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Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Top Fake Pee Brands To Pass A Drug Test In 2022

If you have the slightest amount of cannabis in your body for recreational or medical purposes, do you really want to get fired, fined, or jailed because of that? Definitely not! Don’t worry; the best synthetic urine on the market has got you covered.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits
Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Imagine you have finally been offered the dream job, but there is one small hiccup. You may have to take a drug test. 

If you have the slightest amount of cannabis in your body for recreational or medical purposes, do you really want to get fired, fined, or jailed because of that? Definitely not! Don’t worry; the best synthetic urine on the market has got you covered.  

Of course, you can always ask someone else to pee for you, but that’s just weird! 

After a lot of research and product assessment, we short-listed the top 5 best synthetic urine kits available in the market.  

Best Synthetic Urine Brands to Beat a Weed Test with Fake Urine:   

  1. Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine - Best Synthetic Urine Kit with No Preservatives 

  1. Test Clear Synthetic Liquid Urinator - Most Handy Synthetic Urine Products to Beat A THC Test 

  1. Quick Luck - Recommended Fake Pee & Urine Drug Test Kit Online 

  1. Sub Solution - Reliable Fake Urine Brand to Pass a Drug Test Quickly 

  1. Incognito Belt - Trusted Synthetic Urine Kit for Best Fake Urine Results 

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:  

#1. Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine - Best Synthetic Urine Kit with No Preservatives 


Test Clear claims to be made of dehydrated real human pee and is one of the best options out there in the market for synthetic urines.  

Test Clear has been in the industry for many years and has gained the trust of thousands of customers. Since it is in powdered form, you will have to take out some time to prep your urine sample.  

However, it lasts longer and has proven to be very effective among users. Made of real urine, it smells like pee, even before you add the distilled water to make it.  



Since it is artificial urine, Test Clear consists of ingredients that help replicate real urine in terms of smell, look, and constituents. The powdered urine contains chloride, creatinine, potassium, dissolved ions, urea, sodium, and distilled water.  


The brand has been on the market for several years and is trusted by several thousand customers. They are trustworthy and also give proper instruction guides for making the sample along with expiration dates.  


One Test Clear Synthetic Urine Kit costs around $49.95, which makes it not too expensive. Some people may feel otherwise, however, you should look for quality and reliability, instead of just cost.  


The powdered urine kit comes in a sealed vial and another medical vial with a blue lid that helps transfer your mixture after mixing it.  

They also have a temperature strip attached to the other vial, and heaters to warm your sample pee. This ensures that the product is of premium quality and produces almost real-like synthetic pee.  


  • Not too expensive  

  • Powdered form, thus has a longer shelf life 

  • Replicates real urine to the maximum extent  

  • Instruction guide attached 

  • It has temperature strip and heaters in the packet 

  • Contains all constituents of real urine  


  • Because it is powdered, you will have to make the sample on your own  

  • You can mess up the water proportions or mixing process 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Test Clear”  

#2. Test Clear Synthetic Urinator - Most Handy Synthetic Urine Products to Beat A THC Test 


Test Clear’s Synthetic Urinator is a premium quality electronic urine testing device that ensures the optimum testing temperature of urine for at least four hours.  

The best part is that the Urinator is reusable and is cent percent effective in drug tests. Their supreme quality and technology have no competition in the market.  



The synthetic urine stored inside the Urinator contains all components required to test for real human urine like ammonia, urea, uric acid, etc. It also sees to it that the pH balance and specific gravity are close to that of real urine.  


The Urinator costs $189, which is very expensive for most people looking for cheap alternatives to pass drug tests. However, it comes with a technologically advanced apparatus and can be used again and again. Thus, if you are someone who has to give a lot of drug tests, then this might be a good investment for you.  

Also, if you have a job or court hearing at stake, the price should not matter. 


The Urinator uses advanced technology and is an easy-to-use product that will help warm your urine before tests. The kit has two temperature strips, a digitally-controlled self-regulated heating element, a bottle filling device, a manual, and powdered synthetic urine.  

Other than the fact that you have to prep your urine sample, this device is convenient to use. You can conceal it under your clothes and release the clamp when you wish to deliver the urine.  


  • Contains a 100ml dual-port vinyl IV bag 

  • Has an attached liquid crystal thermometer and a stainless-steel sensor to regulate the temperature 

  • Contains a computerized digital controller  

  • A flexible silicone heater is connected to the controller  

  • Includes thermal insulating mini-blanket 

  • It has an IV bag to contain heat, which prevents your skin from being burned 

  • Imitates real pee 

  • 100% effective in drug tests  


  • Some people may find it to be very expensive 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Urinator”   

#3. Quick Luck Urine Kit - Recommended Fake Pee & Urine Drug Test Kit Online 


Quick Luck is yet another brand in the synthetic urine industry that ensures premium quality fake urine, so that you can pass your drug tests without any hassles.  

Quick Luck has grown in demand in the market and has become a favorite among several thousand customers. Product of Clear Choice, a brand that began 26 years ago, Quick Luck was launched after 16 years of diligent lab research.  

The brand ensures 100% effectiveness and is a pre-mixed, biocide-free synthetic urine designed to be free of toxins and undetectable for all sexes.  



Quick Luck’s secret urine formula includes eleven different chemical compounds, which also include urea and uric acid, these help in giving it the real human pee impression. It has the perfect pH balance, creatinine, and specific gravity to pass off as actual pee.  


As a reliable product of Clear Choice, the brand continues to satisfy its customers across the globe. They are trustworthy and have spent years of research on this one product to ensure premium quality and effective results. 


Quick Luck synthetic urine costs $100 because it is pre-mixed, and you do not have to put in an effort to get the right consistency or pH. It’s a one-time investment you can make to avoid the legal repercussions of failing a drug test.  


Quick Luck is a unique pre-mixed, synthetic urine, and no other product compares to them in the market.  


  • 100% effective in drug tests 

  • Super undetectable 

  • Toxin-free urine  

  • Biocide-free urine  

  • Unisex synthetic urine  

  • Includes two heat pads 

  • Includes Heat Activator Powder  

  • Replicates real urine to the maximum extent  

  • Instruction guide attached 

  • Contains all constituents of real urine  


  • Some people may find it expensive  

  • Pre-mixed form, therefore, has a shorter shelf life 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Quick Luck”   

#4. Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit - Reliable Fake Urine Brand to Pass a Drug Test Quickly 


Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is your go-to solution if you have a drug test to pass. Their quality and reliability ensure that your synthetic urine passes off as real urine when it comes to foam, touch, feel, look and most importantly, smell!  

Yet another Clear Choice product, Sub Solution, was launched in 2003. In the past 17 years, it has proven itself to be one of the best synthetic urines in the market, which are biocide-free and toxin-free! 



Sub Solution synthetic urine includes several chemical compounds, which also include urea and uric acid that duplicate real human pee. It has the perfect pH balance, adequate amounts of creatinine, and specific gravity to pass off as real pee.  


Sub Solution synthetic urine costs $85 because it is pre-mixed. It’s a one-time investment and costs less than Quick Luck. But it can be expensive for some.  


The brand provides their patented Heat Activator formula that increases the fake urine’s temperature to real urine. It also has two heat pads that have a life expectancy of 10 hours each.  


  • 100% effective in drug tests 

  • Biocide-free urine  

  • Contains all constituents of real urine  

  • Includes two heat pads 

  • Includes Heat Activator Powder  

  • Instruction guide attached 

  • Replicates real urine  

  • Super undetectable 

  • Toxin-free urine  

  • Unisex synthetic urine  


  • It can be expensive for some users 

  • Pre-mixed form, therefore, has a shorter shelf life 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Sub Solution”   

#5. Incognito Belt - Trusted Synthetic Urine Kit for Best Fake Urine Results 


Another product of Clear Choice, Incognito Belt , is a “gravity-operated” device that provides you with top notch undetectable synthetic urine. It is toxin-free and effective.  



The synthetic urine within the bladder bag includes several chemical compounds like ammonia, urea, and uric acid. It has the perfect pH balance, creatinine, and specific gravity to pass off as real pee.  


Incognito Belt’s synthetic urine costs $125 because it is pre-mixed and comes with the entire set-up to wrap around your belt. It’s a one-time investment and may seem expensive, but it is convenient to use.  


The device is completely reliable. The urine will pass via a slim rubber tube that is present in your lightweight apparatus. All you have to do is wrap the tube around your waist and put it under your clothes like a belt. When you release the clip, it delivers the synthetic urine stored in the bladder bag.  


  • 100% effective in drug tests 

  • Can wrap it around like a normal belt  

  • Biocide-free urine  

  • Contains all constituents of real urine  

  • Includes two heat pads 

  • Includes temperature reader  

  • Toxin-free urine  

  • Unisex synthetic urine  


  • Pre-mixed form, therefore, has a shorter shelf life 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Incognito Belt”   

How We Made the List of Top Synthetic Urine Brands for Best Fake Pee? 

Synthetic urine is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to pass a drug test without any complications. That is if you are someone who might get caught for drugs in your system, in the first place. 

Yes, you read that right! Synthetic urine is an actual thing, and it can save you from getting caught in drug tests by passing off as real urine. 

With so many Fake pee brands options on the market, we understand that it is difficult to make the best choice for yourself; especially, since there are several scammers and sellers who sell fake, expired, or poor-quality synthetic urine.  

We researched and reviewed several products from different sellers and made our list of the top five synthetic urines on the basis of the following criteria:  


Since it is artificial urine, we chose products that use components that replicate real urine in terms of smell, look and feel. We also ensured it has the right amount of ammonia, urea, the perfect pH balance, specific gravity, and more.  


The list of sellers we chose is trustworthy and reliable. They ensure that premium quality synthetic urine is sold, with valid expiration dates.  


We chose brands that are not too pricey and can be reasonable for most customers out there.  


We also made sure that the synthetic urine we chose, whether powdered or liquid, is of premium quality and shows perfect results during drug tests, as reviewed by the customers.  

Buyer’s Guide for Quick Fix Synthetic Urine:  

Before we go into what you should look for while buying synthetic urine, understand that it is a liquid that is brewed scientifically. It replicates real pee’s smell, color, and feel.  

Labs can sense fake urine by its poor color, lack of foam, or unrealistic temperatures. So, your synthetic urine should meet the following criteria for sure: 

Creatinine level 

The muscles in your body acquire creatinine from the creatinine phosphate, while the metabolism process occurs. Thus, there are trace levels of creatinine levels in the urine that should be detected in the test.  


Urine always has a color, though the color depends on your medications, diet, and hydration, etc. The color is because of the compound, urochrome, which gives urine its natural color – ranging from light yellow to darker hues to amber. 

Thus, your synthetic urines should have shades of green or yellow in their product.  


Once you pee, the urine temperature starts to fall just after some seconds of being out of the body. Lab testing begins at the same time. Ensure that the standard temperature of urine is always between 90°F to 98°F.  

If the urine is not in this range, it will be flagged, and you could get caught. The top synthetic pee brands have strips that will show you the sample’s temperature. You can use a warming pad to bring your pee to the right temperature.  


Your real urine contains albumin, which creates foam. Thus, look for premium quality fake urines that contain albumin. 

Before handing over your sample, shake it properly so that it appears foamy and has bubbles in it. Don’t overdo it!  

Other Chemicals You Should Look For  

Other than the ingredients mentioned above and specifics, your lab could investigate your sample test more. They might look for ammonia, nitrite, glutaraldehyde, oxidants, specific gravity, pH level, sulfates, uric acid, and urea. 

In advanced and newer labs, they might look for additional constituents in your urine like  

  • Cotinine, which is produced when nicotine breaks down 

  • Caffeine and theobromine, which are found in tea, coffee, and chocolate 

  • Urobilin, which is formed by degraded hemoglobin and makes your urine yellow in color 


Your urine contains 95% of water. However, do not mix the product with tap water. If you are reconstituting powdered synthetic urine, go for distilled water to make sure there are no contaminants in your pee.  

The best brands will always provide you with distilled water in their kits for reconstitution.  

Brand and Reliability  

Always go for trusted brands which you can rely on. These brands will be transparent about their ingredients and specify expiration dates and any other details you might look for. Also, go for brands that offer instruction guides and customer service for help.  

If you really need to pass drug tests, you cannot take any risks and need to get a brand you can blindly trust.  


Go for brands that are reasonable and affordable for you. However, synthetic urines are expensive as they are made in high tech labs with proper chemicals and specifications. But if you really need to get a job or pass the drug test, it’s a cost-benefit analysis that you need to do.  

FAQs Regarding Fake Urine for Drug Test:  

What is synthetic urine? 

Synthetic urine is nothing but artificial urine made in a laboratory. It has the same chemical components as real urine, and thus it acts, smells, and looks the same as real human pee.  

Synthetic urine replicates all the important chemical components of clean human urine. It’s not used just to pass drug tests. It is also used to calibrate and test different drug or urinalysis equipment. Sales marketers also use it to promote cleaners and odor removers.  

There are two types of synthetic urine available in the market. The first is the liquid form or pre-mixed versions; while the other is the powdered form that you will mix and use. Each of them has its benefits and downsides; you can choose which suits your needs the best.  

Synthetic urine is used for calibrating equipment, and thus, it is very close to what real urine is. However, that is true only if you do it the right way! When buying synthetic urine, ensure that it has all essential components of natural human urine in the synthetic version, especially if you have to pass a drug test.  

Things to look for include:  

  • Uric acid 

  • Urea 

  • Sulfate levels  

  • Specific gravity 

  • pH 

  • Creatinine 

  • Ammonia 

Can tests detect synthetic urine easily? 

It is not easy to detect synthetic urine, but yes, you can fail drug tests if you use synthetic urine, especially if you do not follow all the guidelines. However, premium-quality products, with proper directions, will not be detected.  

What is the cost of synthetic urine? 

Synthetic urine is slightly expensive. The cheapest one costs around $40 for 3 ounces without any accessories. The more expensive ones cost up to $100.  

If your livelihood is at stake, then do not think about the cost!  

Where can you buy synthetic urine? 

Do not go to your local shops where you can get scammed, or where it is illegal to get synthetic urine. The law differs from place to place.  

If you are looking for good-quality synthetic urine from reliable brands, order it directly from its site. You can be assured of the quality and verify the expiry date.  

Avoid buying from big conglomerate sites where scammers sell adulterated, fake, and expired synthetic urine. Always make sure to order from the brand’s official website.  

How can you fake urine? 

Most of the time, you are given your privacy to pee and provide the sample to the person handling it. This gives you the discreetness that you require to provide a sample of fake urine instead of your own. 

How can you hide synthetic urine in drug tests? 

Okay, this is a bit difficult, but you can work it out easily. Do not keep it inside pockets, no matter what!  

Try to wear a belt which comes with brands like Sub Solution. However, if the kit does not have a belt, wear your personal belt and attach the fake pee to it. In some testing centers, you may have to give them proof that you do not have anything hidden in your clothes.  

Thus, to be extra careful, wear your belt really high, between the chest and the navel, so that you can button down your pants easily.  

When you go to the stall, hide the pee near the inner thigh. You can easily pull your shirt or pull down your pants and not show anything to the monitor. You can also hide the urine inside your bra under the bra cup.  

Also, in the worst-case scenario, you can take your synthetic urine within your body, like your vagina or anus. But you’ll have to be extra careful.  

How much fake pee does one need? 

Generally, the standard rule is to give around 2 ounces of pee. But make sure you are ready with more.  

Is there something called unisex fake urine? 

There are instances where one gets to hear about a man getting caught during a drug test because his results show he is pregnant.  

Worry not, synthetic urine is unisex, and you won’t face this issue. Conventional lab urinalysis doesn’t usually determine genders. However, how you pee shows your gender to the supervisor – whether you pee standing or sitting down.  

Are there synthetic urines specific for women? 

There are several brands that market synthetic urine specifically for women. However, they are not specific. So, do not go after the fake marketing standards. Choose brands you can trust the most.  

What is powdered urine?  

Powdered synthetic urine comes in the form of a powder which you have to reconstitute into liquid pee all by yourself. Both liquid and powdered urine look, smell, act, and chemically replicate human pee exactly the same.  

A few brands of powdered urine make their product using dehydrated natural human pee. This will give you extra reliability in passing your drug test.  

Though powdered urine is easy to store and has a longer shelf life than liquid pee, it has its downfalls. The biggest disadvantage of powdered urine is that it’ll work only if you add the perfect amount of water. Failing to do so means you fail the test! 

Is powdered fake urine good enough? 

Powdered urine has its plus sides and negatives. The negatives are usually related to easy detection or convenience-related issues. However, it depends on what is easier for you. 

What are the pros and cons of powdered urine?  

The pros of powdered urine include:  

  • It is easy to store and has a longer shelf life. 

  • The foam smells and looks like real pee.  

  • As it is made from dehydrated urine, it shows the all-natural properties of real urine. 

  • It is very effective during tests. 

The cons of powdered urine include:  

  • You have to mix and make the urine, so it’s not so convenient to use. 

  • If you do not follow the mixing instructions correctly, you will fail the test. 

  • It can prove to be quite the problem if you are seen by the supervisor. 

What are the pros and cons of liquid synthetic urine? 

Pros include convenience and ease of using it as it is pre-mixed. It also avoids the risk of being observed while mixing. Thus, there is less risk, and it’s more effective. 

However, its disadvantage is that it has a shorter shelf life compared to powdered urine.  

What are the different types of drug tests that are taken?  

There are different drug tests that are conducted. Full drug test analysis looks for substances specified below:  

  • Phencyclidine (PCP) 

  • Opiates 

  • Methadone 

  • LSD 

  • Euphorics (like MDMA and ecstasy) 

  • Codeine 

  • Cocaine 

  • Cannabis (like marijuana flowers, THC, CBD oils, injections) 

  • Benzodiazepines 

  • Barbiturates 

  • Anabolic steroids 

  • Amphetamines 

  • Alcohol 

There can be different drug test panels that you can get. You might wonder what exactly these drug test panels are. A typical 7-panel pee test consists of: 

  • Phencyclidine (PCP) 

  • Opiates 

  • Cocaine 

  • Cannabis (metabolites of THC, CBDs) 

  • Benzodiazepines 

  • Barbiturates 

  • Amphetamines 

If it is a 10-panel pee analysis, it will include the above seven and methadone, quaaludes, and propoxyphene. And if it is a 12-panel test, it’ll also have oxycodone/Percocet and ecstasy/MDA. 

Is synthetic urine legal? 

If you are reading this article, then the first question that pops into your head is whether synthetic urine is legal, especially during pre-employment tests. So, are you breaking the law when you submit a fake urine sample? 

The answer is that it is a grey area. It depends on which place you are in and what type of test is being taken. Please do not make decisions based on random guesses or reading random website blogs.  

Ensure that you do proper research and check into legal areas or ask for advice from a legal expert. However, it is legal to sell synthetic urine in most states, and it’s legal to buy it too!  

What you do with synthetic urine is on you. According to federal laws, it is not illegal to cheat on your drug test. But it could be illegal in the state you live in. You could lose your job by cheating on the test.  

Can I make synthetic pee myself? 

Well, if you have a lab, then technically yes, you can make it yourself. But we advise you not to try because it’s complicated.  

Can I mix one synthetic pee with another? 

You can mix two urines of the same type of synthetic pee. However, you cannot mix two different companies or ones that are past the expiration date if you wish to ace the drug test.  

Do brands of fake pee matter? 

Yes, the brand of synthetic urine matters. Demand for synthetic pee has been increasing in the market today as people are trying to figure out a way around marijuana-related laws. 

However, several scammers and fake or poor-quality synthetic urine products are sold in the market, and we do not have an idea till we test them. 

Make sure you research properly about each brand and choose products that are reputable and trustworthy.  

Does synthetic urine last long? 

Whether it is powdered or liquid pre-mixed synthetic urine, both have their own expiration dates. Synthetic urine has a shelf life ranging from a few months to nearly two years.  

Powdered urine tends to stay longer than that if not opened. If you buy from reputable brands, they will always have their expiration dates mentioned on the packaging.  

Discard kits that are older than the specified date. Also, remember, this date is when the packets are unopened. Synthetic urine, which has been opened and mixed, gets bad fast.  

To ensure long life, store the packet in a dark and cool place. If you expose it to a lot of sunlight and heat, it can go bad.  

Is it possible to freeze synthetic urine and reheat it? 

A few people who take urine samples from their relatives or friends freeze the urine sample for later use. You can do this, but you will have to get it to normal temperature later.  

With synthetic urine, you can only freeze products within the expiration date. You cannot allow heat or sunlight to touch them.  

When you wish to make use of the synthetic urine, let it thaw at room temperature. Then, you can thaw it in direct sunlight. Heating fake urine in a microwave or gas stove will lead to an odd appearance because of sedimentation in the bottom.  

However, we advise you not to freeze and reheat synthetic urine.  

Does synthetic urine have other uses? 

Synthetic urine is not just used for passing drug tests. It is true that the main purpose is usually drug tests. But fake urine is also used for different purposes.  

  • Adult entertainment: People use them for weird urine fetish videos which use fake urine.  

  • Calibrating urinalysis tools: Synthetic urine is used to test their efficacy and check if these tools work. 

  • Research: Doctors and scientists use synthetic urine for a plethora of research work. 

  • Sales: Salesmen use synthetic urine to show and demonstrate the efficacy of cleaning agents, stain cleaners for carpets, odor removers, and more to convince customers. Since they cannot use real pee, they use synthetic ones.  

  • Education and training: Medical students use synthetic urine for training in experiments and urinalysis tests.  

  • Wildlife activities: Gardeners use synthetic urine by treating it as an animal repellent to keep pests and rodents away from their crops and plants. Hunters, photographers, and people into wildlife activities use synthetic urine to hide their human scent from animals.  

Concluding: Why to Prefer Synthetic Urine Products? 

If you have to take a drug test for a job or before appearing in court or for any other reason, it is awkward and weird to ask someone else to give you clean urine, which you can submit. Of course, you can try it, hoping that the person doesn’t report on you or doesn’t have any potentially questionable substances in his or her own body. 

Imagine you ask someone to pee for you and find out unexpected health issues that you do not have! Why get into such situations when you can get synthetic urine legally from the market and pass it off as real pee?  

The best way to pass a urinalysis or a drug test is using synthetic urine. We know that the first time you read about it, you must’ve been shocked. Don’t worry, so were we. But synthetic urine is real, and it is effective.  

Just make sure you choose brands that are trustworthy and reliable; research before you make your purchase and look for ingredients that are the best. Also, after buying the synthetic urine, try a few trial runs to make sure everything is perfect on the day of the test.