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Cheap Psychics—Inexpensive Psychic Readings That Alter Your Life

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Cheap Psychics—Inexpensive Psychic Readings That Alter Your Life

Want to find answers to any questions with cheap psychic phone readings? Learn about them here and get your cheap psychic readings online asap.

Inexpensive Psychic Readings
Inexpensive Psychic Readings

Best Cheap Psychics For Accurate & Cheap Readings

In our life, we often face trouble that makes us feel irritated and lost. We either worsen relationships with beloved ones for no reason or lose valuable objects and have no clue where to find them. Sounds like something you have dealt with? Friends and family can't help you, science sometimes avoids involving in this. So, who can give you a hand?

You can find the best psychics in Los Angeles and other major American cities. But what if you can't fly to LA or any other place? This is not an issue since online websites allow overseas people to connect to prolific experts whose specialty is transcendental ways to resolve problems.

Here enter cheap psychics who provide online psychic services that are meant to improve the quality of your life and even get back into your past life to identify the right ways to solve the present issues. Can you imagine getting help from powerful psychic readers for only $1 per minute? If you can't, then keep reading.

Best online psychic websites for cheap readings in 2023

Cheap psychics have become popular on various online psychic reading services. Among the most popular services are:

•    Nebula —a cheap psychic reading platform where you can engage in a deep conversation with online psychics or, in other words, Experts. Moreover, you can enjoy a 3-day trial to find the best psychic reader.

•    Mysticsense —one of the best online psychic reading platforms that proposes effective online psychic readings by phone or any other device. The first 5 free minutes with online psychic readers help you get the hang of the website.

•    Kasamba —with more than 20 years of experience, this is one of the most trustworthy online psychic reading sites where cheap psychics online help you deal with various life issues.

•    Keen —if you are looking for affordable psychic readings, Keen is your right choice. Wondering how your dreams can affect your future? Or maybe you desire to have profound communication with a psychic reader. They are also called psychic advisors.

•    AskNow —this is an online psychic reading site that allows users to take advantage of a phone psychic reading or chat psychic readings. It is up to you. 5 Free minutes with the best online psychics can help you find the most compatible reader.

Nebula —Cheap psychic readings for a better life


With more than 10 years of experience, Nebula has gained popularity as the place where a psychic advisor can assist you with your relationship problems.
Via tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, and other services, you can build sustainable and healthy relationships. Love readings completed by more than 50 online psychics can change your love life forever.

Cheap psychics & Special deals

Psychic medium services on the Nebula platform can engage people with special prices. You can find cheap psychics if you use the package policy, meaning you purchase a package and get your psychic reading online.

The basic package costs $19.99. You can also opt for a weekly subscription for only $9.99. A yearly subscription to a psychic source can cost you $49.99. In addition, you can have a free psychic reading since you will be given a 3-day trial.

A lifetime subscription on the psychic online website can cost you $119.99. A special offer for new members is 100 free credits after registration.

Pros & Cons

Cheap psychics online is an affordable way to solve essential issues. However, like any other online psychic reading websites, this platform has its pros and cons.


•    More than 100 psychics specializing in various psychic services
•    Engaging special offers for first-time customers
•    A fast matching system to find the best cheap psychics online
•    The cheap psychic readers in the same regardless of experience
•    You can check out free horoscopes
•    Users can use both web and mobile versions of the website
•    Detailed profiles of professional psychic readers


•    Chat psychic readings are the only communication tool
•    The best cheap psychics availability depends on the time of day
•    A refund is not guaranteed
•    It is impossible to see detailed psychic reviews, only the rating

Customer experience

Since Nebula is a relatively new platform, the number of psychic readers is not as high as in other sites. Cheap online psychics are usually available 24/7. Moreover, through a convenient system of filters, you can be headed to the most compatible psychic reader who can guarantee effective life readings.

What people don't like is that online chat readings by phone is the only communication tool. Nonetheless, this psychic source proposes accurate cheap love psychic readings.

How to find a cheap psychic on Nebula

To start your Nebula journey , you need to create an account and fill in the registration form. When you confirm your email, you will get 100 free credits you can use for finding the best cheap psychic readings.

Psychic readers can be found based on their preferences, and tools, for example, astrology readings or tarot reading and rates. You click on the "Start chat" button and connect to the psychic reader. You can expect the reply within the first 2 minutes.

Mysticsense —The platform with cheap psychics online


A phenomenal psychic reading platform was launched in only 2020 but quickly moved to the level of one of the best psychic reading sites with over 600 psychic readers. Users enjoy this website since it proposes both chat and cheap psychic phone reading.

The service uses various kinds of psychic readings like tarot readings, crystal balls, love readings, numerology, etc.

Cheap psychics & Special deals

Mysticsense prevails over competitors for the transparent payment policy. Cheap psychics online propose versatile online psychic readings for only $0.99 per minute.

You also need to keep in mind that the process of becoming a psychic on Mysticsense is complicated. Hence, you are dealing with cheap psychic readings that are as professional as the expensive ones.

A special deal for newcomers is the free psychic reading for 5 minutes . That helps the users understand the website and get used to it.

Pros & Cons

Mysticsense can amaze you with the professionalism of psychic advisors, who, through spiritual readings or cheap tarot readings, can improve the quality of your love life. That is why the website is loaded with more pros than cons.

•    Get 5 free minutes after registration
•    Search filters help you engage with a required psychic reader
•    Lowest prices for psychic mediums and other specialists
•    All advisors are meticulously tested
•    Impeccable LGBTQ relationship readings that are not present on any other website


•    Some advisors prefer chatting only

Customer experience

Customers keep choosing Mysticsense for not only cheap phone psychic readings but the ways to eliminate scamming. On the main page, you can find basic tips on how to avoid scams.

The refund policy is the second thing that makes this cheap psychic reading online platform so popular. If you are not satisfied with the reading, you can request a refund within the first 48 hours.

How to find a cheap psychic on Mysticsense

It is easy to find online psychics on Mysticsense . All you need to do is register, confirm your email, and browse through cheap phone psychics. Use an advanced filtered search that will narrow down your search.

Choose the communication tool and head to your psychic reader. After the session, you get a refund for 5 minutes.

Kasamba —Get your online psychic readings now


Dealing with financial issues, or maybe you have no idea what career will satisfy your needs? Then the best cheap psychics on Kasamba can help you with that.

Through various types of readings, like astrology readings, fortune telling, numerology readings, tarot card readings, and more, you can push yourself from the eternal circle of bad choices. The most experienced cheap psychics by phone charge only $1.99 per minute.

Cheap psychics & Special deals

Like other psychic platforms, Kasamba proposes a per-minute policy. The lowest price for the psychic per minute costs $1.99, and the highest is $30. A special deal for new users allows them to enjoy the first 3 free minutes on the psychic source and 15% off the first session.

Online psychics are called psychic advisors.

Pros & Cons

Affordable psychic readings are not the only things that allure customers from different parts of the world. Here is what you need to know before becoming a member:


•    3 first free minutes
•    More than 600 highly-screened psychics
•    Over 20 years of experience 
•    15% off the first reading
•    Versatile readings
•    Effective love readings


•    No video calls
•    Response to email can take about 24 hours

Customer experience

Kasamba has helped more than 3 million people around the world. Therefore, the number of reviews can astonish any new user. Since the platform has existed for more than 20 years so far, the level of experience in online psychic readers is relatively high.

You can get career advice via cheap psychic readings and build a successful future for yourself. The most searched psychics are love readers who help people with divorces, first dates, or breakups. Online psychic chat readings on Kasamba gave stability and a sense of worth to the lives of many people.

How to find a cheap psychic on Kasamba

Like on any other psychic website, you should use search filters to find the right psychic reader

When you visit the  website, you will see many advisors online, which can perplex you. In this case, the top line on the home page is your filter, where you can see the categories and subcategories of the psychic readers.

You choose the most suitable one and then opt for the communication tool. There is a phone psychic reading, email, or chat psychics. It is up to you to choose the most suitable option.

Keen —Psychic readings from the top advisors


Problems with love, career, finances, or spirituality? A psychic reading session on Keen will eliminate the life problems in these niches. With the help of cheap accurate psychic readings, you can understand how your past life affects your present as well.

Versatile readings by phone help you look deeper into your dreams to identify your future actions and events.

Cheap psychics & Special deals

As a reliable psychic source, the Keen website's prices start at $1.99. The special bonus for newly registered users would be either 3 free minutes of the psychic reading or only $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Free psychic readings are not the only surprise for you since you can use a refer-a-friend—a program where your friend gets 3 free minutes to spend on psychic and tarot readings and you get 50 Keen coupons.

Pros & Cons

Online psychic reading on Keen brings amazing experiences to people that have to deal with love, financial, or past life issues. Check out the pros and cons and make your conclusions easily:


•    The impressive collection of online psychic services
•    3 Free minutes with your first psychic reader
•    $1.99 for a 10-minute package
•    Reliable spiritual readings online
•    Two awesome search filters

•    No video readings available

Customer experience

Keen website is packed with more than 1,700 psychics , which makes it easier to find the required professionals. Best cheap psychic readings are conducted by influential specialists with years of experience.

A special get-matched filter on Keen can pull you closer to the best advisor. You only need to know your needs, topic, and reading type. Still, despite 20 years of experience, many users are dissatisfied with the lack of video calls that are present on other online psychic websites.

How to find a cheap psychic on Keen

The above-mentioned Get-matched feature is your winning point in finding a compatible specialist. You can get in touch with the 3 top psychics only after filling out enough information about yourself.

Later, when matched, you can either use psychic readings by phone or use emailing option.

AskNow —Psychic reading online to heal your soul


If you are looking for cheap psychic readings to fix your life problems, this is your perfect place. AskNow website proposes psychics in 9 categories: Careers and goals, money and finance, numerology, tarot readers, spiritual guides, love and relationships, dream analysis, pet psychics, and past lives.

Cheap psychic readers here though provide their services for quite a higher price per minute, starting from $4.99 up to $13.99 at most.

Cheap psychics & Special deals

AskNow offers introductory packages: $20 for 20 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes. The website lures the users with a juicy deal of 5 free minutes with a Master.

The lowest price for the online psychic reading per minute can be $4.99, and the highest is $13.99. Top-rated advisors charge from $5.99 to $9.99 per minute. Elite

Advisors upgrade to $10-$11 per minute, and Master Advisors cost $12-$14 per minute.

Pros & Cons

What makes AskNow so engaging? Here are the pros and cons to find out.


•    The platform has 17 years of experience 
•    Effective tarot readings online
•    5 Free minutes with a Master
•    Superb $1-a-minute deals
•    User-friendly search filter


•    Satisfaction Guarantee only gives a refund for 5 free minutes

Customer experience

Besides cheap psychic reading, users admire the opportunity to ask a question for free on the homepage as a member. Later, the online psychic expert psychic reader will give you a response via email. Past life online readings are the most searched by people who have problems with their present life choices.
Daily horoscopes and in-depth blogs allow the users to identify the best cheap phone psychics and, of course, look at the ways to avoid essential mistakes.

How to find a cheap psychic on AskNow

Like other psychic websites, AskNow proposes two compelling filters that help you narrow down the field from hundreds of faces. You choose suitable tools and types of readings. Among psychics online, the most popular are tarot readers on the AskNow platform.

How to choose the best psychic reading service for cheap readings

When it goes to choosing the psychic platform, people might get perplexed by a huge amount of platforms. There are so many psychics that sometimes we desire to talk to all of them, when in reality, we need to focus on the required professional. Since you can't trust all the websites, you must be careful when choosing the psychic platform.

However, whether it's numerology readings or fortune telling, you can get scammed if you don't opt for a trustworthy source.

Here are quick ways to choose the best platform for a psychic reading online:
1.    Make sure the website is loaded with both negative and positive reviews. The reviews are good indicators of reliability.
2.    Check whether the monetary policy is transparent enough to not get scammed.
3.    Connect to customer service in case of any problem and check whether they are ready to help you. This is especially important for users who stumble upon problems with registration or finding an expert.

Why do online psychics offer cheap readings?

Any psychic source online offers cheap readings for logical reasons: they don't need to pay rent for some accommodation. Yes, an online advisor can help you online, which allows them to spend less time and money on commuting.

Another reason why the best cheap psychics online opt for lower prices lies in the competition. Since there is a huge amount of psychics online, the best way to lure a new client is to propose a lower price. It is a good choice to get enough clients and reviews to make a nice impression on other people.

Cheap online psychics are a better option compared to offline experts. Why? First of all, you can flick through various reviews of psychics before becoming a member. In addition to this, a review is your reliable way to realize who is the person you can rely on completely.

Offline readings do not propose a money refund policy, while some best psychic websites offer a refund in case of dissatisfaction. You can't require a refund from the psychic reader after the offline session and who will? You will be too timid to do this and just drive home.

Besides refund and matchmaking services, online reading gives you a chance to communicate with powerful psychics without leaving your home place. Isn't that engaging to talk to cheap psychic mediums or get spiritual readings from your favorite room?

Different types of psychic readings

Every psychic uses special readings that assist in solving the client's issues. Among the most common readings are the following:

1.    Tarot card readings—A tarot card has the insightful power to predict future events. Love readings are most likely to be led by psychics who use tarot cards. Will your marriage with the chosen person be long-lasting? Are these relationships going to become more than just something casual? These and more problems can be solved by tarot card readings.

2.    Astrology—Psychic readings by phone usually apply to astrology since the psychic needs nothing more than your zodiac sign to interpret the present situation and avoid mistaking actions.

3.    Numerology—Have you ever thought about your birth date and how it can affect your relationships with people? Even choosing the right baby name also will put the beginning to her destiny. You should be careful with that. Numerologist is the one who can explain this to you.

4.    Spiritual guides—Psychic medium readings can take connect us to dead relatives or acquaintances, or spirits that are aware of transcendental truth.

5.    Fortune telling—Learn about your future with fortune readers. Your photo or desires will be enough for the fortune teller to disclose your future.

6.    Dream analysis—Dreams interpretation sounds weird to some people, when in reality, our dreams can demonstrate to us the most horrific or joyful situations that are going to happen to us in the future.

7.    Hypnosis—Sometimes, it is hard to remember one moment that could be critical to your life. In this case, hypnosis can assist you in your way to breaking into past memories with full details. Or maybe you desire to quit unhealthy habits? Hypnosis can eliminate your unhealthy cravings.

8.    Pet psychic—We can't understand the language of our pets, and sometimes they desire to tell us something essential. Pets sense dark magic and energy, but a simple human being won't interpret it like that after her cat has meowed non-stop. Thus, a pet psychic can figure out your pet's feelings and identify their fears and even health problems.

They are searched by users in the largest numbers. If you think that's the whole list, you will be amazed to realize it is just the tip of the iceberg.


Are cheap psychic readings as good as expensive ones?

Yes, cheap psychic readings online are as good as expensive ones because most platforms make new psychics go through a meticulous hiring process. Therefore, cheap psychics provide the best work for a lower price as well.

Can you trust cheap psychic readings for help?

Phone psychic or any video expert can truly help you with your life issues. It is okay to have doubts, but you need to remember that every expert on a reliable psychic source can guarantee results. You can read the reviews before choosing the right advisor to ensure you won't get into trouble.

What are the advantages of getting a cheap psychic reading by phone, chat, or email?

The main advantage of every trustworthy psychic source is that you will finally stop mulling over a problem that deprives you of a happy life. Once you get your help, you can have a fresh start and commence a new life journey.

Is it possible to get a $1.00-a-minute psychic reading?

A cheap psychic phone is possible for $1 per minute since most websites propose this price for new users. Hence, when you register at the most reliable sources, you will be astonished to learn that even high experts charge only $1 per minute.

How to find out which psychic guidance should you opt for?

The guidance will entirely depend on your personal needs. You can find out more about it with the help of customer service or by contacting a reader for free. Moreover, you can check out the reviews, which can shed some light on a specific professional.

Can I get a free psychic reading?

Newly registered users get free bonuses or other offers that allow them to either enjoy a couple of free minutes with a reader or get free credits which you can use for contacting the compatible specialist.

Are psychic reading websites safe to use?
Yes, these kinds of websites are relatively safe. However, it is important to identify the right platform. Remember that a truly reliable source is packed with customer service, positive and negative reviews, and a transparent money policy. Only then can you be confident using this website.

Final thoughts: Are cheap psychics readings right for you?

Let's sum up. There are various kinds of psychic websites where you can connect to powerful psychics online. They use various types of readings that play the role of special tools when helping the client.

You can find the most compatible psychic via search filters that are often proposed by different platforms. You can fill in the search form where you indicate the tools, level of experience, or other points to find the required candidate.

Cheap readers are right for you only if you understand the matter of your problem and have faith in the professionalism of the psychics. Eliminate your chances of getting scammed by checking the reviews, customer service, and monetary policy transparency.

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