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Buy These 4 Cryptos As World Cup INU Looks Set To Turn Bearish Post-World Cup

Currently, at the center of attention is the World Cup INU token, the first FIFA World Cup-based cryptocurrency in the community. In October, when fans around the world were eagerly waiting for the beginning of the competition, the token brought some solid returns and reached an ATH of $0.339.


Dash 2 Trade

For every major event in the world, there seems to be a cryptocurrency waiting to capitalize on the hype and excitement around it.

Currently, at the center of attention is the World Cup INU token, the first FIFA World Cup-based cryptocurrency in the community.
In October, when fans around the world were eagerly waiting for the beginning of the competition, the token brought some solid returns and reached an ATH of $0.339.

However, things started going south pretty soon after that, with WCI experiencing a 74% downturn over the last month.

According to industry experts, the situation won’t change for the better in the foreseeable future and a long bearish trend is expected after the World Cup comes to an end.


That’s why they recommend alternatives like D2T , TARO , IMPT , and RIA – projects that are forecasted to bring huge gains both short and long-term.

Analysts Expect World Cup INU to Turn Bearish Post-World Cup  

The FIFA World Cup is unarguably one of the most anticipated sports events in the world, with fans from every country fiercely rooting for their team to come out on top.

Well, the World Cup INU token found a way to combine that football excitement with blockchain technology.

The primary feature is the WCI BETS betting platform where you can place bets on who will win upcoming matches and participate in the game’s lottery pool.


Notably, there have been quite a few big names endorsing the asset such as Dani Alves, Luis Suárez, and Ronaldinho.

However, short-term profits during the World Cup seem to be the peak of this project.

As often happens with event-related projects, as soon as the event dies down, so does the asset. We’ve seen the same thing happen with the Squid Game and Queen Elizabeth INU token, for example.

That’s exactly what experts predict will happen with WCI, and it’s why you should focus on these alternatives instead.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Trading and analytics platforms seem to be the fastest-growing industry on the crypto market, and Dash 2 Trade might end up leading it.

With never-before-seen features in its arsenal, Dash 2 Trade aims to make crypto trading easier for everyone by minimizing the risk of losses and increasing profitability.

This is done through features like presale analysis, trading signals, API trading, strategy testing, social indicators, social sentiment analysis, and dozens more.

The native utility token is D2T and you’ll need to buy it to join the platform and access these different features.

So far, Dash 2 Trade has raised over $7 million in its live presale and you won’t have a chance to buy the tokens for such a low price for much longer.


RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a new Web3 shared Metaverse inspired by games like Minecraft and The Sandbox.

Within the multiverse, planets can create their robotic avatars and explore planets, trade land, communicate, and come up with different creations that can be monetized.

According to the team, there will be several games included in the Metaverse and an AR (augmented reality) app for further reality integration.
The entire Metaverse will be powered by the native TARO token that can currently be bought on the ongoing presale.


IMPT is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency that wants to utilize blockchain technology, NFTs, and carbon credits to reduce the impact of carbon footprints.


The project has noticed that the carbon credit market has been dominated by large corporations for years and is looking to add another element – individual users.

By connecting individuals with big companies, IMPT may have found a solution for global warming and its disastrous effects.

So far, it has made over 25,000 partners in the business world, including brands like Apple, Adidas, Microsoft, Netflix, Samsung, GameStop, and more.

Those who shop at these stores will be able to receive IMPT tokens and then exchange them for carbon credits and NFTs. Then, the NFTs can be retired from circulation or held as a long-term investment.


IMPT has one of the hottest presales in the industry with over $13 million raised, so hurry up and get your first batch of tokens before the project goes viral.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is an NFT-based P2E crypto gaming platform that revolves around fantasy card battles.

Each card is a unique NFT and it represents one of the “underworld” characters from the game’s three rival cities. Also, each card character has a unique set of powers and abilities.

There are Common and Rare cards, but it doesn’t matter which one you own or how much money you spend since the best tactic is what decides the winner.
Interestingly, you don’t even need a crypto wallet nor have to buy any digital tokens to get started with the game. Simply download it onto your phone/PC and match up with someone.


Calvaria raised over $2 million so far during the presale and investors are buying tokens like crazy. Once the project goes viral, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see these low prices again.


Ever since it reached its ATH in mid-October, World Cup INU has been on a downward spiral.

While there might be a few more bullish bumps until the end of the World Cup, it’s unlikely that the project will bring any huge returns.

Instead, it’s better to invest in tokens that don’t rely on major events to break out and actually have characteristics that make them profitable.


This can be unique features, innovative technology, expert teams, positive media sentiment, etc.

And, these are exactly the things that make D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA so profitable – they excel in all areas.

Each of these tokens brings something new to the industry and solves a particular issue, which is why experts believe they are “ticking profit bombs”.

With all of them now on presale, there isn’t a better time to make your initial investment.