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Best Dating Sites And Apps For People Over 40: The Ultimate List

Singles over 40 are ready for the next chapter of their love lives. But where to meet your perfect match when you’re a busy guy? Here are the best dating sites for over 40 for your consideration.

Dating For Over 40

My name is Cleora Bauch and I'm a relationship expert and content writer. Having spent years writing for Atomic Bride and researching different aspects of the modern dating scene, I can now confidently say that successful relationships are getting significantly harder when you are over 40. Even the statistics tend to agree: the share of people living alone has doubled over the past 50 years.

There are different reasons why it's more difficult to find potential matches when you are in your 40s or older. On the one hand, your life experience lets you know what kind of a partner you need. On the other hand, people don't have time for a new relationship, and a previous bad marriage can make a person jaded when it comes to romance.

Still, there are plenty of singles over 40 who are not just actively looking for love, but do it successfully. In this article, we will look at the key features of mature dating for over 40s and investigate the best dating websites for over 40.

🥇 Best dating sites for over 40

Online dating is popular across all age groups and relationship types: you can find anything from a hookup app to a serious dating app designed for eventual marriage. And looking for a partner online is especially popular among 40 year olds who may not have time to use other channels. We've prepared a list of dating sites for 40 year olds we have personally tested for efficiency, usability, and safety. Check it out below.

👉 Zoosk

Founded in 2007, Zoosk quickly became a viable competitor to the biggest dating services of the time, and its popularity has not dwindled down in over 15 years. Zoosk has always attracted an assorted crowd, so there are all kinds of people you can meet there. However, it's historically popular with a more mature audience, which makes it a contender for the best place to meet 40 year old woman.

One of the big benefits of Zoosk is the fact that it operates globally and is available in over 25 different languages. This makes it not only one of the best dating sites for women over 40 but also an excellent option for long-distance dating or scoring a date when you're visiting another country for business or leisure.


  • Big and diverse audience of users
  • Multiple ways to discover and reach out to members
  • You don't have to pay right away
  • There are free mobile apps to download


  • There is a matching system but it's not always precise
  • Some users complain about hidden fees

Who it's for: Zoosk is a great option for those who want to turn a new leaf in online dating.

As one of the oldest-operating websites in the niche of dating sites for people over 40, SilverSingles has been around for more than two decades. In that time, it has rebranded more than once but has always remained a safe and convenient place for users with more life experience than most young people to find a friend or even true love.

The major advantage of SilverSingles is that it attracts the right audience, so you don't have to waste time on people who don't fit your requirements and can focus on talking to potential partners who are close to your idea of a perfect lover.


  • Matches are based on a personality test
  • There are some things you can do even as a non-paying user
  • An older crowd means more potential matches
  • Fewer scammers than on many other dating sites


  • Limited discovery options besides matches
  • Available only in a few Western countries

Who it's for: SilverSingles is the go-to site for those who want to meet ladies over 50.

👉 SofiaDate

SofiaDate is a member of a well-known family of dating services and is primarily represented in Eastern Europe. Specifically, the women you can meet there are mostly from Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and a few other states. And while there are plenty of younger women to meet, it's also a great site for dating women over 40.

SofiaDate has all the features you need to make your search for the ideal partner successful. From several ways to discover the female members of the site (besides standard search) to a comprehensive range of communication tools, your love story can start and develop on SofiaDate.


  • Large and active female audience
  • Multiple communication features available
  • Up to 100% of female profiles are verified
  • Easy access to customer support


  • Some women take a while to respond
  • There is no option to video chat

Who it's for: SofiaDate is a top option for those who want to date Slavic women.

👉 LaDate

LaDate was originally launched as a dating site to help Western guys find a Latin American girlfriend or life partner. It has successfully worked in this narrow niche for over seven years and has helped create thousands of couples, many of them for people in their forties or older.

LaDate is a dating service that is friendly to all types of relationships. Whether you are searching for something casual or more serious, or even just want to flirt online with someone with a great personality and looks, LaDate is the way to go.


  • Most female users are validated
  • There is no paid membership option
  • Plenty of never married women
  • Awesome game of Faces


  • You can arrange dates, but it can be expensive
  • Only basic search is available

Who it's for: Make sure to give LaDate a try if you're into Latinas.

As you can guess from the name, EasternHoneys is primarily a site for Western men to meet single Asian women. It's known as one of the top over 40 dating sites, although its huge audience is definitely not limited to that.

EasternHoneys is a user-friendly dating service that makes the process of meeting your ideal match super easy even as a first-timer. And thanks to the fact that almost all women on the site have a solid grasp of English, there is no language barrier or communication issues to worry about.


  • Large database of verified female profiles
  • New profiles appear every day
  • You can discover women in several ways
  • Women often take the lead


  • There are no mobile apps to download
  • You'll run out of bonus credits pretty quickly

Who it's for: EasternHoneys is the perfect option for dating Asian ladies.

EliteSingles turns 10 years old in 2023, which is a considerable age for a highly competitive online dating niche. EliteSingles is not just competing for the title of the best dating site for over 40 — it's a site that tries to attract only the most educated and successful users to create the most suitable matches.

What sets EliteSingles aside from other dating sites and dating apps over 40 is the quality of its audience. It may not be the biggest one in the industry, but thanks to the right marketing strategies, EliteSingles has managed to attract precisely the people we assume you want to meet.


  • Active and growing audience
  • A great matching system based on personal qualities
  • Non-active users are hidden from view
  • Matches are usually location-based


  • There isn't much you can do as a free member
  • You can't help but compare yourself to other men

Who it's for: EliteSingles is the right choice for confident individuals looking for women over 40.

TheLuckyDate is a great option for 40 plus dating sites for several reasons. First, it has been around long enough to earn a solid reputation. Second, it boasts a significant user base all over the world. Third, TheLuckyDate is a mobile-first dating service, meaning it's perfect for use on your smartphone.

This site is designed for streamlined and effective communication. There are no useless features to spend money on or meaningless banners to distract you. Everything here supports dating for over 40, from the user-friendly design to the quick responses from the female members.


  • A large number of women 40 and up
  • Convenient and mobile-friendly design
  • Easy-to-understand credit system
  • Suitable for all kinds of relationships


  • Chatting is the only communication tool
  • There is no mobile app available

Special offer: Get 2,000 free credits when you sign up for TheLuckyDate.

Do dating sites work for over 40s?


They sure do! In fact, people over 40 are often the ones with the most success on dating websites, and there are several reasons for that:

  • They know for a fact what their deal breakers are and will not waste anybody's time trying to find a connection when it's not there.
  • They are not trying to pretend to be the best version of themselves and are ready to showcase their true personality.
  • They know that they don't have all the time in the world, which is why even normally reserved women tend to freely send messages to guys who catch their eye.

And this list can go on! The one takeaway you need from this part of the article is that yes, online dating absolutely does work for 40 year olds, and the sooner you give it a go, the better.

How to start dating again at 40


Many people believe that dating in your late teens, twenties, and even thirties is easy. You don't have a lot of negative experiences with other people, you have lots of friends who can introduce you to a cute girl, and you tend to just seize the moment and go with the flow instead of wondering how the other person will react. However, it's more than possible to start dating again at 40, and there are plenty of options you can explore:

  • Speed dating. These social events allow you to meet and talk to a dozen or so people in little time and decide if you want to continue the communication outside the event. The idea of meeting so many people at once can be intimidating, but the results are usually worth it.
  • By interest. In your 40s, you probably have at least one hobby or interest you're passionate about, and you can use it to meet new people. Whether it's making pots from clay, hiking, cooking, yoga, or dancing, joining themed clubs and attending niche events will help you have fun and find a new partner.
  • Playground. Most people in their 40s are parents, and you may be surprised to learn that having kids can help you meet someone special. When you attend the playground or other events and locations for kids, you can quickly realize that many of the moms you meet are single or have just gone through a divorce, so making the first move is a great idea.

At the same time, trying to find a partner in your 40s, with so many other commitments, can be time consuming and emotionally draining. This is why many people aged 40 or older are now looking for alternatives to change their love lives.

Is dating hard in your 40s?

Dating in your 40s is as hard or as easy as it is in any other decade of your life — it all depends on how you look at it and how you approach the process. If you are someone with a recent divorce in your life and you consider yourself jaded and cynical, then dating can surely get challenging.

But if you are excited about what's to come, are ready to go on some memorable dates, don't assume anything about the other person until you really know them, and take the time to research some tips on how to date successfully at your age — then you can not only spend an unforgettable night with a beautiful lady, but also have the relationship of a lifetime, and there are countless happy couples to prove it.

Dating after 40: Success stories


Alex and Jen: We both were your typical 40-somethings: recently divorced, with kids, but also with a sincere desire to build a new, happier family. We ended up signing up for the same dating app with a few days of difference. Jen actually contacted me first, which I thought was unusual but very cool. We didn't waste any time before going on our first date and we have been inseparable ever since — for over two years, actually.

Michael and Katie: You have no idea how hard I've tried to find a girlfriend after my divorce. I've even asked family members to introduce me to someone, and that is hardly ever a good idea. Then my friend Andy made me join this dating site — he said it was popular with girls in my age range. Katie first attracted me with her beautiful pics and her fun profile, so I knew we had to be together. After I made the first move, we discovered so much in common that I don't even remember life before her.

Is 40 too old to find love?

Of course not! In the past few decades, the public opinion of age has changed a lot. These days, 40 is the new 30, and when you are over 40, you can do anything you put your mind to. And soon after you start your journey, you will realize that women are just as determined to date and find the right person. So since you are both looking for the same things, the chances of succeeding are incredibly high.

And people over 40 are also very active on dating websites and apps. 37% of people between 30 and 49 have reported using online dating services at least once, and many of them use these services repeatedly. This means that any time you visit a new dating service, you can find plenty of ladies who match your preferences.

Is online dating worth it?

Dating over 40 can be a fantastic experience, especially if you know exactly what you're looking for, are honest about your desires, and are on the same page with your partner when it comes to the important stuff.

Venturing into the world of online dating can be the decision that brings you the most success you've ever had in your love life and shows you a new side of existence you've never thought was possible. So don't hesitate and embark on that journey today!

Even though dating can sometimes be challenging when you're over 40, the results can change your life for good. So even if you are wary of how it's all going to go, any relationship expert will tell you that you at least need to try.


What percentage of 40 year olds are single?

One study estimates that around 50% of people over 40 are single. This may sound like an alarming statistic, but we have to remember that most of these people haven't been single forever. Many of them may have been in a serious relationship or married until recently, and they are ready to get back into dating with a new partner in the near future.

What are the odds of finding a partner after 40?

The odds are pretty good! Not only is the number of single people over 40 pretty high but there are also all these younger people you can date. Moreover, many marriages end when one or both spouses turn 40 or slightly older, which means that the better you look, the more likely you are to find the right person to be with.

What age should I date at 40?

Whatever age you feel like dating! Of course, there is a lower age limit to follow if you don't want others to feel judgemental about your relationship. Most people follow the half-your-age-plus-seven rule, where you divide your own age in half and add seven to calculate the lowest possible age of your partner. For example, if you're 40, then a 27-year-old is the youngest you can get away with.

How long should adults date before getting intimate?

That is entirely up to you and your partner, so there cannot be any rules. Generally, anything two adults have consented to is good to go. This is why it's important to have an honest discussion on the first few dates about where you see this relationship going. It's worth noting that a significant part of grown-up couples does the deed on the first date or second date, and there is nothing wrong with that — many of these connections even result in marriages.


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