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Best Ph.D. Dissertation Writing Services: Top 6 Thesis Writing Help Companies

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Best Ph.D. Dissertation Writing Services: Top 6 Thesis Writing Help Companies

We have put together a comprehensive guide on where to seek dissertation writing help with a list of reliable services you can consider.


As a student, a dissertation is one of the most crucial academic papers you get to do, but it is also one of the most challenging, if not the most difficult. Even though you may choose to complete it independently, seeking help from dissertation writing services is also an option. 

Between having to juggle school work and personal life, if we are being honest, a little help may be necessary. But where exactly do you look? 

We have put together a comprehensive guide on where to seek dissertation writing help with a list of reliable services you can consider.

Top 6 Dissertation Writing Services

Among the vast array of available dissertation writing services, these six stood out for us for their exceptional services and offerings:

Paperhelp - Best Dissertation Writing Service Overall

Paperhelp specializes in putting together academic works per student instructions and requirements. The site’s order deliveries continue to show maximum accuracy while assuring students of excellent quality.

Since its writing services started, the site has gained immense recognition, and its writers have also earned good reviews for their excellent and professional services. 


To place your order, you generally need to specify the kind of paper you need written for you. This assists the team in working at a good pace. 

You then provide a further explanation(s) of your paper if you have any, and the site’s control panel allows you to upload any supplementary files with your order.

After providing this information, you are redirected to a login page where you should provide a valid email address usable for order management and follow-up. Once you are done, it is time to secure payment using the payment options offered.

Features and Services

Paperhelp offers exhaustive packages for whatever stage of your academic journey. You can get many writing services catering to more than 50 disciplines. 

Not only does the site help with dissertation writing assistance, but the experts also specialize in writing research papers, essay writing, and thesis statements. What’s more, if you need error-free services, you can get help with proofreading and editing.


The dissertation writing professionals on this site work for pay, but we found them very affordable. Usually, the prices quoted by different writers vary, but this is contingent on the needs of your paper and the time required for delivery or completion. 

Customer Support

This team is highly supportive, catering to clients on a 24/7 hour basis. If you have any concerns or questions, at whatever time, you can reach out to the team through SMS, email, or chat. Paperhelp also has an Android app. 

With Paperhelp, you can be guaranteed that you will get high-quality work that is not plagiarized or packed with grammatical errors. 

This website has robust privacy policies regarding service provision to ensure your work is safe.

Studdit - Best Service for Low Budget

Our analysis found Studdit a well-known and trusted online dissertation service with relatively affordable prices. If you are a student needing quick but superb-grade papers, you can trust this site.


To get the academic services offered on Studdit, you only need to make an order by filling out the order form. 

Usually, this form requires you to fill in your academic level, time for completion/deadline, paper category/type, word/page/slide count, and any other details you may have. You can make your order using a quick form or an extended form. 

Both forms require you to fill in details about your kind of paper, academic discipline, order delivery period, and any add-ons you may need. From here, you pay, and a writer is assigned the task.

Features and Services

The writing experts on this site have worked on different areas of study and have extensive research and writing skills. 

They are not only qualified to offer the best dissertation service, but they can also help with thesis writing, academic articles, undergrad papers, bibliographies, paper editing, proofreading, formatting, and more. 

You must specify the writing help you require before someone can help you. 


This site is well known for competitive and considerate market prices and packages whether you are on a tight budget or not. 

On Studdit, you can see a price calculator to estimate your service's cost easily. Even with this, prices quoted will usually depend on the kind of assignment to be done, when it is due, its length, the type of writer required, for what academic level, and if any additional services are needed.

Customer Support

Most students fear that they will get and want a writing service that guarantees total anonymity. Studdit does that with a privacy policy, ensuring they keep your details and identity confidential. 

Their writing service providers are also available throughout the day and are reachable through email, chats, or phone.

Speedypaper - Best Service for Short Deadlines

Speedypaper is another top-tier dissertation writing service with a good reputation and excellent reviews due to its client-centric approach. 

The writing experts on this site are not there to try to reap you off. Instead, they listen and take note of your needs while tailoring their services to suit your requirements.


Just like the other writing services on our list, Speedypaper requires you to fill in your order with the details of the kind of paper you need to be done, the period you need the writer to complete the order within, your academic discipline, and any other specifications you may have.

Features & Services

If you are wondering what exactly these experts can help you with, they have various services suited for different academic disciplines. These include dissertations, thesis services, essential student assignments, essay writing, and term and research papers. 

Speedypaper has also expanded its horizons, and if you need help coming up with or writing a business plan or resume, its writers can come through for you.


While on this site, you can choose pro writers who generally have more experience or go for average writers if your task is not too complex. 

Whichever direction you decide to take, be ready to pay for the writing service depending on your workload, kind of paper, deadline, and extra services if needed. 

You can get a discount with further consultations and negotiation with a writer.

Customer Support

Speedypaper guarantees clients speedy paper turnover. The site’s excellent customer support system has significantly boosted this. Writers are available throughout the day, seven days a week. 

They are reachable via phone, email, and chat. The site also has an app on Google and Appstore.

Speedypaper delivers quality papers with a money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory writing service. You can obtain a plagiarism report for work done whenever needed, and if you want to revise your work, you can do so, as Speedypaper renders unlimited revisions.

Extraessay - Best Site for Service Variety

While looking for reliable and custom dissertation writing help, you should not overlook Extraessay.com. Many students have praised this site for helping them meet deadlines regardless of the period, which is evident in the site’s review section.


Once you are on this site, you only need to present the details of your project order. Generally, you will specify the deadline, academic discipline, e.g., master’s, bachelor's, etc., and formatting style required.

From the site, you can view free samples on the main menu to gauge the services' quality, and you can look at the main page to analyze the writing criteria. 

Usually, at this point, you are ready to specify other details like the type and size of the paper, deadline, and academic level. You get a price quote, and if you are happy with it, you can give other details. 

Features & Services

Extrasessay has some of the best dissertation writers in the field, delivering in the shortest time possible. You can get professional assistance whether you are looking for dissertation or thesis writers

You can also get help writing a dissertation or business proposal, coming up with a research proposal, resume writing, case studies, term papers, composing a dissertation hypothesis, and more. This site will work for you despite your academic level.


The pricing structure on Extraessay is fair. You can get a budget-friendly writer who can deliver a high-quality assignment. Since the prices depend on the work required, finding a suitable price is not difficult. 

If you want your entire project or paper written for you, you will ultimately pay more than someone who only needs help with a few pages. Additionally, order deliveries with short deadlines cost more than similar works with lengthier deadlines, and premium writers charge more.

Customer Support

The services on Extraessay are available on a 24/7 basis. You can do follow-ups or make inquiries through phone, chat, or email. This writing service has also put stringent measures to ensure that client information and details remain anonymous.

Expertwriting - Best Service for Free Revisions

Expertwriting is a custom writing service that allows students of various academic levels to link up with professional writers. This online writing service has been around for some time, and many students have praised its services and the quality of work delivered by the writers.


There are two ways to order on Expertwriting. You can navigate to the order tab or do it from the landing page. 

Order evaluation requires that you fill in your academic level, specify what kind of paper or writing service help you need, the delivery period (deadline), and the number of pages required before you can get an instant quote. 

This ensures you get a final paper just as you have in mind, even though someone else is doing it.

If the pricing suits you, you provide further details, such as your work instructions. If you need extra services, you should add them at this point, and this automatically adjusts the price. From here, you pay, and a writing expert contacts you after the order assignment.

Features and Services

We looked at the services offered on Expertwriting and noticed they also have a variety. The site has various academic levels and numerous writing works to choose from. 

You can select dissertation writing assistance, thesis writing help, coursework assistance, review writing, case studies, essay writing, biography writing, and more. 

If you feel you are not finding the exact thing you are looking for, you only need to provide more details; an expert will help you narrow your search.


Unlike the others on our list, you will not see a pricelist display on this site. You can see prices on the main page once you obtain a quote. Generally, the fees depend on your type of writer, order time delivery, and order length.

Customer Support

Expertwriting provides complete client confidentiality, free revisions, and 24/7 support to satisfy clients.

The most efficient way to link up with a writer on Expertwriting is through an email, phone call, or chat.

99papers - Best Service for Customer Support

We found 99papers to be highly rated based on many upbeat client reviews. 99papers consists of highly qualified and experienced writers with excellent knowledge in various fields of study.


Ordering on 99papers is pretty simple. The first step from the website’s interface is to indicate your budget and the type of service required, e.g., writing, rewriting, or editing. 

Based on these details, you proceed to fill in paper details like the type of assignment, deadline date and time, your academic level, and discipline. 

A writer is assigned to you, and once the work is done, they can edit or format your task as required; we like that this does not come with an extra cost.

Features and Services

You can be sure to get service variety on 99papers. Task complexity is not an issue as the writers on this site are experienced with solid research and excellent writing skills.

Whether you need help with dissertation composition, lab reports, essay or research paper writing/proposals, book reports and reviews, coursework, etc., the experts on this site are always ready to help. 

Apart from these services, they can offer you the best thesis writing service, paper proofreading, editing, and unlimited paper revisions. 


99papers offers superior and quality writing services while offering competitive prices to its clients, and they even charge for their services per page. This is especially helpful if you are only challenged by a particular paper section, not the entire paper.

Again, this may go lower or higher per page depending on the work that has to be done and the time you are willing to give your writer for delivery.

Customer Support

Since this site operates around the clock, you can share your ideas or sources with its experts via phone, chat, or email. 

99papers has various discounts and free services, and you can enjoy the same for the title page and bibliography. If you feel that your writer has not worked on your paper to your satisfaction, 99papers has a refund policy in place, and you can see the same on the site.

Understanding the Need for Dissertation Writing Services 

Understandably, looking for a professional dissertation writingservice may present a lot of dilemmas in selection and service delivery. Bearing this in mind, we have researched and compiled a list of the top 6 trusted dissertation writing services that are just right and convenient for your needs.

With the rise of online presence, you can be sure that so are online dissertation writing sites. Ultimately, narrowing down your search becomes even more challenging. We have taken care of this complex part. 

While doing our research and settling on these sites, we have considered several aspects, but most importantly, we have made sure that all these aspects work to suit you, as the student, best. 

Here are several elements we considered;

Customer Support

A site with the most competent dissertation writers may not be your best bet if it has poor customer support. However, the sites on our list are known for offering maximum and comprehensive support. 

They have readily available writers to help you and representatives willing and ready to go the extra mile to handle any query or concern you may have. 

Time is not a factor to deter you from getting a good grade with these sites. They all offer their services around the clock, day or night.

If you need any urgent revisions or updates, these sites offer the same. The experienced writers will not just help you complete your dissertation, but you can also depend on them to maintain quality standards throughout the process. 

Service Variety and Delivery Time

The idea behind looking for Ph.D. dissertation helpis to find a service that offers variety. 

These sites offer numerous dissertation writing services, but you can still choose them if you need a thesis writing service. Whether you simply need guidance or want the entire project done for you, they will be satisfactory.

The time taken to deliver a dissertation is just as critical as the quality of work presented. With this in mind, we have enlisted writing services that will give you masterpieces but still meet the set deadlines.

Pricing and Affordability

We understand that budgeting is an essential need for every student. That is why we had to factor in the prices and affordability of these writing services. 

Even though you will likely get what you pay for with most online dissertation services, we have included sites offering fair, affordable, and competitive market prices. We are confident that you will get excellent service within your budget. 

Most of these writing services even offer first-time discounts to help you save some coins.

Website Design

We understand that one of the most annoying things that can happen is to choose a dissertation help service only to find that you can’t do anything on it due to poor web design. That is why we have ensured that the sites below are easy to navigate with organized features. 

With each site, you can easily find details on customer support, pricing, order processing, guarantees, and their terms and conditions without much hustle.


Difference between a Thesis and a Dissertation

Most students confuse or use these two comprehensive paper terms interchangeably. Yes, they are somehow similar in structure/format, but that is just about it.

Each paper is completed at a different education level. You finalize a master’s degree program by doing a thesis, while you complete a doctoral study by doing a dissertation. 

Usually, when you write a thesis, you compile research to prove that you are knowledgeable in your graduate field of study by choosing a stance on an existing idea. 

You are required to show that you can think critically and knowledgeably and talk about the information in depth based on existing research. Your aim will usually be to expound on a subject most pertinent to your professional specialty.

On the other hand, a dissertation will usually be your chance to present entirely new knowledge, practices, and theories for your graduate field of study. You must develop and defend the concept’s worth using individual research.

When doing a dissertation, you use other people’s research purely to guide you into deriving and proving a unique hypothesis, concept, or theory. Most of the bulk is attributed to you.

Owing to the amount of research and background information required, a dissertation is usually longer (twice or thrice) than a thesis, usually at least 100 pages. 

An oral dissertation presentation also takes more time than a thesis.

Types of Dissertation Writing 

When you are writing a dissertation, you will primarily choose between a theoretical or practical approach. 

The former emphasizes the subject's ethical, philosophical, or cultural factors. The latter necessitates that you mostly explore and scrutinize your topic using active research, case studies, or critique existing studies.

You will mainly write an empirical or non-empirical dissertation based on the chosen approach.

Empirical Dissertation Writing

This kind involves primary data collection by yourself to come up with findings. You will usually have to ask individuals within your field of study about their views or opinions and ask them to provide reviews. You can use questionnaires, focus groups, experiments, observations, respondent surveys, or interviews.

You can also explore existing data while giving it a new standpoint by creating exciting parallelism or making practical comparisons.

Non- Empirical Dissertation Writing

This approachrequires you to support an argument throughout your dissertation using existing literature or data.

With this technique, you focus on a particular discipline, for instance, feminism, as the discussion abstract and base your research and arguments on the same while making valid points. 

You mainly use secondary sources such as journal articles and books to present your case. 

How Dissertation Writing Services Can Boost Your Academic Performance 

The best dissertation writing services can ultimately help you boost your academic grades.

One of their most significant advantages is that they employ qualified and experienced writers. This assures that you will get a well-researched paper, and you can be confident that the details are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Topic Creation

Dissertation writing services can help you come up with a topic for your dissertation. This is the most fundamental part of dissertation writing, but it can also be the trickiest. 

Remember, the topic guides you into the details and basis of your research. If you do not know where to begin, seeking help from Ph.D. thesis writing services might be the solution you need.

  • Research and Data Analysis Support

The entire scope of a dissertation is a lot of work and may overwhelm you, especially if you are short on time or have to meet a tight delivery deadline. 

Juggling between writing the dissertation and other commitments can be pretty challenging. The good news is that these writing services have experts with adequate resources to help them analyze data and conduct research.

  • Time Saving

Assuming you have written a dissertation and have no time for editing or proofreading, you can reach a dissertation writer online and have them do the same for you. 

Are All Dissertation and Thesis Writing Services Legal? 

You can hire a dissertation writer to write a paper for you; the law will not be against it. 

However, from a moral and ethical point of view, there are mixed reactions and subjective opinions. Many educational institutions even discourage and have stringent policies against using these services. 

What you need to do is to find a reputable writing service or a front-runner in the field. Even though taking online help for your dissertation is totally legal, you should be careful to choose legitimate writing services rendering non-plagiarized content. Plagiarism is not permitted.

The best writing services are open about their ways of operation, payment procedures, and quality of writers. Even though most people are skeptical about online writing services being illegal, you can be assured that they are safe spaces. 

After all, cyberspace does not allow illegal sites on the web space. You have seen how spam sites and accounts get banned fast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Dissertation Writing Services Work?

Yes. Once you seek help from a dissertation writing service, you get professional writers who have earned admissible certificates in specific fields of study. 

Most of them are also well experienced and have earned their place on their dissertation writing platforms. They are well-versed with writing styles and formats, which is why they can be the help you need. Ultimately, they can help you succeed in your academic pursuits.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is an engaging task, so if you hire a professional to help you with it, you should be ready to pay.

There may not be a definite cost for the services, primarily because different professionals charge based on their personal preferences or as their site dictates. 

Nevertheless, research shows that pricing depends on how much work is to be done, within what time, for what educational level, and if any additional instructions or customization is needed. 

Paying more doesn’t always mean obtaining the best service and vice versa. The bottom line is to look for and settle on a writer who charges within the market price.

Can You Pay Someone to Write a Dissertation?

Absolutely. The law does not prohibit this. Based on your reasons, you may hire a writer. Nowadays, many professional dissertation writers are available offline and in the digital space. You, however, need to ensure that they do not present you with plagiarized content since this now becomes unethical. 

In essence, you are free to choose the line of action you want for your studies, and seeking help by paying a dissertation writer is simply one of them.

Is Payment on Dissertation Writing Service Websites Secure?

Saying there are totally no scammers on dissertation writing service websites would be a lie. Some ultimately publish their services online for money. But such do not hold the ground for long. Still, you can be sure to get a secure website as long as it features clear or distinct terms and conditions.

Look out for the same based on what is crucial for you, be it privacy, payment processing, operating procedures, revisions, money-back guarantee for poor service delivery, and more. 

Final words

As a student, dissertation writing can cause you considerable anxiety and general stress, especially if you are not hands-on regarding the approach required or even as you try to balance out school life and other obligations. 

While completing a dissertation is a satisfying achievement for any student, be it academically, personally, or professionally, dissertations demand a lot of attention, time, and effort before you can present a paper or concept that is compelling and, at the same time, unique. 

But the good news is that help is available. Today, you can find many online dissertation writing services to help you complete your dissertation on time and simultaneously with excellent results. 

We have highlighted our top six picks in this article and are confident they can grant you the help you need with your dissertation. They are solid, dependable, and pocket-friendly to elevate you in conquering the academic sphere.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.