup.

Some people even put these THC drink syrups over pancakes or fruit, in the same way as you would with honey or syrup.

So as you can see, it’s really easy to use this stuff, and as long as you pick a flavor you like, there are several ways that you can consume it very easily and keep the levels topped up for the length of time that you need them.

How Will Delta 9 THC Syrup Make You Feel?

In my experience, the effects of this are very subtle. Now it all depends on who you are, how big you are, your metabolism, when you have an empty stomach, and of course the dose you take.

It also depends on the frequency of the dosing, how much you top up, and several other things as well. But on an empty stomach, a single dose of around 100 mg of cannabinoids, is going to make you feel something.

You’ll feel slightly tingly and happy. You’ll feel calmer, and you’ll feel laser focused.

You won’t feel as anxious if that’s a problem for you usually, and you will have a more even mood for a couple of hours. Overall, it’s subtle on a single dose, but if you then top up a couple of hours later, you can keep riding this.

Will it make you high? Pretty much, the answer is no. Legally, the total Delta 9 dose can only be 0.3%, so even topping up you’re getting a very low dose even with the effects of Delta 8 if you get a combo product.

But this isn’t about getting high. You might as well just smoke a joint, or get moonrocks or some other more powerful Delta 8 product to achieve that.

This is about a slight tingly buzz, positivity, a focus, and calmness that helps you to bounce through your day.

Delta 9 Syrup 1000 mg: Can You Buy Such A High Total Dose?

Look, when people talk about Delta 9 THC syrup 1000 mg dosing, that’s very rare to be able to buy.

A couple of companies do sell 1000 mg total dose bottles. They are combo products which deliver a percentage of Delta 9, and a percentage of Delta 8.

There’s a couple of reasons for this:

1. It means that you get more Delta 8, which can still bring the same beneficial effects at that low dosage range, but without introducing any negative side effects as a higher dose of Delta 9 would.

2. You’re getting a better experience. People focus on Delta 9 because they think it could get them high. But this syrup isn’t going to do that, no matter how much of it you consume, because the percentage of Delta 9 legally can only be 0.3%. You would have to drink an entire bottle of it to get high, even if it was completely dosed with Delta 9.

So this can really help you, it’s good, and you will feel the benefits. But don’t get hung up on searching just for Delta 9, because it’s not actually going to give you the most even and beneficial experience.

Best Places To Buy Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC Syrup And Other Infused Products

There are two fantastic web stores that sell infused THC products that I use regularly.

For Delta 8 specialist products, I’d recommend Delta 8 Pro . They do a range of specialist syrups that contain 50 mg of Delta 8 per serving.

If you’re looking for the best Delta 9 THC syrup, then the conclusion of my review here is that it’s going to be best for you to buy them from BinoidCBD.

These are full Delta 9 syrup 1000 mg bottles. However, as I mentioned earlier, you’re not going to get that dose of only Delta 9.

For example, the Delta 9 Watermelon Felon syrup currently costs just $28.99.

The total dose in it is 1000 mg. That’s split as 350 mg of D9 and 650 mg of D8. That’s a really high dose, and a great balance that will give you the widest possible range of benefits at the strongest levels, while remaining legal.

They are all great tasting, and available in a range of flavors. I’d also recommend you try the “Bussin Berry” flavor, as that’s really lovely in milk or crushed ice, and you can really top it up to 2 or 3 times the recommended dose, to get very smooth experience.


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