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Colon Broom Reviews: Is It A Safe & Legit Digestive Supplement? [Dietician’s Analysis]

Colon Broom is a one-of-a-kind supplement that helps to relieve constipation, digestive issues or an overweight problem.

Colon Broom

According to the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders, IBS affects between 25 and 45 million Americans. 20% of them are severely affected.

That is just one disease's statistics. US citizens also suffer from digestive and bowel problems such as constipation, gout, etc.

As a solution, Colon Broom has been claimed to be an effective dietary supplement that helps to fight constipation, bowel health, and overall gut health.

In this unbiased, honest Colon Broom review, we’ve broken down these facts-

  • What is Colon Broom?
  • Ingredients of Colon Broom and benefits
  • How does Colon Broom work?
  • Dosage, how to use and who should use it
  • Side effects and complaints of Colon Broom
  • Price, Coupon Code and Official Website
  • Refund policy and how to claim it
  • Colon Broom vs other supplements

Colon Broom: Product Overview

  • Type of Supplement: Digestive Fiber Supplement
  • Manufacturer: Max Health Nutrition
  • Recommended Age Group: The user must be at least 18 years old.
  • Pricing: $64.99 - $27.99/per bottle
  • Packages Available: 30/90/180 days.(1/3/6 bottles)
  • Dosage: Twice per day
  • Colon Broom Calories: 20 calories/scoop
  • Form of Product: Powder
  • Servings/Bottle: 60
  • Organic or Inorganic: 100% Natural ingredients
  • Main Ingredients: Psyllium Husk Powder, Crystallized Lemon, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, & Sea Salt
  • Main Benefits: Fights Constipation, Reduces weight, Improves gut health
  • Key Features: Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Keto-friendly, non-GMO, Low-calorie
  • Addictive: No
  • Scientifically Proven: Yes
  • Guarantee: None
  • Refund: Within 14 days of purchase
  • Certification: GMO and FDA-approved Facility
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • User Review (from the official website): 4.5/5
  • Personal Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5)
  • Where can you get it?: Colon Broom Official Website ✅[ 65% off for Black Friday]

Colon Broom Pros and Cons



  • Lightens gut & improves digestion

  • Relieves bloating

  • Supports the growth of probiotics

  • Alleviates congestion

  • Improves overall gut health

  • Improves energy levels

  • Enhances metabolism

  • Made from 100% organic and natural ingredients

  1. Tastes great, strawberry flavored

  1. Made from non-GMO ingredients

  • Only purchasable through the main website

  • Users may experience bloating in the first few days of use

  • Not available globally.

  • Not approved by any third-party organizations.

What is Colon Broom?

Colon Broom is a one-of-a-kind supplement that helps to relieve constipation, digestive issues or an overweight problem. This new gut-cleansing powder is made to clean your bowels while burning excess fat and boosting your energy and stamina.

People who have digestive issues are more likely to feel heavy and uncomfortable. The Colon Broom is designed to assist people in relieving their digestive issues while keeping them energetic and focused.

Colon Broom is manufactured from high-quality and powerful natural ingredients. The combination of all those ingredients improves digestive health and accelerates weight loss.


Colon Broom Ingredients List and Nutrition Facts

The secret of Colon Broom success and popularity is the perfect combination of its ingredients. In addition to supporting healthy bowel movements, this potent combination of substances also cleanses your body of toxins. Also, all the ingredients are vegan and gluten-free.

Colon Broom Label


Psyllium husk powder, a potent vital fiber, is a significant component of Colon Broom. Along with that, calcium, sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates are additional ingredients.


Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a natural plant fiber derived from Plantago ovata seeds. There are both soluble and insoluble fibers in psyllium husk. Together, the two forms of fiber help to improve regularity and relieve constipation.

Psyllium husks are an excellent source of calcium, too. Colon Broom can help strengthen your bones because you need calcium for stronger teeth and bones.

Stevia Leaf

Usually, stevia leaves are used as a sweetener. But it can still contribute to weight loss by controlling insulin production . They can also speed up metabolism and increase the release of digestive juices.

Furthermore, stevia leaves are a good source of potassium. That how stevia leaves promote better digestion and absorption of nutrients. They can also help with bloating and keep muscle contractions and nerve impulses in check.

Sea Salt

Sea salt contains iodine, which is necessary for proper thyroid gland function. Not getting enough iodine could cause goiter or swelling of the thyroid glands.

Citric Acid

Colon Broom uses crystallized lemon mainly for its citric acid. Lemons contain bioflavonoids and vitamin C.

Citric acid is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Vitamin C boosts immunity and wound healing. Bioflavonoids protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

During digestion, citric acid breaks down food into smaller molecules. After entering the bloodstream, these molecules are absorbed into the walls of the small intestine. In these intestinal walls, citric acid breaks down fats and starches into simple sugars, which makes digestion easier.

Rice Hulls

Rice hulls are packed with fiber. Compared to white rice, they have ten times more soluble fiber.


Keeping cholesterol levels low is easy thanks to soluble fiber, which binds bile acids and keeps them from reabsorbing. Fat molecules are also attached to them, so they can't be absorbed.

Rice hulls also contain magnesium and manganese. Manganese supports healthy immune function, and magnesium supports healthy bones and teeth.

How Does Colon Broom Help You Cleanse Your Stomach?

Psyllium husk, a soluble fiber essential for improving digestion, is the main ingredient in Colon Broom.

By soaking up water in your gut, psyllium husks facilitate bowel movements. In addition to promoting regularity, they may reduce flatulence as well.

You can also take Colon Broom as a one-off to ease constipation or add it to your diet to help regulate your digestion.

Colon Broom Before And After Pictures


Other Benefits of Colon Broom


Besides cleansing your stomach, Colon Broom can benefit your health in many ways.

Relieves Constipation and Bloating

Ingredients like citric acid and stevia leaf break down food into simple sugars. These sugars are easy to digest, which relieves constipation and bloating. The fiber in psyllium improves your gut microbiota, which also helps with digestion.

Improves Overall Gut Health

All the ingredients in Colon Broom promote the improvement of overall gut health.

Ingredients like psyllium and rice hulls have a high amount of fiber, which improves digestion and bowel movements.

Furthermore, citric acid and stevia leaf break down food, which makes digestion easier.

Helps You Lose Weight

Taking psyllium husks feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut on soluble fiber.


The bacteria release a short-chain fatty acid called acetate as a byproduct. The acetate then enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain.

In response to this chemical, the hypothalamus, the portion of our brain responsible for metabolic processes, signals us to stop eating. Hence, psyllium husk reduces your desire to overeat!

Contains Healing Attributes

The vitamin C in Colon Boom can heal you and boost your immunity. In addition to that, bioflavonoids decrease the risk of heart disease.

Moreover, citric acid is a type of antioxidant that protects you from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can cause tissue damage at cellular levels, which is healed by antioxidants.


Best Way To Take Colon Broom: Dosage, Flavors & Precautions

According to the manufacturer's instructions, one teaspoon of Colon Broom should be mixed with 250 ml of water. Drink the mixture, followed by another glass of water.

Following this, take Colon Broom at least twice daily, 30 minutes before each meal.

consume Colon Broom without water. Water increases the size of psyllium, so it might choke you when it gets wet.

Colon Broom Dosage

However, first-timers should only consume it once in the first week or at least for five days. Then they can start increasing the dosage.

A sudden increase in fiber intake may negatively impact the stomach by causing gas and bloating.

Also, avoid using Colon Broom right before bed. But if you must, do it at least an hour before.

Another thing to remember is that if you're taking medication, you should consult your doctor before using Colon Broom, as the two may interact. You must check all the ingredients and see if you are allergic to them.


Can You Take Colon Broom While Breastfeeding?

One advantage of Colon Broom is that it is safe for pregnant and lactating women. Colon Broom can help pregnant women with the following issues,

  • Inflammation
  • Having cramps
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Food sensitivities
  • cravings
  • Drop in energy level,
  • Feeling of heaviness.

Colon Broom Flavors

Colon Broom doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners or colors. It is a 100% natural strawberry-flavored supplement.

How Long Does It Take Colon Broom To Work?

You will start to feel lighter with a better digestive health in 12-72 hours of taking it. However, Colon Broom works perfectly after about 2–3 weeks of use.

However, using it for the first time might take longer. Your body will need time to adjust to the extra fiber intake first.

How much weight can you lose with Colon Broom?

Depending on the user's health status, it safe to say that one can expect to lose up to 10 to 12 pounds within a month.

What to Do if Colon Broom is Not Working?

If you don’t get the desired results after 4-6 weeks of using Colon Broom, do contact your closest physician to check if you have any of the listed medication conditions.

Also, stop using the supplement immediately if you find any irritation in your nose or eyes after 4-6 weeks of using Colon Broom.

Is the Colon Broom safe? Possible Side Effects and Complaints

There are no known side effects of using Colon Broom. But you must be careful if you have allergies or are taking prescribed medication. In such cases, you might experience specific side effects depending on the situation.

Some users reported experiencing gas and bloating during the first week of using Colon Broom. If this is the case for you, we recommend you consult your doctor.

Colon Broom And Alcohol- Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects of drinking alcohol while using Colon broom. But for general health reasons, you should not drink alcohol beyond the limit.

Colon Broom After Eating/Dinner- Is There Any Side Effects?

It is okay to take Colon Broom after a meal(lunch, dinner).

Colon Broom Complaints

Usually, people in good health conditions don’t usually have complaints while using Colon Broom. But if you find any health complications or issues while using Colon broom, stop taking the supplement and contact a physician for an appropriate suggestion.

What to Do When Colon Broom Does not work?

When Colon Broom does not provide the desired result, contact their support to ensure you are in the right dosage. Otherwise, you can also consult a doctor for more medically appropriate advice.

Colon Broom Make You Pee?

Usually, Colon Broom doesn’t make you pee. But as you have to take it with a glass of water, you might feel pee pressure, which is normal.

Colon Broom Making Me Bloated?

Yes, Colon Broom might make you feel bloated on the first few doses. However, it is entirely normal, especially for people using it for the first time.

Colon Broom Made Me Sick?

No, Colon Broom won’t make you sick in a usual manner. But it might make you feel bloated, and this is perfectly normal.

Why Should You Choose Colon Broom?

Colon Broom should be the best supplement for you if you suffer from-

  • Constipation
  • Overweight problems
  • Diabetes
  • IBS, and other digestive problems.

Colon Broom can be an excellent solution to your digestive problems. That because it contains a lot of fiber. Fiber is the one-stop solution to all digestive issues, including IBS, gout, etc.

Colon Broom can assist people with diabetes in controlling their blood sugar levels. The well-managed fiber in it can reduce the blood sugar level without taking insulin or other medications.

Maintaining your weight or diet is a struggle. Colon Broom can relieve you of your burden. The special ingredient psyllium can induce a feeling of fullness, which makes it easier for you to control your munching urges.

Digestive issues, diabetes, and bulkiness are frequently linked. So, there is a chance that you are having all of these problems simultaneously. If that the case, Colon Broom can work wonders for you.

Customer Reviews

Let's hear what others who have dealt with similar problems and used Colon Broom have to say.


Colon Broom Certifications and Approvals

  • GMP certified.
  • Made under an FDA-approved facility.

Is Colon Broom Fda Approved?

No, dietary supplements like Colon Broom are not usually approved by the FDA. But it is made in an FDA-approved facility.

Want to Buy Colon Broom? [Price, Refund, and Promo]

Colon Broom costs $64.99/bottle(30-day plan), $35.99/bottle(90-day plan) and $27.99/bottle(1800-day plan).

We recommend the 90-day package; that the optimal time to get you the best results.


Is Colon Broom Available on Amazon, eBay, etc?

No, Colon Broom doesn’t sell on Amazon, eBay, or similar online platforms. There are plenty of fraudsters trying to take advantage of the excellent reputation of Colon Broom.

How to Cancel Colon Broom Subscription?

If you have any questions or complaints regarding their product, you can either email them at-

  • Colon Broom Official Website: Visit Here ☑️
  • Colon Broom Email: hello@colonbroom.com
  • Colon Broom Phone Number: +1 (203) 872-9584

Does Colon Broom Offer Money Back Guarantee

Yes, Colon Broom offers a 14-days money back guarantee if you don’t get close to the desired results. You can contact the website or email them for support.

Colon Broom vs. Other Dietary Supplements

Colon Broom Vs. Metamucil

Colon Broom is a better supplement when it comes to fighting constipation compared to Metamucil.

Colon Broom Vs Skinny Fit

Colon broom is a dietary supplement, and skinny fit is a collagen powder. However, Colon Broom is better in case of improving your gut health.

Colon Broom Vs Zupoo

Colon broom is better than Zupoo as Zuppo is effective against temporary bloating and has gentle laxative properties.


Is Colon Broom A Probiotic?

Yes, Colon Broom is a probiotic supplement that is full of fiber. The main content of Colon Broom is psyllium, which is a prebiotic. In order for healthy probiotic colonies to grow in the gut, a prebiotic is needed.

Is Colon Broom A Laxative?

Yes, Colon Broom works as a laxative, which helps you regulate your bowel movements. This is why it is so effective against constipation.

When is Colon Broom Expiration Date?

If you order a Colon Broom supplement today, the expiry date will be two years from now.

Is Colon Broom Just Metamucil(Psyllium Husk)?

Both Colon Broom and Metamucil contain the fiber named Psyllium Husk.

But also, Colon Broom has a list of other helpful ingredients.

Is Colon Broom Just Fiber?

No, along with fiber, Colon Broom also contains Stevia Leaves, Sea Salt, and Rice Hulls.

Sum Up

Colon Broom can greatly improve overall digestive health, weight loss, and constipation. But remember that it is not a medication to cure constipation or any other disease.

With this, we conclude our Colon Broom review.

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