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Blastup Review & Coupons: Must Read Before Buying Instagram Likes

Planning to buy Instagram likes from Blastup? You might change your mind once you've read this post. Consider checking out BuzzVoice and BuySocialMediaMarketing for trustworthy options instead.

Blastup Review & Coupons

Have you decided to buy Instagram Likes from Blastup? If so, you should read this article. This platform claims to be a veteran in the Social Media Marketing domain. Also, the founders claim this platform to be reliable for buying Instagram Likes. However, many users have experienced unfavorable things with this platform. So, we are here to show you the drawbacks of this platform first.

What Do Real Users Say?

You can understand a service better only when you go through the reviews from real users. Here are a few negative reviews on Blastup:

Reviews From Real Users

Started With Great Delivery But It Dropped by 99%

One of the users of this platform has stated that Blastup initially delivered likes as promised. But, after some days, the likes they bought were not properly delivered. So, many users have stated that they faced a loss due to Blastup. The reason is that they were not provided the value for the money they spent on social media engagement.

Automated Email Messages

Also, some users of this platform are not satisfied with the automated emails they get. Blastup claims to provide support as and when required. However, some users are dissatisfied that their emails were replied to by bots. They were not able to get a human touch with the company. Also, the automated messages do not give answers to the queries raised.

Likes from Inappropriate Profiles

Many users have complained that they got Instagram Likes from inappropriate people. This increased the chances of their account to be banned. Even, some claimed that their account was banned. This happened because they got comments from inappropriate profiles that looked fake. Some also got a warning from Instagram for fake-looking comments.

No Delivery at all

Many also complained that their money was entirely gone. They were not delivered Instagram Likes. So, they suggest not to get help from Blastup

Recommended Alternatives to Blastup

Now, after knowing that the services of Blastup are not up to the mark, you will naturally be looking for alternatives. Do you look for other choices to buy Instagram likes? Here are a few alternatives to Blastup, where you can buy likes for your Instagram posts, videos and reels:

1. BuySocialMediaMarketing (Our #1 Pick!)


We recommend BuySocialMediaMarketing because the company assures premium Social Media Engagement Services. Also, the company assures the best outcomes as well. You can choose one among the many packages of Instagram Likes offered by this platform.

To try its services, the company offers 20 free likes. The platform does not ask for your Instagram password. All that is needed is your username alone.

Why is BuySocialMediaMarketing Recommended?

We recommend this platform to buy Instagram likes for the reasons listed below:

Secure Service

  • BuySocialMediaMarketing does not ask for your Instagram account access or password
  • The platform is PCI DSS Compliant

  • The like-packages offered by this company come with a Money-Back guarantee.

Excellent Customer Support

  • The company gives the utmost attention to all its clients
  • To give the utmost value to customers, the platform offers 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  • Customer satisfaction is given the utmost attention.
  • You can expect a quick response to your queries.

Quickest Delivery of Likes

  • For every service, the company guarantees results within 24 hours
  • Most likes are delivered within minutes after the payment is made

Wide Range of Instagram Services

  • You can buy not only Instagram likes from this platform.
  • Rather, you can buy video views, comments, automatic likes and followers
  • Other Instagram services include
  • IGTV Likes
  • IGTV Comments
  • IGTV Views
  • Reels comments
  • Likes for reels
  • Reels views
  • Saves
  • Impressions
  • Live views
  • Story views

Attractive Coupon Codes

Many of us believe that coupon codes are offered only by companies that are not trustworthy. But, besides offering the best service, BuySocialMediaMarketing offers attractive coupon codes as well. Here are the coupon codes offered by this company to help you save money:

  • Get $3 Off: SAVE3 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $29)
  • Get $5 Off: SAVE5 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $75)
  • Get $10 Off: SAVE10 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $150)

2. BuzzVoice (Recommended)

BuzzVoice assures more engagement on social media within minutes. You can get started with this platform for just $0.97.

The goal of this company is to provide you with the best pricing along with first-class quality. The company assures the best pricing along with instant delivery without compromising quality.


Why is BuzzVoice The Best Alternative to Blastup?

Account Safety

  • BuzzVoice makes sure that the services it offers stay in line with the terms of service of Instagram.
  • Not only Instagram, the company does it for other platforms for which it sells followers and likes.
  • You can stay confident that your account will not be banned for any reason.
  • Compliance with the standards set by the platforms is important. The reason is that any violations will put your account at risk of getting banned.

Assures the Best Outcome

  • You are planning to buy Instagram likes just because you want your account to get popular.
  • With BuzzVoice, you can achieve this outcome in the best possible way.
  • BuzzVoice creates a buzz around Instagram.
  • The platform uses different tried-and-tested marketing techniques
  • The company constantly evaluates data and crunch numbers to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Packages are carefully designed to maximize your social media exposure
  • Improves your visibility and you can get more people engaged around your brand

Accepts Payments in Different Modes

  • A good social media engagement platform should provide you with different payment options
  • BuzzVoice accepts payment in different modes like debit and credit card
  • You can also pay for the Instagram Like package you buy via PayPal
  • The platform also accepts payment in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

As you are looking for a best platform to buy Instagram likes as an alternative to Blastup, you can consider SocialShaft. The company offers you the option to choose a package among two different categories. They are automatic and instant likes.


How SocialShaft Stands Out from Blastup?

Offers Likes Under Two Different Categories

  • Social Shaft offers the option to choose a package among two different categories:

Instant Likes

Automatic Likes

  • Instant likes are delivered instantly
  • Automatic likes are delivered automatically as and when you post a new video or photo on Instagram

Automatic Likes

  • It would be great to get likes as and when you add a new post, isn’t it?
  • This is what automatic likes offered by Social Shaft is all about
  • It will automatically detect new posts and will like it
  • Also, views will be matched for all videos you post
  • Different packages of automatic likes are offered by SocialShaft
  • This type of package will help you get Instagram engagement every month.

Instant Likes

  • When you opt for Instant Likes, they will be delivered instantly
  • SocialShaft offers the flexibility to split the likes between your Instagram posts
  • You will get an instant boost to your Instagram Account


  • SocialShaft ensures that your Insta posts get likes from real Instagram users
  • Above all, the likes will be from across different world nations
  • SocialShaft aims to add credibility to your Instagram account

Free Trial

  • SocialShaft offers 20 likes free
  • This trial pack will help you judge the quality of the service

This is yet another platform that can provide the best alternative to Blastup. The website is committed to leveling up your online presence immediately without any delay. With more than a decade of experience, SocialPlus offers the highest-quality growth strategies. It also offers promotions for Instagram and YouTube. It assists brands and creators. Also, it assists individuals interested in growing in the most cost-effective manner on Instagram.


Round-the-Clock Support

  • The poor customer support of Blastup was criticized by many of its customers. But SocialPlus is committed to providing the best customer support
  • The platform has a round-the-clock customer support system
  • You can expect your queries to be answered quickly without any delay

Safe to Use

  • You can choose SocialPlus as a dependable platform to buy Instagram likes
  • SocialPlus does not ask for your Instagram password
  • The platform offers its packages with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Unrivaled Results

  • SocialPlus assures unrivaled results for customers
  • The prices and quality offered by SocialPlus have been highly appreciated since 2010.
  • Uses proven-to-work growth strategies to ensure your business growth on Instagram.

So, with these Blastup alternatives, you can gain the expected results from buying Instagram likes. These alternatives have brought proven results to customers.

Why Do We Not Recommend Blastup?

After going through the comments from real users above, how could you expect us to recommend Blastup for your Instagram likes needs? So, the lack of trustworthiness makes it an obvious reason for not selecting this company. Here are some reasons for not recommending Blastup to buy Instagram Likes:

Usage of Instagram Bots

Many users of Blastup have stated that they are getting replies to their emails from bots. Indeed, this comment cannot be given by bots but likes can be. Is this your argument? However, the usage of bots for mail replying shows that the company is not committed to customers. So, it is better to look for alternatives to Blastup.

No Guarantee for Growth

You plan to buy Instagram likes mainly to ensure the growth of your Instagram account. In turn, you wish for your business to reach a larger group of audience. However, many users of Blastup have stated that they have not given the likes even after they paid. When you do not get likes how can you grow your social media presence?

Weak Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, for emails, replies are from bots. This shows how much importance the company gives to customers. Indeed, initially, bots can reply as a confirmation that the mail has been received. At least, within a few hours, there should be a reply from real people. But this is not happening with Blastup as stated by many customers. Many have stated that they were not able to get answers to their queries.

Trustworthiness in Doubt

Many people have lost their money with this company. They have stated that even though their payment was accepted, the likes were not received by them. This questions the trustworthiness of this company to a great extent. In social media engagement services, trustworthiness is a key factor when deciding on a service provider. But it is absent or not adequate in Blastup.

No Dependability

When some people say that they were not delivered with the likes they ordered, how can you call this company dependable? Many customers raised concerns about the dependency of Blastup.


1. Is Buying Instagram Likes a Good Idea?

Yes, buying Instagram likes can bring you many benefits. These likes will give the initial boost that your Instagram account needs. In turn, you can start getting likes naturally by attracting more and more people to your posts. The more likes your posts have, the better the chances that they will be recommended by Instagram to other users. So, with more likes, you can attract more people to view your Instagram posts.

2. How Can I Buy Instagram Likes?

You can buy Instagram likes from one of the Blastup alternatives. Most platforms have an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. So, you can easily choose from one of the many Instagram-like packages. Thereafter, you can provide the link of posts for which you need the like. Finally, you can check out to pay. Dependable platforms generally accept different modes of payment.

3. Will My Instagram Account Be Banned If I Buy Likes?

No, your account will not be banned until you buy the likes from a trustworthy platform. The reason is that they deliver the likes gradually. When likes come gradually, Instagram algorithms cannot spot a sudden surge in the number of likes for your posts. So, your account will not be banned.

4. How do providers like BuySocialMediaMarketing, BuzzVoice, and SocialShaft enhance visibility and engagement on Instagram through purchased likes?

Purchasing likes from reputable providers can indeed contribute to increased visibility and engagement on your Instagram account. Here's how these platforms typically achieve this:

  • Algorithmic Boost: Instagram's algorithm favors content with higher engagement. By purchasing likes, your posts are more likely to appear in the feeds and explore pages of a broader audience, thus boosting visibility.
  • Social Proof: A higher number of likes serves as social proof, signaling to other users that your content is popular and worth engaging with. This can attract organic likes, comments, and followers, further enhancing overall engagement.
  • Wider Reach: Likes from purchased services often come from real-looking profiles, expanding your reach to a diverse audience. This diversity can lead to more interactions and a broader network of engaged followers.
  • Increased Credibility: A substantial number of likes can lend credibility to your profile and content. Users are more inclined to engage with posts that have garnered significant attention, fostering a positive perception of your account.

It's essential to communicate with the providers to understand their strategies for achieving these outcomes and ensure that the engagement is organic and complies with Instagram's guidelines. Additionally, combining purchased likes with high-quality content and a consistent posting strategy can maximize the positive impact on visibility and engagement.

5. Is Blastup a reliable platform for buying Instagram likes?

While Blastup claims to be a veteran in Social Media Marketing, user experiences vary. Some have reported initial satisfaction, while others faced issues like dropped delivery and inappropriate engagement. It's essential to consider these factors before deciding.

6. What alternatives are recommended instead of Blastup?

For a more dependable service, consider alternatives like BuySocialMediaMarketing, BuzzVoice, and SocialShaft. These platforms offer better engagement and have received positive reviews from users.

7. Are there any coupon codes for BuySocialMediaMarketing?

Yes, BuySocialMediaMarketing provides attractive coupon codes for additional savings. You can use codes like SAVE3, SAVE5, and SAVE10 for discounts on orders over $29, $75, and $150, respectively.

8. Why is Blastup not recommended for buying Instagram likes?

Blastup faces criticisms related to the usage of bots, lack of guarantee for growth, weak customer service, and doubts about trustworthiness and dependability. Considering alternatives is advised for a more reliable service.

9. Is buying Instagram likes a good idea?

Yes, buying Instagram likes can provide benefits like an initial boost, increased visibility, and attracting more users to your posts. However, it's crucial to choose trustworthy providers to ensure genuine engagement and comply with Instagram guidelines.

10. How Does Blastup Address Customer Concerns?

Users have raised concerns about automated email responses from Blastup, which some find unsatisfactory. The lack of a personal touch in communication can be a factor to consider.

11. How Does Blastup Address Concerns About Trustworthiness?

Users have raised significant concerns regarding trustworthiness, specifically instances where payment was accepted without the promised likes being delivered. Addressing these issues is crucial for potential users who want a reliable service. Here's an in-depth exploration:

Blastup's Transparency: Investigate whether Blastup provides clear and transparent information about its service terms, refund policies, and what users can expect. Platforms that prioritize transparency often instill more confidence in their users.

Customer Support Communication: Evaluate how Blastup communicates with users facing trust-related concerns. A responsive and supportive customer support system can be indicative of a platform's commitment to addressing issues and building trust.

Refund and Compensation Policies: Understand the platform's policies regarding refunds and compensation for undelivered services. A trustworthy provider typically has clear guidelines on how they handle situations where users don't receive the agreed-upon engagement.

User Reviews and Testimonials: Look for additional insights from user reviews and testimonials. Assess whether Blastup has a history of addressing trust-related concerns and whether users report satisfactory resolutions to their issues.

Social Media Presence: Check if Blastup has an active and transparent presence on social media platforms. Providers that engage with their audience publicly and address concerns openly are likely more committed to maintaining trust.

Guarantees and Commitments: Examine any guarantees or commitments Blastup makes regarding service delivery. A reliable provider often stands by its offerings and provides assurances that help build trust among users.

Taking these factors into account can provide a more comprehensive understanding of how Blastup addresses concerns related to trustworthiness, helping users make informed decisions about whether to engage with the platform.


Now, you know that Blastup is not a safe platform to buy Instagram Likes for many reasons. You can choose one of the Blastup Alternatives discussed above. In turn, you can end up buying dependable likes for your Instagram posts.

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