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Best Cougar Dating Sites Of 2023 – Where To Meet Older Women

While few people can tell you interesting facts about the “cougar” mountain lion, many people know first hand some fascinating facts about the colloquial “cougar.”

Cougar Dating Sites

That is, the mature woman seeking younger men, and the fact is most of them are cruising cougar dating sites.

In this cougar dating review, we’re going to analyze the top sites for older women dating and determine which sites actually lead to the best results.

Let’s start with a first look and a sneak peek at our #1 pick.

Best Cougar Dating Sites and Dating Apps

These are the top 5 dating sites to find a cougar we’ll discuss. Read on to discover them all.

  1. Zoosk – #1 of the best cougar dating apps
  2.  eHarmony – Have a serious commitment with an older woman
  3.  Elite Singles – Top online dating app for cougars
  4.  CougarLife – Best sugar dating experience
  5. AdultFriendFinder – Best way to meet swinger cougars

1. Zoosk – Best Cougar Dating Overall



  • Highest 40+ demographic
  • Even male-female ratio
  • Fun video dating community
  • Algorithm that learns you
  • 40 million members


  • Limited preview
  • Pricey


  • $10.83/mo for 6 months
  • $11.66/mo for 12 months
  • $13.32/mo for 3 months

Zoosk is the best overall of the cougar dating apps because it feels like a mainstream dating app that just so happens to have a booming population of cougars who like to date young.

Zoosk is not a cougar-specific dating website, but that’s a good thing. Cougars usually don’t flock to sites calling them “cougars” or advertising them as “older women.”

They want a professional and tasteful site that lets people connect and test their chemistry instantly, and that’s where Zoosk excels.

Zoosk has the best platform for meeting people in real time, thanks to its video chat dating community. You can meet single cougars broadcasting on their channel, introduce yourself, share your own videos, and then add each other as a match.

Zoosk also has a higher-than-average population of users over 35, making it the best place, statistically speaking , to meet attractive older women. Zoosk’s two biggest demographic segments are 55-65 and 45 to 54.

That’s prime cougar age, and it’s a site that encourages users, college-age or mature, to chat on video and see what happens.

The algorithm actually learns you based on your site behavior. It even has a report on your dating style so that you can become a little more self-aware and embrace what attracts you.

Zoosk is not only the best place to meet a mature woman – it’s also the most fun you can have on a first date!

2. eHarmony – Best Cougar Dating App for Serious Relationships



  • “Shared values” matchmaking algorithm
  • Serious relationships for mature women
  • The most marriages of any site
  • Compatibility percentage calculator on all profiles
  • 50 million members


  • Not just for one-night stands
  • Long-term contracts


  • $7.96 for 24 months
  • $11.96/mo for 12 months
  • $18.36/mo for 6 months

eHarmony doesn’t sell itself as a “cougar dating site” since that label doesn’t appeal to everyone. But many users will tell you it’s actually one of the best dating websites to meet mature women over the age of 40 – AND women open to dating younger men.

eHarmony has established itself as a serious relationship site for its scientific approach.

Whereas most sites stick to shared tags and general demographic matching, eHarmony has a long and advanced personality questionnaire. The company uses this questionnaire to match people according to shared values.

Psychology says that shared values between two partners are the most important predictor of a long and successful marriage.

It’s no coincidence that eHarmony is a serious relationships-oriented website and that many older women are looking for serious relationships during that 35-55 time period in their lives.

You even get a compatibility calculator tool that reveals your percentage of a successful relationship. Overall, eHarmony is the most scientific-minded site, with two million marriages and counting to show for it.

3. Elite Singles – Best of the Cougar Dating Apps for Women

Elite Singles


  • Successful, energetic & exciting younger men
  • For cougars who know what they want
  • Compatibility matchmaking with some wild cards
  • Most members have college degrees
  • 12 million users


  • Not a lot of fun for working-class singles
  • Limited free preview


  • $44.95/mo for 6 months
  • $57.95/mo for 3 months
  • $59.95 for 1 month

It’s important to note that while cougars may like dating younger men, they don’t like dating ANY young man - especially someone who doesn’t try very hard to be interesting and attractive.

That’s why Elite Singles is the most popular cougar dating apps for women, who may be on the prowl for a younger man. Yes, a younger man who actually values his looks, his appearance, and his exciting lifestyle.

Elite Singles celebrates the successful, career-focused professional. It’s a great site for meeting younger men in their peak, from 20s to 30s, and on the rise professionally and personally.

Elite Singles has a fairly simple website, with features like an advanced questionnaire, lifestyle, and compatibility-based matchmaking, as well as a “Have You Met?” wild card feature to take a chance.

If you’re a mature woman looking for a successful young man who’s powerful, interesting, and lights up a ballroom whenever he first enters, you’re on the right track at Elite Singles.

4. CougarLife – Top Sugar Dating for Cougar Life



  • A cougar life & lifestyle dating site
  • Sugar momma dating is OK
  • Where confidence meets enthusiasm
  • Secure & discreet texting
  • Private & public galleries


  • Not all cougars will like it here
  • No video chat


  • 1000 credits for 15 cents a credit
  • 500 credits for 20 cents a credit
  • 100 credits for 30 cents a credit

While CougarLife is not a sugar momma site per se, it’s still the Central Business District of places to meet cougars. It’s a site that not only advertises women dating dating younger men, but also promotes an attitude and cougar lifestyle.

Namely, that cougars should be modern, confident women who want “energetic” younger guys.

Cougars should be experienced, mature, secure, and take good care of themselves physically and emotionally. They have careers, and they don’t like drama. The “Cub”, in contrast, are optimistic, humorous, open-minded, and of course just crazy about cougar women.

This makes for an interesting dynamic, one that might even suggest sugar mommas looking for younger men or younger women.

Of all the niche dating sites, CougarLife is one of the most intriguing. If you’ve ever wanted to be a sugar momma or wanted to date a wealthy and successful older woman, CougarLife might be your fantasy come true.

5. Adult Friend Finder – Top Cougar Dating Site for Couples & Swingers

Adult Friend Finder


  • NSFW site to meet couples, cougars & swingers
  • Video & text chat rooms
  • Forums, stories & member blogs
  • Search locally or worldwide for niche conversations
  • 90 million users


  • Not much of a free preview
  • Pricey


  • $19.95/mo for 12 months
  • $26.95/mo for 3 month
  • $39.95 for 1 month

Adult Friend Finder was crazy about older women dating younger men before it was even a thing in mainstream culture. Established in 1996, it brought together partners from alternative lifestyles and non-monogamous relationships.

AFF is still going strong with the most members of any adult site, as well as the most adult niches for casual dating and long term relationships. It’s also one of the most popular sites for swinger couples – couples who have a weakness for younger and hotter men.

Adult Friend Finder is not just a cougar dating app but an NSFW social network where you can meet a variety of local or worldwide friends who have the same interests as you do.

This cougar site also loads on the special features that jumpstart conversation. You can share photos on your wall, comment on other people’s photos/blogs, post topics in the forums, chat live for a few hours, or even tip some amateur cougar models on camera.

Adult Friend Finder is certainly the most sociable cougar dating app and a top choice for cougar couples looking for a third.

6. Our Time – Most Versatile of Dating Apps to Meet Older Women

Our Time


  • For all men who love older women
  • Also for LGBTQs who love cougars
  • A number of search filters
  • Send messages to “Top Picks” for free
  • About 6 million users


  • Most members are over 50
  • Limited selection for free members


  • $12.99/mo for 12 months
  • $20.11/mo for 6 months
  • $25.99/mo for 3 months

Let’s face it, the perfect cougar is appealing to people of all ages, and not just younger guys.

Cougars are desired by younger guys, younger women, older men, older women, and people of multiple orientations and genders.

It’s no surprise that OurTime recently incorporated an “Other Options” category for the desired relationship field. Now users can add a number of choices such as agender, androgynous, demiman or demiwoman, trans, and other labels.

While it’s hard to deny that OurTime is about the “committed relationship”, not casual fun, it’s still geared towards elder demographics. The over-45 cougar site makes it easy to find cougars and has a mostly over-50 demographic, with a large population of seniors and pre-seniors.

Our Time is a senior dating app that definitely proves Boomers are still one of the hippest generations when it comes to dating.

7. Match.com – Best Cougar Dating Site for Free Texting



  • Most members are over 40
  • Even female-to-male ratio
  • Numerous search filters
  • Free texting with your top picks
  • 20 million users


  • Not many advanced features
  • Simple site design


  • $12.50/mo for 12 months
  • $19.98/mo for 3 months
  • $29.95 for 1 month

Match.com is not explicitly called a cougar dating site. However, it’s definitely being used as such, as it has some of the best demographics for mature women, as well as younger men interested in age gap dating.

Match’s top demographics are people ages 30-49, and people over 50, with last place being under 30. Not only are Match users open-minded to age gap relationships, but most members also have college degrees. Almost sixty percent of Match users are single parents too.

Match’s best features are its many search filters, which let you customize your partner down to the last detail. You can filter search for body type, age, and lifestyle habits.

Or, you can reverse search for someone who’s looking for someone like YOU. You can also search by keyword or mutual compatibility.

Of course, the best feature of this cougar dating app is that it’s free. It’s the only free cougar site that allows for limited texting and unlimited liking among your picks.

8. Ashley Madison – Best of the Married Cougar Dating Sites

Ashley Madison


  • Top cougar dating platform for marrieds
  • Great for keeping things secret
  • Mask/Blur/Blackout public photos
  • Lock private photos
  • 75 million users


  • Not for all tastes
  • More men than women


  • 1000 credits for 25 cents a credit
  • 500 credits for 30 cents a credit
  • 100 credits for 49 cents a credit

Ashley Madison has long suspected that some of the most insatiable cougars are married – and are either sneaking around or being “helped” by their voyeuristic husbands.

No wonder Ashley Madison is considered the premier choice for married cougar sites. It’s a site where everyone knows you’re married or they’re married - and they’re OK with that.

Of all the cougar dating sites, Ashley Madison also bends over backward for anonymity, discretion, and complete privacy. You can mask or blur your public photos while keeping spicy private photos locked for everyone EXCEPT the people you choose.

The credit-based system also ensures that the site is safe, easy, and uncomplicated – just as casual affairs should be. If you’re a younger man looking for older women, or vice versa, and the more “unavailable” the better, this site won’t disappoint.

FAQs About Cougar Dating Apps

Still have questions about cougar dating apps but feeling shy? Don’t sweat – we have answers!

Why do some people prefer older women to younger women?

There could be any number of reasons why people prefer older women to younger women since attraction is complicated.

However, most younger men feel that older women are more self-confident, more experienced (intimately and in wisdom), and perhaps even more of a “challenge” than younger women.

In fact, Psychology Today recently suggested that empowered and equal relationships, characteristics of cougar dating , lead to a higher degree of satisfaction.

What are the best cougar sites?

The “best cougar sites” depend on what you’re looking for in a cougar, or in a “cub”, for that matter.

Some of the top cougar dating apps might include Cougar Life, Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder.

However, even mainstream sites like Zoosk and Match.com have a higher population of mature women over 35.

For more on choosing between a mainstream and niche dating site, read our article on choosing the best dating sites .

Are there any completely free cougar dating sites?

The only completely free cougar dating site would be a community website, such as Reddit or other leading social networks.

For a personals matchmaking service, like Cougar Life or Zoosk, subscription fees cover the cost of special features like video chat, profiles and public/private photos.

Do cougars want a committed relationship or just a hookup?

It depends on the cougar in question, because some want a committed relationship, and others might prefer hookups.

There’s no statistical average here. However, you will notice that most members do include what they’re looking for on their user profile, including options such as a long-term relationship, something casual, or short-term romance.

For more on one-night stand etiquette and culture, check out this article on hookup sites .

Conclusion – Experience the Joy of Older Women Dating Younger Men

Too many shy people have only fantasized about cougar dating – and frankly, that’s a disappointing dating life!

It’s time to rise to the occasion and embrace your older women and younger men's fantasy. Sign up for the best cougar dating apps and turning it into a reality!

Online dating makes it much easier to explore this strong attraction.

While we felt that Zoosk was #1 of all the best dating websites for its video-sharing community and a healthy mix of demographics, all of these cougar dating websites are trustworthy and worth a look.

Why not download a cougar dating app today, see what’s out there, and be pleasantly surprised?

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.