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Burn Boost Reviews (Gold Vida) Safe Weight Loss Supplement? Ingredients, Benefits & Where To Buy?

Burn Boost is a proven weight loss powder drink that helps to lose weight and boosts the overall metabolism in the body. Read more about its ingredients, side effects, price & more.

Burn Boost Reviews

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What is a Burn Boost supplement?

Burn Boost by Gold Vida is the freshest dietary supplement that supports fat-burning, hydration, cognition, and energy. 

It has several blends, including a recovery blend, cognitive blend, energy blend, and hydration blend, along with various vitamins and minerals. 

This is the only formula that can turn on the lipolysis switch and help you burn more calories without strenuous workouts and exercises. With Burn Boost you never have to rely on diets and calorie counting. 

Burn Boost is the only formula on the market with exotic ingredients and nutrients that trigger fat burning immediately. 

The formula works equally for men and women who are obese and have overweight issues. It is manufactured in the USA under certified labs with the latest technology. 

The formula is 100% natural, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegetarian as well. Hence, there are no side effects of consuming Burn Boost at all.

Burn Boost just takes 10 seconds of your day, and you will see the best weight loss, hydration, and cognitive results ever. The results with Burn Boost are better than running five or six miles a day. 

The formula corrects the problems associated with obesity and overweight issues naturally and prevents your body from storing excess weight. 

You can burn 211 calories or more within a day with just Burn Boost. The results with Burn Boost are guaranteed!

How does Burn Boost weight loss supplement work?

Burn Boost works on a simple science. It switches on the lipolysis switch, which then starts many beneficial reactions in your body that help you burn fat and remain youthful and energetic throughout the day. 

Without triggering the lipolysis reaction, even if you eat the healthiest foods, your body won’t get healthier or burn fat as it fails to absorb these nutrients well.

Burn Boost’s ingredients help your body absorb these nutrients and switch on lipolysis, which is responsible for turning on your metabolism, excellent digestion, and the best energy levels. 

Without lipolysis, our body simply keeps storing fat in the cells. This means even if you eat less or healthy food, you still store fat instead of burning the calories into energy or fuel. 

Burn Boost makes sure that your body’s metabolic switch is turned on. You can then start eating all your favorite food and still burn calories without heavy exercise. 

The supplement contains Ginseng, natural coconut, and coffee which keep you energetic, and your cells work powerfully to flush out the stored fat too. 

Various vitamins in Burn Boost help your body detoxify various organs to ensure 100% functionality of your digestive system and metabolic processes. 

Burn Boost thus works very systematically to burn fat, maintain a healthy gut-brain axis, and boost energy and hydration too.

What are the ingredients in Burn Boost Supplement?

Burn Boost is a powdered formula that contains vitamins, minerals, and several natural blends. Here’s the complete list:


●    Niacin: Niacin is said to help detoxify various cells, tissues, and organs, which indirectly helps with weight loss. It helps us get rid of various toxins and chronic inflammation caused by toxins.

●    Vitamin B6: It is an amazing vitamin that boosts metabolism naturally  and supports faster calorie and fat burning. It helps build better muscles and flush out fat and toxins from cells and organs.

●    Vitamin B12: It helps adults fight lethargy, fatigue, and internal weakness. It improves weight loss processes in the body by boosting the lipolysis reaction and supporting hormonal balance.

●    Chloride: Chloride supports various nutrient absorption and flushes out toxins. This means your body needs enough chloride to maintain and preserve nutrients and flush out harmful bacteria and toxins for healthy weight maintenance.

●    Sodium: While excessive sodium may be dangerous, most people don’t consume enough healthy quality sodium. Burn Boost promotes healthy sodium intake, which boosts blood pressure and the regulation of health.

●    Recovery Component: 

○    L-Glutamine: This helps recover gut microbiome and overall health. As most obese individuals have poor gut health, it is important to consume L-Glutamine to prevent bad bacteria in the gut. This helps lose belly fat too.

○    L-Valine: It is an amino acid that helps in the faster recovery of muscles and prevents muscle loss. It supplies more glucose to your muscles and prevents fat storage. This means when you lose fat, your muscles are safe.

○    L-Isoleucine: It is said to directly promote weight loss by boosting energy usage of the body. This means your body burns calories faster and allows your cells to release stored fat to burn for more energy and fuel.

○    L-Leucine: It is said to help the body recover faster by boosting glucose tolerance and improving fat burning. It prevents obesity and helps your body flush out or burn fat.

○    Coenzyme Q10: It is a strong antioxidant that helps your body recover from toxins, bacteria and infections. It improves metabolism and recovers it. It helps with weight loss too.

●    Cognitive Blend:

○    Ginkgo Biloba Powder: It is an important nutrient that allows the brain to release important hormones and kickstart the lipolysis reaction. It helps break down fat and carbs faster to promote healthier weight loss in all adults. 

○    Alpha GPC Powder: It is said to boost brain power and cognition and minimize the loss of lean tissue and muscles. It also helps boost the metabolism and digestion needed for appropriate weight loss and fat loss.

○    L-Theanine: This blend helps your brain control cortisol levels. It helps your body cope with stress and boosts cognition so your body does not have to deal with stress and toxins along with obesity.

○    Huperzine A: It is said to regulate metabolism and cognitive strength. It helps your body metabolize fat and store energy instead of fat. It burns calories even without workouts. 

●    Energy Blend:

○    L-Taurine: This is said to promote the usage of abdominal fat for energy. This means your body will constantly be in fat utilization mode for more energy and strength. So no matter what you eat or do, you remain energetic.

○    Panax Ginseng Powder: This is said to be very effective in boosting energy reserves. Your body can efficiently convert and utilize all food and drinks for energy. This keeps you lean.


○    Natural Caffeine: Natural caffeine is said to awaken your DNA, cells, and tissues to actively work towards the common goal of more fat burning.

○    Guarana Powder: It helps proceed with lipolysis reaction to burn fat and retain energy. This makes you feel good and less hungry.

●    Hydration Blend:

○    Coconut Water Powder: It has enzymes and bioactive enzymes that help improve hydration and keep your muscles lean and intact. It prevents the loss of water and important enzymes during calorie burning and fat loss.

○    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: This helps with blood regulation and hydration as well. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt prevents the loss of electrolytes and keeps you highly energetic.

What are the benefits of consuming Burn Boost Gold Vida?

●    It helps switch on the lipolysis process, which helps your body actively burn fat.
●    It boosts metabolism and digestive functions.
●    It helps you attain a toned and flat belly.
●    It regulates blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol regularly.
●    It boosts your energy levels daily.
●    It helps your cells release fat on a daily basis so you can lose visceral fat too .
●    It prevents bloating, gas, cramps, and digestive issues too.
●    It helps you burn calories without exercising much.
●    It helps curb your cravings and hunger.
●    It controls your appetite as well.
●    It keeps you feeling full and satiated, so you naturally eat limited food.
●    It helps your body absorb nutrients from everything you eat.
●    It also boosts cognitive functions and skills.
●    It keeps you hydrated, which is great for people who love working out.
●    It helps you lose 30 or more pounds within just three months without exercising.


How should you consume Burn Boost Powder? DOSAGE!

Burn Boost is available in a powder form supplement containing so many important nutrients. Each jar of Burn Boost contains a month’s worth of formula for weight loss, cognition, hydration, and improved energy levels. 

You should add a scoop of Burn Boost to water, tea, or coffee. You can take the formula before lunch and after dinner. 

Try taking the formula once a day at first, but if you have more than 30 pounds to lose, you can add it before lunch and after dinner too. 

The formula will start working within 24 hours of consumption as your energy levels increase and you feel lighter. Within a month, you see the weight fall off from everywhere, and within three to six months, you reach your desired weight.

Most men and women see the best results after taking Burn Boost for three to six months. 

Burn Boost should be consumed by adults (over the age of 18 only). It is not for kids, pregnant women, adults with illnesses, or people with allergies. If in doubt, consult a doctor before consumption.

What is the price of Burn Boost? Where should one buy it from?

Burn Boost is only available for purchase on its official website. You can’t buy it from any other website, even if you look for Burn Boost Amazon, Burn Boost USA, or Burn Boost Canada online. 


Avoid buying supplements from other websites to avoid scams. Burn Boost is available at discounted rates today:

●    Buy one bottle of Burn Boost for just $59.
●    Buy three bottles of Burn Boost for just $147 ($49 each).
●    Buy six bottles of Burn Boost for just $234 ($39 each).

You must pay a small shipping fee. There are no subscriptions, and there’s only a one-time payment. Also, there is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. 

This means you can try the formula for 60 days without any risks, and if it does not work for you, you can claim a full refund within 60 days of purchase.
You even get 3 FREE Bonuses!

●    14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint: This blueprint is your ultimate nutrition and diet coach. You can read and understand what you can consume to lose fat faster than ever.

●    2-Day Belly Fat Blaster: This ebook helps you understand ways to lose belly fat faster within two days. You can see guaranteed results with this.

●    Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook: This cookbook has the healthiest desserts to lose fat. Everyone can eat these, and they are very delicious too.


Burn Boost Reviews - Final Verdict

Burn Boost is the only natural formula that has so many natural nutrients that are directly linked with fat loss. 

You can consume Burn Boost without any prescription or consultation, as it is 100% natural and causes no side effects. Burn Boost is suitable for all adults and can be taken on a daily basis without any risks. 

It helps you lose fat, boost cognitive functions, improve energy levels, and boost hydration as well. Without doing much, you can burn 211 calories or more. Burn Boost is backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee for a safe purchase. 

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