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Bodybuilding SARMs Review – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

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Bodybuilding SARMs Review – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

Sarms are currently being investigated for the treatment of various medical illnesses including cancer, osteoporosis, cachexia, multiple sclerosis, and male health problems.

Bodybuilding SARM
Bodybuilding SARM

It’s not an easy thing to find the best sarms for muscle growth, let alone tackle the FDA laws and regulations about them. Sarms were once considered counterfeit bodybuilding supplements because they had a very minute amount of research on them. As the modern era evolved, we have now plenty of other studies which conclude Sarms are safer than most bodybuilding steroids. 

My personal Sarms results before and after were the outcomes of intensive bodybuilding exercises, a strict protein-based diet, and exclusive bodybuilding Sarms that made me the way I am today. Click here to see SARMs prices

About Me
I am Nathan and this is my short but eye-opening review for bodybuilding Sarms. 

The urge for having extraordinary muscle never dies in males. Having said that, I leaned towards Sarms because they are the best bodybuilding supplements as well as a safer choice than steroids like Dianabol or Tren pill. 

Sarms are easy to find online these days and those who couldn’t find them online were misled or scammed. Having a popular and reputable sarm vendor by your side is important because it determines whether you’re going to achieve all those results that you want from the Sarms stack and cycle. 
If you have been finding something that works with the bodybuilding cycle, I suggest you try sarms for once and you will see visible changes within 30 days. 

About Bodybuilding Sarms

Sarms are currently being investigated for the treatment of various medical illnesses including cancer, osteoporosis, cachexia, multiple sclerosis, and male health problems. Several anabolic components or steroids have shown improvements in the aforementioned conditions, the only thing about a steroid is the outnumbered side effects but they are still approved by the FDA for limited use. 

Bodybuilding sarms are not taken as a medicinal drug but to have accelerated muscle synthesis in the body and they work very proficiently. The main goal of taking bodybuilding sarms is to prevent the estrogenic, androgenic, and heart-related side effects that are most common with steroid use. At first, I was skeptical about the use of Sarms since I did read about them in papers but it was years ago, now Sarms online for bodybuilding has shown the most effective way to reach the goals that you have planned. 

Strongest Bodybuilding Sarms

When it comes to the best bodybuilding Sarms, I only trusted the Sarms with the most customer reviews and testimonials. 

In this regard, Testolone RAD 140, YK11, and S23 were on the top list and I decided to consider any one of them. 

Best Sarms 2022 have great results appear within a short period and they have moderate to high anabolic activity. There are a few side effects of bodybuilding Sarms that vary from a person to person and they have been stated by the user experience. Some users may also experience testosterone suppression side effects using Sarms for bodybuilding to which Post Cycle Therapy option stands the best. Click Here to see Official Website

Furthermore, hormonal side effects aren’t something you should worry about with the Sarms cycle. The side effects occur to different people having different physiological states and thus affecting their bodybuilding cycle. Before performing a complete Sarm cycle, it’s important to analyze which Sarm is best for you. 

Bodybuilding Sarms Results – My Personal Results Before and After

There’s no shortcut to success and I learned it the hard way. Sarms may be efficient to stimulate the rapid muscle growth in you but they sure don’t work without exercise. For 120 days, I started using Sarms like Ligandrol LGD-4033 and at some point, I stacked RAD 140 to make it work even more greatly. 
Before my bodybuilding sarms cycle, I weighed around 58 kgs which were way less than what I wanted. 

    Sarms Results after 30 Days

Muscle gain is the first fruit of your Sarm cycle, with the help of Ligandrol I gained around 3kgs of pure lean weight within a month/30 days. It was also visible that the percentage from the rest have been reduced and it was noticeable. Some people asked me if I am on steroids because the endurance and muscle definition you get from bodybuilding sarms are surprisingly uncanny. 

With 5mg/day of Ligandrol, I felt big, and energetic and had serious pumps for the exercise reps. It was right after the month I noticed a remarkable enhancement in my body weight. 

    Sarms Before and After Results 60 Days

Right after 30 days, it was all energy and fueling up my muscles I observed from Ligandrol. During that time I involved RAD 140 in the cycle and guess what? 
I gained around 5 kgs of lean muscle mass and the body fats were replaced with lean muscle mass. I was standing in front of the mirror at the gym and I couldn’t recognize the body I had before. Before that, I was in an irregular body shape and those changes just took 60 days but it was completed yet. 

    Sarms Results Before and After 120 Days

Before adding Testolone Rad 140 to my Sarm stack, I only gained 20 pounds or less within 60 days. But after that I planned 12 weeks cycle and added RAD 140, this is what I found. 

Stacking your Sarms is one of the finest ways to pack tons of muscle mass and with this, you will lift more weights and start to see the fat burning process happening inside. When I asked a few professional bodybuilders during my Sarms cycle if they have been using another supplement, most of them were using RAD 140 with Ostarine MK 2866 at the same time which is called stacking. 

Feeling fuller with Ligandrol and Testolone, I needed no third contender to complement my bodybuilding goals. At the end of 120 days, I was jacked and all about the highlighted and maximum endurance. It’s comparatively easier for me to lift heavier weights than before and I stopped getting tired after 30 days of Sarm cycle. 

How Bodybuilding Sarms Work?

Sarms are modified compounds that are designed to target specific receptors in the body. Because of their tissue selectivity, Sarms are able to stimulate only a few androgen receptors and not each one of them like anabolic steroids. 

During the Sarms cycle, I felt that these receptors are only for the muscle-building process targeted and due to this you don’t really get to see side effects that often. There is another type of Sarm (non-steroidal Sarm) that has the most favorable anabolic ratio but it’s still under research. 

The anabolic ratio to the Sarm I used RAD 140 is 90:1 in comparison with testosterone steroid which has an androgenic ratio 1:1. Sarms works to burn the fats and form lean muscle mass at once.

Sarms Pros and Cons

Sarms have lots of pros and they are synthesized, so there is a chance you may see a few con sides of it. The main difference between Sarms and other anabolic compounds is they are not so stronger to evoke shocking adverse events. 


To me, the pros of using Sarms are:
    Increased Muscle Mass
This is the reason why bodybuilders use Sarms they are famous for their muscle-building effects. Sarms speed up the muscle-building potential meaning that you will get maximum gains within 2 months just like it takes a year for you without them. Some Sarms are weaker than others and you shouldn’t be using those. 
Sarms are not magical supplements, you still have to put a strict diet and regular workouts into action to see the glaring effects. 
    Body Fat Reduction

Sarms are outstandingly beneficial for cutting down extra body fat and they do this with marked lipolysis. It’s possible to lose weight and gain muscles with Sarms if you are doing it the right way. 

    Enhanced Body Strength

Within a week, Sarms will increase your strength which makes users break down the strength plateaus. There is nothing wrong with having maximum strength when you work out and this could benefit the body in so many ways. The best-working Sarms are often labeled as strength boosters which sounds anticipating for newbie bodybuilders. 

    Faster Recovery
Sarms like Ligandrol LGD-4033 are known to reduce recovery times in users. After the engaging workout, you will not see the muscles getting sore or fatigued in them. That’s because some Sarms promote oxygenation to the muscles which bring up everything muscle needs to have marked and instant recovery. 


Sarms drawbacks sometimes outweigh its benefits in some users. The cons are said to be the side effects which range from acne to hair loss and gynecomastia. Here is a brief insight about them. 

Testosterone Suppression
Sarms are rumored to cause natural testosterone hormone suppression in males which is more likely to happen if Ostarine is stacked with RAD 140. However, steroids are known to cause testosterone shutdown which is a lot different than suppression, the suppression requires Post Cycle Therapy which replenishes the T levels in men. 

Sarms on the other hand only cause testosterone suppression and not shutdown, which can be recovered from using PCT. Generally, this applies to the Sarms such as YK11 and S23 which are known to cause these androgen side effects. 

Other side effects of bodybuilding Sarms involve:

Sarms are not natural and many companies are selling bad quality compounds that shouldn’t be your priority. It usually comes with a bunch of other side effects, the horrendous one is gynecomastia, acne on the face and back, and severe hair loss from which you could only return after quitting the cycle. 

Bodybuilding Sarms Dosages

Sarms are either taken for increasing muscle mass, fat loss, mood and physical energy. You could also get leaner using the sarms for muscle growth if the exercises are right on point. Combining two Sarms at once (stacking) would differ in terms of before and after results. 

You should be mindful while measuring the precise Sarms dose for you, the best way to look at the chart is available at many bodybuilding websites or from the official company platform where you are purchasing it from. 

I only used LGD-4033 in a 5ml/day dose and this got me maximum leverage, yes I also noted water retention but that wasn’t for long. Adding RAD 140 in high concentration should be 8-10 mg/day depending on your bulking cycle goals. The recommended cycle duration for bodybuilding Sarms is 10-12 weeks which is just enough to reduce inflammation, enhance tissue regeneration and clutch up protein synthesis in men. 

Bodybuilding Sarms Benefits

High-quality Sarms have shown outrageous improvements in bodybuilding if used correctly. Human studies show Sarms tend to increase muscle mass and bone mineral density in users. For example, a 25mg/day dose of Ibutamoren has been shown to increase IGF-1 levels by 60% in 6 weeks. The same cycle length when stretched to 12 weeks showed increased IGF-1 levels by 72%. 

Some bodybuilding Sarms are non-hormonal which means they don’t share the side effects like testosterone suppression or gynecomastia. Moreover, they have liver toxicity-like effects on humans which can be fatal several times. A large group of people in the US, UK, and Australia are currently using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators as alternatives to anabolic steroids that are linked to systemic side effects. 

Where to Buy SARMs in 2022?

All it requires is a simple search online and it will show you a variety of quality Sarms. Bodybuilding Sarms are available as the short-listed supplements for muscle building and fat loss which are supplied by hundreds of companies. Click Here to Buy Sarms Online

Ordering Sarms bottles from China is not a good idea, and nor will it get you any positivity. You can find SARMs distributors which are indeed FDA and TGA-approved and they sell you quality products with the label saying “For Research Purpose Only”. 

The best way to find Sarms is to look for a supplement which are 3rd party lab certified and worth your time. The certificate of analysis is very important to notice because worthless Sarm supplements are sold for hundreds of dollars and are very debilitating to health. Your preference should be the online website of legal vendors which are approved by the health governing authorities. 

My Sarms Results Summary

There are no decades of studies on Sarms but only 2-3 years old which are documented online. The comparison of Sarms and steroids for bodybuilding is quite a common practice these days and many people found the Sarms less dangerous than anabolic steroids. The reason for that is their tissue selectivity which makes them less effective and less potential for muscle-building benefits. 

Sarms are not designed for everyone, at least that’s what I heard from the people who have been using them for months. If you are ready to take the risks to become more bulky and muscular, it would be a great chance to try Sarms or alternatives made from natural ingredients. My Sarms results before and after 120 days were a shot in the dark which turned out to be quite surprising in my case – and this wouldn’t happen always.

Sarms bodybuilding for sale is available from limited vendors for which you need a prescription if you buy it from the hospital pharmacy. You’ll be facing many backlashes before buying the prescription sarms just because they are investigational substances with only recommendations to individuals having life-threatening conditions. 

Bodybuilding SARMs FAQs

Is SARM a steroid?

There are two types of SARMs, the first developed SARMs were steroidal but the ones developed only in the past two to three decades are known as non-steroidal SARMs.

Are SARMs banned substances?

Yes. SARMs are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and qualify as category S1 anabolic agents.

Are SARMs addictive?

That said, many people who take performance-enhancing drugs only intend to do so for a short time, but end up “on the bike” for the long haul.
Unfortunately, the extra strength, energy, and confidence that people experience while taking drugs can become addictive, which is why research shows around 30% of steroid users developed a dependence syndrome.

Will SARMs cause hair loss?

We know that one of the most dreaded side effects of anabolic and androgenic steroids is hair loss or male pattern baldness in men who are genetically predisposed to it. One of the most appealing things about SARMs for a lot of guys is if we listen to the marketers who sell them, that SARMs do not pose a risk for hair loss.

Can SARMs cause a heart attack?

The long-term effects of SARMs are still unknown when it comes to their use by humans. We know that cancer was an effect when SARMs were given to mice over a relatively long term.

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