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Best Minecraft Server Hosting You Should Be Using For Your Servers

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting You Should Be Using For Your Servers

We’ve taken a look at dozens of services and thousands of reviews from real customers to figure out what the best hosting for minecraft is and the suggestions below are the hosting services we believe to be the best overall for most people.

Minecraft Server Hosting
Minecraft Server Hosting

If you’re someone that is looking to run their own server on Minecraft or are currently running one, then you probably understand just how important the hosting service is to have a positive experience. As is the case with most web hosting services overall (not just those for Minecraft), the vast majority of options are quite underwhelming to say the least. In many instances, a bad host can cause an array of problems and leave you with many headaches as the primary owner of a particular server. For this reason, it is extremely important that you do your research when picking a server hosting service and that you do not rush when making a decision. We’ve taken a look at dozens of services and thousands of reviews from real customers to figure out what the best hosting for minecraft is and the suggestions below are the hosting services we believe to be the best overall for most people. 

Top Rated Minecraft Hosting Services Moving Forward (Best & Most Affordable) 

Our Top Seven: 

1. Apex Hosting 

2. Shockbyte 

3. Bisect Minecraft Hosting 

4. Scalacube 

5. Sparked Hosting 

6. PebbleHost 

7. Hostinger 


1. Apex Minecraft Hosting 

The best minecraft hosting you can go with at the moment is Apex minecraft hosting and it’s been the best for a while now. This is for a variety of reasons but the main one is reliability. With many hosts nowadays reliability is a huge concern. Your server may go down in the middle of the night, the service might double their pricing, servers may migrate, etc. Apex hosting is considered to be the most reliable and consistent minecraft hosting service out right now and it really isn’t all that close. After reading several dozen reviews across independent websites and forums such as Reddit, there is no doubt that for the time being there isn’t a minecraft hosting company that provides better services at a cheaper pricing.  

One of the main reasons Apex is so popular among Minecraft fans is that it provides full server control. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a total veteran; Apex hosting has got you covered for all of your needs. The customer support is also very nice with a quick response and answers for every question. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a cheap and good Minecraft server. Apex's 24/7 support is extremely useful. These are some of the features of Apex hosting: 

  • Raid SSD’s 

  • FTP Access 

  • MySQL Databases 

  • Instant Setup 

  • Consistently Reliable Uptime 

  • 9 Geographical Location to Opt 

  • Free Subdomain 

  • Automatic Backups 

  • Supports modpacks 

  • Introductory discount to new customers 

  • 24/7 Live Customer Support 

  • DDOS protection 

  • Free domain 


2. ShockByte Minecraft Hosting 

In second place we have Shockbyte’s Minecraft hosting. As we’ve said there really is a big discrepancy between first and second place on this list, but that doesn’t mean that the hosting offered by Shockbyte is not good. In fact, it is a great choice if for whatever reason you elect to not go with Apex. With  a 100% uptime guarantee, instant provisioning, and guaranteed DDoS attack protection, Shockbyte stands out as one of the best Minecraft hosts we've seen. It is also very affordable by most peoples’ standards and that is a perfect recipe for a good hosting service. For an extra $15 a month, you can take advantage of full server management from the Shockbyte team. This includes the installation and configuration of custom jars, plugins, and mod packs. Obviously this is not a feature that is for everyone, but it is definitely nice to know that it’s there for those that do not want to actively manage their server on their own. Plans start at 1GB ($2.50 per month) and go all the way up to 16GB on their highest plan which would cost you only $40 per month. If you are not satisfied with the options presented, you can also have a custom plan made to suit your needs. Some features from Shockbyte are: 

  • 100% uptime 

  • Guaranteed protection through DDoS 

  • 24/7 Support 

  • Free sub-domain 

  • Automatic backups are offered. 


3. Bisect Minecraft Hosting 

Choosing between Shockbyte and Bisect hosting for second place was a very, very tough decision to make. They are both excellent in their own right and offer a ton of flexibility to their users at a fair price point. The deciding factor was price and Bisect hosting is a bit more expensive than Shockbyte which is why it slid to third place. The difference is not all that massive though and only comes out to a few dollars. To some this is a big deal but for most people it’s not a problem. There have been a few complaints here and there about the panel and it loading slowly for some people, but the server itself is flawless for most people. Bisect also offers Java options which is not something that many other hosts offer and that makes it a special service overall. This is a hosting service that has a really good reputation amongst redditors and the Reddit community which we know can be one of the most scrutinous places on the entire internet. For this reason (along with many others) Bisect hosting had to be placed firmly in the top 5 greatest minecraft server hosting providers out right now. Let’s take a look at some of their features: 


  • 24/7 support and responsive service. 

  • Java options. 

  • Strictly follows anti-cheat policy. 

  • High level of security and better protection for your server. 

  • Fully supports popular plugins. 

  • Uses SSDs to run its game servers for faster performance and quicker loading. 

  • Gives full FTP access for better control of files and plugins in your server.  




4. Scalacube Minecraft Hosting 

Second and third place on this list were neck-and-neck, but here there is a bit of a drop-off. We really can’t say that Scalacube is in the same league as the top 3, and it is certainly not in the same league as Apex. With that being said, it is a fairly decent option for beginners or those just starting out with their first Minecraft server. Scalacube offers very affordable hosting services for those that may be looking to just see what running a server even feels like. The tradeoff is that the service quality isn’t great and you may experience some lagging depending on which plan you go with. This is one of the few minecraft server hosting providers that offers a free plan (you’ll have to pay to invite your friends).  


Obviously you cannot do much with a free plan nowadays and you can’t compare it to one of the premium options offered by something like Apex or Shockbyte which is why some may consider it an unfair criticism. It’s fair to say that Scalacube is a decent option for beginners and those on an extremely tight budget, but it isn’t great for those looking for a professional service. With the paid plans, You get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as limitless slots inside servers to improve your gaming experience. It also helps that there is a wide range of server locations across the United States and the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia. These are the features offered by scalacube: 


  • Minecraft 1.8 Support 

  • Native Support for Minecraft 1.7 (JVM) and 1.6 (Java) 

  • Dedicated Managed ModPack Host 

  • Free Ranks for all players who want to play in-game 

  • Custom Minecraft Servers for all Minecraft Servers 

  • Install over a thousand unique modpacks with just a single click 

  • Offers a 50% discount on the succeeding server you purchase after your first 




5. Sparked Hosting 

Sparked hosting is a service that is not talked about all that often within the Minecraft community, and we cannot figure out why since it is a pretty great host from top to bottom. Offering budget, enterprise, and extreme hosting options - Sparked Host has something for everybody. While it is a lot newer in the industry than Apex and Shockbyte, it maintains a pretty stellar reputation amongst those that have tried it out. To date, Sparked Host has sold more than 20,000 servers, accumulated over 2,000 active clients, and answered 20,000+ support tickets. While its website is in English, its WHMCompleteSolution-powered client site supports many other languages. Since this host provides the Softaculous auto-installer, you can easily install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop without having to be (or hire) a web developer. They also offer a free trial for 24 hours so you can get a feel for their servers before deciding to invest money into it. Due to the fact that it is a lesser-known minecraft server hosting company, their support is also fantastic and way more responsive than it might be on some other platforms. In some instances, our questions/tickets were answered within 15 minutes of submission. That kind of response time is not found very often and with some other hosts you may wait several days to get the same question(s) answered. These are the main features of Sparked Hosting: 


  • Provides around-the-clock customer support 

  • Instant and easy setup 

  • DDoS Protection 

  • 24-hour free trial plans 

  • 24-hour money-back guarantee 




6. PebbleHost Minecraft Hosting 

PebbleHost is a very interesting host. Some people absolutely love it and have used it for years while others may say to be wary of PebbleHost and to avoid using it if possible. One thing is for certain - their servers are extremely affordable and fairly reliable. Their support team on discord is very responsive although the community can be a bit toxic at times. Something to keep an eye on that I've noticed; they like to kill your server if you go over your resources for too long. Just yesterday they killed mine for being over 350% CPU "for a prolonged period of time". So while it is a pretty good host overall, it isn’t perfect. PebbleHost doesn’t guarantee server uptime either which means that at any point in time your server could go down for an extended period of time. While this isn’t likely to happen and will probably be resolved fairly quickly if and when it does happen, it is disappointing to know that they do not guarantee that stability. For that reason alone, PebbleHost was not able to crack the top 5. Let’s take a look at some of their features: 


  • Transparent Node Stats 

  • Custom Control Panel 

  • Affordable Pricing 

  • Highly Reviewed 

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support Team 




7. Hostinger Minecraft Hosting 

This is a hosting company that provides hosting for various purposes, not just Minecraft. In fact, most people actually know it for its web hosting services rather than those that they provide for gaming. Having been around since 2004, we can say without a doubt that Hostinger is reliable and most definitely not a scam. Hostinger offers dedicated IPv6 and IPv4 addresses with all Minecraft hosting plans for no extra charge. Dedicated IP addresses offer better DDoS protection as well as direct FTP file access. What's more, it makes joining the server much easier. All Hostinger plans come with full root access. That means you can do whatever you want with your server. You can change what you want, when you want. The downside of this hosting provider is that it is a bit overpriced and many others feel this way as well. Unlike the other hosting providers on this list we’ve analyzed, Hostinger is not affordable and that is probably a huge contributing factor to it not being all that popular in the Minecraft community despite it being around for so long. These are the features of Hostinger: 


  • Easy and Instant Setup 

  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses 

  • Automated Backups 

  • Multiple Minecraft Server Types 

  • Install Modpacks And Plugins 

  • Fast SSD CPU’s 


How To Choose A Minecraft Hosting Provider? 

If you’re not exactly sure of what your hosting needs are then actually sitting down and settling on one host can be quite a daunting task. Before making a decision, it is important that you figure out what your priorities are and what are the most important factors for you. If affordability comes before all else, then you should probably look at Scalacube and Shockbyte as your main candidates. If reliability and overall excellence is what you are in need of, then you really cannot go wrong with Apex Minecraft hosting. Ultimately it comes down to what you need most in your Minecraft server and what you will be using it for. Let’s dissect the aspects you should be aware of, one-by-one. 



Affordability and pricing is obviously extremely important for the average person and for many it is the most important thing to take into consideration. The good news is that pretty much all of the hosts we’ve discussed today are affordable, outside of Hostinger. The price differences amongst these options comes out to be just a few dollars, if that.  


Reliability, Speed, & Uptime 

You’ll want to make sure that the hosting company you end up going with offers services that are reliable, fast, and have zero downtime. Many of the server hosting companies we’ve discussed in this article claim that they guarantee 99% uptime which is a huge relief since nobody wants to have their server go down. You also want to make sure that the hosting is fast and won’t make your game lag which is arguably just as important as uptime, if not more important. If you prioritize these things above all else, then you’ll probably want to go with Apex Minecraft hosting. 



Customer Reviews 

At the end of the day, any host will tell you exactly what they need to tell you to sell you on their service. In order to make sure that you’re going with a great server hosting provider, we recommend doing some light research and reading up on some recent reviews of the host(s) you’re considering going with. Many times a host will have a fancy, shiny website but upon reading reviews on Reddit, we discover that they actually offer a pretty subpar service and don’t even respond to customers’ tickets. Make sure you do your due diligence and read reviews from real customers. 




Do not underestimate just how important support is. Even on a stellar platform like Shockbyte, Bisect, or Apex, it is possible to run into issues. Many times the issues can be fixed by you but when you cannot fix certain issues, you’ll have to rely on support to resolve it. This means that the support must not only be competent, but also quick to respond. You do not want to be waiting several hours or even days to get your ticket addressed so be certain that your Minecraft host will have great support. 



Bottom Line: The Best Host For Your Minecraft Server Is One That Is Affordable, Reliable, and Responsive 

There are dozens if not hundreds of companies on the internet that offer hosting for minecraft servers. The vast majority of them are not good companies and do not offer good servers, but you won’t be reading about any of those in this article. It is very important for you as a buyer to do your due diligence and figure out what your needs are before settling on any one company because if you decide to switch, you’ll most likely have to start from scratch as not everyone knows how to proceed with a server migration. With that being said, you can always cancel if you decide that a hosting provider is not for you which is a very good thing. Nobody wants to be tied down via contract because that would restrict your flexiblity. The hosting providers you’ve read about here are the ones which the community agrees to be the best overall when taking several things into consideration.  


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