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California Psychics Review (2023): Real Experience, Features & Prices

Want a spot-on reading that addresses your biggest concerns? This California Psychics review will reveal how California Psychics can help.

California Psychics Review

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💰Average cost per minute 

$1-$15 per minute 

📞Communication types 

Phone, chat  

🔥Welcome offer 

$1 per minute + 3 intro packages for 20 minutes 

👥Number of psychics 


🔮Reading types 

Love, medium, tarot, life path, clairvoyant, career, money, dream analysis, channeling, astrology, past lives, numerology, oracle cards 

⭐Star rating 

3.9 (298 reviews) 

California Psychics was originally designed to provide a home to 300+ psychics. If you start browsing through California Psychics reviews, you will see that the platform only accepts 2 out of one hundred psychics, which signifies a stringent selection process and the credibility of the site. Is California Psychics legit? You can be sure that the company that has been around for 25+ years knows how to gather a roster of experienced psychics and deliver answers to all the important life questions.

This honest California Psychics review puts special emphasis on the importance of online psychic businesses such as this. Whether you are a newcomer or a long-term client, California Psychics customer service makes a point to provide you with special offers that include getting readings at $1/minute and taking your psychic game to the next level as you join the Karma Rewards program for points, rewards, and gifts for California Psychic best tarot readings. The exemplary reputation of the service is proven by its accessibility—you can book reliable psychics around the clock and make an appointment without leaving your home.

California Psychics pros & cons

✅ Pros:

  • Introductory offers of 20 minutes
  • Welcome deals with readings at $1/min
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Confidential payments
  • Karma Rewards points for readings
  • Rigorous screening process
  • Customer care 24/7
  • Inspirational psychics
  • Over 25 years in the business
  • Satisfaction guarantee

❌ Cons:

  • No free minutes available
  • Occasional technical issues

California Psychics—legit or scam?

California Psychics

What is California Psychics meaning in terms of security? California Psychics readings present a high level of authenticity as they defy the trends of fast online reads:

  • Screening process. All proficient psychics undergo a four-step screening test, which determines whether or not they are allowed to join the platform.
  • Customer reviews. Clairvoyant psychics, love psychics, astrology readers—they all have favorable and unfavorable reviews published on the site to make sure California Psychics does not shy away from mixed publicity.
  • Refund policy. If the clients are not satisfied with the reading, they can file a complaint within 24 hours and request to be compensated for their experience. 

Facts about California Psychics

  • Established: 1995
  • Number of psychics: 300+ psychics
  • Total number of visitors monthly: 1.7M
  • Trial offer: $20 credit for signing up
  • Special features: Karma Rewards, free detailed birth chart

California Psychics real customer reviews analysis

California Psychics

Star rating: 3.9 (Trustpilot), 5 (Sitejabber)

Number of reviews: 298 (Trustpilot), 1 (Sitejabber)

👍 What users like. Both Trustpilot and Sitejabber reviewers are blown away by the accuracy of the California Psychics horoscope and relationship readings they have come across. A few of the customers stated they have been skeptical about the expert's psychic abilities before using the service but changed their mind after they received their first career-related readings. A user named Suzie says that the psychic was able to guess the name of the company she would be working with, so California Psychics is definitely one of the best psychic sites out there if you want to know where you stand in life. Although some regular customers admit that no psychic can be 100% accurate, they admire the service’s level of transparency. Another user who has been on California Psychics for 8 years is certain that California Psychic readings have helped them find clarity in life.

👎 What users dislike. There are users who would like the service to improve the work of the support team as they faced a delay in communication and had to wait for a detailed response for hours. Aside from that, the only complaints voiced by the users referred to some of the psychic advisors being too forward with their commenting style, which made a handful of customers look for more compassionate psychic reading experts.

Types of California Psychics psychic readings

Getting a psychic reading at California Psychics and claiming the California Psychics refund can make anyone stick with the service for more readings. You can access California Psychics readings via chat or phone, with some of the most prominent examples of reading themes listed below.


If you are looking for skilled readings that can help you choose a career path, California Psychics will be your guide. Whether it is a breakdown of the career options or psychic readings that can help you find your calling, this honest California Psychics review proves that the platform takes the needs of its loyal customers seriously.


When gathering information for this California Psychics review, we could not walk past the love readings provided by the service. From getting valuable tips on how to find a new love to insightful guidance on how to become successful in the dating scene, it seems California Psychics has it all to make you happy during live psychic chats and phone conversations with your favorite psychic.


Do you want to manage your finances like a pro? If you are determined to find the best psychic California Psychics can offer in terms of career-related financial consultations, this is the place that can lend you a helping hand and provide straightforward answers on how to become rich, successful, and build your business empire with the help of the right psychic.


Crystals or tarot cards, your fate is in reliable hands as the California Psychics team of spiritual readers is focused on helping you make correct decisions in life. Once you get a $20 credit as a California Psychics discount after signing up, you can access the psychic guide that belongs to a life path category and can build an outline of your future that will help you uncover the secrets of your destiny and choose a better life.


Every time our cats and dogs try to communicate certain messages, owners are at a loss—how does one understand the behavior of a pet and read their mind? Pet sessions will provide assistance for those who want to know why their pet acts oddly or stops eating their favorite foods. A psychic will make assumptions based on their extrasensory connection with the said animal.

California Psychics pricing & discounts

California Psychics pricing & discounts
  • Welcome offer: $20 credit for signing up
  • Special promotion: readings at $1/minute
  • Standard pricing: $1-$15 per minute
  • Payment methods: credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), debit cards, and PayPal
  • Refund policy: should be requested within 24 hours

California Psychics does not guarantee that predictions made by your life psychics will come to pass. However, you can still ask for a California Psychics refund. If you are not satisfied with your reading, you need to get in touch with the customer service department within 24 hours to be connected with another psychic. 

The service features the California Psychics offers like the California Psychics coupon and a special birthday discount to make your stay a pleasant one. You can also participate in the Karma Rewards program that helps you earn points towards psychic reading phone options. With the loyalty program, you become eligible for a $20 credit when you sign up and can receive points back on every purchase. Aside from the three intro packages for 20 minutes (affordable, popular, and premium), you will find affordable psychics charging between $2 and $4 per minute.

How to use California Psychics?

Login/registration process on California Psychics

To create an account, you can sign up with Google or use your email, password, and date of birth to set up a member profile. To maintain a level of privacy, signing up by email would be the best option for psychic based-readings and predictions. Once you have created an account, you will be given access to many affordable psychics for $1/minute.

How to search advisors

You can find spiritual advisors if you visit the Psychics page. Here, you will see the overall number of psychics and the psychics that are currently online. On the All Psychics page, select the psychic according to their availability, price, star ratings, experience, and status (rising stars, staff picks, customer favorites, premier psychics, new psychics, chat psychics). The Filter By icon allows you to choose the preferred advisor based on their price, topics, tools, ability, and style. 

Psychics' profiles

Choosing psychics for chat readings and relationship readings is an easy process customized to make your stay on California Psychics worth your time. The search for the best psychic on California Psychics comes with a lot of benefits, as each profile includes the psychic's photo, availability, contact methods, schedule, psychic information, star rating, rate per minute, total readings, topics, tools, abilities, style, and customer feedback. Once you find a psychic for free psychic readings, you can study their bio and add them to favorites by clicking the heart button under the psychic's profile picture.

Communication methods

When you visit the psychic's profile, you will see available communication methods. You can choose between the Talk and Message buttons, depending on the contact mode that you prefer. Choosing an online chat will allow you to maintain an enhanced level of privacy, as the psychic will never hear your voice. The phone reading option is the most popular psychic service as it inspires numerous psychics and their customers to form a genuine bond as lower-priced spiritual advisors tune into your energy field and are able to read your aura faster.

California Psychics main features

It is normal for customers to start wondering: is California Psychics legit? The website goes above and beyond in terms of lower-priced spiritual advisors and boasts a number of features that are worth mentioning:

  • Advisor screening. California Psychics handpicks their advisors to test them for accuracy and professionalism. Only 2 out of 100 advisors are selected to provide psychic services for the company.
  • Reading themes. Here, you can find fortune teller services, career advice readings, love, life path, financial readings, tarot, pet, past life, rune, and horoscope readings. 
  • Contact methods. Chat and phone psychic sessions make for an easy connection between a customer and a reader. While chat conversations provide complete anonymity, a phone reading delivers a greater sense of proximity between psychic guides and their clientele.
  • Welcome offer. A welcome offer of $20 after signing up makes the website a trustworthy place for getting genuine readings. You will also get to claim a special offer of $1 for one minute of reading, available for newcomers as a part of the company's introductory deal.
  • Karma Rewards. As you join Karma Rewards for psychic readings, you will use the California Psychics promo code to get all the best deals and earn points toward your next readings. You can also get Hot Deals throughout your stay on the site and receive a birthday discount during your birthday month. The points earned with Karma Rewards can be used for free readings and getting a free birth natal chart. 

California Psychics security and confidentiality

The steadfast reputation of the California Psychics website becomes evident to anyone who is even remotely interested in extrasensory perception and psychic predictions. Strict vetting procedures and honest customer reviews can be used to define the platform's privacy terms and conditions. Since the California Psychic readings that you get on the site are accurate and professional, with no small thanks to the Advisor Services Department, the same degree of commitment is shown when talking about customer confidentiality. Details of your online conversations with the chosen psychic are never revealed, thus making your online chat and phone discussions 100% anonymous.

California Psychics mobile application

California Psychics mobile application

California Psychics allows customers to take the powers of a trusted psychic source wherever they go, with the mobile app accessible on iOS and Android. With a star rating of 4.3 and 1,000+ reviews, the app features improved functions to make a steady connection with your psychic advisor and get a detailed overview of your zodiac signs and star alignments. Here, on the California Psychics app, you can find a personalized horoscope, a compatibility chart, phone call/chat options, and a free online tarot card shuffle with the customers drawing a card for instant guidance.

Top 3 California Psychics advisors


With 39,000 readings and a 10-year experience in the psychic business, Devyn can bring you the much-needed calm when navigating life's storms. Her compassionate reading style, as well as her ability to feel your energy, make Devyn a splendid figure in the realm of spiritual psychic advisors. Devyn does not need any special tools to read your destiny and can pick up on your mood and vibrations from afar. Being a psychic professional in love, relationships, finance, life path, and fate, she approaches her love psychic readings without judgment.


Pilar brings a sense of compassion to her psychic conversations, making the customers open up enough to feel comfortable. Having discovered her gifts at an early age, Pilar grew up to study metaphysics and is now helping others reach the same sense of clarity. She is a strong believer in people having the potential to change their destiny and will give you professional advice on relationships, career, women's issues, spiritual matters, deceased loved ones, and horoscopes.


Peyton is the epitome of positive energy as she takes the psychic world by storm. She is mostly approached by people who seek clarity in love & relationships. Peyton believes that it is all about timing, so you should stop worrying—you are going to meet the love of your life according to the divine plan. Based on what the customers say, Peyton always remains consistent and grants you the freedom to choose the outcome that is best for you in all spheres of life.


What should I expect from an online psychic reading on California Psychics?

Despite the fact that all readings are original and cannot be replicated, you can still expect a California Psychics discount in the form of a $20 credit. You will also get psychic-based predictions and services, as well as a detailed overview of your current issues and possible solutions without the psychic trying to run down the clock.

How to find my trusted advisor on California Psychics?

To find your best psychic on California Psychics, you can visit the All Psychics page, where you can filter the psychics by price, topics, tools, ability, and style. There is also a Sort By option allowing you to choose psychics based on their availability, star rating, status (rising stars, staff picks, customer favorites, premier psychics, new psychics, chat psychics), and experience.

Is there customer support on California Psychics? 

California Psychics prioritizes the well-being of its customers, so customer support here operates 24/7. You can contact the support via a California Psychics phone number or by submitting a request. The contact form requests are processed within 1 business day. If you want to save time, the FAQ section is very helpful and covers most of the aspects of using the site.

Can California Psychics read my horoscope?

You can find a California Psychics horoscope page having an intro offer of $1/minute for newcomers and a big selection of horoscopes helping you determine how the positions of the stars and planetary shifts affect your life. You will get access to weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, and love horoscopes. Customers will also get a personalized free horoscope and find out if they are in sync with their partner via zodiac compatibility.

Does California Psychics have a refund policy?

If you think that your reading with a psychic does not match the desired standard, you can submit a request for a California Psychics refund. The service will gladly connect you with another psychic and make sure you are returned your charges for the first reading. However, you will only be eligible for a refund after you start using the service.

Is California Psychics a scam psychic website?

California Psychics considers the trustworthiness of its psychics to be its highest priority. The performance of each psychic is monitored by the company, with the quality control team checking in with the customers to make sure their first reading is a positive experience. Honest customer reviews confirm the high-level performance demonstrated by the psychics.

Final thoughts

Those who seek reliable readings and need a sense of direction will certainly appreciate California Psychics and its approach to handling the most demanding customers, from an appealing welcome offer to special promotions and California Psychics bonuses that can save you time and effort when searching for the best psychic match. Being an enormous support for clients from every corner of the world, California Psychics provides legitimate readings that stand the test of time. For anyone disappointed by previous readings from alternative psychic sources—this is your chance to illuminate the path ahead and enlist the support of efficient psychic advisors.

California Psychics alternatives

Keen, with its number of total readings (41 million) and a welcome offer of 3 free minutes, is one of the most versatile alternative psychic sites that covers unconventional reading styles like dream analysis and aura reading. A special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 from Keen psychics and a refund policy for online readings are great incentives to stay on the site.

No additional payments and the best psychics available in just a few clicks—this is what comes to mind when you think of Mysticsense and its transparent welcome offer of 5 free minutes. The service features a range of the most unorthodox reading themes one can think of, including soulmates, energy healing, family issues, breakups and divorce, toxic relationships and cheating hearts, LGBTQ relationships, and finding new love. You can connect with your psychic through video, chat, and phone.

Nebula once again proves that you need to give its psychics a shot as it presents a roster of highly-regarded advisors. If you are new to Nebula, you will go through a quick compatibility test to match you with the best psychic. Nebula welcomes first-timers with a welcome offer of 100 credits and affordable psychic rates starting from $1/minute. Its exclusive chatroom, where you can talk to your psychic with maximum privacy, is another feature that makes Nebula special. 

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