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The Best Gold Investment Companies [2023]

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The Best Gold Investment Companies [2023]

Check out the best gold investment companies reviewed by ira experts.

 Best Gold Investment Companies
Best Gold Investment Companies

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. Refer to a professional for investment advice. In some cases, we receive a commission from our partners.  

Investing in gold has been a surefire way of tackling inflation for years. With economic uncertainties in the air, investors across the world are looking for safe investments.

This, in turn, makes gold bullion and other metals popular choices for those wanting to diversify their investment portfolios. Investing in gold is a good idea because of its reliability, diversification, and stability.

The need for a gold IRA company to help manage investments is greater than ever before. At the same time, investing in other metals, such as silver, platinum, and palladium, offers protection from market volatility and potential inflation pressures.

Gold IRA companies and other precious metals IRA companies have become increasingly popular over the last few years and with the promise of a safe and secure retirement - and it looks set to remain the same in 2023.

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Top 4 Gold Investment Companies According to Reviews

Check out the top gold investment companies in 2023 according to real customer reviews:

Which Gold IRA Companies Can I Trust?

Gold IRA Companies
Gold IRA Companies

You can't trust just any gold investment company. It's crucial to pick the most reputable gold IRA company out of the lot. While many investors are keen to learn more about gold and precious metals as investment options, they may hesitate to act due to the risks associated with most gold IRA companies.

Don't worry, though. This post will highlight some of the best gold investment companies in 2023, the benefits they offer to customers, and why you should create a precious metals IRA account with them.

What Does a Reputable Gold IRA Company Offer?

A gold IRA is an individual retirement account that allows you to invest in gold bullion. The account is tax-advantaged and lets you diversify your financial portfolio by protecting your investments against market volatility.

With a gold IRA company, you can invest in commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as other assets.

The best gold IRA companies will offer customers competitive pricing, including transparent rollovers. A reputable company should also be willing to purchase precious metals back if they are ever needed.

In general, the role of a gold IRA company is to assist customers with their gold IRA rollovers to new depositories and help them purchase precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and more.

Are the Best Gold IRA Companies Expensive?

There's no one-size-fits-all pricing solution when it comes to the best gold IRA companies. However, each offers its own price plan, which usually includes a one-time account set-up fee as well.

However, the annual and other custodial fees may vary from one gold IRA company to another. The size of the precious metals IRA also determines the fees registered by the gold IRA companies. You should also expect storage fees associated with your precious metals IRA.

The Best Gold Investment Companies | Top Three Gold IRAS

Whether you're considering a gold IRA rollover or a long-term investment in gold bullion or another precious metal, you need to make sure that the precious metals IRA company you choose is the best for you and your needs. The same thing applies if you want to diversify your retirement portfolio.

We took the liberty of researching the four best gold IRA companies on the market right now and what they offer investors. Continue reading the following breakdown of each gold investment company if you want to open a gold IRA too.

#1 Augusta Precious Metals - FREE Gold When You Request IRA/401(k) Info!

Augusta Precious Metals
Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals has been deemed one of the best gold IRA companies by thousands of global customers to date.

The company has a solid reputation among investors, being noted as transparent and honest by many. Augusta Precious Metals takes care of its customers and helps them achieve their financial goals by partnering with the best depositories.

On top of that, this precious metals IRA company also offers customers a range of educational resources to help them learn more about gold IRAs in general.

The instructive videos and posts offered by Augusta Precious Metals allow investors to make sound decisions when it comes to opening a gold IRA.

This gold and silver IRA company will also provide you with a gold assistant who can personally guide you through the purchase and rollover process. Best of all, all customers can seek informational advice from the Harvard economists associated with this precious metals IRA company.

The customer service provided by Augusta Precious Metals is also one of the reasons why many investors consider it the best gold IRA company in the world.

On top of that, the set-up fees associated with this company are also minimal, with customers having to pay a maximum of $250 only. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • The annual custodial fee is only $100.
  • You have to pay $50 to appoint a guardian.
  • Private depositories can cost you $1o0 as storage fees.


  • The BBB approves of this company.
  • The BCA has also given Augusta Precious Metals a triple-A rating.
  • This company offers exceptional customer service.
  • Customers are not required to provide maximum investment to buy gold and silver.
  • Your purchased precious metals, such as gold and silver, will be delivered to your depository within 10 days.
  • The company offers customer support even after the purchase is complete.
  • Trustpilot has multiple five-star ratings for this gold IRA firm.
  • Customers can seek instant help from the company's live chat option.


  • You can't open a gold IRA online (it always has to be physically done).
  • The minimum investment in precious metals has to be $50,000.
  • Augusta Precious Metals has a limited supply of precious metals, gold coins, and bars.

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#2 Goldco - The Best for Transparent Gold IRA Fees


Similar to Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco ranks high as the best company to buy gold from for its minimum investment requirements and competitive price plans.

This gold investment company is excellent for those wanting to roll over funds from a previous IRA, 403(B), 401(k), etc.

customers can speak to any Goldco specialist if they want to open a new gold IRA account or transfer funds from pre-existing retirement accounts. On top of all that, this is also the best company to buy gold from directly. You can also purchase authentic silver coins from Goldco.

Anyone wanting to invest in IRS-approved coins and bars can trust Goldco and its gold IRA specialists. Customers can also learn more about the precious metals industry and how to invest in gold coins from the countless ebooks and films offered by the company.

Customer service is another factor that puts Goldco high on the list. It partners customers with specialist gold IRA providers who are knowledgeable about gold, silver, platinum, and other physical precious metals.

Many gold IRA companies stop providing customer support once the transaction phase is over. However, Goldco maintains a trustworthy relationship with all investors, even past the transaction and rollover process.


  • Consumer Affairs pins Goldco as the best gold investment company for those interested in gold IRAs.
  • Goldco has high BCA and BBB ratings and reviews.
  • The company has countless five-star reviews and ratings from global investors.
  • Live chat support is always available on the Goldco website.
  • The pricing solutions offered for gold IRAs are transparent and competitive.
  • customers can expect refund promotions from the firm too.
  • The minimum investment amount required to create a gold IRA is only $25,000.
  • You can sign up for free on the company website for more information on gold IRAs and other precious metals IRAs.


  • You can only set up your gold IRA account online.
  • Goldco only accepts cash as payment (it does not accept credit or debit cards at the moment).

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#3 The American Hartford Gold Group - The Best Option for Buyback Programs

The American Hartford Gold Group
The American Hartford Gold Group

Customers who are unsure about the precious metals market can rely on the AHGG to invest in gold bars. You can easily purchase gold and store your precious metals with this company for minimal prices.

The American Hartford Gold Group also offers customers excellent customer support, including a personal financial advisor to help new customers with their precious metals investments.

It also has a diversified category of gold and silver products, including insurance services and affordable storage solutions. However, transactions are not immediate, which is something you wouldn't expect from reputable gold IRA companies.


  • The Better Business Bureau rates it as a premier gold IRA company.
  • Customers can seek financial help on gold prices and their gold investments from personal advisors.
  • Live chat options are available around the clock.
  • Direct home delivery or transfer to a depository is available.
  • Customers can receive a buyback percentage for each purchased gold item.
  • The educational resources offered by the American Hartford Gold Group include a 25-page reference book on rollovers, IRAs, gold, bullions, etc.


  • The transactions are not speedy and can take up to three to five days to complete.
  • This company does not ship precious metals outside of the US.
  • There are no price plans available on the company website.
  • All transactions have a fixed cost of 1%.

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Should You Consider Investing in a Gold IRA?

Should You Consider Investing in a Gold IRA?

The whole point of investing your hard-earned money in precious metals is to keep profiting. Safeguarding your money in a bank is great, but what's even better is to diversify your portfolio through gold IRA companies.

Gold remains one of the best ways to store value, and it can offer a hedge against inflation and political uncertainty.

On top of that, gold investment companies, such as the ones mentioned above, can connect investors with qualified gold and silver professionals. What they can do is advise you on your financial goals and help you see the bigger picture during an economic downturn.

Getting precious metals isn't the hard part - the hard part is to store them and make a profit.

However, the top gold IRA companies we reviewed today can help you quickly set up a traditional IRA account and have your funds rolled over to the new retirement account.

Opening an IRA for storing precious metals also has many long-term benefits. Investing a good chunk of your savings in gold individual retirement accounts can benefit you when physical cash has no value. Here's how:

  • Rising Prices

Gold is one such commodity that never really loses its value. In any case, gold prices rise over time, even when paper money is worth nothing. However, even gold that is slightly affected by political uncertainties is quick to gain back its value and price.

  • Long-term Security

You don't have to worry about your gold investments going stale in a retirement account. This precious metal collects interest over time, which means it'll never be worth less than what you bought it for.

  • Portfolio Diversification

specialist economists always recommend diversifying your investment portfolio with different types of wealth and commodities. This obviously means you should buy gold bullion and store them in the best gold IRA accounts to diversify your savings.

Buying gold and silver items, including other metals, can add diversified value to your retirement accounts.

While other investments, such as stocks and crypto, are great, too, they are prone to frequent value fluctuations.

On the other hand, while real estate is also a good investment strategy, it highly depends on market trends.

However, gold barely fluctuates in price. It tends to hold its value for a long time and recovers quickly during industry downturns. This is why storing your gold investments in a trustworthy gold IRA company is so important.

In any case, a reputable gold investment company can safeguard your earnings and investments, keep them safe and secure in authorized storage facilities, and even offer insurance services through the best gold IRAs.

  • Tax Advantages

Many gold IRA investment companies offer customers tax-free withdrawals and contributions. However, tax-free advantages are only valid if you withdraw funds before a specific period and meet a few other customer requirements.

On top of that, a reliable gold IRA company might also offer you tax breaks for contributing to the IRA through stocks or real estate investments. In this case, the contributions you make are used to pay taxes for the account.

What to Know Before Opening a Precious Metal IRA - The Fees Associated

While investing in precious metals is relatively safe (given you are partnering with trusted companies only), there are some things all customers should be aware of. The most common problem new investors have with gold IRA companies is hidden fees.

Transparency is key in this industry, so check if the IRA company you're interested in first provides a detailed pricing and fee structure.

In general, the expenses you should expect from a gold investment company are annual maintenance fees, depository fees, tax penalties, storage fees, etc.

Final Words

The best gold IRA company can give you the potential to achieve greater returns on your savings. However, it's important to understand the potential risks associated with these types of investments before taking the plunge.

All of the organizations we reviewed today are some of the best companies to buy gold from, as they offer competitive prices, transparent rollover options, excellent customer support, and more.

However, investors should still thoroughly research providers, read reviews, and compare services to ensure they are choosing the best company for their needs.

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