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Best Fortune Teller Online for Accurate Fortune Telling Readings [2023]

Looking for a reliable fortune teller online? Read our guide to discover the best fortune teller sites for accurate fortune telling readings, Here is all you need to know about the top fortune teller services of 2023.

Best Fortune Teller Online

For any of us, making sense of the future and all of its possibilities can be difficult. Not knowing the unknown is scary and anxiety-inducing, to say the least. However, the good thing is that there are fortune tellers here to help. 

With the rise of technology, online fortune telling has become an increasingly popular way of predicting one's future and seeking guidance in life. Many people turn to fortune tellers when they don't know how to make a decision or when they want to gain insight into their situation, whether it’s pertaining to their personal or professional life. Fortune telling sites offer various services, including tarot readings, astrology readings, and even psychic predictions.

One of the most powerful uses for fortune telling is its ability to help users better understand themselves and their lives. By looking at symbols from different perspectives and making connections between events, users can gain insights into their own lives and circumstances. This allows them to make more informed decisions in all aspects of life, including relationships, work issues, money matters, spiritual growth, health matters and more. 

Finding an online fortune teller is no easy task and requires some research. While you don't need to travel to a brick-and-mortar store to consult with a fortune teller, it's important to find one that is trustworthy and accurate. To save you the time and hassle of researching fortune telling services online, we have compiled the best free fortune telling sites of 2023, so you can peek into the unknown without breaking the bank! 

Best Fortune Teller Services of 2023

1. Psychic Source - Overall Best Fortune Teller Website (3 FREE Minutes + 70% off)

2. Kasamba - Highest Quality, Most Experienced Fortune Tellers (3 FREE Minutes + 75% off)

3. California Psychics - Most Accurate Readings & User Matching Service (5 Free Minutes)

4. Keen Psychics -  Affordable Readings & Relationship Advice (10 minutes for $1.99)

Checking out fortune telling sites doesn't always mean serious business - it can even be an entertaining experience for those looking to have some fun. Whether you're searching for answers or wanting to connect with someone from another realm, these fortune telling sites offer it all.

Why Trust These Fortune Teller Sites?

There are several reasons you should choose these fortune telling sites. Each of these sites is reputable and has a long history in the fortune telling industry. You can take our word for it. We did our due diligence to ensure that potential customers can trust and rely on these sites’ services for reliable and accurate readings. 

Each of these fortune teller sites has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the quality of their readings, including assessments of the accuracy of their predictions and the expertise of their psychics. Additionally, all of these sites have a large selection of experienced psychics who are available to provide readings at several different price points. This way, you can compare their rates and pick the site that best suits your budget. 

So go ahead and dive into the unknown with one of these free fortune telling sites! You don't need to worry about accuracy or quality because each of these services has been thoroughly vetted for excellence. After all, no one wants to be taken for a ride when trying to look into their future - so you can count on these sites to provide you with the answers and guidance that you’re seeking. 

1. Psychic Source - Best Online Fortune Telling For Newbies

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is an online fortune telling platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing people from all walks of life to access professional fortune tellers from the comfort of their homes. Psychic Source allows users to access and connect with a large network of certified psychics who offer guidance and predictions on various life matters. Their services are especially beneficial for newbies looking to explore the world of fortune telling.

Psychic Source offers various types of readings, such as numerology, tarot cards, astrology, and many more. Each session is tailored specifically for the user's needs and desires. The psychics available on the platform are experienced professionals who have been carefully vetted before being accepted into their network. This means customers are always getting reliable, accurate information from qualified professionals each time they use the services offered by Psychic Source.

In addition to providing informative insights into one's life, Psychic Source also offers a wide range of other features, such as instant messaging with fortune tellers during sessions and a variety of customer loyalty rewards that include discounted rates on 3-minute readings for new members, monthly bonus deals and more. Other than that, all clients are guaranteed satisfaction if not completely satisfied with their session or if there is any issue related to technical support – simply contact their customer service team, who will do their best to provide a satisfactory resolution in no time at all!

The website also boasts multiple methods of communication between customers and psychics, such as phone calls, online chat messages and emails, making it simpler and easier for people to reach out when needed. It even has an app available so users can access their readings at any time from anywhere around the world. In addition, customers can access articles written by renowned professionals that provide advice on making the most out of their experiences with Psychic Source.

As compared to other fortune telling sites, Psychic Source has fewer offerings, but the quality of their services is undeniable. The platform has a long history of success, and its large network of experts is sure to give customers reliable advice and predictions.

However, the only issue that some customers may have with Psychic Source is the cost of their services – sessions vary in price, depending on the psychic's experience and credentials, so those looking for a cheaper option may want to look elsewhere.

All in all, Psychic Source is definitely one of the best online fortune telling options for newbies who want to explore this field. So, why not give it a try today? Who knows what secrets the stars may reveal about your future!

Main Features of Psychic Source

  • Introductory offers for first-time users
  • Quiz to pair you with the right psychic from the comfort of your home
  • Compatible app


  • Various methods of communication
  • Excellent customer service
  • Experienced and trustworthy professionals
  • In-depth and informative articles on fortune telling


  • Higher prices than other services
  • Fewer offerings than some other platforms

Fortune Telling Services Offered By Psychic Source

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are one of the most popular services offered by Psychic Source. Tarot cards are a great tool for fortune tellers to help provide insight and guidance, helping people make better decisions in life. The deck is made up of 78 cards that come with their own meanings and stories, giving psychics a deeper understanding of the person's life.

At Psychic Source, users can access accurate and reliable tarot card readings that are tailored specifically to their needs. There are various types of spreads available, depending on what the user is looking to gain from the reading, such as past, present and future interpretations, as well as options that focus on love life, career and more. Each spread has been carefully planned out by experienced professionals in order to give clients the best insights into their lives possible.

The process of getting a tarot card reading online with Psychic Source is easy; simply select your psychic, pick your preferred spread, answer questions about yourself and then wait for your reading to begin. During each session, customers can ask questions directly or discuss topics related to their query with their psychic for further clarity and accuracy.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is an ancient practice used to derive meaning from numbers and uncover deeper meanings in one's life. Each letter in an individual's name and birth date is assigned a numerical value to reveal hidden insights about the person's character, behavior and destiny.

At Psychic Source, customers can get accurate readings from experienced numerologists who can help them make sense of their current situation and gain valuable advice for their future. The number of sessions available varies depending on the psychic, but usually involves a combination of mathematical calculations and spiritual guidance to provide the clearest interpretation of the numbers.

The experts available at Psychic Source provide straightforward readings that include aspects such as karmic lessons, compatibility with others, personal strengths, weaknesses and more. With each reading, clients will gain a greater understanding of themselves, shed light on any pressing questions they may have, and find peace when making important life decisions.

Angel Card Readings

This type of reading uses an oracle deck to provide guidance and spiritual insights into the person's life. Angel cards draw upon the energies of angels, archangels and ascended masters in order to bring peace and clarity to the client's future.

Psychic Source has a vast selection of angel card experts who offer accurate readings focusing on different aspects such as love, health, career and more. Each session uses a special set of angel cards designed to provide insight into the person's current situation and offer advice for their future.

At Psychic Source, angel card readings are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment that allows clients to explore different life paths without feeling judged or pressured. The psychics at Psychic Source specialize in interpreting these divine messages with compassion and understanding so that customers can get the most out of each session.

2. Kasamba - Highest Quality, Most Experienced Fortune Tellers


Kasamba is a reliable, convenient and user-friendly platform for connecting with the most experienced fortune tellers from around the world. The site offers top-quality readings in various modalities – tarot, astrology, psychic readings, dream interpretation, numerology and more. Not only are their readers highly professional and accurate in their predictions, but they also bring immense joy to customers by providing them with meaningful insights into their lives that can help guide them along the right path.

The Kasamba website has undergone a major overhaul recently to make it even easier for users to find the perfect fortune teller for their needs. They now have an extensive list of verified advisors categorized under various topics, such as love & relationships, finance & career, health & healing and more. All you need to do is create an account and verify your identity by providing some basic information. Once that's done, you'll be able to browse through the list of experienced advisors and pick the one who resonates best with you.

The site also offers plenty of helpful features, such as ratings and reviews from past clients, so you can make an informed decision before booking a session with a particular advisor. Furthermore, all readings are 100% confidential – no information about clients or their sessions will ever be shared with outside parties. In addition, they offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you don't feel like you got value from your reading, you can get an additional free credit or refunded session.

Kasamba has a variety of payment plans to suit different needs and budgets. From PayPal to credit cards, they make it easy to purchase fortune telling sessions. Furthermore, all credit card information is encrypted with the latest security protocols, so your financial details remain safe and secure throughout the transaction process.

Kasamba's customer service team is also top-notch; they are available 24/7 via email, phone, or live chat and ready to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during your fortune telling experience.

If you are a new user looking for some clarity in life, Kasamba offers an exclusive introductory offer. Just sign up and get a free three-minute consultation with any fortune teller of your choice. It's the perfect way to try out the service and see how it can help you on your journey.

One of the few downsides to using Kasamba's fortune telling services is that their platform does not currently offer video calls. While this might not be a deal breaker for some, it could potentially be an issue for those who prefer to receive their readings remotely via video call.

All in all, Kasamba is a great platform for getting in touch with the best online fortune tellers in the business. Their experienced advisors can help you gain clarity and understanding in life, while their user-friendly website lets you easily find the perfect fortune teller for your needs.

So, whether you're looking for answers to some of life's biggest questions or simply seeking guidance on the right path, Kasamba is worth checking out.

Main Features of Kasamba

  • Easy signup process
  • Experienced fortune tellers
  • Extensive list of categories
  • Secure payment process


  • Free 3-minute consultation for new users
  • Multiple mediums to choose from
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No video call option available yet

Fortune Telling Services Offered By Kasamba

Palm Readings

Palm readings are one of the oldest forms of fortune telling, and Kasamba offers some of the most experienced practitioners in this field. The practice is based on the belief that every person's palm contains unique patterns and creases that can be interpreted to uncover hidden truths about their life. These lines, shapes and symbols provide insight into personality traits and even potential future events.

Kasamba's palm readers have extensive experience interpreting these signs and deciphering the messages they contain. Their readings can help a person gain clarity on various issues in life, such as love & relationships, career, finances, health & healing, spirituality and more. Through their expertise and intuition, they work with clients and fully explore their palms and interpret what they see to provide meaningful answers to their questions.

Spiritual Readings

Kasamba offers spiritual readings to provide clarity, answers, and direction to individuals seeking insight into their spiritual journey. Their fortune tellers are dedicated to helping people find the inner peace and understanding they seek.

Through spiritual readings, clients can better understand their connection with higher powers and divine energies. Fortune tellers also use these readings as a way to help clients access their intuition and tap into their own inner wisdom. By exploring the spiritual realm, they can then provide guidance on how to best use this newfound knowledge in our everyday lives.


Cartomancy is a form of fortune telling that uses a deck of cards. Kasamba's experienced fortune tellers are adept at reading the symbolism and hidden meanings in each card and can dive deeper into the interpretations to provide insight into life's questions. Through cartomancy readings, clients can gain clarity on their careers, relationships, finances, health and more.

Kasamba's cartomancy readers use a variety of decks during their sessions. Tarot cards are often used due to their wide range of imagery, while oracle cards are also commonly utilized as they provide more straightforward answers to specific questions. Clients may also be presented with Lenormand or Gypsy card readings if they want an overall perspective on their current situation.

Kasamba's fortune tellers also offer detailed analyses on their client's past and present circumstances and insights into potential paths for the future. They will interpret the symbols found in each card and combine them with other forms of divination, such as astrology and numerology, to give more detailed answers to their clients' queries.

3. California Psychics - Most Accurate Readings & User Matching Service

California Psychics

Founded in 1995, this online fortune telling service provides users with unparalleled access to experienced psychic advisors who can provide answers and advice on various topics, including love, relationships, money and career. With over 25 years of experience under their belts, these psychics have become renowned for their accuracy and expertise - so it's no wonder they are one of the most popular choices when it comes to free fortune telling services.

The California Psychics website is clean, modern and easy to use. The intuitive user interface guides you through the process of finding a compatible psychic with ease. You can search by area of expertise, time zone or style - making it super simple to find an advisor who suits your needs. Plus, there are plenty of in-depth reviews from past clients that can help customers make educated decisions about which psychic to work with.

The unique user-matching service offered by California Psychics really sets it apart from other fortune telling services. Clients can answer questions about who they are and what kind of experience they're looking for in an advisor so that the site can match them with someone who will best meet their needs. It's like having a personal assistant helping you find just the right psychic!

At California Psychics, they pride themselves on their comprehensive screening process, which helps them pick only the most respected and talented psychics from around the world. Each reader is extensively tested before being accepted into their network, so clients can be sure they're getting reliable advice and an accurate reading every time.

Additionally, they offer three different 20-min reading packages for customers, ranging in price from $1/min up to $4/min. Clients know exactly what they're paying for with each package, so it's easy to stay in control when budgeting for readings. Plus, customers get access to discounts and promotions like free minutes when taking advantage of longer-term plans - helping them save money over time on their psychic readings.

California Psychics also offers a birthday discount to their customers, which allows you to get an exclusive discount to use during your birthday month. Plus, their Karma Rewards Program lets you earn points for every purchase and then redeem them for free readings or even cash back! This is a great way to make the most of your money when using California Psychics.

California Psychics also gives you the option of hiring a premier psychic advisor - the best of the best. For just a few extra dollars, you can get in-depth and comprehensive readings from one of their most highly sought-after experts.

However, free fortune telling isn't offered by California Psychics - you'll need to purchase one of their reading packages in order to access their psychic advisors and get the answers and advice you're looking for.

Overall, California Psychics is an excellent free fortune telling service that can give users accurate readings on various topics. The user-matching system helps customers find exactly the type of expert they need, while the extensive screening process ensures reliable readings every time. With competitive prices, free minutes on long-term plans and special discounts - there's no reason not to check out what this online fortune teller has to offer!

Main Features Of California Psychics

  • Strict screening process
  • Competitive prices
  • User-matching service
  • Karma Rewards Program
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Agents Available 24/7/365
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Wide range of advisors
  • Highly accurate readings


  • Premium advisors are more expensive

Fortune Telling Services Offered By California Psychics

Clairaudient Psychics

Clairaudient psychics are one of the most sought-after psychics on California Psychics. These psychics tap into their spiritual ability to hear messages from beyond and can provide insight on often difficult-to-explain topics. Through their spiritual gifts, they are able to answer questions about your past, present and future with clarity and accuracy.

The clairaudient psychics on California Psychics have mastered their craft and have developed a reputation for being some of the most accurate psychics in the industry. They use their intuitive hearing ability to help customers gain greater insights into current issues and make informed decisions going forward.

Empath Psychics

These psychics have the ability to feel and understand another person's emotions and energies, allowing them to connect with their clients on a much deeper level. Through empathy, these psychics can sense their client's feelings and thoughts, providing valuable insight often overlooked during traditional readings.

The empath psychics on California Psychics use a combination of intuition and empathy to provide unique advice and guidance. Understanding how energy flows between people allows them to see into the future and help their clients make informed decisions based on their newfound insights.

Empath psychics are especially effective when it comes to relationship issues or matters of the heart because they can tap into both sides of a situation to gain clarity and offer advice that is tailored for each individual.

Runes Psychics

These psychics use a system of ancient symbols, or runes, to interpret the energy of the universe and gain insight into the future. Runes have been used by mystics and fortune tellers for centuries and are believed to offer a unique way to access knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible.

California Psychics’ runes psychics draw upon their unique skills to interpret these symbols and offer guidance on various matters, such as relationships, careers, finances, and more. Through their readings, customers can gain clarity on issues they may not understand, receive insights on potential outcomes of particular situations, and discover hidden opportunities they may have missed.

Unlike free fortune telling services that provide general advice or information about the overall situation at hand - runes psychics give specialized readings that provide specific insights into particular areas of life.

4. Keen Psychics - Affordable Readings & Relationship Advice

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics has been providing its users with top-notch fortune telling services since 1999. The company's mission is to offer accurate readings and advice on a wide range of topics, from love and relationships to career prospects.

Keen Psychics' team of over 2,000 psychic advisors boasts decades of experience in the field. They provide spiritual guidance and insight into any issue you may be facing. All advisors are screened for accuracy, expertise, quality assurance, and customer service excellence.

Keen Psychics offers a variety of services, including tarot card readings, astrology readings, angel readings, dream interpretations, psychic readings, numerology reports and more. You can also get advice on topics like love and relationships, life purpose and destiny, money and finance or health and wellbeing.

What sets Keen Psychics apart from other online fortune tellers is their face-to-face reading option. You can connect with your advisor via voice or video chat, allowing for a more personal connection than many other online services.

The customer service team at Keen Psychics is always helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have about their services. In addition, they offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied with your reading, you can request a full refund within the first three minutes of your call.

The site also features helpful articles on various subjects related to personal development, such as self-care tips for depression, understanding your feelings during difficult times or how to find balance in life. You can access these articles even if you have not yet signed up with the service.

Keen Psychics offers an amazing deal to new customers. When you sign up, you'll receive $9.99 in fortune telling credits to use towards your first reading. This is a great way to get an affordable introduction to their services and get the answers you need before investing more money.

Additionally, all transactions made through Keen Psychics are SSL-encrypted to ensure the highest level of online security.However, browsing through thousands of psychics to find the perfect one may be a bit overwhelming. To make your search easier, you can use their filters to narrow down your choices. You can filter by availability or subject matter expertise such as astrology, tarot cards or relationships.

We highly recommend checking out Keen Psychics if you're looking for online fortune telling services. From tarot card readings to astrology predictions, they have it all covered – at an unbeatable price.

Main Features Of Keen Psychics

  • Psychics available in different languages
  • Multiple reading options
  • Secure online transactions
  • Helpful articles and resources


  • Great intro offer – $9.99 in fortune telling credits
  • Face-to-face readings available
  • Comprehensive selection of over 2,000 psychics
  • High-quality and accuracy assurance


  • Choosing the right advisor may be overwhelming
  • Packages can be expensive

Fortune Telling Services Offered By Keen Psychics

Tarot Card Readings 

Tarot card readings are among the oldest and most popular divinatory arts. At Keen Psychics, they offer a variety of tarot card readings that provide insight into any issue you may be facing. Their experienced tarot card readers can help you gain an understanding into your future and unlock hidden potential.

Keen Psychics' tarot card readings are available in multiple formats: single-card readings, three-card readings, Celtic cross readings, love and relationship readings, spirit guide readings and more. They also offer daily tarot forecasts so you can stay up to date with what lies ahead in your life.

Career Forecasts

Keen Psychics' career forecasts can give you insight into your current job situation and help you make better-informed decisions about your professional future. Their experienced psychics can provide an in-depth analysis of your present circumstances, enabling you to understand what steps must be taken to move forward. Whether you're looking for career advice, guidance on a job change or information on the best opportunities available to you, their psychics can provide invaluable insight.

Life Path Readings

A life path reading is a powerful tool that can help you better understand yourself and your future. In this type of reading, an experienced psychic will use tarot cards and other tools to look at the big picture of your life and guide you in the right direction. This advice is invaluable if you're looking to make big changes in your life or are stuck in a certain area.

During a life path reading, the psychic will look at your past experiences and present circumstances to get a sense of where you've been and where you're heading. They will also be able to identify potential opportunities for growth along with any challenges that may arise in the future. Additionally, they can provide valuable insight into how best to approach these obstacles so that you can confidently face them head-on.

Best  Fortune Teller Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is fortune telling? 

Fortune telling is an ancient practice of predicting a person's destiny by interpreting symbols, signs, and omens. It often involves divination practices, such as tarot card readings, crystal ball gazing, numerology, astrology, etc. Fortune tellers have been around for centuries, bringing insights and guidance to people all over the world.

What fortune tellers are available online?

In the modern-day, fortune telling has moved online – and there are plenty of fortune tellers available on the internet. From tarot card readers to palm readers and rune-casting, you can find someone who can help you peek into the unknown from any corner of the globe. Each fortune teller has their own special way of predicting the future, so it's important to research each method before signing up for a session.

Can fortune telling be free? 

Absolutely! Although there are fortune tellers who charge a fee for their services, there are plenty of free fortune telling sites out there, too. These sites will generally allow you to ask simple questions or play games to predict your future. 

What is the best free fortune telling site in 2023? 

Ah, if only we had a crystal ball that could answer that for us! Luckily, we don't need one. We have compiled our top picks for the best free fortune telling sites of 2023, from tarot card readers to palm readers and everything in between. So, if you're looking to get a glimpse into the future without breaking the bank, these are your go-to fortune tellers. 

What tips should I keep in mind when fortune telling online?

Although fortune telling online can be a fun and entertaining way to get insights into your life, it's important to remember that all predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. It is ultimately up to you to decide what will bring meaning and purpose into your life – so while fortune telling can provide guidance, be sure to follow your intuition as well. 

How do you know if the online fortune telling site is legit? 

Take the time to research fortune tellers beforehand. Read reviews and testimonials from past clients, see if they have a social media presence, and be sure to ask questions before booking an online session. A legitimate fortune teller will have no problem answering any of your queries. If something feels off when speaking to the fortune teller or you feel uncomfortable in any way, trust your gut and look elsewhere. Remember, online fortune telling should be fun and entertaining – not stressful or worrisome! 

Is online fortune telling better than in-person? 

It really depends on the fortune teller and your needs. In-person fortune telling allows for a more personal connection with the fortune teller and can be helpful if you're looking for in-depth advice or guidance. Online fortune telling is convenient, cost-effective and perfect for those who are just curious about the future and want to get a glimpse of what's to come. 

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