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Comprehensive Guide To Bitcoin Casinos In Canada

Explore a comprehensive guide to Bitcoin Casinos in Canada! Discover what Bitcoin Casinos are, their growing popularity and the benefits they offer over traditional online casinos. Explore the best cryptocurrencies for gambling, learn how to buy Bitcoin for casino gaming, and get started at a Canadian Bitcoin casino. We'll also introduce you to Metaspins, a leading player in the Canadian Bitcoin casino scene. Plus, don't miss our FAQs for answers to common questions about Bitcoin casinos in Canada.

Bitcoin Casinos

Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

Bitcoin Casino Canada is an online gambling platform, like Metaspins Casino, for example, that accepts Bitcoin. Players can either gamble using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of traditional fiat currencies. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2008, its popularity has grown, leading many casinos to expand their payment method options to include cryptocurrencies. Players have some great advantages and benefits when playing at a BTC casino.

Bitcoin casinos have all the top slots, table games, live casino games, and more. The quality of the user experience is just as good as that of traditional online casinos, but there are even more benefits. Payments will be secure and anonymous with no third parties involved. The RTP% can be higher and bonuses are huge. Using Bitcoin is easy with lightning-fast deposit and withdrawal times. If there are transaction fees, they’re often much lower.

Bitcoin gambling brings with it a superior betting experience because it’s so convenient. Metaspins Casino is a leading player in the Bitcoin casino world that offers all of the above-mentioned benefits.

What is Cryptocurrency?

  • Definition: A digital or virtual form of money.
  • Decentralization: Operates independently of a central bank.
  • Blockchain: A digital ledger where cryptocurrency transactions are recorded.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that has a money value, not connected to the central bank system. It can be used as a form of payment without any one individual, group, or energy controlling it. Every person who holds Bitcoin is part of the collective that maintains control of the currency. This takes away any third-party influence in transactions made.

Bitcoin is a Public Blockchain and was the first form of blockchains we saw launched back in 2009. Blockchain are blocks of data linked to a digital chain. The data is stored in a public digital ledger where transactions are recorded. This system of payment was put into place as a way of eliminating double-spending.

The Best Cryptocurrency Options for Gambling in 2023

Blockchain was one of the groundbreaking innovations seen in the online gambling world. The integration of cryptocurrencies has transformed the industry, alleviating the need to convert to fiat currencies.


Bitcoin was the first blockchain to appear on the scene and is still the most popular cryptocurrency today. There are quite a few Bitcoin Casino sites in Canada today due to the widespread recognition that crypto has. Many of the Bitcoin casinos offer exclusive bonuses to Bitcoin users as well.

Types of Cryptocurrency Support: Some casinos support Bitcoin exclusively through Smart contracts, which facilitates automated payments in a Bitcoin casino. As technology is moving forward, there are hybrid platforms offering both crypto and fiat currencies.

Currency Conversion and Gameplay: If you deposit BTC into your casino account, some casinos will convert your balance into CAD. Also, CAD or another casino-specific currency may be used during gameplay.

Withdrawal Mechanism: If you deposited into a Crypto Casino using Bitcoin, typically your withdrawal will be paid out as BTC.


Often when you sign up for one of the best Bitcoin casino sites, you’ll also see Ethereum on the list of payment methods. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency. Some of the casinos that accept Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies include Dailyspins Casino and Metaspins Casino.

Ethereum builds and deploys smart contracts as well as dApps without any downtime. It has its own programming language that runs on a blockchain to avoid fraud, control, or third-party influence.

The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is a system of unlimited payments with the advantage of the smart contract service. There are some drawbacks however. Transaction costs are rising as the popularity of Ethereum grows. Some other popular altcoins you can pay with at cryptocurrency casinos include Tether and BTC20.


In 2013, Dogecoin adopted the face of the Shibu Inu dog from the doge meme as a logo and the name. Dogecoin created an online community and was meant to be a light hearted cryptocurrency against Bitcoin. However, an organic following of investors turned it into the largest meme crypto in market value. In 2021, Dogecoin had a peak market capitalization that was worth over US$85 billion. Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently exhibiting lower volatility than Bitcoin at 30% when it comes to the annualized 30-day realized volatility rate. It’s accepted by many casinos in Canada that accept cryptocurrencies.


Litecoin is another alternative to Bitcoin and you’ll often see it as a payment option at a Bitcoin casino. Litecoin was developed much like Bitcoin in terms of the same principles, including the way it uses blockchain technology. However, there are some differences as Litecoin saw the shortcomings of Bitcoin and created a better product based on that knowledge. Features include:

  •  An active community.
  •  Almost all trading platforms offer Litecoin.
  •  The blockchain has operated without issues for 9 years.
  •  Transaction fees are lower than Bitcoin.

Putting it into perspective, it costs CA$0.09 to send any denomination to Litecoin while it costs about CA$5.00 with Bitcoin. When you make a deposit with Litecoin at a crypto casino, you can typically get Litecoin back in the denominations the currency comes in, which are as follows:

One unit of Litecoin is divisible to eight decimal places.

There are Litecoin units for lesser amounts including lites or millilitecoin (mŁ), which are equal to 1⁄1000 Litecoin.

Smaller units include photons, or microlitecoin (μŁ), which are equal to 1⁄1000000

Then there’s the smallest possible division Litcoin can be divided into. This is the litoshi, which is one hundred millionth Litecoin.

Crypto Wallet

How to Buy Bitcoin for Casino Gambling in Canada

As technology in the online gambling industry grows, the need for Bitcoin has increased. Online betting and cryptocurrencies create an important intersection. Bitcoin offers top security features when doing financial transactions. Not to mention players have privacy as they don’t have to give up their personal or banking information to use it. Bitcoin offers borderless transactions so you can play at any of the Bitcoin casino options out there.

There are several platforms and ways you can acquire and store Bitcoin, which we’ll go over in the following.

  •  Binance:

Binance is one of the best options when it comes to purchasing Bitcoin. This is thanks to its user-friendly interface specifically designed to let you pay with Bitcoin. You can store your crypto through Binance Pay and make deposits and withdrawals at your favorite Bitcoin casino. You get quick, free, and easy transactions that are totally anonymous.

  •  Coinbase:

Coinbase operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It serves as an online platform for a variety of different cryptocurrency transactions. It’s well known for being an easy way to buy and store Bitcoin.

  •  Kraken:

Kraken is one of the oldest and most comprehensive trading platforms for Bitcoin. It actually supports over 220 different coins that you can buy, sell, and trade. At Kraken, you can spot trade at current markets and crypto futures. It’s been named as one of the best places to both buy and sell all cryptos.

There’s great customer support, low fees, and versatility in funding options. They also have the highest security standards for customers. There is a learning center with a comprehensive amount of articles on all aspects of purchasing, storing, trading, and using cryptocurrencies.

  •  Buying at Online Casinos:

One of the many ways to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is to purchase it directly through a crypto gambling site. For example, you can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Metaspins Casino with different payments. You can purchase crypto by using your Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Revolut.

How to get started at a Canadian Bitcoin Casino

We’re going to explain the whole process of getting into the world of crypto casinos. You’ll find out how to acquire Bitcoin and how to make deposits and withdrawals at a Bitcoin casino. Crypto casinos are rising in popularity because they offer players greater anonymity and privacy. Not only that, but gaming is also fair and there’s plenty of cryptocurrencies that can be used. Transaction fees can often be much lower not to mention a greater global accessibility. Also, it’s one of the fastest ways to deposit and withdraw money from the casino.

Acquiring a Bitcoin Wallet

Firstly, you’ll need to obtain a secure Bitcoin wallet for transactions and for storage. Here’s how you do that:

  1.  Choose a software wallet app. Binance, Coinbase, Exodus, or Trust Wallet are some of the top crypto wallets. Each option has its own features and security levels.
  2.  Download the wallet app to your mobile device or computer. When you have chosen the crypto wallet you want, you’ll need to download the app. When you have the app installed, this ensures you’re easily able to access your assets.
  3.  Create an account. Fill out the information required including your name, email address, and a password. Some of the crypto wallet apps might make you complete an ID verification process. This would include submitting a picture of your government-issued photo ID card along with a selfie. This information is never shared with third-parties.
  4.  Transfer Your Assets. Once your account is set up, you’ll want to transfer assets into your wallet. This can be done in a few ways including depositing money from your bank account, making a currency exchange or receiving crypto from another wallet. Most of the crypto wallets support more than Bitcoin. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies so you can transfer different assets. In order to fund your wallet, you need a wallet address, which you’ll need to download. You’ll use this wallet address to send assets to your wallet. Some of the more advanced crypto wallets support scannable QR codes for transfers.

Purchasing BTC or Altcoins

  1. You can purchase Bitcoin as well as altcoins like Tether, Litecoin, and Dogecoin through reputable crypto exchanges. This includes Coinbase, Kraken, Crypto.com, and more.
  2.  You have to go through the sign up process of each exchange. This varies with each crypto exchange but in general, it means filling out some forms with information like your email and name.
  3.  You’ll select your cryptocurrency and specify your wallet address as well as the amount you want to purchase.
  4.  You then go to check out, make your payment with the payment methods available, and complete your purchase.

Selecting a Trustworthy Crypto Casino

Choose a reliable crypto casino by using your search engine. You want to make sure it’s fully licensed to ensure the casino adheres to the strict standards that keep players safe. You can find this information at the footer of any page.

Registering an Account

Once you’ve chosen the crypto casino that matches your taste, you can sign up. To do this, you follow the steps below:

  1.  Click on “sign up” or “register.”
  2.  Put in your email address and password.
  3.  Click on boxes to verify you’re over 18 years old and agree to terms and conditions.
  4.  Choose the cryptocurrency you want to play with.

Making a Deposit

Once you have an account, you can deposit cryptocurrency into your account so you can play for real money. Here’s how you do it:

  1.  Go to “deposit” in your cashier section of your casino account.
  2.  Choose a cryptocurrency or fiat payment option from the list.
  3.  Choose the amount you want to deposit.
  4.  Opt in/out of any available deposit bonuses that are made available to you.
  5.  Fill out any information the payment type may require from you.
  6.  Click on “Deposit” and you’re ready to start playing for real money with your crypto.

Starting Your Gaming Experience:

Start enjoying games by playing with real money in your account. A crypto gambling site can have thousands of games. There’s plenty to explore and with the bonuses you can collect, it allows you to try games for free.

Explanation of Crypto Exchanges and Their Role

A cryptocurrency exchange works similarly to a stock exchange and helps investors to buy and sell in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. These platforms work on digital marketplaces such as mobile apps or via desktop functions similar to e-brokerages. The exchange is the online marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies.

Steps to Buy or Exchange Cryptocurrency:

  1. Select a cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Download one of the crypto wallet apps.
  3. Set up a method of payment including Apple Pay, Visa, Interac, etc.
  4. Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to purchase and buy it from within the wallet.
  5. To exchange crypto for cash, you choose the coin and amount you want to sell in your wallet. Agree to the rates and you’ve turned your cryptocurrency into money.
  6. To trade cryptocurrency, you select the cryptocurrency in your wallet and enter the amount you want to sell denominated into money or a cryptocurrency.

Transferring Cryptocurrency:

It’s simple to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies into your casino account. One of the benefits of using cryptocurrency is the instant deposits and withdrawals in most casinos.

Check out https://metaspins.com to learn more.

Depositing at a Crypto Casino:

  1.  Choose a crypto casino and navigate to the cashier section.
  2.  Select the cryptocurrency on the list that you want to use.
  3.  You’ll be given a unique deposit address.
  4.  Use this unique code by copy/pasting into your wallet or scan as a QR code.

Choosing the Desired Cryptocurrency:

Pick the cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

Initiating the Deposit Transaction:

You'll receive a unique deposit address, which you can initiate by either using the provided address or scanning the QR code with your crypto wallet.

Awaiting Confirmation:

Wait for the deposit to be confirmed. It’s usually lightning fast to receive the crypto into your account.

Understanding Crypto Withdrawals:

a. The Withdrawal Process: Learn how to initiate a withdrawal at crypto casinos.

  • Go to your cashier section in your casino account.
  • Go to the withdrawal tab.
  • The casino will default your withdrawal method to the cryptocurrency you used for your deposit.
  • Click the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Click “withdraw.”

b. Typical Waiting Times:

In most cases, you can expect to see your crypto tokens back in your crypto wallet within 10 minutes. The longest waiting time is up to 3 hours.


Bitcoin's Evolution in the Online Gambling Landscape

Bitcoin started to gain notoriety in 2011 when it was mentioned in a story in Forbes. This created their first price increase where the BTC rose to CA$9. Before the increase, it was being traded for around CA$1. Bitcoin was used in illicit markets like the Silk Road, which created a stigma of being connected to criminals.

As Bitcoin became more mainstream, more people started to invest and altcoins were created. Bitcoin online casinos emerged in 2012 and other cryptocurrencies at the time jumped on board soon after. As it stands today, the percentage of online casinos accepting Bitcoin is at around 20%.

In the beginning, there was plenty of scepticism around Bitcoin being used as a payment method for online gaming. However, cryptocurrency has done a lot for the industry of gambling. It offers provably fair gaming, allowing players to check out the fairness of the outcome on any given game. It provides access to the inner workings of a game’s RNG (random number generator). Bitcoin casinos are therefore trustworthy with a new kind of transparency.

Smart contracts are being added to gambling platforms. These contracts automate parts of the gaming experience, which includes payouts. This reduces the possibility of human error. Bitcoin casinos are able to break down language and geographical barriers. Bitcoin platforms are able to operate worldwide so the casinos are easier to access. As you don’t need a bank account or credit card to use Bitcoin, crypto casinos are more inclusive as everyone can pay and play with real money. So despite hurdles in the beginning, crypto has improved the online gambling industry, making online gambling more secure, fair, and accessible.

How Bitcoin Casinos Work

Bitcoin casinos are a lot like traditional casinos but you can use cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw. A big benefit that comes with a crypto casino is provably fair gaming, which ensures games are fair and not tampered with. Detailed algorithms that come with cryptographic technology allow players to see outcomes before playing games. Players can see outcomes before playing games. These sites are transparent as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain. Players don’t need to share personal and financial information, which prevents identity theft and fraud. Transactions are also encrypted and decentralized for the highest security.

Payments at Canadian Bitcoin Casino Sites

Cryptocurrency of all kinds have become one of the top payment methods at online casinos. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin to name a few.

When you use crypto, you can remain anonymous because you don’t have to give away your personal or banking information. This is also a benefit for security reasons because there’s far less potential of your information being stolen. When using cryptocurrency at an online casino, you also avoid third-party fees.

The best Bitcoin casino will offer instant deposits and withdrawals. The processing time is no more than a few hours at the most in cases where it’s not instant. Compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers, crypto comes out on top for speedy transactions.

When compared to traditional banking, cryptocurrencies have less fees. This is because Bitcoin and altcoins don’t have intermediaries in the transactions. Withdrawals are smooth and easy, giving you quick access to your funds. Many times, the withdrawal limits are higher when using crypto as well.

A Bitcoin casino can more quickly fulfill your deposit or withdrawal requests because there’s no banking or verification process involved. This speeds up the process because you don’t have to wait for verification to be processed. The speed at which you’ll be able to see funds back in your crypto wallet is impressive. You can expect to see the money in your account within an hour.

With crypto, transactions on a private blockchain remain private. This gives an extra layer of privacy. They are encrypted so nobody can access information. This is not the case for those using fiat to fund their account. Digital signatures are often used to verify that the transaction is legitimate.

Provably fair gaming is part of any legitimate cryptocurrency casino. In terms of fairness, Bitcoin casinos utilize blockchain technology, which is a public ledger that records transactions. It also prevents tampering of any record of a game’s performance when it comes to paying out. The casino can’t manipulate this information and results are available to view so players know how well the game pays out.

There are also third-party authorities eCogra and iTechLabs that test games regularly to ensure their RNG is accurate. Players are able to get an accurate account of the game outcomes through multiple means. This type of transparency has made Bitcoin casinos a more trustworthy source for online gaming.


Metaspins: Canada's Bitcoin Casino

Metaspins Casino is an exclusive cryptocurrency casino that operates under a gaming license from Curacao eGaming. This relatively new cryptocurrency casino was established in 2022, offering the most modern advances in casino gaming. There are multiple languages available including English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Finnish. The top software providers power the site including big names like Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Hacksaw, Gaming, Play N’Go, and much more.

There are over 4,000 top tier games thanks to the multiple software developers partnered up with Metaspins Casino. Most games offer a high return, and you can always check to see how the game has been performing thanks to the transparency of the site. Customer support offers pristine customer care that sets it apart in the Canadian crypto gambling industry.

Metaspins Casino offers the top games that Canadians can’t get enough of including:


  • Rich Wilde’s and the Amulet of Dead
  • 9 Coins
  • Fear the Dark

Provably Fair Crypto Games

  • Scroll of Adventure
  • Princess Royal
  • Brave Viking

Table Games

  • Baccarat First Person
  • La Partage French Roulette
  • Blackjack VIP

Live Casino Games

  • Prive Lounge Blackjack
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland
  • Lightning Roulette

Bitcoin Lottery is also a part of Metaspins.

Metaspins Bonuses & Promotions:

  • Welcome Bonus: Get a 100% match deposit bonus and get up to 1 BTC
  • Level UP & Daily Metaspin Bonuses: Elevate your rewards with Metaspins' unique bonuses, including a shot at winning up to CA$1,000
  • Level Up at Double Speed: Play the game of the week and get Double Speed towards the levels. When you level up, the casino offers exclusive bonuses

Metaspins Casino is state-of-the-art and deals specifically in cryptocurrencies. This brings with it the trust, fairness, and anonymity players can appreciate. In the Canadian Bitcoin casino landscape, it’s a fresh new way to enjoy online gaming. One might call it an anonymous casino where all players only need an email and password to register.

Security features that come from using Bitcoin and other currencies keep players safe and never compromise personal information. Encryption technology is heavily emphasized, and the site is provably fair. This gives players a transparent, unbiased gaming experience. Third-party authorities including eCogra and iTechLabs regularly audit the games on the site to ensure their RNG is accurate.

Why Metaspins Stands Out?

  •  At Metaspins, a leading option within Bitcoin Casino Canada, you'll find an extensive library of over 4,000 high-quality casino games. There are thousands of slots, a variety of table games, live casino games, crash games, and provably fair games as well as a Bitcoin lottery section.
  •  You’re going to see a variety of exciting promotions including daily and weekly bonuses as well as consistent rewards.
  •  The user experience is immersive. You can see how many others have won recently and on what games. The Jackpot displays how much time is left and how much is in the jackpot. Games are narrowed down into sections, making it easier to find your favourites. Click on tabs like slots, live casino, provably fair crypto games, table games, and providers to get into different sections.
  •  Join Metaspins Casino socials and you’ll get extra offers. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get in on contests and news. When you’re on leaderboards, the site chat, or bet fees, you can use a Censor Username. This allows you to remain social without having to expose your real name. Community engagement is a vibrant community of players and regular events.
Bitcoin Casino

Popular Bitcoin Casino Games in Canada


Blackjack, also known as 21 is a card game where you want to get 21 or under. The name of the game is to beat the dealer and get as close to 21 as possible. Popular titles include Blackjack Multi-Hand VIP, Blackjack European, and Blackjack 21+3.


Roulette is a popular game worldwide thanks to how easy it is to play. If you want to be riskier, you can bet on a specific color/number combination. While it pays out higher, strategically, you have a better chance of winning if you bet on a wider area of where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning.


Poker is a popular card game that requires skill, strategy, and luck. Different titles include Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, and Russian Poker.


Baccarat is growing in popularity for Canadians because it’s simple to play. You play against the dealer and choose whether you will win/lost, or tie. If you guess the outcome, you win.


The slots section is full of exciting slots with ancient Egyptian, Norse, Asian, Irish, and Wild West themes. Some popular slot games include Big Bass Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, 9 coins, Rich Wilde’s Book of Dead, and Sweet Bonanza.

Live Dealer:

Live dealer games are live streamed from a casino setting where you can communicate with the croupiers through live chat. This creates an immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re in a casino.

Game Shows:

There are some great game shows that you’ve always known and love. You get the opportunity to be part of the excitement with HD streamed live games like Deal or No Deal and Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

What Else Bitcoin Casinos in Canada Offer

  •  Sports Betting:

At times, a Bitcoin casino expands its offerings to include sports betting, providing players with a more diverse gambling experience, enabling them to wager on various games and events.

  •  Bitcoin Lottery:

Participating in a Bitcoin lottery offers the chance to win varying amounts based on the number of matching numbers on your ticket. For instance, having three matching numbers earns you CA$1 in cryptocurrency, while matching more numbers increases your prize as follows:

3 numbers 

CA$1 crypto 

4 numbers 

CA$15 crypto 

5 numbers 

CA$2,000 crypto 

5+ numbers 

CA$20,000 crypto 

- Bitcoin-Friendly Gaming Providers:

Software providers create the games you love. Bitcoin-friendly providers offer quality and trustworthiness, and support cryptocurrencies. Top mentionable developers include Betsoft, Tom Horn Gaming, Yggdrasil , Play N’Go, NetEnt, and Ezugi.

How Bitcoin Gambling is Changing the Gaming Industry

The long-term impact and influence of Bitcoin casinos is giving people more anonymity, security, transparency, and fairness. Bitcoin’s borderless nature serves for global accessibility. Players are given more power in how they gamble with more protection of personal and banking information. Thanks to provably fair gaming, an unbiased gaming experience has flourished where players know exactly what to expect with any given game.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos 

Traditional Online Casinos 

Enhanced Privacy 

Personal details required 

No transaction fees 

Fees may apply 

Provably fair gaming 

Potential for manipulation 

Bitcoin Gambling

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling is giving people greater access to the online world. There’s also greater transparency now than ever before. However, cryptocurrencies can be volatile and not everyone is up to speed on how to use crypto. Regardless of drawbacks, cryptocurrency casinos are popping up more and more. This is going to create a safer way to gamble for the future and give people more access than ever to online gambling.


  •  Lower fees – it costs less money to pay with crypto because there are no third-parties or banks involved.
  •  Higher payouts – Cryptocurrency casinos tend to pay out more.
  •  Transparency – Players are able to see how well the game has been paying out.
  •  Bigger bonuses – By depositing crypto, the casinos are giving out larger bonuses.
  •  Anonymous gaming experience – You only need to use your email and password to sign up for a Bitcoin casino.
  •  Superior security – With the security features of crypto and the crypto casino itself, you’re getting the best encryption technology. Also by not revealing your name or banking information, you’re more secure.
  •  Faster Transactions – Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are usually instant. Sometimes they can take a few hours but it’s far faster than traditional banking.


  •  Crypto Volatility - The value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly, which might impact a player's winnings or losses.
  •  Learning Curve – It takes a bit of time to get up to speed and understand how to buy, sell, spend, or trade cryptocurrencies.
  •  No Chargebacks: All cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Players need to exercise caution as mistakes cannot be undone.

Choosing the Right Bitcoin Casino in Canada

Navigating the world of Bitcoin casinos in Canada can be challenging, especially given the nascent nature of the industry. It's crucial to select a trustworthy platform that aligns with your gaming preferences and ensures the safety of your funds.

Canadian Bitcoin Casinos Checklist:

To aid in your selection, we've curated a checklist that encapsulates the essential qualities every reputable Canadian Bitcoin casino should possess:

  • Safe Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Your funds' security should never be in question.
  • Quick Payouts: Efficient processing ensures you access your winnings promptly.
  • Generous Welcome Bonuses and Promotions: A boost to kickstart your gaming journey.
  • Diverse Game Selection: A range that caters to all player tastes.
  • Trusted Games: Only those that have been rigorously tested and deemed fair. Our recommendations, including the top five Canadian Bitcoin casinos, adhere to these standards, ensuring you get the best start in the Bitcoin gambling realm.
  • Reputation and Licensing: A casino's reputation is its most valuable asset. Always research the casino’s license and peruse reviews from other players. This due diligence ensures you're engaging with a credible platform.
  • Security and Encryption: In the digital age, safeguarding personal and financial information is paramount. Ensure your chosen casino employs industry-standard encryption technology and robust security protocols.
  • Payment Methods and Policies: A reputable casino should offer secure cryptocurrency payment options. Familiarize yourself with their deposit and withdrawal methods, understanding any potential charges and the safety measures in place for fund withdrawals.
  • Customer Service: A casino's responsiveness can make or break your experience. Prioritize platforms with efficient and reliable customer service. Consider testing their responsiveness to gauge their commitment to player satisfaction.
  • Game Variety and Mobile Support: The best casinos offer a diverse game selection, ensuring every player finds their niche. Additionally, in our mobile-centric world, seamless gaming across devices is a must.

Why Bitcoin Casinos are the Future of Online Gambling

  •  Growing Popularity:

There’s more acceptance of cryptocurrencies being used in the mainstream. It’s being integrated into our lives and people are seeing it as more legitimate than before. Bitcoin gambling is here to stay as it’s bringing so many benefits with it. Experts predict that crypto gambling will grow in the future due to the many benefits it has over fiat currency iGaming.

  •  Advantages for Canadian Gamblers:

Canadian players can enjoy a more convenient way of depositing and withdrawing. A crypto gambling site offers quick, secure transactions as they pay with their digital crypto wallet.

  •  Global Accessibility:

The fact that Bitcoin is borderless means that everyone can play at a crypto casino. There are no geographical restrictions.

  •  Security and Privacy:

It’s safer because cryptocurrencies allow you to remain anonymous. No personal or banking information is needed. There are no intermediaries like banks throughout the payment process. It’s tamper-proof and irreversible.

  •  Fair Gaming:

Provably fair gaming allows players to see how a game is performing in terms of payment outcomes and is totally unbiased. Cryptocurrencies serve to allow you to place bets, receive winnings, and play in-game activities with provably fair gaming.


As online gambling evolves, it brings with it the latest technologies to make things easier. Bitcoin casinos have created a niche with the combination of traditional gaming and some extra benefits. For Canadians, Metaspins Casino is a pinnacle of the fusion of old and new brought together, creating an inspiring user experience with all the best qualities players could want.


Are Bitcoin casinos legitimate?

Yes, Bitcoin casinos are legit as they’re fully licensed and regulated by a governing body. In the case of Metaspins Casino, it has a Curacao license. This licensing body ensures that the casino is adhering to strict guidelines that keep players safe, offering fairness and transparency.

What fees are involved in playing on Crypto gambling sites in Canada?

When you make any transaction with cryptocurrencies, there are transaction fees. The casino doesn’t charge fees and in general, fees are much less than you’d pay with fiat currencies.

Is it safe to gamble at a cryptocurrency casino?

Yes, it is actually more secure than a traditional casino. Using cryptocurrency has added security features and because you don’t give any information to the casino, there’s no way for anyone to access your money.

Where can I gamble with Bitcoin?

You can use sites that offer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Then you’re free to use Bitcoin to gamble with. Just look for cryptocurrency casinos that specifically say they allow you to play with your Bitcoin. Otherwise, it could be converted into Canadian dollars or other fiat currencies.

Are Bitcoin casinos legal in Canada?

Yes, despite the fact there’s a grey area in Canadian legislation when it comes to online casinos, if a Bitcoin casino is a licensed, offshore casino, you can legally play. You can sign up, deposit, play for real money, and withdraw winnings legally.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount vary from casino to casino. For instance, at Metaspins Casino, the minimum deposit is equivalent to 0.0001 BTC.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.