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Best Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan For Men & Women

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Best Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan For Men & Women

What to gain weight healthily? To help you achieve this goal, here we are with a healthy Indian diet plan. Check it out, eat a healthy diet, and stay fit and healthy.

Best Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan
Best Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan

So, how is it possible to gain weight? We Indians love to eat, and we can't deny this fact.

It is due to our bad eating habits; we often fail to maintain a healthy weight. Gaining weight and body mass is more effortless than burning calories or losing weight .

Unfortunately, it's not the case. It requires a proper diet plan as well as exercise.

This article will discuss how Indians can gain weight with a healthy diet plan. Just stay with us till the end, and you will get all your answers.

What Are the Risks of Being Underweight?

We all know that being overweight often causes a lot of health issues. At the same time, being underweight also may cause several health problems.

However, not everyone who is underweight experiences specific symptoms or has the below-mentioned health issues. Still, it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

  • Skin, Hair, and Teeth Problems: You may face the following problems if you don't get enough nutrients from your daily diet – hair loss, thinning skin, poor dental health , and dry skin.
  • Extreme Fatigue: A underweight person who doesn't get enough calories is likely to feel extremely tired all the time.
  • Osteoporosis: Underweight Women are at high risk of osteoporosis. It is a condition when bones become fragile, and it happens due to calcium deficiency.

Being underweight can be risky. To avoid the risks of the mentioned health problems, follow a healthy diet plan and maintain a healthy weight.

A Healthy Diet Plan for Indians Who Want to Gain Weight

What to gain weight healthily? To help you achieve this goal, here we are with a healthy Indian diet plan. Check it out, eat a healthy diet, and stay fit and healthy.

Early Morning (Breakfast)

Start your morning with a glass of water. It will help in flushing out the stomach and, thus, balancing the lymphatic system. About half an hour after you drink water, you can drink a cup of milk, one scoop of whey protein , and 150 grams of oatmeal. A few almonds, walnuts, and a banana can be added.

There is also an alternative option for you. If you think that breakfast should always be heavy, then go for the following options. However, you can change your breakfast menu according to your needs.

  • Multigrain bread and butter, 3 to 4 boiled eggs, and fruit juice.
  • Alu parathas with curd and fruit juice

Mid-Morning (Healthy Snacks and More)

After about a couple of hours, you eat breakfast; it's time to grab some light snacks and fruits. Grab an apple or orange with 2 to 3 multigrain biscuits. Also, you can have a cup of green tea.


Ah! It's time for lunch. You can have whole wheat chapattis or brown rice (150gms), chicken breast or fish (150gms), and one bowl of fresh mixed vegetables at lunch. Also, green chutney and salad can be taken for lunch.

Here is another diet plan for those who love to eat authentic Indian dishes. You can have the following dishes for lunch – two rotis with ghee, a bowl of rice, two chicken pieces, fish or egg, one bowl of lentils, salad, and yogurt.

In a balanced diet, you will have carbohydrates, fats, vitamins , and proteins. A healthy and balanced diet will always help you gain weight.


About 3 to 4 hours after lunch, consider having chicken soup with butter. You can also have a cup of coffee with some biscuits. A chicken sandwich is also a good option for an evening snack.


A heavy breakfast and light dinner is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and be fit. At dinner, you may have a bowl of fresh green vegetables, chicken or eggs, two rotis with butter, salad, and last but not least, raita.

Try to avoid consuming rice at night. Also, keep one more thing in mind – you should not drink water while eating. Instead, drink water either 40 minutes before you eat anything or an hour after you eat.


It's time to go to bed. But wait! Did you eat a bedtime snack? If not, then have it. Before bed, drink a glass of lukewarm milk with dry fruits. This will help you sleep deeply.

So, here is the complete Indian diet plan for those who want to gain weight. But remember, the diet plan, as well as the caloric requirements, vary from person to person, depending on several factors, including gender, age, and body weight. Just eat healthily and do some workouts to stay in shape.

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