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Can We Marry If Points Are Below 18

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Can We Marry If Points Are Below 18

Marriage needs perfect compatibility between two soul mates. It starts with matching points in two horoscopes to which I give a maximum 15% weightage, and the rest depends on compatibility between the main Doers of Marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

This article will have many new revelations for those who feel matching points for marriage is an orthodox astrological term or a restriction or may be just a mathematical scorecard via media to convince each other or others that they can marry after getting good matching points in horoscopes. Marriage needs perfect compatibility between two soul mates. It starts with matching points in two horoscopes to which I give a maximum 15% weightage, and the rest depends on compatibility between the main Doers of Marriage. So the most prevalent question floating around: can we marry if points are below 18: or do higher matching points in horoscopes guarantee a successful marriage assumes low importance, in my opinion. In my experience of about two decades on marriage astrology, I have recommended many cases as good marriage alliance with even 10/12 points matching and discouraged many proposals where the horoscope matching points were even 28/30. You will understand this when you read two examples further down. 

How many points are good for marriage

How many points are good for marriage matching cannot be the sole criterion of deciding a happy marital bliss. I have already stated that points/gun matching can only make the foundation for any marriage alliance. I consider 7th house Lord, the position of malefic and benefic planets in this, compatibility between Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury between the two horoscopes. I study D1 and D9 (Navamsa) charts with a very analytical mind to the best of my capabilities. Another very important factor is to review if the Doshas like Mangal Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha and Nadi doshas are getting cancelled. Let me tell you; very few astrologers have the skills to authenticate the cancellation of these Doshas.

How many points should match for good marriage

Lower or higher matching points cannot be any criterion in isolation for accepting/rejecting any marriage proposal. Now, consider reading two illustrations that will tell you how many points/guns should match for marriage: can one marry if the matching points are below? Do higher matching points in horoscopes guarantee a successful marital alliance? 

Example 1 - Marriage recommended despite low matching score: 12/36

Boy (07.05.1989, Time 10.01 pm, Pune) - Lagna Sagittarius, Moon sign- Taurus, Girl (09.01.1991 Time 1.45 am, Patna) – Lagna, Libra, Moon sign-Libra. Ashtakoot Milan score- 12 (considered a reasonably low score) 12/36. With 12 out of 36 points matching, the typical opinion would have been: horoscopes do not match, so no marriage. There is Nadi Dosha. Now see: Boy's birth star (Nakshatra) is Mrigasira Nakshatra/ Mars is the Lord. Girl's birth star is Chitra/ Mars is the Lord with the fourth pada. In the case of the same Nakshatra Lord, Nadi Dosha is cancelled. So 12/36 becomes 20/36. There is Bhakoot Dosha. Boy's Moon sign is Taurus (Vrishabha). Girl's Moon sign is Tula. Both signs are of the lordship of Venus, so there is a cancellation of Bhakoot Dosha as well. 20/36 becomes 27/36 points matching in horoscopes. It is considered as a decent score. Manglik Dosha is present in boy's horoscope (Mars in 7th house). It is not present in the girls' horoscope. Sun is sitting in the third house; hence there is a cancellation of the boy's Manglik Dosha. Ashtakoot Milan has gone up to 27 points, and there is a cancellation of Manglik Dosha as well.

Now read about other karakas (Doers) of Marriage - In D1 charts - Venus is nicely placed in both horoscopes. Jupiter is not nice in boy's horoscope but is counterbalanced with nice Jupiter in Girls' horoscope. In D9 charts, Jupiter is not nice in the boys' chart but is counterbalanced by Girls' horoscope. Further, I checked many other factors and found issues in Mars and Mercury and said: This is an average match, and this marriage is possible. But since there was too much cancellation of Doshas and substantial weightage is given to the Karakas, I recommended they go for a pre-marriage Astro counseling to make the couple aware of all possible differences they may face after marriage. Now since it was a relationship, I recommended like this. For an arranged marriage, my opinion could have been different. 

For a normal person seeing 12/36 matching points, the alliance would have got NO for marriage. Because to read the cancellation and counterbalancing effects is something which a master can only do. 

Example 2. Marriage not recommended even with a high matching score: 25.5/36

Boy (31.12.1986, Time 03.40 am, Uttarkashi) – Lagna Libra, Moon sign Sagittarius, Girl (31.05.1991, Time 08.55 pm, Dehradun) - Lagna Sagittarius, Moon sign Sagittarius, Ashtakoot Milan Score- 25.5/ 36 (Considered a decent match). Nadi or Bhakoot Dosha is not there in the horoscope matching. Manglik Dosha is also not present in the horoscope matching. But in boys' D1 chart 7th house lord is not nice. Jupiter is not nice. In girls' DI chart in horoscope, Venus is not nice, Jupiter, the 7th house Lord not good. Ketu is sitting in the 7th house. In D9 Navamsa, Venus position is not compatible, Jupiter is a problem in both the horoscopes, Lord of 7th house not supporting each other: in a nutshell, Navamsa of both, boy and girl are not supporting each other.

Karakas were not matching; precisely, the Navamsa charts are not matching. Ketu sitting in girl's 7th house, not getting respite by boys' chart. This reduces marriage compatibility to a great extent. Now understand one thing more, it was a proposal for an arranged marriage, so my opinion was No for this alliance without even thinking to suggest what I suggested in Example 1. 

Read this very carefully - In example 1 – With a matching score of 12/36, the general opinion would have been No marriage. But I recommended marriage seeing cancellations of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, and counterbalancing effects in both the horoscopes. In Example 2, with 25.5/36 matching points, the general opinion would have been Go ahead, but I had my opinion otherwise. Because despite having good matching points in horoscopes, I did not see counterbalancing effects. 

Best remedies if charts do not match

What to do if charts do not match or what are the best remedies if charts get lower matching scores/do not match. Before talking about best remedies if charts do not match, I will tell you two absolutely new points. First, my perception of reviewing horoscopes matching love and arranged marriages is different. And also, it is essential for me to know if both are professionals or female is just house maker. So yes, you may be surprised reading it, but both factors significantly impact reviewing horoscopes matching. 

Now you see in example 1 – I advised them to go ahead with the alliance after an Astro pre-marriage counselling despite the low matching score. I saw cancellations and counterbalancing impact to first improve the score from 12 to 27 and then saw the possibility further by taking a pre-marriage counselling. It means on the planetary front, I found them to be ok and the rest of the expected problems, I was sure, could be done through with the counselling. But in example 2 – in spite of the matching score being 25.5/36, I did not recommend that alliance. Because I was not convinced like Example 1. 

If you ask me remedies when the charts do not match, my answer is: you cannot match compatibility between two persons by adding artificial remedies ( tarazoo mein pasang Lagana). If you have done basic spadework of matching points in horoscopes and found some known Doshas, consult someone who knows how to match charts. Let the cancellation and counterbalancing factors be reviewed, and then see if any remedy can be worked out. Still, you want to read more, click on what to do if charts do not match but do not accept any materialistic remedy to drag lower compatibility to a marital alliance. In my opinion, if the charts have lower matching/charts do not match, the best remedy is to go for a pre-marriage Astro counselling. This is a very specific way to bring transparency between the two partners and to make them understand life after marriage. This is not expensive also compared to what you spend in any marriage and more so, your whole life depends on this. 

Many marriage aspirants in a relationship come to me saying: we know each other well and want to marry. Please tell us any remedies we will perform to get married. I do not recommend any alliance based on materialistic rituals before marriage. But yes, if I see the scope where any remedy can work to bridge the gap, I can suggest remedies if charts do not match but AFTER MARRIAGE. This means I am giving the go-ahead for that alliance, and the remedy in such cases is only pre-marital counselling. This is nothing but making you aware of the possible differences between the marriage aspirants and their consensus or to say taking a pledge that they will reconcile on those differences. 

How to match horoscopes

Understand simple step how to match horoscopes for marriage. Do not believe in how many points are matching or how many points should match for good marriage. This is only beginning to check compatibility between two marriage aspirants. This again I am saying to impress: else you see two persons in example one who were a good match (despite 12/36 seen initially), would have missed each other. And in the second example, the two would have faced a troubled marriage despite having 25.5/36). So what does it teaches you: you need an expert astrologer who knows analysis all the factors of horoscope matching as explained above. 

Take full advantage of marriage astrology to find your life partner/right time to marry/check the compatibility between you both and I assure you, all marriages will be successful. It is your choice to take astrologer as a guide to select the best life partner or later resort to rituals and remedies. Any specific issues, connect with me, call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.