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Best Sugar Free Chocolate Brands And Products Ranked And Reviewed

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Best Sugar Free Chocolate Brands And Products Ranked And Reviewed

Discover the best sugar-free chocolate options available today, we tested the top brands. Learn about the difference between sugar-free and regular chocolate and why more people are turning to sugar-free options for a healthier treat.

Best Sugar Free Chocolate Brands
Best Sugar Free Chocolate Brands


There's no denying that chocolate is one of the most beloved treats in the world. However, many people are turning to sugar-free for a healthier alternative.

In this article, we'll explore the best sugar-free chocolate options available today and why more and more people choose this type of chocolate over the traditional sugary varieties. We'll also take a look at how we rate and review the chocolate and what sets low sugar chocolate apart from its sweetened counterparts.

What is the Best Sugar Free Chocolate Company?

  1. ERND Chocolate – Our choice for the best sugar free chocolates
  2. Kiss My Keto - Runner up, great taste, lots of options
  3. ChocZero – Good prices but not quite the same quality
  4. Lily's Sweets – Expensive but tasty
  5. Ghirardelli – Worthy mention

How Did We Select These 6 Brands?


Taste is arguably the most important factor when evaluating sugar-free chocolate. After all, what good is a low carb chocolate if it doesn't taste good? We look for chocolates with a rich, chocolatey flavor without artificial aftertaste or bitterness. We also consider the sweet level, as sugar-free chocolates can sometimes be overly sweet or not sweet enough.


Texture is another important factor in evaluating sugar-free chocolate. We look for chocolates that have a smooth, creamy texture without any grittiness or chalkiness. A good sugar-free chocolate should melt in your mouth and have a pleasant mouthfeel.


Sugar-free chocolate is often more expensive than regular chocolates. We look for chocolates that are reasonably priced for their quality and taste, and that offer good value for the money.

Ingredient Quality

We look for chocolates that are made with high-quality, natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, organic cacao, and natural sweeteners like maltitol or stevia. We also check for any added preservatives or artificial flavors.


Although not everyone worries about allergens, they are still a consideration for some folks. We look for chocolates that are free from common allergens like gluten, and soy, as well as any other ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Milk and dairy is more difficult to avoid for this type of product.


Finally, we look for chocolates that are readily available either in stores or online, and that are simple to order and ship. We also consider the range of flavors and products that are available, as a good sugar-free chocolate should have a variety of options for customers to choose from.

The Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Brands and Flavors

Now that you know why sugar-free chocolate is so popular and what sets it apart from traditional chocolate, let's explore some of the best sugar-free chocolate brands and flavors on the market. - Our Pick for the Best Sugar Free Chocolates

If you're looking for the best sugar-free or keto chocolate on the market, we highly recommend Ernd Truffles and Bites. While they may be a bit more expensive than some other sugar-free chocolates, the taste, and texture are unmatched. In fact, most people can't even tell that they're sugar-free.

Our favorites were the sea salt dark chocolate truffles.

Ernd Chocolate Truffles are a perfect treat for those on a keto or diabetic diet, as they contain zero added sugar and zero calories. They have less than 1 gram of net carbs. They are also individually wrapped, making them easy to share and a convenient snack to take on the go.

The secret to the amazing taste and texture of Ernd Chocolate Truffles is their use of maltitol as a sweetener. This is a sugar alcohol that is lower in calories and carbs than regular sugar, but still provides the sweet that we all crave in a chocolate treat.

But Ernd Chocolate Truffles aren't just sugar-free; they're also made with high-quality ingredients and a sustainable production process. You can feel good about indulging in these chocolates knowing that you're supporting a company that cares about the environment and uses only the best ingredients in their products.

Compared to other sugar-free chocolates on the market, Ernd Chocolate Truffles stand out for their rich flavor and creamy texture. They have fewer options than some companies on our list, but they hit all the most popular, including dark chocolate, which is a favorite among chocolate lovers.

If you're used to eating sweetened chocolates and candies, you may be surprised by the difference in taste and sweetness when trying sugar-free chocolates. However, we highly recommend giving Ernd Dark Chocolate Truffles a try. They offer the perfect balance of chocolatey goodness, without any of the added sugar.

Runner up - Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto

Many customers rave about the delicious taste of Kiss My Keto Bars, citing their creamy texture and rich flavors as a major selling point. The dark chocolate coating on the outside of the bars adds a nice sweet touch without being overly sugary or artificial.

Some of our experts felt that the bars were a tad bit dry, but most found them to be just right in terms of texture with a good bite.

Price wise, they are in line with many of the more premium offerings. They are a similar price to ERND, and a better value than Lily's.

Another great thing about Kiss My Keto is the fact that they have more than just chocolate options in stock. If you want to try a variety of sweets and treats, you can fill your cart with endless options.

ChocZero - Best Budget Option


ChocZero is another popular brand with a great stock of sugar-free chocolate that uses a blend of monk fruit and fiber as its sweetener. They have numerous options, including dark chocolate mint, raspberry, and peanut butter cups. ChocZero is also known for its keto-friendly options and dedication to using only natural ingredients.

While traditional sugar-free chocolates often lack flavor and consist of artificial ingredients, ChocZero's use of monk fruit and fruit fiber as sweeteners creates a rich and intense cocoa taste. The texture is pleasing, resembling a regular chocolate bar, and avoids the chalkiness found in other low-sugar options. The aftertaste is mild, thanks to the inclusion of real Madagascar vanilla beans. Despite the small serving size, the exceptional flavor justifies the experience, in our expert opinion.

They also offer options like keto chocolate chips for those who want to bake and create their own sugar free treats at home.

Lily's Sweets - Runner Up

Lilys Sweets

Lily's Sweets is a popular brand of sugar-free chocolate that uses stevia as its sweetener. They stock many options including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even salted caramel. Lily's Sweets is also known for its commitment to using high-quality, non-GMO ingredients.

It's worth noting, that Lily's was actually acquired by Hershey's, so they are no longer a small business like Kiss My Keto or ERND. You can get a box on Amazon that has a variety of options.

Ghirardelli - Honorable Mention

Ghirardelli Intense Dark - Ghirardelli is a well-known chocolate brand that offers a range of sugar-free options. Their Intense Dark line is particularly popular among those looking for a healthier chocolate option. They use a blend of stevia and erythritol as their sweetener, which gives their chocolate a rich, dark flavor.

Russel Stover - Convenient and Cheap

Russell Stover - Russell Stover's low sugar chocolates and candies are a decent option for those looking for a sugar-free treat, but our experts found that the flavor lacked depth and the texture was chalky and gritty, which may be off-putting to some people. Additionally, Russell Stover's sugar-free candies tend to have a more artificial flavor when compared to some of the premium options on the market, such as ERND or Kiss my Keto.

However, on the plus side, the affordability and availability of Russell Stover's sugar-free chocolates and candies make them a convenient option for those on a budget or with limited access to other sugar-free options.

They are easy to purchase in stores or online and stock various flavors, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. They also have certain bars they bake and add nuts and fruit to. While they may not be as good as some of the premium sugar-free candy on the market, they are still a decent option for those looking for a sugar-free treat that won't break the bank. They are in stock at most big box stores.

Other Considerations

Hu Chocolate - Hu is a premium candy brand offering several sugar-free options. They use organic cacao and coconut sugar as their sweetener, which gives their chocolate a unique flavor profile. Hu Chocolate is also known for its commitment to using only high-quality, simple ingredients.

Lindt Excellence - Lindt Excellence is another popular candy brand that offers a range of sugar-free options in stock Their chocolate is made with stevia extract and a blend of fibers, which gives it a creamy texture and rich flavor. Lindt Excellence is also known for its dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

Why Sugar-Free Chocolate is So Popular

One of the biggest reasons people are interested in sugar-free chocolate is because it offers a healthier alternative to traditional milk chocolate. It’s an ideal diabetic treat. It’s also great for low carb diets like the Ketogenic or Atkins diets.

Sugar-free chocolate is often made with natural sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, or erythritol, which are lower in calories and less impact blood sugar levels. This makes it an ideal choice for those watching their sugar intake or who are on a low-carb or keto diet.

Another reason why sugar-free chocolate is gaining popularity is because it offers a guilt-free way to indulge in your favorite treat. With sugar-free options, you can satisfy your craving without worrying about the negative effects of consuming too much sugar. Plus, with so many delicious varieties available, there's no need to sacrifice taste for health.

The Difference Between Sugar-Free and Regular Chocolate

So, what sets sugar-free apart from traditional chocolate? The main difference is in the sweeteners used to make the chocolate. Regular chocolate is typically made with sugar, which is high in calories and can negatively affect blood sugar levels. Sugar-free chocolate, on the other hand, is made with natural sweeteners that have a lower impact on blood sugar levels.

Sugar-free chocolate candy also tends to be higher in fat, as this helps to give it a creamy texture and rich flavor.

However, not all fat is created equal, and we recommend that you look for chocolate made with healthy fats such as coconut oil or cocoa butter.


Sugar-free chocolate is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional chocolate. It offers all the indulgence and flavor of regular chocolate without the negative effects of consuming too much sugar.

By choosing high-quality sugar-free chocolate brands, you can enjoy a guilt-free treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and will help support your health and wellness goals. Add a box to your shopping cart, you won't be disappointed.



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