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C+Charge Hits 1 Million Milestone As CCHG Charges Through Stage 2 - Buy Now

C+Charge (CCHG) the robust P2P payment system for EV charging stations, is in Presale Stage 2, but a price increase is coming.



C+ Charge (CCHG), the revolutionary blockchain-based Peer-to-Peer payment system for EV charging stations, has raised more than $1 million in presale thus far, with Stage 2 of the presale just beginning. Stage 2 will only be around for about another day, so now is the best time to buy it before the price increases again. Right now, the price of 1 CCHG is $0.0145, but it will increase to $0.016 once Stage 3 begins.

Investors and EV drivers alike are flocking to C+Charge in the early stages of its presale for good reason. The new crypto project is doing more than just providing a payment service; it’s making an industry that before now wasn’t transparent at all exactly that.


Below are some of the reasons why C+Charge is such an amazing project, and why you need to buy it now before you miss out.

Paying for EV Charging is Now Easy

At its core, C+Charge is a P2P payment system that is used to pay at EV charging stations. Built on the blockchain, users of the platform will be given an individual e-wallet, which they can then use to pay for EV charging around the world. All payments will be made with the CCGH token, which not only simplifies the entire process, but obviously increases the value of the token from an investment perspective.


One of the biggest benefits to this payment system is that it removes the need for EV charging stations to accept multiple types of payments and multiple currencies. This is going to be especially important in the coming years, as more and more EVs come onto the market. As people travel and rent EVs for their trips, they’ll need an easy way to pay for charging, and C+Charge can be just that.

No longer will a point-of-sale system be necessary for EV charging station owners, since users will simply pay for their charges using their crypto wallet. This will reduce the barriers and hoops drivers have to jump through while also significantly reducing costs for the EV charging station owners.

EV Drivers are Rewarded with Carbon Credits

A huge draw to C+Charge for EV drivers is the ability to earn carbon credits just for using the platform. Before now, these very lucrative and attractive carbon credits were really only reserved for large businesses and wealthy individuals. While they are one of the biggest growth sectors in investment markets today, they are simply unobtainable for most people.

C+Charge is changing all of that. Like many other crypto projects, CCHG will reward its users for getting onto the platform and using it. Every time they use the CCHG utility token to pay for a charge, they’ll earn carbon credits. These will then be stored in their C+Charge app. Those who hold the CCHG token will also be able to earn carbon credits through “reflections.”


This is a great way to democratize carbon credits. After all, EV drivers are doing significant positive things for the environment, but aren’t being rewarded for it other than maybe a small government tax break. They pay a premium to own the vehicles, but seemingly get nothing physical in return … until now.

Users of C+Charge will be able to earn these carbon credits for their own direct contributions to the environment, without having to invest boatloads of money in large environmentally-friendly projects.

Pricing and Availability is Now Transparent

One of the odd parts about EV charging stations is that they don’t offer transparent pricing and availability to drivers. Traditional gas stations display their prices in big, neon lights that you can see from a block away. This not only lets you see that the station has gas available, but allows you to make the decision on whether to fill up there or go to another station.


With EV charging stations, many drivers won’t even know what the price of their charge is until after it’s completed. At that point, it’s too late for them to do anything about it; they simply have to accept the price and pay for it. What’s more, EV drivers may pull up to a charging station only to find out that it’s not working or out of service.

All of this could create major issues for EV drivers who plan their trips around the location, availability and price of charging stations. C+Charge is changing all of that. It provides real-time information into the availability of EV charging stations, and it provides transparent pricing information as well.


This puts power into the hands of EV drivers, which is where that power should have lived all this time anyway.

Buy C+Charge Before Presale Stage 2 Ends

With EVs expected to explode in popularity exponentially in the coming years, the need for transparent, accessible and easy-to-use EV charging stations is going to become even more important than it is today. This is why a solution such as C+Charge has such a bright outlook for the future. Not only is it solving an immediate need, but it’s also helping EV drivers to plan for a major growth spurt in the near future.


These are all reasons why C+Charge has performed so well in its early presale stages thus far, leading the project to hit the $1 million milestone in short order. It’s currently in Stage 2 of its presale, but will only remain there for a little more than one more day. After that point, the price of the CCHG token will increase from $0.0145 to $0.016.

The first CEX launch is already scheduled for Friday 31st March, too, which means the excitement is likely to pick up even more as we draw nearer to that date. So, don’t delay any further. Buy C+Charge now so you can get in on the ground level of this amazing investment opportunity.