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The Best Mushroom Coffee: Tested And Reviewed For 2023

Outlook for Brands

The Best Mushroom Coffee: Tested And Reviewed For 2023

To help you choose the right product for you, we’ve tried, tested and reviewed over 50 mushroom coffee brands. Here are the brands that you should be spending money on.

Best Mushroom Coffee
Best Mushroom Coffee

Coffee — how would our society function if not for this blessed morning supplement? For many people the day just cannot start without a fresh cup of coffee, boldly flavored, and brimming with energy. With the addition of mushrooms, the dainty staple for billions of people around the world just leveled up, the best mushroom coffee is as flavorful as your favorite roast and filled with antioxidants. 

To help you choose the right product for you, we’ve tried, tested and reviewed over 50 mushroom coffee brands. Here are the brands that you should be spending money on. 

Best Mushrooms Coffee First Look 

1. Brain Brands 

2. Four sigmatic 

3. Ryze Mushroom Coffee 

4. Rheal Shrooms[1] [2]  

5. Om shrooms 

6. Laird Superfoods 

7. Renude Chagaccino 

8. MudWtr 

9. Rasa Original Mushroom Coffee 

10. Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee 

What Is Mushroom Coffee? 

Spongy and sometimes ominous in appearance — mushrooms are one of the most polarizing culinary ingredients. You either love them or detest them. In North America mushrooms are viewed as food and little else, but there’s some mushrooms offering far more than just nutrients. 

You may have heard the term functional mushrooms before. Functional mushrooms are a species of adaptogenic mushrooms with centuries of history as a health and wellness supplement. Many eastern medicines have long relied on functional mushrooms and some species are currently used to support patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

Functional mushrooms feature adaptogenic compounds, which help the nervous system prepare for stress. By taking a daily dose of adaptogenic mushrooms, you’ll become less likely to fall under the effects of stress and less likely to experience depression and anxiety. The best mushroom coffees combine the benefits of medicinal mushrooms with authentic coffee beans for a one-of-a-kind product. 

There are seven or eight functional mushrooms that are lauded for their health benefits, and you can find them featured in the products below. 

The Best Mushroom Coffee Brands: The Top 5 

1. Brain Brands 

There are several reasons to give Brain brands a try before moving on to any other functional mushroom supplier. When it comes to functional mushrooms, the more species included within one product the greater the range of effects experienced by the consumer, and therein lies the lure with mushroom coffee from this brand. 

Brain Brands Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee
Brain Brands Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee

Brain Brands Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee bestows the benefits of a super team of functional mushrooms in every single cup: Chaga, cordyceps, king trumpet, lion’s mane, reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail mushrooms. The coffee is made with 600 milligrams of mushroom extract from each mushroom species. Brain Brands functional mushrooms are blended with Columbian coffee beans for a rich medium roast flavor that will delight your senses. One of the main reasons Brain Brands ranks #1 is the taste of their coffee - each sip tastes like a premium, high quality organic coffee. 

 Seven Mushrooms Blend Coffee boasts a variety of effects for your body and mind, delivering jitter-free energy, boosting mental acuity and focus, as well as helping you remain resilient to stress. The coffee can combat inflammation in the body and support a healthy immune response, and capping it all off, this roast is packed with antioxidants. 

A 12 oz bag includes 32 servings and retails for $[3] [4] 24.95, less than $0.78 per cup. This functional mushroom coffee is made from all natural ingredients, non-GMO, produced in the United States of America and Canada. Customers can choose to get their daily dose of adaptogens in capsules too, sold in individual mushroom capsules like  Cordyceps capsules, Lion’s mane capsules, Reishi capsules and more, as well as part of a multi mushroom blend such as Seven Mushroom Complex

With choices aplenty and heaping qualities of adaptogens per serving, there’s no higher potency mushroom coffee for sale in 2023. 


●  Seven types of functional mushrooms 

●  Affordable 

●  Organic and vegan 

●  Colombian coffee beans 

●  600 mg per serving 


●  Not sold in local stores 

2.   Four Sigmatic 

Though functional mushroom products are relatively new in North America, Four Sigmatic has already established itself as one of the major players. The company carries a number of functional mushroom products giving customers some choice for ingestion methods; mushroom coffee, protein powders, and cacao — a coffee substitute with lower caffeine levels. 

Coffee lovers can get their fix from Four Stigmatic’s variety of functional mushroom roasts, available in medium, dark roast, and decaf. The blends are marketed for effects and customers will find options for immune support with vitamins and chaga, Think which includes lion’s mane and chaga, Perform with cordyceps, Chill decaf with reishi, along with several additional roasts. 

Customers will pay $20 for a 16 serving bag of coffee grounds, but the products are also sold in instant coffee boxes and as coffee pods. Prices are enticing, but there’s a catch — most Four Sigmatic roasts have low concentrations of mushroom extract, often as little as 150 mg per serving; some roasts provide more but extracts rarely exceed 500 mg. 

Four Sigmatic sources their beans from several locations such as Guatemala and Honduras, and more, and all roasts are made with organic ingredients.  


●  Multiple roasts 

●  Various effects 

●  Coffee grounds, instant coffee, and coffee pods 


●  Few mushroom types per roast 

●  Low mushroom extract 

3.   Ryze Mushroom Coffee 

Ryze uses organic Arabica coffee to produce one of the best mushroom coffees for people with dietary restrictions: This coffee is gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, soy-free, sugar-free, and keto. The company has a very focused product portfolio, including only mushroom coffee and functional mushroom creamer. 

Ryze mushroom coffee promises a large quantity, featuring 2000 mg of mushrooms extracted from cordyceps, reishi, king trumpet, shiitake, lion’s mane and turkey tail. The 6 mushroom types promise a range of effects and it’s an excellent value at $36 dollars for a 30 serving bag. 

While Ryze mushroom coffee does contain 6 types of adaptogenic mushrooms and a decent value in terms of cost per servings, the taste and texture of this coffee is different from regular coffee — earthy in flavor with a slightly chalky consistency. Customers can try this coffee at no personal financial risk due to a 30-day money back guarantee. 


●  6 types of functional mushrooms 

●  Affordable 


●  Earthy taste 

●  Chalky texture 

4.   Rheal Superfoods 

With Rheal Superfoods, you get more than just mushroom coffee. The company makes superfood greens, protein powders, cocoa and cacao, as well as bundle packages and of course, functional mushroom coffee. Products are categorized by benefits, enabling new shoppers to immediately find something to suit their needs: Immunity, Energy, Focus, Gut health, and Fitness. 

For those who are specifically seeking the best mushroom coffee, there are 2 choices from Rheal Superfoods: Instant coffee and coffee grounds, both utilizing the same Arabica coffee beans. Each cup features 600 mg of combined extract from organic chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane mushrooms; the combination can help with inflammation, energy, and mental sharpness, but doesn’t include many of the benefits as offered by competitors. 

Customers will pay $37.05 for instant coffee and $31.75 for coffee grounds, and each bag comes with 30 servings. One potential setback is that this company is located in the UK, so North American customers have to pay for international shipping. 


●  Ground or instant coffee 

●  Arabica coffee beans 

●  Alternative products 


●  Low milligrams 

●  International shipping 

5.   Om shrooms 

If it’s variety that you’re after then there’s likely no better brand than Om Shrooms — owning a colossal catalog of mushroom products from broths to drink mixes, powders, capsules, mushroom creamers and coffees. You’ll encounter several desirable functional mushrooms within these products including the benefits of lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, and maitake. 

Om Shrooms carry one mushroom coffee product with big benefits: Best Organic Mushroom Coffee features 2000 mg of mushroom extract, sourced from lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail and reishi. The product sells in 30 serving bags for $37.99. The price point is lower than many competitors, although the mushroom coffee provides fewer benefits per roast than Ryze or Brain brands. 

This coffee is created from non-GMO ingredients, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free. Though the merits of this coffee suggest it’s a great value, customers have noted in reviews that the earthy taste isn’t akin to most coffee roasts and given the flavorful roasts from competing brands — this isn’t the best mushroom coffee for true coffee lovers. 


●  2000 mg per serving 

●  Vegan and kosher 

●  Affordable 


●  Earthy taste 

●  Fewer mushroom types than other brands 

6. Laird Superfoods 

There are big brands and then there’s Laid Superfoods — a company that produces almost every variety of functional mushroom product. If not for a lack of information pertaining to some products, Laird would certainly sit in the top 5 for the best mushroom coffee. 

Speaking of mushroom coffee, Laird Superfoods offer a dark roast and medium roast mushroom coffee, imbued with the benefits of chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. The exact amount of mushroom extract isn’t listed, neither is the amount of servings, making it impossible for consumers to compare values. This vegan and keto-friendly coffee sells for $15.95 per 12 ounce bag of coffee grounds. 

7. Renude Chagaccino 

Coffee aficionados won’t love Renude Chagaccino because it’s not actually coffee; rather, the product uses cacao and offers much lower caffeine levels per serving. Cacao tastes more like a chai tea than a coffee, so shoppers who like desert beverages or flavored roasts may enjoy this product more than others. 

Renude Chagaccino promises 706 mg of Chaga extract per serving, and a 30 servings box retails for $29.99. Chaga mushrooms aren't known for energy and given that there’s lower caffeine and no cordyceps included, this coffee may fall short on energy. The coffee alternative is gluten-free, vegan, keto, and non-GMO. 

8. Mud/Wtr 

The “Mud Water” name references the thick consistency and muddy brown coloring of this product when mixed with hot water. But don’t let the name throw you because this cacao based mushroom coffee tastes of cinnamon and chocolate. The product includes only 1/7th the caffeine of regular coffee but the addition of cordyceps mushrooms can combat fatigue; customers will also receive the benefits of reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga. Those who love the flavor can purchase a similar formula for nighttime use. 

Customers who value purity will appreciate the organic ingredients, but this coffee sells for a premium: Mud/Wtr mushroom coffee is sold in 30 serving packs for $60, and it features 562 mg of mushroom extract from each species. 

9. Rasa Original Mushroom Coffee 

Rasa provides options for functional mushroom shoppers from basic functional mushroom coffee to alternatives such as cacao and berry tonics. In fact, this brand produces multiple products that aren’t offered elsewhere like a constipation coffee for digestive issues, an aphrodisiac, a mood enhancer, and more. Note, that not all of these products contain adaptogenic mushrooms. 

Rasa’s authentic coffee option is labeled “dirty” and made with fair-trade coffee, chaga, and ashwagandha extract; an adaptogenic herb. Servings contain 1550 mg of adaptogenic extract, though only half comes from Chaga. With a price tag of $28 for 30 servings, this product is a decent value for consumers who want anti-inflammatory benefits and who don’t mind missing out on other functional mushrooms. 

10. Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee 

Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee is found on large online stores like Amazon, and it’s one of the most recognizable functional mushroom products on the market. Unfortunately, ascertaining the exact value of this product is challenging because the total mushroom extract per serving isn’t featured on the packaging or the company’s website. 

Shoppers have their pick of basic Energize functional mushroom coffee — with lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, and chaga — or Cognitive coffee with lion’s mane, reishi, and chaga. Prices hold up to competitors, and a 10 serving box sells for just $13.99. The product is vegan and made from non-GMO ingredients. 

How We Selected The Best Mushroom Coffee 

When choosing the best mushroom coffee, you naturally must begin with the beans, and preferably, a bean that you’re familiar with. We began our search with the coffee beans and ultimately weighed the brands based on the factors that matter most for functional mushroom shoppers. 

  • Types of Mushrooms 
  • Potency 
  • Price Per Serving 
  • Coffee flavor 
  • Ingredients 

Mushroom Coffee Benefits 

The notable advantage to drinking mushroom coffee is that the bioactive compounds contained in functional mushrooms can support your overall health. They also remove the jitters and anxiety-inducing effects sometimes experienced when drinking caffeinated beverages. The individual benefits vary based on which mushrooms are featured in the mushroom coffee of your choice. 

Medicinal Mushroom Species 

●  Chaga: Noted for anti-inflammatory compounds and for immune boosting potential. 

●  Cordyceps: Research indicates that cordyceps has anti-fatigue properties and provides energy, which is why it’s often included in mushroom coffee. 

●  King Trumpet: A heart healthy mushroom that can help regulate blood pressure and is traditionally utilized as an antiviral treatment. Studies show this mushroom as a potentially effective future therapeutic for weight loss

●  Lion’s Mane: The cognitive boosting effects of lion’s mane mushrooms aid with focus and memory retention. Studies show that lion’s mane may prevent illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

●  Maitake: Maitake’s excellent potential as an immune booster is why it’s used to help cancer patients. What’s more, the nutrient-rich fungi contains beta glucans which exhibit tumor-inhibiting potential. 

●  Reishi: Many supplements include reishi mushrooms for stress relief. Regular reishi intake is associated with stress relief, and this mushroom might help users who are suffering from depression. Reishi is also thought to help with sleep. 

●  Shiitake: Like maitake, shiitake is rich in antioxidants and contains compounds that help cancer patients. The mushrooms are also used to lower cholesterol. 

●  Turkey Tail: These mushrooms help support a healthy gut microbiome and improve immune function

2023’s Finest: The Best Mushroom Coffee 

While there are many great options, Brain Brands took our pick. Brain Brands’ Seven Mushroom Blend coffee is organic, and made from Colombian coffee beans, roasted in the pacific northwest for a medium blend that is familiar and tastes just like premium coffee. For full body and mind effects and a product packed with adaptogens and antioxidants — Brain brands creates the best mushroom coffee of 2023.