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Best NFL Betting Sites USA Players Can Play In 2023

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Best NFL Betting Sites USA Players Can Play In 2023

These are the top NFL betting sites USA players can bet on any football game with excellent welcome bonuses to kick off your betting slip!

best nfl betting sites usa players
best nfl betting sites usa players

Whether it’s the eve before the Super Bowl or the offseason, NFL online betting sites are a hot commodity amongst US players. As the league is changing, more and more casual bettors are joining in on the fun. And frankly, we love it and want to lend you a hand.

That’s why our team of experts invested weeks into crafting a new list of the best NFL betting sites. Not only do these sites have the pizzazz to keep you entertained, but they’re also 100% legal, tested, and loved by NFL bettors from the US.

Our Picks for the Top NFL Betting Sites in 2023

These are the best NFL betting sites USA players can bet on any football game with excellent welcome bonuses to kick off your betting slip!

1. BetOnline

best nfl betting site betonline
best nfl betting site betonline

When it comes to offering competitive moneylines, BetOnline is definitely one of the best NFL betting sites in the USA. This sportsbook boasts a vast array of these traditional wagers, regardless of the time of the year. By monitoring BetOnline, we noticed they treat the AFC Championship and the preseason with the same severity. The number of available moneylines generally overshadows the competition, which is one of the main reasons why we’d recommend this site to beginners.

Moreover, BetOnline's well-designed interface allows seamless navigation, minimizing hassle and confusion while placing bets. You can also find a myriad of payment options, with a notable emphasis on accommodating cryptocurrencies. With over a dozen accepted coins, BetOnline positions itself as one of the top NFL betting sites in the USA.

We also can’t overlook BetOnline's commitment to customer satisfaction, evidenced by its swift and professional customer support.

Additionally, they frequently roll out bonus offers, especially if it’s a big NFL matchup. The wagering requirements are consistently around the industry average, and there are no overly restrictive rules. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder BetOnline has been the premier NFL betting site for decades.

2. Bovada

best nfl betting site bovada
best nfl betting site bovada

Although they exited the market once already, the Bovada sportsbook is back, and it seems it’s better than ever. NFL prop bets have always been their bread and butter, so it’s no wonder they’re the site's centerpiece in 2023. Bovada's commitment to detail is second to none, from individual player performances to specific game events. This wide variety of props allows you to enjoy a more nuanced betting experience, getting as granular with your wagers as you wish.

Therefore, we’d say Bovada is the best NFL betting site for high-rollers and intermediate bettors. Sure, you can enjoy the occasional moneyline and O/U, but that would just be squandering the site’s full potential.

Adding to the appeal, Bovada supports an assortment of banking options, thereby ensuring smooth transactions for bettors. Traditional methods like card payments and bank transfers are complemented by digital alternatives, including eWallets and cryptocurrencies.

Likewise, Bovada is known for its generous bonus offers, like many of the best Indian gambling sites which range from welcome bonuses to reload bonuses, all aimed at helping players utilize key moments during the NFL season. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface adds another feather to its cap, making it easy for newcomers to join the party, too.

3. BetUS

best nfl betting site betus
best nfl betting site betus

For futures enthusiasts, BetUS is probably the best NFL betting site. They offer a comprehensive list of outright picks, providing odds on potential Super Bowl winners, division champions, and player awards. This breadth of choices is great if you’re an intermediate bettor who’s into strategizing.

BetUS further distinguishes itself with its proactive approach to releasing futures odds by providing these odds earlier than most competitors. The average site usually does so during the preseason, whereas BetUS handles things during the off-season. In addition, we noticed that their odds move swiftly, even if it’s a minor injury or development in question.

Moreover, BetUS offers an attractive bonus structure that further emphasizes futures bets. Regular promotions and bonuses offer a boost to potential winnings, providing added value to you. This is in stark contrast with the usual welcome bonus/free bet options, which have been outdated for a while.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a boost in the beginning. But pros and those looking at long-term strategies need a bit more. BetUS provides all of that, thankfully. And with a robust selection of payment options and reliable customer support, BetUS certainly raises the bar for NFL betting.


best nfl betting site sportsbetting ag
best nfl betting site sportsbetting ag

In the realm of NFL live betting, few platforms rival They offer an extensive range of live betting markets, providing real-time odds on various aspects of ongoing NFL matches. This level of responsiveness is unheard of at this level.

We tested the bookie’s prowess on both bottom-feeder matchups and big games, such as those involving the Chiefs or the Rams. No matter the occasion, there were countless markets, all at surprisingly reasonable odds. doesn’t stop there, though. They also offer a highly responsive mobile website, encompassing all the main page's features. You also have access to bonuses, which is crucial for cross-platform continuity. We’d say this is by far the best mobile betting site for NFL enthusiasts. There are no lags, messed-up graphics, or anything that might disturb your experience.

The platform also supports various payment options, and its bonus structure is generous and frequent. These features, combined with the sportsbook’s excellent customer service, make SportsBetting one of our favorite NFL online betting sites. They know the US market and understand what the players want. Plus, they get bonus points for being the sister site of BetOnline, our top pick.

5. MyBookie

best nfl betting site mybookie
best nfl betting site mybookie

MyBookie stands out as a platform with its exclusive focus on NFL parlays. It offers unique options, such as the ability to mix bets from the same game. This is a very unusual niche to cover, but we must commend MyBookie for its dedication.

Additionally, they offer frequent parlay bonuses, which we’ve only seen a couple of times over the last couple of years. If you’re in the mood for capitalizing on big matchups, MyBookie has the tools you need. Therefore, we have no option but to include them in our list of the best NFL betting sites in the USA.

6. XBet

best nfl betting site xbet ag
best nfl betting site xbet ag

XBet is a trailblazer in offering over/under betting options for NFL games. The sportsbook regularly updates its lines and ensures that a wide range of totals is covered for each game. This emphasis on providing diverse over/under options, coupled with their extensive range of bonuses, makes XBet one of our top picks for 2023.

Even though they might not be established as some other entries on this list, rest assured that they’re a quality site. In fact, their UI is so pleasant to look at and use that we’d wholeheartedly recommend XBet to beginners.

7. BetNow

best nfl betting site betnow
best nfl betting site betnow

The highlight of BetNow is its comprehensive selection of NFL point spread markets. This is one of the most versatile NFL betting sites, with competitive lines on all games and frequent spread-related bonuses.

In addition, we’d say they have the second-best odds on this list, right after BetOnline. This is a big plus, especially for pros who’re into arbitrage betting and other high-roller strategies. But they have plenty of things to offer to beginners, such as reliable support, an extensive FAQ section, and plenty of seasonal promotions. BetNow is a US staple, and we can really see them rising up the ranks in the near future.


best nfl betting site busr
best nfl betting site busr

BUSR excels in offering a variety of NFL teasers, but we also enjoy their props and parlays. They consistently provide a wide selection of exotic markets, catering to those who are tired of the same old-same old.

Additionally, BUSR regularly rolls out teaser-specific bonuses, which only come out once every couple of weeks. With a decent number of payment options and reliable customer service, BUSR is undoubtedly one of the top NFL online betting sites. If they add more cryptos and free bets to the mix, we’ll happily bump them up a few spots.

How to Bet on NFL Games (USA Players Only)

Playing at the best NFL betting sites has become more of an art form than a pastime. We could write a whole book about it, but for beginners, it mostly boils down to the following:

  1. Understand the basics: Familiarize yourself with how the NFL works, as well as historical data and different bet types.
  2. Choose a reputable sportsbook: All our recommended NFL online betting sites are 100% legal and are beloved by US players.
  3. Fund your account: Most sportsbooks accept credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptos. Choose the option you’re most comfortable with.
  4. Study the teams and matchups: Analyze the teams playing, their previous performance, injury reports, weather conditions, and any other relevant factors that may impact the game's outcome.
  5. Choose your bet type: Decide on the type of bet you want to place. There are dozens of options, each aiming for a different aspect of NFL betting.
  6. Place your bet: Once you have selected your bet type, indicate your desired wager amount and confirm your bet. Double-check the details before finalizing.
  7. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your betting activities and avoid exceeding it. It's important to bet responsibly and not let emotions dictate your wagers.
  8. Track your bets: Keep a record of your bets to monitor your performance and analyze your strategies. This can help you identify patterns and make adjustments as needed.

Best NFL Twitter Betting Accounts

A clever way to succeed at the best NFL betting sites is to get insight from the experts. No, we’re not talking about those clowns selling picks and flashing cash on Instagram. There are plenty of real NFL experts on Twitter, with one account leading the charge:


If you’re in the mood for odds hunting and straight-up prediction, VegasOdds is the way to go. This platform catalogs all the odds at NFL betting sites and provides the best solution to the players. In addition, you can also read football predictions and matchup analyses a week before the game occurs.

What Are the NFL’s Betting Rules?

  • As of 2023, the NFL doesn’t have a blanket ban on sports betting. Instead, players are allowed to bet on sports other than the NFL, but they aren’t allowed to do so from within team facilities.
  • Card games are permitted, too, as long as nothing of value is wagered.
  • Passing out confidential information and accepting gifts above $250 from gambling-related brands is forbidden.
  • Players also mustn’t associate with professional gamblers in a way that discredits themselves, the league, and the sport as a whole.

Basically, placing wagers at NFL online betting sites can get you banned indefinitely. After Calvin Ridley’s 2022 ban, 2023 saw three Lions players caught betting on NFL games. So, the league isn’t messing around.


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