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Best Cryptocurrency To Buy During The Bear Market

If you’re trying to figure out what’s the best cryptocurrency to buy during the bear market, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to get into this list of 11 assets that should recover well when the next bull run begins.


Best cryptocurrency to buy during the bear market

The collapse of FTX has brought new lows to an already-challenging bear market in the cryptocurrency industry. But bear markets have historically been the best time to buy crypto assets, as long as you’re okay with holding for a multi-year timeline.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s the best cryptocurrency to buy during the bear market, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to get into this list of 14 assets that should recover well when the next bull run begins.

1. Shiba Memu (SHMU) - A Loyal Pup During the Bear Market

As the bear market casts its shadow of uncertainty, this loyal pup emerges as a beacon of opportunity for astute investors looking to navigate these challenging times.


This brand new meme coin, powered by AI, has taken the market by storm, and its unique features make it a compelling choice for those looking to navigate the bear market with confidence.

Shiba Memu's integration of AI technology sets it apart from the crowd. Unlike many meme coins that solely rely on hype generated by celebrity endorsements, Shiba Memu harnesses the power of AI through natural language processing, machine learning, and other advanced technologies. 

This combination allows the coin to continually monitor social media and online forums 24/7, analyzing sentiments expressed in statements, videos, and images. As a result, Shiba Memu is adept at transforming any negative sentiment into positive ones, making it a resilient asset in the face of market volatility.


Shiba Memu's unique focus on combining cryptocurrency with AI gives it an exciting use case beyond being a mere speculative asset. This in-built utility provides a sense of stability and purpose, making Shiba Memu more than just a cute mascot but a practical investment choice during uncertain times.

The daily price increase of SHMU tokens during the presale phase offers immediate ROI to investors, incentivizing early participation. Savvy investors who recognized the potential from day one enjoyed substantial gains, witnessing an impressive total increase of 119.33% by the end of the presale. Such performance in a bear market is a testament to this top dog's strength and appeal.

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2. Chancer (CHANCER) - A Safe Bet in Challenging Times

In the midst of a challenging bear market, Chancer stands out as a shining beacon of opportunity and innovation. While traditional markets may be experiencing turbulence, Chancer's unique proposition and technological prowess make it an enticing prospect for investors seeking stability and growth even in uncertain times.

One of the key factors that make Chancer stand out during the bear market is its disruptive approach to the betting industry. While many sectors struggle to navigate economic downturns, Chancer's decentralized, blockchain-based predictive markets app offers a resilient and self-sustaining ecosystem. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, Chancer provides users with a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) betting system that remains unaffected by the traditional market forces.


Chancer's versatility and adaptability also play a significant role in its resilience during the bear market. Unlike other platforms that may have limited use cases, Chancer's users can bet on a vast array of events, transcending beyond traditional sports betting. This flexibility allows Chancer to cater to diverse interests, tapping into a broader market even when traditional industries face challenges.

In addition to its technological advantages, Chancer's native token, CHANCER, offers a unique value proposition. During the bear market, investors often seek assets with strong utility and potential for growth. CHANCER tokens serve as the lifeblood of the platform, facilitating bets and offering holders discounted fees, adding a tangible value to the token itself.


As traditional markets face headwinds, Chancer's unique utility and potential for growth, position it as a resilient and promising option for investors seeking opportunities that defy market downturns.

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3. AltSignals (ASI) - Signaling One of the Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy During the Bear Market

In the treacherous terrain of a bear market, AltSignals (ASI) emerges as a top contender, offering investors a shield of resilience and the promise of growth. 

AltSignals has already established itself as a leading provider of trading signals, garnering trust and admiration from the crypto community. With over 1500 successful trading calls and a stellar 4.9/5 rating on TrustPilot, AltSignals has demonstrated its ability to navigate the market's ups and downs with precision.


To enhance its trading signals further, AltSignals introduces the groundbreaking ActualizeAI toolkit, leveraging the power of AI mechanics. Through predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing (NLP), ActualizeAI refines data using historical trends to empower members with even more profitable trading opportunities.

As an ASI coin holder, you gain exclusive access to the ActualizeAI toolkit once it is fully developed. This distinct advantage sets ASI apart, as investors can rely on AI-driven signals to navigate the bear market's challenges with confidence. Amidst market uncertainties, ASI becomes a beacon of opportunity, empowering investors to make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on market movements.


ASI's ICO launched with great promise, starting at a modest price of $0.012 per token. As the presale progresses through five stages, the token's value is projected to reach an impressive $0.02274. Early investors stand to gain an outstanding 228% paper yield during the ICO's duration, making ASI a top contender for strategic investment during the bear market.

By harnessing the power of AI with the ActualizeAI toolkit, ASI coin holders can navigate market downturns with a competitive edge, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking stability and growth in uncertain times. Secure your position in the crypto market and consider ASI as a strategic addition to your portfolio during the bear market.


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4. Metacade (MCADE) - Overall Best Crypto to Buy in the bear market

Metacade is Web3’s first virtual arcade. It’s a platform anyone can use to play the latest, greatest GameFi and P2E titles. Its native token, MCADE, can be used to access games on the platform, enter competitive tournaments and prize draws, and engage with the Metacade ecosystem’s best content.

Metacade has begun to stand out in this bear market, in part thanks to the success of its presale saw a high level of interest. There are a number of other reasons behind its popularity too - not least of which is an excellent position in an exploding industry.


First, Metacade is entirely unique in the world of Web3. It brings together gamers from all walks of life on a highly-inclusive platform that delivers access to many of the best GameFi projects in a single place. That means it has something for everyone.

Whether you enjoy RPGs, RTS games, action titles, or anything else, you should be able to find Web3’s best version of it on Metacade. This positions Metacade to act sort of like the Steam of Web3 gaming.

Additionally, the platform is giving out Metagrants to game developers. They will submit proposals to the Metacade community who will vote for their favourite and then the winner will receive funding to bring the game to life. The system helps to ensure Metacade is filled with a constant supply of brand-new games to enjoy.


When you put it all together, you get a platform that is diverse and valuable enough to users to make it through the bear market and emerge stronger on the other side.

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5. Bitcoin - Safe Store of Value

Bitcoin needs no introduction. It’s the cryptocurrency that started it all and it’s still number 1 in terms of market cap . In the early days of Bitcoin, it served as a currency but now it’s become the dominant store of value in the crypto ecosystem.

What makes Bitcoin one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy during the bear market is its safe upside. No matter what happens next cycle, you can be sure that Bitcoin will be one of the top assets given its legacy and widespread usage.


If you want to hold some money in crypto, but aren’t interested in taking major risks, then Bitcoin is the coin for you.

6. Ethereum - Safest Layer 1 Platform

Ethereum is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the bear market. It’s the leading smart contract platform, which introduced the world to decentralised exchanges, NFTs, and many of the other top crypto innovations.

Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin in that it’s almost too big to fail at this point in its development, given how essential it is to everything in the world of crypto. There are also those who say Ethereum has more upside left than Bitcoin because it has a lower market cap and more use cases than BTC.


If you ask most experts, they’ll tell you to at least have some BTC and ETH in your bear market portfolio, so keep that in mind as you look for the best crypto to buy in the bear market.

7. Cosmos Hub (ATOM) - A New Kind of Layer 1 with Catalysts

Cosmos Hub is another project worth checking out during the bear market. Its ATOM token is the foundation of a new kind of layer 1, which is called the interconnected blockchain network.

You can think of it a bit like the internet of blockchains because it connects many independent layer-1 networks, which are application-specific – meaning they’re only home to one application instead of many, like Ethereum. This approach has technical benefits for builders. 


ATOM will help to provide security for all of those independent chains, which means it could be very successful and a buy during the next crypto bull market.

8. Aave - The Original Crypto Lending Platform

Aave is the project that popularised the idea of using cryptocurrency as collateral to take out loans. There are many other platforms that offer this service now but Aave has the highest level of trust among the community, regulators, and major investors. That means it should have no problem making it through the bear market.

On top of that, Aave is starting to expand. The project began on Ethereum but has since moved to other chains like Polygon and Avalanche. It’s even introduced its own stablecoin and other upgrades could be coming soon.


At this point in its development, Aave has emerged as one of the leading innovators in all of crypto and it has more users now than most projects did at the peak of their popularity during the bull market.

9. Binance (BNB) - Leading Exchange and Ecosystem Token

As the collapse of FTX showed us, investing in exchange-based tokens can be risky. However, there are plenty of reasons to think about purchasing some BNB at this stage of the bear market.

For starters, BNB is attached to Binance – by far the leading exchange on the planet. That alone gives it a lot of credibility and plenty of reasons to invest.


But on top of that, BNB is also the native currency of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem – one of the leading smart contract platforms for new projects during crypto market bull runs.

When you put those two facts together, you get a coin in BNB that is absolutely worth paying attention to as this bear market continues. Picking some up now could pay dividends when the bull market returns.

10. Dogecoin - The Original Meme Coin

As a general rule of thumb, meme coins aren’t typically a great investment during a bear market. This is because they don’t have a value proposition outside of memes and community hype. It’s hard to predict if they will still be relevant when the bull market returns or if other meme coins will take their place.


But Dogecoin is a meme coin that’s absolutely worth checking out during the bear market. That’s because it’s the original meme coin and is still backed by a large community with plenty of hype.

Additionally, Elon Musk is a huge supporter of Dogecoin. He recently purchased Twitter and may end up integrating Doge as a payment option on the platform. That would send the popular meme coin’s price skyrocketing, and it may be a worthwhile crypto to buy.

11. Tron (TRX) - Layer 1 with Proven Survivability

Tron is another cryptocurrency with a charismatic leader – Justin Sun – one of the wealthiest and most influential men in all of crypto. That alone makes TRX a coin that’s worth considering as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the bear market.


But TRX is more than just Justin Sun. It’s an entire ecosystem with stablecoins, lending protocols, and even games. There’s a solid chance that the Tron ecosystem will be around during the next bull market since it made it through the last bear market in 2018-20.

12. ApeCoin - The Leading NFT Coin

NFTs were one of the biggest innovations of the last market cycle, and none were more impactful than Bored Ape Yacht Club. Its native token, ApeCoin, is a cryptocurrency that’s worth holding through the bear market.

ApeCoin is interesting as an investment because it serves as the currency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. The team behind that project is currently building a metaverse game and world which could become one of the largest of the next market cycle.


13. Uniswap - The Original Decentralised Exchange

Uniswap is another token that deserves some consideration as you continue thinking about which cryptocurrencies to buy during the bear market. It’s the original decentralised exchange and still does the most volume of any DEX by quite a large margin.

There are also some rumours that Uniswap could one day begin allocating some of the fees that it generates to reward token holders but this isn’t confirmed. If this does happen during the next market cycle, look for the price of UNI to skyrocket.

14. Treasure (MAGIC) - Emerging Metaverse Project on Arbitrum


This list of the best cryptocurrency to buy during the bear market is rounded out with Treasure and its native token MAGIC. This project has emerged not only as the leading GameFi project on the up-and-coming Arbitrum network but also as that network’s leading NFT marketplace.

Treasure will serve as a point of connection for GameFi projects across the Arbitrum network. Its native token MAGIC could become one of the most used cryptocurrencies on the platform, which is why this is another token to consider purchasing.

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