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Blisterol Reviews (2023 Update) Safe Herpes Breakout Support Supplement or Fake Scam Pills?

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Blisterol Reviews (2023 Update) Safe Herpes Breakout Support Supplement or Fake Scam Pills?

Blisterol provides consumers with a way to improve the health of their immune system with the idea that the same effects will extend to the herpes simplex virus.


Blisterol is a supplement that helps consumers to improve their immune system and gut balance to reduce the effect that the herpes virus has on them. The formula is safe to include in any routine, and it works for consumers of all ages. 

What is Blisterol? 

The herpes virus is a complicated problem for consumers. Most people are told that exposing themselves to the herpes virus is a one-way ticket to suffering from outbreaks for life. The virus, as research has explained before now, will stay in the body, causing unpredictable outbreaks for the rest of the sufferer’s life. 

So far, the only way that the medical community has responded to this virus is with mild ways to deal with outbreaks. Some consumers use a topical salve or cream to ease the pain of blisters, while other people use medications that can tackle the problem. Unfortunately, as helpful as some people find these products to be, the herpes virus remains alive and well. With the use of Blisterol, consumers can deal with this problem more aggressively. 

Blisterol is filled with natural support to help users deal with the root of the problem with the herpes virus. The creators explain that the product targets gut health, regulating the natural microbiome as it supports the immune system. With these changes, consumers can stop dealing with repeated outbreaks and potentially kill off the virus for good. 

What Makes Blisterol Effective? 

The reason that so many people have gravitated towards Blisterol is because it improves the immune system. With this extract boost, the body gets to work on fighting the herpes simplex virus, which is the main reason that users experience the inflammation of cold sores. However, if cold sores were just a matter of inflammation, then it would already be eradicated. 

Realistically, the inflammation caused by the virus can impact any part of the body, especially the brain. By supporting immunity, consumers start to see changes in how easily cold sores appear on the skin. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but a weakened immune system won’t allow the user to maintain proper Polysaccharide A (PSA) production. 

Polysaccharides, which sometimes go by the name poly carbohydrates, are more frequently found in food than any other carb. Polysaccharide A is a capsular carbohydrate that is primarily found in Bacteroides fragilis, which is a type of bacteria found in the gut. When the body produces enough of it, the anti-inflammatory properties are incredible, which is particularly helpful to herpes simplex virus outbreaks. 

Current scientific research as recent as just a few years ago suggests that having an abundance of this bacteria in the gut can protect the brain from swelling, which is an effect of the herpes simplex virus. A study ( at the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope in California directly links herpes infections to the suppression of the immune system. By countering this infection with the right inhibitory ingredients, consumers have a better chance of establishing an anti-inflammatory response. 

While the creators explain that this task is handled by natural ingredients in Blisterol, users will only be able to find the list of these ingredients on the label with the receipt of their purchase. 

How to Buy Blisterol 

Though there may be multiple websites that currently offer Blisterol, consumers will have to go through the official website to secure their package. The website offers a few different options, depending on how much of the Blisterol formula they want to stock up on. 

Choose from: 

  • 1 bottle for $69 

  • 3 bottles for $177 ($59 each) 

  • 6 bottles for $294 ($49 each) 

Users will only have to pay for shipping if they choose to order one bottle at a time. Ordering three or more bottles at once will give them free shipping instead. Plus, users who buy more bottles at once won’t have to risk the odds of selling out before the next month of support. 

If the user finds that this remedy isn’t a good option for their herpes outbreaks, they have up to 

Frequently Asked Questions About Blisterol 

How does Blisterol work? 

According to the creators, the root cause of herpes comes back to the imbalance that happens in the gut when it is affected by Bacteroides fragilis. The levels can adjust, but the body needs a certain amount of Polysaccharide A (PSA) to keep herpes virus at bay. Suppression is easy when the body needs vitamins and minerals that Blisterol delivers, ensuring that PSA levels remain regulated to combat the virus. 

Is Blisterol safe for consumers who have allergies? 

The whole point of this natural remedy is to contain the outbursts consumers have, which is why they formulated it to be natural and free of side effects, even for people with allergies. This remedy is safe for anyone with allergies because the ingredients used are lower than what would be required to trigger allergies. 

If the user is allergic to any substance in this formula, they should abstain from its use. 

How should Blisterol be used? 

Users will only need one capsule per day to get the desired benefits from this supplement. The capsule should be taken in the morning after eating the first meal of the day, and users should follow the capsule with a glass of water. 

What other benefits might consumers experience? 

In addition to complete eradication of the herpes virus, users of Blisterol could experience improved energy, fewer mood changes, and less stress. It also supports the health and performance of the immune system. 

Why haven’t consumers heard of this solution before? 

Even though this option has been around for years, the industry that profits from herpes treatment is lucrative. Killing off the herpes virus would put a major dent in the $5 billion that companies make every day, costing them severely in losses. Buying a package right now is the only way to ensure that users won’t lose the opportunity to deal with their herpes virus. 

Will Blisterol work for everyone? 

Yes. The formula is made to work for consumers as young as 20 years or beyond their 70s. 

What do users do if they are interested in getting Blisterol’s effects? 

All orders can be placed through the official website, allowing users to get up to six bottles in a single package. The official website is the only place that users can order. 

How long will the offer for Blisterol be available? 

Considering the amount of money that is at stake in the medical community, this page might not even be up tomorrow. Consumers who want to ensure that they don’t miss out need to act quickly. 

What if Blisterol doesn’t work for their needs? 

All products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the user doesn’t make any progress with their herpes outbreaks, consumers will be able to get a full refund. 

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]


Blisterol provides consumers with a way to improve the health of their immune system with the idea that the same effects will extend to the herpes simplex virus. The formula is easy to take every day at breakfast with just one capsule needed, and consumers can order up to six bottles with their order. The formula comes with a refund policy to try it out for up to 60 days, and consumers may also see improvements in their brain and gut health while using it. 


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