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Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Energy, Muscle & Fat Loss

Using the best pre-workout supplements may help boost energy, focus, and endurance while at the gym. Learn about the top brands.

Best Pre-Workout Supplements

One of the reasons you might not be working out other than being noncommittal would be low energy. Low energy can often make it hard to keep working out to lose body fat or simply for fitness. For this reason, you need pre-workout supplements to help boost energy for cardio workouts and other types of exercises. 

The best pre-workout should be safe and can deliver the benefits it claims to do so. How would you find such a product? Below are ideas on the top pre-workouts you might want to consider as part of your sports nutrition while trying to achieve lean muscle mass and other fitness goals. 

Editor’s Choice

•    May help reduce tiredness and fatigue 
•    Can improve your gym performance 
•    Features natural ingredients 

Top 5 Best Pre Workout Supplements 

1.    Powher - Best Fast Acting Pre-Workout 
2.    Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout - Best Non-Caffeinated Pre-Workout
3.    Pre-Lab Pro - Best for Natural Ingredients 
4.    FORGE - Best for Transparency 
5.    Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout - Best for Flavors 


•    May help improve exercise performance 
•    Can aid mental clarity and alertness
•    Uses high-quality ingredients 

•    Some claim you have to use more to experience the effects

Among the many available pre-workout supplements, you may come across this brand. Powher is largely known for pre-workout products that offer peak performance. This is mostly because the company focuses on using ingredients that have been tried and tested to boost your energy and endurance. Other than pre-workouts, you can also consider the brand for the best fat burner. 

It might not offer a stimulant-free pre-workout, but it will have enough stimulants to ensure the best results. So, even if you use its strongest pre-workout for muscle growth, you will feel more energized without necessarily being jittery. Also, the users do not crash because there is not too much caffeine in the product. 

Other than improving exercise performance, you will now have a pre-workout that aids in mental clarity and alertness and can still decrease fatigue and tiredness. Sometimes the excessive lactic acid build-up can make you feel tired much faster. It is now possible to end that with this product.

Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout


•    Does not lead to jitters 
•    Can promote aerobic and anaerobic performance 
•    Can improve blood flow during training 


•    Delivery tends to take a bit longer

Caffeine-free pre-workout is what some people crave. This is because the product would make you feel good about working out than before without necessarily being full of stimulants in the body. You can say it is the optimum nutrition you need for exercise performance to increase. This is possible because of the ingredients you get from the product. They include citrulline malate, betaine, and taurine. 

The product also boasts of having no artificial sweeteners or colorings. Using such pre-workout drinks should make you feel good before the workout, as there are no ingredients that might affect your health. It might not also be the best for those in the market for the best stim-free pre-workout or who are looking to cycle off the stimulants they have been using. 


The brand is quite transparent because you can get all the information about it, including the lab reports and how it works. That is why it is often recommended for serious athletes and bodybuilders who might want to do a high-intensity workout using a natural pre-workout.

Pre-Lab Pro


•    Helps improve the amount of nitric oxide
•    Can boost performance in the gym
•    May help in faster muscle recovery 


•    Some claim the effects wear off fast 

You might have used a creatine supplement before, but it might not have worked as good as this would. This is mostly because of how it approaches your athletic performance. It improves your performance by increasing nitric oxide in the body. This is vital for ensuring better blood flow for strength, endurance, power, mental clarity, and intensity. 

The product is also all about smarter stimulation. Even if you are looking at an early morning workout, you might enjoy it better than you did before. This is thanks to ingredients such as L-Theanine. The idea is to ensure that you have no jitters while having the energy, motivation, and focus to handle the workouts. 

The notable ingredients include natural caffeine, vitamins, minerals, Himalayan pink salt, beetroot, L-theanine, and L-tyrosine. This shows it is an advanced pre-workout formula you can get for yourself and work out better. It might not have green tea extract or organic green coffee beans like fat burners, but it is definitely good at its job.


•    It has no proprietary blends 
•    Made in NSF-certified facilities 
•    Has third-party lab results available 

•    A few people have complained about dizziness after using it 

Anyone looking for muscular endurance and muscle gain should consider such a pre-workout powder. It is the best thermogenic pre-workout because of the ingredients used in making it. You will find it contains 100% ingredients key to ensuring the best results generally. Even the company jokes claiming no returns necessary, but you have a 100% money-back guarantee. 

The company has linked the lab report of the product so that you know exactly what is in it, including the amino acids you need for a workout. In case you are unsure about some aspects of the product, the support team may be able to help with it. Also, having clinically effective doses can help you see the importance of using this product. 

People would also consider it because it can improve how well you burn fat. Since you are now working out better, you will burn more fat while preserving the muscles. Considering the products are made in NSF-certified and cGMP-compliant facilities, it is enough to build trust with those who may want to use them today.

Pre-Kaged Pre Workout

•    Uses premium ingredients 
•    Can boost energy and endurance 
•    May heighten mental focus 

•    International shipping takes too long 


In case you are in the market for the best tasting supplements, this one will do a good job. The brand has options such as a fruit punch flavor, berry blast, strawberry lemonade, crisp apple, cherry bomb, grape, pink lemonade, blue raspberry, green apple, and orange crush. The brand tends to add more flavors, so check it out for more great-tasting pre-workout formulas. 

Other than the flavors you get with the brand, there are also many benefits to such quality pre-workout supplements from the brand. You can expect a boost in energy and endurance; it can trigger more strength and may heighten mental focus. Since the product is third-party tested, it is a sure way of knowing it does not have banned substances. Simply expect better performance even for intense exercise. 

Unlike Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, which is a post-workout supplement, this one will be good for boosting focus and energy. Even those new to using the product would like it for its tolerable dose. With just one scoop, you can have all you need for a great workout generally.

What Does Pre-Workout Do?

Just as the name suggests, a pre-workout is supposed to be consumed about half an hour before your workout. The aim of taking the pre-workout is to get an extra boost in energy and focus during your workout period. Once the workout is over, the formula can also help you recover faster. 

As expected, the energy you get is mostly because of the caffeine in the solid pre-workout formula. The work of caffeine is to stimulate the body to boost metabolism, which you need to burn more fat for energy. 


Those who have tried different types of pre-workouts, including a vegan pre-workout, all claim to have a better time working out. Even their exercise performance is better as the products may boost energy levels. 
Pre-Workout Ingredients & Cautions

Like any other supplement, a good pre-workout would only deliver if the ingredients are top tier too. With great ingredients, you may also end up with the best tasting pre-workout. Well, what are the common pre-workout ingredients? We share several ingredients to expect from a standard pre-workout for an energy boost. 

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA is commonly found in protein-rich foods including dairy and meat. When you get it in the best pre-workout for men or women, you are at least assured of more protein content. Their work is to help reduce muscle soreness, and tiredness and improve liver health. 

Also, BCAA may help with increasing muscle mass and delaying muscle fatigue. You can find yourself with more energy to power through the workouts. '

Beta Alanine 

This is another compound to boost performance. Its job is to delay muscle fatigue by reducing the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. This means you can work those muscles better and do more reps without a problem. 

1.5 to 5 grams of Beta Alanine is recommended to ensure you get the most out of the product. However, it might lead to some discomfort for some people. Thus, consider starting with a low dose. 


As expected, you will find caffeine as part of the pre-workout supplements even if it is labeled gluten-free. 


A few studies show that caffeine might be what you need to improve your endurance while at the gym and also the power to lift heavier weights. This is all done by improving blood flow and also metabolism so that you feel more energy. 

Those who might have jitters after taking too much caffeine should consider the best pre-workout for women . This is because such products are often low on caffeine compared to pre-workouts meant for men.

Nitric Oxide Precursors 

This is where options such as creatine nitrate might be used in the pre-workouts. The work of nitric oxide is to help the body naturally relax the blood vessels, improving blood flow. 

These supplements often include compounds that would help the body make nitric oxide. Check the product label to see if it has options such as beetroot juice, L-Citrulline , L-Arginine, creatine monohydrate, and more. 


These are compounds that would widen the blood vessels to have more blood flowing to the muscles. This is key for helping you to push yourself further during the workout. The same also helps you build muscles without feeling tired all the time. 

Some common vasodilators may include hydralazine , alprostadil, and nitroglycerin. Most brands would label them as vasodilators for ease of identification


There is no doubt that pre-workouts as suggested by the medical team at MIDSS.org , may help improve your exercise performance. However, there might be a few precautions to consider. Such include;

•    Take note of those pre-workout supplements that have a lot of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohol. As they can make the supplement taste good, they may lead to intestinal distress and additional discomfort sometimes. 

•    Do not use a product with excess caffeine . Taking the stimulant in excess might often lead to some side effects, such as increased blood pressure, stress, and impaired sleep. 

•    Products that have not been third-party tested might also have ingredients that do not work best. We recommend that you only buy the pre-workout supplements that have lab reports from third-party labs such as USP and NSF international. 

When & How to Take Pre-Workout for Best Results?

Whether you get expensive or affordable pre-workouts, it is important to know when to take them for the best results. 

It is advisable to take the pre-workout 15 to 45 minutes before the workout. This means that you can experience the full effects of the pre-workout as you start working out. Remember that the effects will not last forever. Sometimes the caffeine might only have up to an hour once it is ingested to help you achieve maximum energy. 

Another reason you are supposed to take the robust pre-workout at specific times, even if it is a non-stim pre-workout, is to avoid sleep problems. Since pre-workouts may often have some form of stimulants, taking them too late into the night will leave you with sleepless nights. 

Of course, the dosage is vital for your workout performance. It comes down to how much of the pre workout you use. It is best to start low and slow. Taking too much of the pre-workout does not always mean you end up with the best results. Stick to the recommended manufacturer dosage to get the best results. 

Pre-Workout Vs. Fat Burner

Health Canal reports on pre-workout show that they are dietary products that claim to help the body have more endurance and stamina. Generally, such a product may work by boosting your energy levels and blood flow so that you power through the exercises better. It is estimated that a good pre-workout formula may boost the athlete’s performance by 5%.

A fat burner, on the other hand, is a supplement with claims of improving your metabolism vital for fat loss. Of course, there are many types of fat burners, as others can help reduce your appetite, block fat cell formation, and block the absorption of carbs. 

Looking at these two, we can see that a pre-workout formula is all about a boost in energy, while a fat burner is aimed at fat loss. So, it may be possible to consider a fat burner as a pre-workout but not the same for a pre-workout. 


Each time you see endurance athletes going through workouts, you may want to ask them about their favorite pre-workouts. They might have more tips for you on picking the right one. Looking at the various options mentioned above, including the caffeinated pre-workouts, the key is how well you use the products. This is key in ensuring you have the best results. Just make sure you also remain consistent with the workout routine. This will help you see the results faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand pre-workout is best?    

Powher stands out as a great brand for a pre-workout. This is because it features high-quality ingredients. The results are also noticeably faster compared to other brands. 

2. Is pre-workout actually effective?

Pre-workouts may help you experience short bursts of increased energy and endurance. However, you also have to work out more to build your energy and endurance naturally. 

3. Does pre-workout help lose weight?

In a way, it is possible for pre-workout to help you lose weight. This is because you would find yourself working out even harder, so you will have a lot more time to burn the extra body fat. 

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