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Business Astrologers 

One can’t become a business astrologer merely by reading a few books or enrolling in Astrology courses. It requires a lot of patience, determination, consistency, and hard work to gain knowledge of Astrology.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

The moment you hear the words business astrology or business astrologers, you think of: which planet is good for business, which planet in which house is good, which Zodiac sign is good for business, and similar typical astrological terms. Just come off the typical narration about business astrologers, upgrade yourself and understand three things: 

1.    Can business astrologers/business astrology really help you?  
2.    If yes, who is the right business astrologer? A most important aspect which you will know while reading further down. The main thing is that the astrologer should be by design and by default. Read something useful on this below. 
3.    At what stage can business astrologers help you? 

Planets no doubt play a significant role in any person’s life. But no planet or placement of a particular planet in a particular house of your birth chart gives auto results. People knowing how to read the tunes of the planets and knowing all about the planetary position in a horoscope may not be at the helm of success. The same applies to astrologers and business astrologers as well. Business astrologers may not be the best businessmen themselves, but they can be a good guide for business people. Else some of the best business astrologers would appear on the top list of Fortune 500/Forbes and similar magazines. None appears there. 
Success does not come only from planets but also depends on what you are destined for, your Intentions, your own decisions, and actions. It is you, yourself. So, let us understand what more, apart from the planetary position, helps a person to achieve business success. And how can business astrologers help a person in business success?
Forget about any technical astrological narration and read something as a commoner. Then one will understand the role of business astrologers. I am not revealing the name of the actual persons. But I am sure a person with the smallest inkling of business will understand who these businessmen/businesses are/were. And more so how their own self (Ascendant) or the wrong intentions or decisions were responsible/contributory to their business fall/collapse. Business success comes when you make the right decisions at the right time with the right people. Most important, above all, is your intentions. Now try to read each word very carefully in the below cases. 
Case 1 - One person gets established ancestral business, handles it very effectively, excels in one business, acquires other businesses, and becomes successful in many more businesses. Becomes a business tycoon and remained in the limelight for over two decades. At a particular time, he acquires an absolutely new business (Airlines) and starts running with his own son. But then
suddenly, this new business becomes such a disastrous road that this person starts losing everything. 
The story becomes so painful that this person comes under heavy debt. This compels him to turn towards unethical practices, and finally comes under heavy debts and irreversible miseries. 
It is not that this person forgot his business skills but made wrong decisions with the wrong persons at the wrong timings. Try to correlate this with a person in real life story, and you will get the answer.  

Case 2 – Many tried their hands in a particular business (Airlines). Some of them have vanished totally, some incurred heavy losses and made an exit, but some are flourishing with each passing day. Some of the persons who made huge losses or made exist were proper business houses, but the one who is
flourishing is an employee turned businessman. 

Case 3 – A very reputed Medical Doctor decides, pampered with his popularity opens his own hospital. But he was destined to be successful as an employee and not as an employer. Made huge investments using all his savings and even borrowed funds. The venture became a totally loss-making proposition and had to be shut down. This happens with many after reaching the pinnacle of success in their profession. It is not that professional skills vanished, but those skills were best paying as an Employee and NOT AN EMPLOYER. Professionals’ skills are different than business skills. 

Case 4 – One of the largest business houses in India, probably the largest one is not doing the business with which they had started the business house. They were doing quite well in that business (Fabrics) also, but probably some other businesses were more suitable to take them to today’s height. The original business has lost its significance.

Case 5 – One very big industrialist faces a strike lockdown situation in his factory. Now, there were situations to fight back, take a tough stand or succumb to the worker’s demand. He was advised not to go aggressive and reconcile with the workers as the Dasha was not conducive. Many may not believe it, but this is true. 

Case 6 – Many old business houses of great repute in the last few decades have vanished totally from the business scenario. Why? Because the generations ahead were not destined to be business people. 

There are many similar stories. Now let us understand a few things from all these cases:
1. Foremost, check you are destined to be an employee or employer.
2. Ancestral business may not suit all. In case 1, for father, doing parental business was a boom, but for his son, it became a disaster.
3. A successful businessman’s next generation need not be destined to be successful business people. 
4. All businesses may not suit all. Each planet represents many businesses, but which one favours you need an in-depth analysis. 
5. Selection of the right business is an art and luck. Sometimes you have to forgo a business in which others are shining.
6. One business idea cannot be universally profitable to all. 
7. Involving the right person in the business is a thoughtful process. 
8. Partnership in the business should be seen as starting a new business. Select the business partner in whatever capacity you want only after considering the Business stars of that person.  
9. Many people come to me saying can they do business with wife/husband’s and many similar names. They forget that the success of the business depends on Dhan Yoga in their personal horoscope. Just by manipulating names, you cannot change the stars. 
10. Business needs aggression, but you have to consider Dasha and the transits of planets. Doing business is one, but adding more businesses to it or expansion plans need favourable Dasha and transits. 
11. Similarly, you need to select the right Dasha and transits to expand your business.
12. Shifting from one business to another business is a clever but calculative decision. 
13. A particular employee can excel in business, but all employees can turn into business people. Else the CEOs of all top MNCs would be into business. 
14. Borrowing for business may not suit all. Keep your intentions clear while borrowing money for business. (Ascendant needs to be strong). 
15. Sometimes, doing consultancy business without putting your savings or other resources is much better.
Similarly, many such things need a calculative decision in tandem with your skills and resources but with what your Stars indicate. Now, understand a bit who can be good business astrologer. 
Good business astrologers
One can’t become a business astrologer merely by reading a few books or enrolling in Astrology courses. It requires a lot of patience, determination, consistency, and hard work to gain knowledge of Astrology. Moreover, a good business astrologer, apart from acing the astrological knowledge, is also expected to be conversant with versatile business choices available today. Reading planets, zodiac signs or different houses may not always help if the potential of a particular business is not assessed properly. The business astrologer should be capable enough to assess the wealth-creating potential of the native through kundli analysis.

A good understanding of Laxmi yoga or Dhan yoga present in the kundli strengthens the chances of success in business. At the same time, the timing of activation of such yoga is equally important to know. It is required for a business astrologer to have the acumen to differentiate between varied types of business-permanent or circumstantial. Many business lines like Sanitizers or PPE kits which flourished unexpectedly during the pandemic, may not have the same potential in the long run. So, the business astrologer should be sufficiently capable of assessing the life of a business. Unexpected and sudden profits in business indicate activation of auspicious yoga-like Laxmi yoga in a kundli. Just use your wisdom who is a good astrologer Forget about searching for the best astrologer by default; you would be lucky if you could judge who is a good astrologer. 

Best business astrologer in Mumbai
Many people search like best business astrologer in Mumbai, good astrologers near me and like that. You will get many such names emerging out of excellent social networking and advertisement tools. Vedic astrology remains the same on a universal basis and has no geographical demarcation. Any good astrologer will be good to give consultation everywhere. In today’s time, internet connectivity has made connecting with people very easy. So one should try to see who can be a good business astrologer instead of surfing like best business astrologer in Mumbai or anywhere for that matter. 
Best business according to date of birth
Vedic Astrology certainly helps to select the right business according to the birth chart. The possibilities of gaining success or failure in a business can be clearly seen from your horoscope, provided a good business astrologer studies it. Business Astrology deals with identifying every possible detail about business through an individual’s horoscope. Your horoscope gives inferences about where and when to invest. Divisional charts like Hora (D-2), Dashmansha (D-10), and the Shashtiamsha (D-60) are also analyzed along with the birth chart to find the most suitable business prospects for you. The 10th, 7th, 6th, 2nd, and 12th houses in the birth chart catch major attention while anticipating success or failure in business. An experienced astrologer may narrate possible threats in your business and how to overcome them. 


Like in case no 1, I have seen many people selecting business ideas that were not good for them, losing everything they once had. A good astrologer should tell you about the most preferable business and what business will not suit you. One should not venture into a business seeing others flourishing in that business.  
The only difference lies in the varied horoscopes of varied individuals. It is basically the planetary placements in your horoscope that determine specific business prospects for you. It doesn’t make any difference in astrological computations, whether you are initiating a business venture or wish to expand the existing one. Personally, I suggest that D-12 and D-60 charts (Dwadasmansha and Shastiamsha) should be thoroughly analyzed. These astrological combinations are seen for running a business successfully.
Signs good for business
There are many write-ups as to which Zodiac signs are good for business: people with a particular Zodiac sign are born businessmen. You will generally read six out of twelve signs, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus, and Virgo are good for business. But it does mean that you born in a particular sign guarantees you business success. And persons with other signs should not do business. (Mr)Mukesh Ambani (Aries), Aditya Birla and Sunil Bharti Mittal (Scorpio), Gautam Adani( Cancer) Anil Agarwal(Aquarius) do not fall in the category of six known to be good for business. On the other hand, Anil Ambani (Taurus), Siddhartha Mallya( Gemini), and many more fall in the Zodiac signs known for success in business. These names may be exceptions, but no person is advised to take the decision of doing business by Zodiac sign. Each sign has its own natural characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, but this can only lay a foundation for making a decision. Your sign cannot become the sole guiding factor to decide to do business. 
You see, each planet, each position in a particular house, has its own relevance. In the same way, each Zodiac sign has its own strengths and weakness. But the ultimate results depend on how you handle all these astrological terms. For this, you surely need a good astrologer. But equally important are your intentions, your decisions, and actions. Read how deeply business astrology can go but use it before making a decision and not become cases like the above. 


One can read more on the selection of best business according to birth chart . I may not be the best, but I can assure you of the best career/business decisions if we connect at the right time. Contact no +91 9278555588/9278665588