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Best CSGO Crash Sites 2023 - Top 10 Crash Promo Codes & Guide

Here you have our top 10 recommendations for CS:GO crash gambling, choose your favorite site now to start playing.

CSGO Crash Sites

Do you want to play CS:GO crash, but you don’t know where? With so many new CSGO gambling sites, we understand it’s hard to choose the right one. And this is why we built this ranking with the 10 best CSGO crash sites for 2023, so you can find your ideal site ASAP.

With generous bonuses full of free skins, credits, and cases, a superb CSGO crash gambling experience with entertaining themes and game modes, and hundreds of rounds every hour 24/7, it’s easy to see why our recommended sites are your best choice.

Check out our ranking below so you can start playing CS:GO crash today at a top-notch gambling site.

Our Top 10 CS:GO Crash Sites

Here you have our top 10 recommendations for CS:GO crash gambling, choose your favorite site now to start playing:

  1. CSGORoll : Best Overall CSGO Crash Site - Code CSGOMAX
  2. CSGO Luck : Best Bonuses for Crash - Code CSGOMAX
  3. CSGO500 : Best for Crypto - Code CSGO500MAX
  4. CSGOEmpire : Best for Free Coins - Code CSMAX
  5. Gamdom : Best for Fast Payouts - Code CSGOMAX
  6. CSGO Fast : Best for Playing On Mobile - Code CSGOMAX
  7. InsaneGG : Best for Free CS:GO Skins - Code CSGOMAX
  8. ClashGG : Most Entertaining Game Mode - Code CSGOMAX
  9. Duelbits : Crash Rounds Every 10 Seconds - Code CSGOMAX
  10. Roobet : High Bet, Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

You can find more information about our recommended sites below.

CSGORoll : Best Overall CSGO Crash Site


We have ranked CSGORoll as the best overall CSGO crash site because it offers all the benefits you could ask for:

  • Generous welcome bonuses to get free skins, free cases and free money
  • A fun and entertaining Crash theme and game mode
  • Solid gambling experience on mobile and desktop
  • Regular Giveaways and Promotions worth $300K-$500K to win every more free skins and money to bet on CSGO Crash
  • Prices for skins and items are pretty similar to Steam Community Market
  • Hyper fast payouts without annoying KYC procedures

If you want the most complete and satisfactory CSGO crash gambling experience, then CSGORoll can bring you it.

CSGO Luck : Best Bonuses for Crash


CSGO Luck offers all the types of bonuses you will ever need for playing CSGO crash. For starters, it brings you a 100% extra bonus on your first deposit, so you can duplicate your bankroll instantly. You can also claim free skins, free cases and free money on the regular, so you can place more bets at Crash.

The CSGO Crash experience offered by CSGO Luck is satisfactory at its best thanks to its fast and reliable platform, entertaining game mode and frequent bonuses that will bring you new credits to fund your wagers.

CSGO500 : Best for Crypto


If you want to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings via cryptocurrencies, then CSGO500 is the ideal site for you. From Bitcoin to USDT, this site will bring you the ease of managing your money discreetly, fast and with virtually no fees.

CSGO500’s Crash game is entertaining, fast and highly profitable because it’s known for frequently paying high multipliers. And since it has a large catalog of other CSGO gambling games, you can use your Crash profits to try out new games.

CSGOEmpire : Best for Free Coins


If you’re looking for a site that will reward you with free coins regularly, then CSGOEmpire is the right choice for you. You can use these free coins to play their CSGO Crash game, and since it’s free money, you can skyrocket your profits.

CSGOEmpire has been operating since 2016, and hence it’s one of the most reputable providers on the market. Its CSGO crash game has been thoroughly audited, proving that it’s fair and transparent

Gamdom : Best for Fast Payouts


Money loves speed, and this is the motto that Gamdom lives for, because they offer the fastest payouts in the CS:GO crash gambling sector. You can receive your money in a matter of minutes, so you can use your profits as you wish.

Gamdom also stands out thanks to its generous rakeback up to 60%, so here you have another reason to give it a try. And since its Crash theme is entertaining, you’re guaranteed to have a blast playing here.

CSGO Fast : Best for Playing On Mobile


Mobile gambling is quickly surpassing desktop gambling, and CS:GO crash is not the exception, because thousands of players use their smartphones and tablets to play this iconic CSGO gambling game. And if you’re one of those gamers, then you’ll love CSGO Fast because it offers the best mobile CSGO crash gambling experience.

CSGO Fast is also famous for bringing generous bonuses to both new and existing users, mainly free skins and free money.

InsaneGG : Best for Free CS:GO Skins


InsaneGG is an ideal site for playing CS:GO Crash because it has amazing animations, they have rounds every 10-12 seconds, they’re 100% fair and random, and they give away free CS:GO skins on the regular that you can use for betting on Crash.

The advantage of InsaneGG is that their free skins are usually worth more than just a few cents, and if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on highly-valuable CSGO skins and items. And you can use them to stock up your inventory, or to place your wagers at CSGO Crash.

ClashGG : Most Entertaining Game Mode


If you are fed up with the classic game modes that most CS:GO crash sites offer because you’re looking for something new, then ClashGG is the ideal site for you. Thanks to its crazy Crash game mode, you’ll have endless hours of fun along with generous bonuses and massive payouts.

It uses a crazy chicken on fire that will fly higher as the multiplier goes up, and even though it sounds kind of weird, it’s surprisingly entertaining. The thousands of users that visit ClashGG for playing their CSGO Crash game mode can vouch for it.

Duelbits : Crash Rounds Every 10 Seconds


If you want to play as many rounds as possible, then Duelbits is the perfect Crash site for you. Because it offers CSGO crash rounds every 10 seconds, which means that you can play 6 rounds every minute, 360 rounds every hour and over 8,000 rounds per day. And since you can use their auto-play feature, you can play Crash on automatic. 

Roobet : High Bet, Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

If you’re a high roller, then you need high limits for bets, deposits and withdrawals, and this is exactly what Roobet can bring you. Being one of the most reputable CSGO gambling sites in the industry, its Crash game accepts big wagers and you can deposit and cash out big wins without problems. Roobet also offers a big catalog of additional games that you can explore, and hence you can use your Crash profits to try them out.

As a high roller, especially for playing Crash, you can also get invited to join their VIP Club that will offer you special benefits such as higher limits, exclusive bonuses and rewards.

How to Join a CS:GO Crash Site in 5 Steps

If you’re ready to start playing CS:GO crash at our recommended sites but you don’t know how to join them, then here’s how you can do it in only 5 steps:

  1. Choose your favorite CSGO crash site from our ranking, for example CSGORoll
  2. Visit the website by clicking its name
  3. Sign up via Steam, email or social media
  4. Verify your account
  5. Claim your welcome bonus and start playing CS:GO Crash!

All of our recommended sites will allow you to sign up via Steam, being this the quickest way to join a CS:GO Crash site. You’ll be able to start playing right off the bat, with the help of your welcome bonus, which can be a matched deposit bonus, free skins, free cases or free money/coins.

You can also join via social media or email, but we encourage you to opt for Steam because it’ll automatically guide you through the process of adding your Steam Trade URL, a crucial step for gambling and winning CS:GO skins and items when playing Crash.

What Are CS:GO Crash Sites?

They are special online gambling sites where you can play CS:GO Crash, an iconic skins gambling game where you can place a bet and multiply it by x2, x5, x100, x1,000 or even more. All you need to do is to quit the game before the multiplier crashes, hence the name of the game.

Unlike regular CSGO gambling sites, these platforms offer all the features and benefits that users need to have a superb CSGO crash gambling experience. From rounds every 10-12 seconds, extremely high multipliers (over x1,000), plenty of bonuses for playing crash, and entertaining themes and game modes, these sites have been especially designed for playing CSGO crash on desktop and mobile.

Types of Bonuses Available at CS:GO Crash Sites

Our recommended sites will offer you a series of different bonuses that will supercharge your CS:GO crash gambling experience, here’s what you need to know.

Free CS:GO Skins for Crash

Did you know that our recommended sites can reward you with free CS:GO skins just for signing up? You can use these skins for betting on Crash without using real money from your pockets, allowing you to generate your first winnings the risk free way.

Free CS:GO Cases for Crash

Our recommended sites also offer bonuses that will reward you with free CS:GO cases that will stock up your inventory with new skins. You can use these new skins to bet on Crash to generate more profits, even if you haven’t made a real money deposit yet. This is the ideal way to test the waters of CSGO Crash gambling without risk.

Free Money Bonuses for Crash

Just like traditional online casinos, our recommended sites can also reward you with free money, credits or coins that you can use for betting on CSGO crash. For example, CSGOEmpire is famous for giving away free coins on the regular, bringing you more options for playing crash and winning big with a high multiplier.

Match Up Deposit Bonus

If you’re ready to make your first real money deposit, then you can take advantage of a match up deposit bonus that will increase your bankroll. For example, CSGOLuck will reward you with an extra 100% match up deposit bonus on your first deposit, multiplying your bankroll by 2x. You can use these free credits to play CSGO crash as much as you wish.

Reload Bonuses for Crash

For every new deposit of real money that you make on sites such as [XYZ], you’ll obtain an extra 5-10%, bringing you free credits that you can use to bet on CSGO Crash. This is one of the most popular bonuses for Crash because it helps you to increase your ROI long term.

About the Fairness and Randomness of CSGO Crash

CS:GO Crash games are Provably Fair in the majority of cases (hence we only select sites that use this technology), to make sure that all the results are random, fair and verifiable. Since all the records are stored in a blockchain, you can check them whenever you wish, hence you can verify the fairness of each round of CS:GO crash at our preferred CSGO gambling site.

CS:GO crash sites that use Provably Fair technology bring the guarantee that all the outcomes will be transparent, provable and verifiable. And since our recommended sites are audited by third-party and independent auditing firms, you can rest assured that their Provably Fair systems work correctly.

This is how CS:GO crash sites guarantee fairness and randomness in each one of their crash games and rounds, thanks to Provably Fair tech that makes the entire process transparent.

How to Play CS:GO Crash on Our Recommended Sites

Perhaps you’re all hyped up for playing this game but you don’t know how because it’s new to you. You don’t have to worry, because our quick tutorial will teach you how to play CS:GO Crash like a pro in record time.

How to Play a Round of CS:GO Crash

Here’s how you can play a round of CSGO crash at our recommended sites:

  1. Visit your preferred CSGO crash site
  2. Choose your favorite Crash game
  3. Select your preferred Crash game mode or theme
  4. Place your bet
  5. Wait for the round to start
  6. Watch the multiplier go up and click on “Cash Out” when you’re ready to quit the round
  7. Enjoy your profits!

If you fail to click on “Cash Out” before the multiplier crashes, then you will lose your entire bet or wager.

Strategies for Winning Big at CS:GO Crash

Here you have our best strategies for winning big prizes when playing CS:GO crash:

  1. Define your bankroll and bet size beforehand, so you know exactly how much you’re going to risk in each wager
  2. Define your level of risk, so you know for what multipliers you should aim. If you want to keep it low risk, then stick to multipliers in the range of x1.2 to x2.0, whereas if you want to go for high risk, high reward, then aim for multipliers equal or higher than x5.0
  3. Define your stop loss, so you know when it’s time to call it a day and come back another day, before you end up burning your entire bankroll
  4. Make use of free skins, free cases and free credits/money to bet on Crash and aim for high multipliers, because since it won’t hurt your bankroll, you can use these free plays to aim for a big prize
  5. Study the last 100 rounds by exploring the Provably Fair blockchain of the CSGO crash game, so you know what multipliers have the highest incidence rate.

Crash is a high risk game, but it can bring you life-changing payouts. Therefore, follow our strategies and you’ll be nearer to winning that big prize that can transform your life for better.

How we choose the Best CS:GO Crash Sites

Here you have the exact selection process we have used for building our ranking of the best CSGO crash sites for 2023, so you can see why you can trust our recommendations.

Fairness and Reputation

We only select CS:GO crash sites that are 100% Provably Fair, because it’s the unique way to guarantee that all the results will be completely random and thus fair. Fortunately, all of our recommended sites use this blockchain-powered tech, bringing you the peace of mind that you aren’t playing rigged CSGO crash games.

We also make sure that they have been properly tested and audited by an independent third-party auditing firm. Because this way we make sure that the Provably Fair system is working perfectly, bringing random and fair results every single time.

The online reputation is also important, and hence we check reviews and ratings on TrustPilot, HLTV.org, Reddit, Steam Community, and other skins gambling communities and forums to see what they think about a particular CSGO gambling site. If the majority of comments, reviews and ratings are positive, then we proceed with our selection process.

CSGO Crash Gambling Experience

We are aware that many online casinos and CS:GO gambling sites offer Crash, but only a few have all the factors to guarantee a superb CS:GO crash gambling experience. Here you have a list with all the factors we took into account:

  1. Multiple rounds every hour with availability 24/7 - ideally bringing you rounds every 10 seconds, which equals to thousands of CSGO crash rounds every day
  2. Fun, entertaining and even crazy themes and game modes to keep you hooked every time you play crash
  3. A fast, reliable and lag-free platform where you can play CS:GO crash without interruptions
  4. A reliable and fast mobile website where you can play CS:GO crash anywhere and anytime
  5. A clean and comfortable interface that allows you to place bets and quit the rounds with precision to avoid costly mistakes

You’ll have a blast playing CS:GO crash at our recommended sites because we’ve tested them all, and we have been 100% satisfied. And if you don’t take our word for granted, you can play Crash for free at our ranked sites by claiming their welcome offers, and this takes us to the next section: Bonuses and Promotions.

Bonuses and Promotions

An excellent CSGO crash site must offer plenty of generous bonuses such as:

  1. Free CS:GO skins
  2. Free CS:GO cases
  3. Free coins, diamonds or money
  4. First deposit match up bonus
  5. Reload bonuses

This will allow you to play for free at the beginning, so you can test the waters of a new CSGO crash site without risk, or you can use these bonuses to buff up your bankroll. And this means bigger bets, and hence your potential ROI will skyrocket. 

Giveaways and Loyalty Reward Program

In addition to bonuses and promotions, we also make sure to recommend CS:GO crash sites that host generous giveaways and offer a generous loyalty reward program, so you can receive the best ROI for your time and money. 

For example, our #1 CSGO Crash site, CSGORoll, hosts several giveaways throughout the year that bring gifts and rewards worth $300K-$500K+ to loyal users, so you can get plenty of free skins and credits that you can use to bet on crash.

Prices for CS:GO Skins and Items

If you decide to gamble and win CS:GO skins, then you need to get an excellent price for them. This is why we only recommend Crash sites that correlate to the Steam Community Market prices as much as possible. You’ll obtain the best value for all of your bets and potential winnings, since you’ll receive skins and items corresponding to their real sale price. 

Mobile Crash Gambling Experience

Did you know that over 50% of gamblers play from their smartphone or tablet? This applies to CS:GO Crash gamblers too, and this is why we’ve only selected sites that can provide an outstanding mobile gambling experience.

For example, sites like CSGO Fast offer a fast, reliable and fully responsive mobile website that works on iOS, Android and Windows, as well as browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, amongst others. You can place your bets on CSGO Crash with precision, to avoid “fat finger” mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

Online Security

CS:GO skins are worth serious money, and hence you need to join a CSGO crash site that will protect your inventory, and private and financial information. This is why we only select sites that meet the following security standards:

  • A valid SSL certificate issued by a reputable firm such as Comodo
  • Fully encrypted communications to prevent data leaks
  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) to prevent and counteract DDoS attacks
  • User-centric security measures such as 2FA (two factor authentication), strong passwords and unrecognized/suspicious login attempt alerts
  • A dedicated online security team working 24/7

You can rest assured that our recommended sites will protect your inventory from hackers and cyber criminals, so you can play CS:GO crash without worries.

Payment Methods and Deposit/Payout Limits

A proper CS:GO crash site must bring you different payment methods for deposits and payouts, low fees and a fast processing time especially for withdrawals. This is why you’ll find the following payment methods at our recommended sites:

  1. CS:GO Skins
  2. Visa
  3. MasterCard
  4. Bank Wire (SWIFT and SEPO)
  5. PayPal
  6. Neteller
  7. Skrill
  8. WebMoney
  9. Payoneer
  10. Payeer
  11. Bitcoin
  12. USDT
  13. Litecoin
  14. Ethereum
  15. DOGE
  16. Google Pay
  17. Apple Pay
  18. AstroPay
  19. EcoPayz
  20. Qiwi

You can also rely on our CS:GO crash sites for big bets, deposits and payouts because they support high limits, especially sites such as CSGORoll, CSGOEmpire and Roobet.

Customer Support Service

Our recommended sites offer the best customer support service via phone, email, live chat or tickets. You can expect to receive an answer fast (especially via live chat), with practical solutions to your questions or issues.


If you want more details about CS:GO crash gambling sites and the game itself, then the answers to the most frequently asked questions will come in handy.

Are CSGO crash sites legal?

Yes, CS:GO crash sites are legal in the majority of jurisdictions. However, we encourage you to check your local laws and regulations in regards to skins gambling, to make sure that you’re allowed by law to play at CSGO crash sites.

Is CSGO crash rigged?

No, because our recommended sites only offer Provably Fair CSGO crash games. It means that all the results will be verifiable, provably, transparent and random. Since they all have been audited, you can rest assured that all the rounds of CSGO crash that you play will be fair.

Can I play CS:GO crash on mobile?

Yes, our recommended sites have their own mobile websites where you can play CS:GO crash from your smartphone or tablet. If you’re looking for the best mobile CSGO crash gambling experience, then you should try CSGOFast or CSGORoll.

Can I play CS:GO crash for free?

Yes, you can take advantage of bonuses such as free skins, free cases and even free money/coins that you can use for playing CS:GO crash risk-free. From our ranking, sites like CSGORoll, CSGOLuck, CSGOEmpire and CSGO500 will allow you to play for free just by claiming their welcome bonuses.

Can I bet CSGO skins on CSGO crash?

Yes, you can bet your CS:GO skins on CS:GO crash at our recommended sites. All you need to do is to log in via Steam, add your Steam Trade URL and you’ll be able to use your skins as a currency for betting on Crash.

What is the highest CS:GO crash payout?

According to records, the highest CS:GO crash payout has been over 1,000,000x - which means that even by just betting a skin worth $1, you’d already be a millionaire. 

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.