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Best Essay Writing Services: Reviews Of College Paper Websites

Each site that writes essays will give you a different approach. In theory, the concept is the same. You choose a service, make a payment, send additional information regarding the essay, then wait for the final result. But then, each essay writer service has a few particularities too.

Best Essay Writing Services

Writing essays is one of the most popular academic tasks, especially during college days. Professors assign essays so often that it has become standard practice. On the same note, students often feel overwhelmed with their tasks.

You need to ditch your personal life and reduce your social interactions. The bad news is that you will need to focus on more essays at the same time. Not only is it difficult for most students, but those with jobs find it impossible.

Fortunately, essay writing services kick in to give you a hand. Here is everything you need to know.

Top 6 essay writing websites

Each site that writes essays will give you a different approach. In theory, the concept is the same. You choose a service, make a payment, send additional information regarding the essay, then wait for the final result. But then, each essay writer service has a few particularities too.

PaperHelp – The best overall essay writing website in the U.S.

Studdit – The best for research papers and dissertations

SpeedyPaper – The best value for money, affordable service

ExtraEssay – The best reputation online

ExpertWriting – The best for quick delivery

99Papers – The best for personal statements

PaperHelp – best essay writing service


Being around since 2008, PaperHelp has become one of the leading essay writing websites in this niche. There are hundreds of thousands of students using it, and the feedback is generally positive. It employs professional writers with experience in different fields and industries.

How it works

Calculate the price on the main page. Choose the type of service, academic level, type of paper, size, and deadline. You will get a quote within seconds, as it adjusts in real time based on what you choose. If you are happy with it, proceed with the order.

There are two forms you can use then. The simple one asks for a few details about the project. The extended one goes a bit further. You can also add extras, such as plagiarism reports. The next step will ask you to register or login if you already have an account. Make the payment and wait for the final result.


Services on PaperHelp are quite varied. Most students reach this portal for essay writing services. However, you can also opt for grading services, rewriting, correction services, and so on. Calculations, problem solving, editing, and proofreading services are also included.

There are more academic levels to choose from and dozens of paper types.


Prices are clearly displayed on a separate page. High school papers start at $12 per page, while professional papers start at $25 per page. Problem solving work is more expensive, while editing and proofreading services are cheaper.

The deadline will also affect the price. You can choose as little as three hours and as many as 20 days.


  • Plenty of services
  • Mobile app for notifications
  • Rigorous recruitment process
  • Previous writer option if you want more work
  • Free essay samples on more topics


  • Some extras and services are only available to VIP accounts, which cost more

Studdit – top paper writing service for dissertations


Studdit is yet another website that writes essays for you. The student friendly website offers a bunch of different services, with the main focus on essay writing. The team brings in more than 170 editors and writers from English speaking countries and not only.

How it works

Calculate your quote within a minute on the main page. Select the type of service, paper type, academic level, number of pages, and deadline. The price will adjust automatically based on what you need for your project.

If you are happy with it, the next page will ask for a few more details about the project. You can also choose the type of writer, as well as the writer's ID, if you have used the service before. Pick the paper format, attach any relevant files, and you are ready to make the payment by card.


Essay writing is the main service, but you can also go to Studdit for assignment or homework paper writing help, thesis help, personal statement writing, editing, proofreading, critical thinking work, presentations, and so on. There are plenty of paper types to choose from.

At the same time, there are essays for different educational levels.


A high school paper written from scratch will cost as much as previoust service or more per page, depending on the deadline. If you want it in three hours, it will cost even more per page. Problem solving projects cost more.

Editing and proofreading services will cost less, while admission help has variable prices.



  • Good selection of services
  • Easy and straightforward process
  • Three free revisions with terms and conditions
  • Multiple discounts for first-time users
  • Rush writing available


  • Students ordering less than 20 pages cannot benefit from three free revisions

SpeedyPaper – affordable best paper writing service


SpeedyPaper provides access to all sorts of writing services, from scratch or halfway through. The team brings in experts from multiple fields and industries, so there is always someone who can tackle your project. Results are quick and never compromise on quality, not even if you need urgent essay writing help.

How it works

SpeedyPaper works like most other websites in this niche. The main page comes with a quick form to get an instant quote. Pick the academic level, paper, deadline, and size, and the price will adjust by itself. The size can be given in pages or words, depending on your assignment.

If the price looks alright, go to the next page and include the subject, topic, requirements, and paper format. You can also upload research materials. The price may adjust based on what you need. Next, choose any extra features you may want and make the payment.


Services include top essay writing, paraphrasing, marking and grading, resume and dissertation writing, as well as problem solving projects. You can opt for high school, undergraduate, Masters or PhD services. The real surprise comes when you choose the type of paper, as there are dozens of options.

You have everything from biographies and case studies to thesis statements and critical thinking.



SpeedyPaper could be the best online essay writing service if you are after value for money. High school writing starts at $9 per page, while undergraduate papers go from $11 per page. Master’s papers cost $14 per page, while PhD projects go from $19 per page. Admissions cost $34 per page.

These prices are given for 20-day deadlines, which is what we recommend. They can almost triple up for six-hour deadlines.


  • Affordable prices
  • On time deliveries
  • Intuitive process
  • Good support team
  • Plenty of paper types available


  • You are never in direct contact with the writer but with an agent

ExtraEssay – essay writer service with best reputation online


Being around for around a decade and providing different services at affordable prices, ExtraEssay has gained good reputation overtime. To some, this is the best essay service out there. To others, a few light issues may cause some issues. Here is everything we found out about it.

How it works

Check out some free samples in the main menu to convince yourself about quality standards first. Then, you have a quick form on the main page, with plenty of criteria. Pick the size, deadline, paper type, and academic level. If you are lucky enough, you may get a first-time customer discount.

Happy with the instant quote? The next page asks for extra details. You can also choose to have the best essay writers on the portal for an extra fee or just the best available writer for free. Premium experts are also available. Add all the additional details and proceed with the payment, simple as that.



The online essay service offers services like essay, homework, coursework, term paper, presentation, speech, case study, dissertation, report, research paper, reviews, and resume writing. Paper types are extremely varied, though, and may include anything from abstract dissertation writing to statistics reports.

When you choose a service, your online essay writer will do 275 words per page. If your assignment has a specific number of words, do the math yourself and figure out how many pages you need.


Prices vary based on the academic level, deadline, and size. A page for high school work delivered in 14 days will cost $5.41. if you need it for PhD academic levels, it will go up to $16. College essays start from $7 per page, making ExtraEssay one of the cheap essay writing services out there.

The lowest return time is 1 hour for a page, but prices are higher, from $32 for high school papers to $42 for PhD papers.


  • Good value for money
  • Good reputation
  • Writer choices
  • Many additional services
  • Payments accepted in more currencies


  • Additional services will increase the overall price

ExpertWriting – best essay writers for quick delivery


ExpertWriting may not just be the cheapest essay writing service, but it is also advertised to be one of the highly diversified custom essay writing services. Basically, it makes no difference what subject you need help with. Someone in there is specialized in it and can provide an outstanding result.

How it works

You can order over the landing page, or you can go to the order tab. You will have to add the academic level, type of paper, deadline, and number of pages to get an instant quote. Each page counts 275 words, so divide the total number of required words by 275 if your assignment is given in words and not pages.

If you find the price good, go ahead and add additional details, such as the subject or instructions for your essay. You can also add additional services if you are interested. The price will be automatically adjusted. Make the payment, and someone will get in touch with you if they need something else.


ExpertWriting is one of the best websites for writing essays if you look at the services they offer. There are five academic levels to choose from, as well as dozens of writing work. You can choose any type of essay, coursework, biographies, case studies, reviews, and problem solving work, among others.

Unable to find what you are after? You can choose other types of essay then, meaning you will need to provide more specific details. The good news is no matter what you are after, someone will do it for you.


Unlike other websites which write essays, this college essay writing service does not display a list of prices. However, prices are shown on the main page as you get a quote. A high school essay delivered in 14 days will start from $10 per page, while a college essay over the same time frame will cost from $12 per page.

If you are in a hurry, you can get a college essay in as little as three hours, but it will cost $40 per page.


  • Free revisions
  • Full confidentiality
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Original work
  • Good at beating deadlines


  • Some additional services will cost more money, such as hiring a premium writer

99Papers – one of the best websites to write essays


99Papers could be the perfect choice if you are looking for an inexpensive college paper writing service with a good reputation. The paper writing service has been around for ages and has gained a top notch reputation. Most reviews are positive and encouraging.

How it works

You can get a free inquiry or place an order immediately, but you can also use the main page for both things. There is a quick form asking for your email, paper type, academic level, deadline, and size. The size is given both in pages and words, so assignment requirements make no difference.

Go on with the order, and you will be asked for extra details regarding the project, such as the subject. You can also add a few extra services if you feel like it, but you can skip and go straight to the payment page. Make the payment, and someone will start working on your paper straight away.


There are five academic levels to choose from – high school, two types of undergraduate levels, Master’s and PhD. There are plenty of options when it comes to the paper type, from classic essays and research papers to term papers and case studies, as well as everything in between.

The website might be confusing if you want other services because they are not listed anywhere. You will have to write down the type of service and hope it pops up on the landing page form. While 99Papers can write pretty much anything, they do not seem to offer services like editing or proofreading.


You can buy a cheap essay online from 99Papers. In fact, this is one of its main characteristics, being cheaper than other services. You can get high school essay writing help from $9.95 per page, as well as an undergraduate top essay writer service ranging between $12.8 and $15.9 per page.

Prices vary based on the deadline too. These prices are given for deadlines exceeding 15 days. If you want someone to write my college paper in three hours, get ready to pay between $33.3 and $36.9 for an undergraduate essay. Prices are clearly displayed on a specific page.


  • Good pricing system
  • High quality standards
  • Deliveries in as little as three hours
  • Special bonuses and gifts
  • Blog with handy articles


  • Choosing the right service can be a little confusing

Can these online services for essay writing help me?

If you live with your parents and have no friends, you may not necessarily need essay writing help. You probably have plenty of time to research the task and write the essay yourself. Sure, you can still get stuck here and there, but overall, it is doable.

If you value your social life, chances are you will get stuck. You will end up wasting nights trying to do some research and come up with a random piece of work. It works, but it may not help you pass the class. Any professor can tell whether or not you put some effort into it.

Those with families will find it even more challenging, not to mention those who need to work to pay for accommodation and food while studying away from home. They barely have enough time to study. When essays kick in too, the task becomes impossible to bear with.

Even if you have plenty of time and your research is flawless, it is one thing to be an expert in a subject and another thing to be good at writing essays. You need prolific writing skills as well, as excellent grammar and punctuation.

With these thoughts in mind, essay writing services are totally worth the time and money.

How we found the best essay writing websites?

So, you are looking for the best essay writing service out there and have no idea where to begin. A simple online search will literally give you hundreds of millions of results. Each service claims to be the best, and many paper writing websites list the best services based on their affiliate programs.

It feels like anyone can offer you the world, but the truth is only a few services out there can produce quality results. We have researched and even tried out different essay writing sites in order to provide the best results, but we have also picked the “crème de la crème” based on others’ reviews.

While we did try every essay writing website mentioned here, we also thought – what if we were just lucky? We did get some quality results, but each service has dozens, if not even hundreds, of writers. Maybe we just got lucky enough to find a professional.

Therefore, we went through plenty of other reviews left by different customers. And when we mention reviews, we focused on those that looked authentic and well-detailed. We checked out multiple review websites to write essays, as well as reviews over social media.

We even went the extra mile and asked for the best essay writing sites over different forums and discussion boards, but we also found forums run by students who have already tried everything.

We used different subforums on Reddit and researched the most popular recommendations. We have also found threads and topics for different professional essay writers, so we went through their reviews and recommendations as well.

There is nothing more credible than testimonials from people who have actually used such services. On the same note, we have also found lots of negative reviews in terms of quality or meeting deadlines. Such services were obviously scrapped from our list.

While paper writing service reviews represent our primary factor in ranking essay services, we have also paid attention to other things that may not necessarily make it to reviews. For example, we tried customer service before and after the project completion.

We have also gone through all sorts of features and extras, such as plagiarism checks, number of revisions, and so on. We have assessed prices and picked websites for essay writing which offer excellent value for money as well.

With these thoughts in mind, who can write my essay for me? Here are the top-rated options out there.

Online paper writing services vs. local providers

While you might be lucky enough to buy college essay papers from a local service, most people cannot find such services where they live. If you live in a big city, chances are you can find someone who can do it for you.

When choosing to buy essay papers online, your options are much more diversified. If a local service barely employs a few people for certain subjects, you can keep searching online and find an expert in anything you may need.

On the same note, a local service dealing with most of your colleagues will most likely provide the same style. When 20 different students show up with similar essays in front of a professor, they will know something is fishy.

With these thoughts in mind, we recommend finding a legitimate essay writing service over the internet rather than locally. Due to the harsh competition, you have plenty of options, more writers, different subjects, and a better value for money overall.

Is it legal to use your best essay writing services?

From a legal point of view, anyone could hire the best essay writer or someone else to do my essay for me. You can hire a professional writer, a specialist in the respective subject, one of your colleagues, or even your parents. It is perfectly legal in pretty much every country out there.

From a moral point of view, it may not necessarily be ethical, but then again, this is subjective. Some students may have families, so time is not always on their side. Some others need to work to pay for accommodation or school, so time is also limited.

Obviously, it would definitely help with essay writing if you wrote the essay yourself. However, hiring someone else to do it for you does not mean that you are clueless. Maybe you simply do not have the time to do it, or perhaps you are good at the respective subject, but you are terrible at writing.

With these ideas in mind, it is perfectly legal and moral to find an essay writing service in the USA. Make sure no one else knows about it, and there will be no moral consequences.

Sure, if your grades have been average throughout the year and your essays stand out, some professors may find it a bit dodgy. But at the end of the day, if you go through the essay before submitting it and you can tell what it is about, there will be no issues whatsoever.


Still unsure about hiring a cheap reliable essay writing service?

How much should I pay to write a college paper?

There is no such thing as a general rule because each essay is different. It depends on how big it is, for example. It is one thing to need a couple of pages and a different thing to need 20 pages. Then, the academic level is just as important.

High school papers cost less than PhD papers. Essays are cheaper than dissertation work too. However, if you are after a simple essay for college, you should pay anywhere between $12 and $14 per page. Our recommendation is to decide on service and order quickly, as short deadlines are much pricier.

Are there any legit essay writing services?

The truth is you are more likely to find a legit essay writing service than an illicit one. Essay writing is legal, but make sure you find a company with a good reputation, crystal clear contacts, and many years in the industry.

Despite being legit, quality remains an issue affecting the industry because everyone thinks they can write an essay. We obviously recommend going for one of the front runners in this industry. You can find both a legit and affordable essay writing service if you do your homework and research the market.

Which essay writing service is the best?

It is difficult to determine the best service because many good essay writing services offer excellent results. The above mentioned best paper writing services are among the front runners because they have been around for years, offering good quality standards and customer service, not to mention various discounts.

Some students might be after an urgent essay writing service, meaning they will pick a service that can deliver in as little as three hours. Some others may not be pressured by time, so they could choose a service based on the price.

How to differentiate trusted essay writing websites from scammers?

If a service or special offer is too good to be true, it probably is. You will find some top essay writing services providing high quality standards, as well as paper writing services that no one has ever heard about.

The actual reputation is one of the most important things in the process, so make sure you choose a service with more than just a handful of essay writing service reviews.

Avoid random freelancing services because there are no guarantees at all. A reputable service is more likely to guarantee the final result but also offer some free revisions if you actually need them.

Final thoughts

Whether you need a dissertation, case study or college admission essay writing service, you do have some good options out there. There are lots of reliable services that can assign professional essay writers to your tasks at decent prices.

On the other hand, you may also find services that promise you the world, but without actually being able to raise your quality standards. Low prices can often be misleading and cause more hassle than actual results.

The best paper writing services we have researched are among the oldest businesses in this industry, so they tend to stick to rigorous recruitment services to preserve quality. On the same note, the high market competition ensures prices are kept at decent levels too.

Their services are quite varied too, so it makes no difference if you need a random college essay, a dissertation paper, or anything in between. Chances are the service you choose will be able to deliver on time.

Again, we recommend placing an order early, as it may need revisions. Besides, the earlier you do it, the less you will pay.

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