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Best Nootropics In 2023: Top 3 Strongest Smart Drugs And Brain Pills For Focus And Studying

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Best Nootropics In 2023: Top 3 Strongest Smart Drugs And Brain Pills For Focus And Studying

Nootropics are a new type of supplement that focuses on improving your cognitive function, including memory and concentration. However, finding a high-quality supplement that works and causes no adverse effects can be difficult.


 Concentration and memory is one factor that is needed in our daily lives. To succeed in examinations or remember your loved one's birthday, you need to have top-notch cognitive function and focus.

If you have difficulty remembering if you just closed the door or what you reviewed for the exam last night, you might need to improve your cognitive function. A new supplement on the rise called Nootropics may be the solution to your problems.

Nootropics are a new type of supplement that focuses on improving your cognitive function, including memory and concentration. However, finding a high-quality supplement that works and causes no adverse effects can be difficult.

In this article, we will discuss the top Nootropics that are currently in the market today. We will also discuss the benefits, ingredients, and customer reviews of the product to ensure that you are getting the best quality nootropics in the market.

Top 3 Best Nootropic Supplements of 2023

1. NooCube - Overall Strongest & Editor’s Pick
2. Mind Lab Pro - Best for Brain Fog & Anxiety
3. Qualia Mind - Best to Improve Focus

Below is the list of top Nootropics we could find that are currently in the market today. We carefully researched each brand and its claims, discussing the brands in more detail to help you decide which Nootropics suit your needs.

#1. NooCube - Strongest & Editor’s Pick


Brand Overview

NooCube helps improve your cognitive function by using a blend of ingredients like essential vitamins and amino acids to improve brain health. The formula for the supplement is designed by neuroscientists that aim to improve brain health.

NooCube aims to improve brain function, memory, and concentration. The supplement also aims to improve multitasking, increase social strength, and mental energy to help you with your daily tasks.

Ingredients in NooCube are carefully backed by science and research to improve your alertness and help manage your tasks that require intensive thinking. The formula of NooCube does not contain any adverse side effects like anxiety when drinking coffee.

The supplement does not contain any caffeine or GMO and is carefully tested to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. Aside from this, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the bottle and get a full refund for sixty days.


•    Backed with scientific research
•    Contains no harmful chemicals and toxins
•    Maximizes your mental capacity
•    Promote memory retainment
•    Improves your multitasking skill
•    Has a two-month satisfaction guarantee
•    Offers free shipping
•    Contains no caffeine and GMO
•    Lowers your risk for cognitive diseases


•    Not available in physical stores
•    The effect may vary for every individual


•    Alpha GPC helps promote the release of neurotransmitters in your brain. These neurotransmitters are responsible for communication between different organs and help with improving focus and concentration. Alpha GPC also helps improve memory retention and prevents various cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.•    Huperzine A helps improve and enhance memory. Huperzine A inhibits AChE and provides the concentration and focus needed for your daily necessary tasks. You can receive the benefits of concentration and focus without the side effects of caffeine content.

•    Cat's claw is a strong antioxidant that can improve your immune system and fight against viral infections. This ingredient also helps improve your focus and prevent diseases like Alzheimer's.

•    Bacopa monnieri helps enhance your memory and acts as a neural tonic. This ingredient repairs damaged neurons and improves your neurotransmitters to allow for maximum memory capacity and cognitive function.

•    Oat straw helps improve your blood oxygenation and brain function. This ingredient increases your working memory span to enable you to retain more memories than before and help lift your mood.

•    L-theanine & l-tyrosine is an ingredient that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. This ingredient helps manage your mood and remove the stress that is one of the common factors of memory loss and aging of your neurotransmitters.

•    Pterostilbene reverses the effect of aging on your brain and body. Aging can increase your risk for multiple cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. Aside from this, aging can cause a decreased cognitive function capacity; this ingredient helps reverse the effects of aging.

•    Resveratrol has multiple health benefits, including lowering your risk for multiple diseases like diabetes and cancer. This ingredient helps flush out the harmful toxins out of your body.

How Does Noocube Work?

•    Free up your neurons to help increase the capacity of your brain and cognitive function
•    Prevent neuron destruction and immediately repair old neurons to stop cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's
•    Enables the brain to perform multiple tasks


Below is the list of benefits that NooCube claims to give its customers:

•    Improve memory retainment
•    Increase mental capacity
•    Help manage to multitask
•    Helps you focus and concentrate
•    Improve communication skills

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for NooCube is to take two pills every day alongside your breakfast. You can experience the effect after just forty-five minutes, and your memory will remain sharp and focused for ten hours.

Customer Reviews

Customers who bought and tried NooCube love its effects of improving your brain function, increasing your mental capacity and focus. The supplement also improves your multitasking skill and concentration without the use of caffeine. Customers also love that it has no caffeine content and GMO.

Click Here To Visit The Official NooCube Website

#2. Mind Lab Pro - Best for Anxiety


Brand Overview

Opti-Nutra changed Mind Lab Pro from its previous formula to a new and improved formula that contains more vitamins and nutrients that improves your memory. Opti-Nutra's goal is to create a Nootropic that is high-quality and effective without the use of synthetic means.

The Nootropic aims to improve all parts of cognitive function to help any type of person. If you are a student studying for a test, a busy professional, a competitor, or if you are aged fifty plus and would like to avoid the risk of memory loss, Mind Lab Pro can help you.

Mind Lab Pro contains no stimulants or additives and ensures your health and safety at all times. This Nootropic can help improve your memory, performance, structure, and mindset. These four factors are helpful for daily tasks and your overall health.

This Nootropic helps maximize your brainpower by optimizing six brain pathways like neuroregeneration and blood flow. Mind Lab Pro works well on its own because it is effective even in small doses.


•    Does not use synthetic means
•    Targets all kinds of memory problems
•    Suits the needs of any type of person
•    Great for long-term brain improvement
•    Helps manage stress and mood
•    Has a two-month satisfaction guarantee
•    Ships worldwide
•    Improves learning and memory recall
•    Helps increase your multitasking skill and communication


•    Expensive compared to other Nootropics
•    Not recommended for stacking as it is effective on its own


•    Cognizin helps open up more of your neurotransmitters to maximize brain performance and keep your focus and concentration at a maximum at all times for your daily tasks.

•    Phosphatidylserine helps improve your memory and cognitive function for the long term, perfect for learning skills and other long term memory use like memory retention.

•    Lion's mane mushroom improves and manages your mood to release the oxidative stress that obstructs your brain and hinders your focus. This ingredient also helps with creativity and brain processing.

•    Bacopa monnieri helps with learning new skills and terms as well as verbal communication, which is needed for daily tasks and people who are currently studying for their tests.

•    L-theanine provides alpha waves to your brain that is the wavelength necessary for extreme focus and concentration.

•    Rhodiola Rosea helps handle stress and manages anxiety to keep your mind clear and in focus.

•    N-acetyl-l-tyrosine increases the level of your multitasking skills enabling you to perform in a competitive environment.

•    Maritime pine bark extract helps improve brain oxygenation and flushes out any harmful toxins that can cause neurodegeneration.

•    Vitamin B6 helps regenerate and repair any neurons that have degenerated and destroyed to a new and capable neuron once again.

•    Vitamin B9 helps manage your mood and has natural antidepressant effects to help optimize your cognitive function and maximize brain power.

•    Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that increases your mental energy capacity to enable you to do tasks for longer periods without experiencing any feelings of fatigue or tiredness.


Mind Lab Pro helps maximize your brain potential without the use of synthetic means, stimulants, or additives. This Nootropic helps improve your learning, memory recall, focus, and mood by using a blend of ingredients backed by science and research.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage to get the maximum benefits of Mind Lab Pro is to take two pills in the morning or afternoon. You must take the capsules early to prevent any disturbance to your sleep schedule.

Customer Reviews

Customers love the new and improved formula of Mind Lab Pro. The new formula contains more vitamins and components that not only help with short term focus but long-term memory retainment as well. However, this Nootropic may not be suitable for stacking as it is potent enough on its own.

Click Here To Visit The Official Mind Lab Pro Website

#3. Qualia Mind - Best to Improve Focus


Brand Overview

Qualia Mind is one of the products of the Neurohacker collective. The company aims to use science for the greater benefit of the people and create products that can help improve the quality of your life.

This Nootropics contains no GMO or Gluten and is entirely vegan that helps improve your cognitive function. The Neurohacker collective also performed their scientific study on Qualia Mind, and you can see the results of their study. This research ensures that their product is backed by science and hard evidence only.

Aside from this, ingredients in Qualia Mind are backed by scientific research and naturally improves your focus without adverse effects. The brand offers speedy shipping, and if you are not satisfied with their product, you can get a full refund for one-hundred days.

The Nootropic is designed to help defeat brain fog, which is an effect of long periods of using your brain functions. Qualia Mind also helps boost creativity and increase your energy levels so you can keep working on your tasks without any fatigue.


•    Research and science-backed claims
•    Improves your motivation and prevent procrastination
•    Helps manage your mood and uplift your spirits
•    Improve short and long-term memory retainment
•    Increase your mental energy levels
•    Beats brain fog and prevent fatigue
•    Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten-free
•    Offers one-hundred days of satisfaction guarantee


•    Has caffeine content and can disrupt sleep
•    A high volume of needed dosage


•    Vitamin C helps improve your immune system and flush out the harmful toxins out of your body.
•    Vitamin D3 reverses the effects of aging and prevents diseases like Alzheimer's.
•    Thiamine increases your energy levels for more productivity.
•    Niacin prevents neurodegeneration and helps repair neurons.
•    Vitamin B6 improves cognitive function and energy production.
•    Vitamin B12 helps give the necessary energy you need to get through the day.
•    Pantothenic acid improves cognitive function and prevents memory loss and decrease in mental capacity.
•    Acetyl-l-carnitine HCI keeps you focused and gives you high levels of concentration.
•    Artichoke leaf extract can help with memory retainment and recall. This ingredient is also helpful for long-term learning.
•    Bacopa monnieri leaf extract helps improve your memory recall, perfect for short-term memory storage.
•    Rhodiola Rosea root extract has natural antidepressant effects and helps manages your mood, releasing harmful stress that is hindering you from keeping your focus and concentration.
•    DL-Phenylalanine is a natural antidepressant that can help manage your mood and lift your spirits. This effect can help improve motivation and prevent procrastination when doing tasks.
•    Uridine-5' improves both short and long-term memory. This ingredient helps with recalling, preventing brain fatigue, and learning new skills or terms.
•    N-acetyl-tyrosine helps improve focus and promotes dopamine production, which is the "happy" hormone, giving you relaxing and uplifting effects.
•    Taurine prevents degeneration of neurons and neurotransmitters, prolonging memory retainment even with age.
•    L-theanine is an ingredient that is perfect for improving your ability to recall from memory and remember important information needed in your daily tasks.
•    Alpha GPC maximizes your brain performance, allowing you to use the maximum mental capacity and improve information processing.
•    Cognizin increases your mental energy and beats brain fog, allowing for longer production times without feeling tired or fatigued.
•    Organic coffeeberry has caffeine content that helps your brain focus and concentrates, improving memory retention.
•    Mucuna pruriens help balance your hormones. Hormonal imbalance can be one of the factors that hinder your concentration and focus.
•    Phosphatidylserine protects your neurotransmitters from degenerating and helps your brain process information faster. This ingredient can also help improve your multitasking skills.
•    Theobromine keeps you focused and alert, preventing any mental fatigue that can happen with prolonged studying or learning.
•    DHA has high antioxidant content, helping flush oxidative stress out of your body and clear your mind.
•    Celastrus paniculatus seed extract improves your cognitive function and speeds up your learning process. This ingredient can also help with long-term memory retainment.
•    Ginkgo biloba leaf extract –promotes attention and memory, improves cerebral blood flow by dilating blood vessels to ensure brain cells are oxygenated and function better.
•    Coleus forskohlii root extract increases your mental energy, allowing you to perform your tasks for longer times without feeling tired or experiencing brain fog.
•    Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium improves memory retainment and your ability to recall short-term memory information.
•    Huperzine A helps repair neurons and improve cognitive function despite aging.


Qualia Mind helps defeat brain fog and increase your energy levels to enable you to do more tasks without feeling fatigued or tired. The Nootropic also helps heighten your creativity and improve productivity throughout the day.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for Qualia Mind is seven pills every morning before drinking or eating any meal. You must consistently take the supplement for five days and take a two-day break in between.

Customer Reviews

Customers who bought and used Qualia Mind loved the effectiveness of the Nootropics in increasing their focus and mental capacity.

Qualia Mind helps improve their energy levels and gives them more productivity time. However, the Nootropic contains caffeine content and may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

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Natural Nootropic Ingredients

You may also want to try individual components that are natural Nootropics. These ingredients or components are great for stacking up and improving your focus to aid in daily tasks.

- Citicoline

Citicoline is a supplement that is more commonly used to treat memory loss in most stroke patients. However, its memory retainment properties are excellent for people who would like to improve their cognitive function.

This ingredient helps prevent memory loss, sharpen your focus and thinking skills. This component is a naturally occurring chemical that is produced by our body. However, some people may need to add this supplement to their diet to improve brain function.

Citicoline also helps strengthen your neurotransmitters, improving information processing and analysis. If you would like to add Citicoline to your Nootropic stack, you can take two hundred to two-hundred-fifty milligrams of this component to sharpen your mind.

- Bacopa Monnieri

This component has multiple health benefits, including improving your cognitive function. Bacopa Monnieri has strong antioxidant effects that help flush out harmful toxins out of your body and improve your immune system.

This component also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help lower risks of non-cancerous tumors. This plant also helps manage your mood and is a natural antidepressant that helps relax your mind and ease anxiety.

Aside from this, Bacopa Monnieri also helps lower your blood pressure levels and improve your memory retainment and focus. This plant can also help treat ADHD and provide high levels of concentration.

- Phosphatidylserine

Aging can cause a decrease in the levels of Phosphatidylserine. This component helps protect your neurotransmitters, which is responsible for transmitting information to different body parts and the mind. Supplementing Phosphatidylserine can help improve memory retainment and keep your mind sharp.


DHA is an essential acid that has multiple health benefits. This component helps lower the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. DHA also helps improve your focus and levels of concentration. Aside from this, DHA reduces the risk of multiple heart diseases.

- Rhodiola Rosea

This plant has potent antidepressant effects that can help relax and clear your mind. Rhodiola Rosea is excellent for battling anxiety and promoting dopamine production to improve productivity levels and manage your mood.

One-hundred milligrams of Rhodiola Rosea is enough to experience its relaxing effect. But if you would like to stack it with other components, you can decrease it to fifty milligrams.

- Tyrosine

If you are working in a fast-paced, stressful environment, you may want to add Tyrosine to your stack. This component is excellent for improving your performance despite these high-stressed situations.

The supplement helps clear your mind and keep you focused despite the stress you are currently receiving. The recommended dosage for Tyrosine is anywhere between one-hundred-fifty to three-hundred milligrams.

- Ashwagandha

Cortisol is a hormone commonly produced when you are under a lot of stress. Ashwagandha is one of the ingredients that can help manage stress and clear your mind.

Hormonal imbalance caused by the stress hormone cortisol can affect your cognitive function and memory retainment drastically. Taking three hundred to five-hundred milligrams of Ashwagandha every day can help lower your cortisol levels.

- Ginkgo Biloba

Aging can cause a decrease in mental capacity and cognitive function. Gingko Biloba helps improve cognitive function and combat aging effects like high risk for Alzheimer's and Dementia. You may want to add fifty to ninety milligrams of Ginkgo Biloba in your diet to slow down aging effects.

- Lion's Mane Mushroom

This component helps improve your neuron regeneration and prevent degeneration of your neurotransmitters. Aging can slow down the repair of your neurons, and Lion's Mane helps improve that factor in your brain health. The recommended dosage for Lion's Mane Mushroom is anywhere from three hundred to a thousand milligrams per day.

- Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential for producing energy and improving productivity. The component also helps combat the mental fatigue that you experience when you are working on mental tasks for a long time. Vitamin B12 also helps improve blood flow to your brain, sharpening your mind.

- Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This component has high antioxidant properties that help flush out harmful toxins from your body. The component also helps prevent oxidative stress from hindering your focus and concentration.

- Pterostilbene

This component has high antioxidant effects that can help improve your immune system and reverse aging effects. Aside from this, Pterostilbene also helps lower your risk of cancer and inflammation.

- Caffeine

Coffee or Caffeine is a commonly available Nootropics that are popular to most people. The nootropic effects of Caffeine include alertness, improving brain function, and memory retainment. However, caffeine can cause a disturbance in your sleep schedule, and it is best to be consumed hours before you go to bed to prevent any side effects. Other effects of caffeine can include improving metabolism and lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Creating Your Nootropics Stack

Each individual's needs are different and creating your Nootropic stack can help improve brain function according to your needs. Below are some factors you have to consider, like the benefits of each component you want to add and its proper dosages.

Factors to Consider

Below are some factors to consider when building your Nootropic stack to maximize the benefits you can receive properly:

•    Recommended Dosage: Taking into consideration the recommended dosage per component can help prevent any health complications and maximize results.
•    Synergy: You need to consider the component's synergy, so the other does not cancel out the other component, and you get maximum results.
•    Form: Would you like to consume your supplement in pill or capsule form? Or do you like dissolving them into tea or drinks? You can decide how you would like to consume your Nootropics.

Building Your Stack

Here are some reminders on how to properly build your Nootropic stack:

•    Compatibility: Always consider the compatibility of each component and ensure that they work well with one another.
•    Amplification: You may also want to use components that help amplify the effect of another nootropic component.
•    Complements Eachother: It is best to find components that pair well with one another or complement each other to help improve and maximize results.

How to Choose Your Nootropics

You may be wondering how you can choose and customize your Nootropics to suit your needs. Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help find the Nootropics for you.

- What Is Your Purpose?

Always consider what is your purpose for using Nootropics. Are you using Nootropics to reverse aging effects? Would you like to use Nootropics to help with an upcoming test? Knowing your purpose can help filter out the type of Nootropic for you.

- Is It Scientifically Backed?

Learning about the claims behind your Nootropic brand and components can help you decide which Nootropic to use. Looking for science-backed evidence can also help prevent any health complications and safety risks.

- Do You Mind Synthetic Means?

Some Nootropic brands use synthetic means to manufacture their product. The effectiveness of the Nootropic does not affect the benefits and effects that you can receive from the Nootropics. However, if you would rather prefer a more natural method, you can choose Nootropics that uses natural ingredients.

- Take Small Doses

You should take small doses first when starting your own Nootropic stack. This method allows your body to adjust and adapt to the effects of the Nootropics before amplifying its benefits.

- Use A Wide Variety of Nootropics

Using a wide variety of Nootropics enables you to receive multiple benefits from different ingredients. Adding variety to your Nootropic stack also helps when one component is not available. You will always have a back-up component at your disposal.

- Test Out Bioavailability

Absorption is a crucial component to enable your body to get its maximum results. Testing out different formations of your Nootropic stack and its bioavailability will help you find the best form that gives you maximum absorption and effects.

- Use Components That Promote Sleep

Some Nootropic stack may contain caffeine, and this component can disrupt your sleep schedule. Using components that promote sleep in your Nootropic stack can help cancel out this side effect and prevent any sleep disturbance when using Nootropics.

- Consistency Is Key

Another key factor in finding a suitable Nootropic is consistency. It can be challenging to find the right mix for you. However, being consistent in trying out different components and testing out different forms can help you achieve the results you would like to achieve.

- Reminder

Adding Nootropics to your diet can help promote cognitive function. However, proper diet and exercise are also one of the important factors to consider if you would like to improve your memory retainment and cognitive function. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce the aging of your neurons and neurotransmitters.

FAQs About Nootropic Supplements

Q. What Are the Benefits of Nootropics?

There are multiple benefits to adding Nootropics to your diet, including improving your focus and sharpening your mind.

•    Prevent Brain Fog: Nootropics help prevent brain fog and increase your mental energy to perform your daily tasks without feeling fatigued or tired.

•    Maximizes Your Mental Capacity: Nootropics help maximize your mental capacity by making multiple neurotransmitters and neurons available for your brain to use and function.

•    Helps With Blood Oxygenation: Another benefit of Nootropics is that it helps improve blood oxygenation to your brain, sharpening your mind, and improving your focus.

•    Prevents Neurodegeneration: Nootropics help prevent the degeneration of neurons and prevent memory loss. Protecting your neurons from degeneration also helps lower the risk of cognitive illnesses.

•    Helps Repair Neurons: Nootropics also aid in repairing and creating new neurons in your brain. Aging can cause your neurons to repair and generate slower, so adding Nootropics to your diet can help combat that degeneration.

Q. How Are Nootropics Effective?

Nootropics use components that naturally promote neuron repair and memory retainment. Nootropics also help combat the effects of aging by protecting your neurons from degeneration and improving your focus. The components in most Nootropics also help sharpen your mind and improve concentration.

Q. What Can I Get from Nootropics?

Some effects of nootropics include:

- Helps with memory retainment
- Manages your mood and relaxes your mind
- Promote the production of dopamine
- Increase creativity and brainpower
- Improve alertness and concentration
- Increase your mental energy
- Improve multitasking skills
- Helps with verbal communication

Q. How Long Until I See the Results?

Each individual's results can vary. You must take the recommended dosages consistently to get the maximum results from your Nootropic. You should also do proper research on the supplement you are taking to ensure that the brand is effective.

Q. Are There Any Side Effects?

Reputable brands of Nootropic stacks do not give any adverse effects. You must always do proper research and see if the claims are legitimate to prevent any health risk and safety issues. Some Nootropics contain caffeine, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to avoid those types of Nootropics.

Q. How Frequently Can You Take Nootropics?

Each Nootropic stack is different. If you are taking Nootropic supplements, always follow the recommended dosage and advised frequency to avoid any health implications or issues when using your Nootropics.

Q. Can Nootropics Give Energy?

Some Nootropic stacks or components help increase your energy levels. If you would like to boost energy, you may want to choose Nootropic stacks that contain energy boosters that help give the necessary energy you need throughout the day.

Q. Can Nootropics Help with Weight Loss?

Other Nootropics or components contain benefits like speeding up your metabolism. However, Nootropics main goal is to improve your cognitive function and memory retainment. If you would like to lose weight, you can check out the best weight loss supplements that specifically cater to fat loss.

Q. Can Nootropics Help with Alertness?

Some Nootropic stacks contain caffeine content that can help boost alertness. However, most Nootropic supplements help improve your focus and concentration without the adverse effects of caffeine content.

Q. Does Nootropics Increase Your IQ?

No supplement can help increase your IQ. However, Nootropics can help prevent any distractions and keep you focused during work or school to increase your productivity and work.

Q. Does Nootropics Contain Any Illegal Substances?

Nootropics do not contain any illegal substances. However, you must do proper research on the brand you would like to use to ensure that it does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Q. Can You Get Dependent on Nootropics?

Nootropics do not give any dependency or other adverse effects. However, you must follow the proper recommended dosages and instructions to prevent any health risks.

Q. Why Is Coffee A Nootropic?

Coffee is a common Nootropic most commonly used by people. Coffee has caffeine content that helps improve memory retainment and promotes alertness and focus. Drinking coffee can also help improve productivity.

Conclusion - Which Nootropics Supplement Should You Go For?

If you have difficulty concentrating and keeping your focus during study or work, you may want to add Nootropics to your diet. Research shows that adding Nootropics to your diet can help improve memory retainment and sharpen your mind.

Aside from this, Nootropics helps reverse the effects of aging on your cognitive function. Aging can cause memory loss and a decrease in mental capacity. Nootropics help repair and regenerate your neurons to lower the risks of illnesses like Alzheimer's disease.

From our experience, we found NooCube as the most effective and the best nootropic amongst all. However, you must do your research in choosing the Nootropic supplement or building the Nootropic stack suited for you. Always research the components and brand to ensure it does not cause any health complications or risks.

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