Best CBD Oil For Sleep In 2023

 We evaluated the top CBD oil for sleep products based on pricing, potency, and extra sleep-promoting components. View our best selections here.


The human body is programmed to require at least seven hours of sleep per day. This sleeping level is what helps the body function properly. For example, it will aid your heart to heal and your blood vessels to repair themselves. This, in turn, helps the human function to its total capacity. As a result, you will be more concentrated, a lot more productive, and your performance level will be high. 

A sleeping disorder has grown popular in the last few years – this is also referred to as insomnia. The percentage of adults in the United States experiencing no insomnia symptoms is 60%. – that is more than half the adult population. Insomnia can get serious over time – especially if left unattended to. 
You need to find something to help you sleep and ease the stress of not sleeping enough. Most people turn to Orthodox medicine to provide these solutions. However, we advise looking for a natural remedy – this method offers slight or minor side effects. 
The effect of cannabinoids on the membrane will calm your body system and ensure it is relaxed enough to sleep. To help your course, we have curated a top five list of the best CBD oil products that work effectively for insomnia. This list is from a trusted source, and you can rest assured that we tested each product before putting them on our list. 

Top 5 Brands To Buy CBD Oil For Sleep

1.    Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Oil For Sleep; Top Selling
2.    Budpop : Top Rated Hemp CBD Oil For Better Sleep
3.    Cheef Botanicals : Full Spectrum CBD Oil & Tincture
4.    Hollyweed CBD : Premium Quality CBD Oil To Treat Insomnia 
5.    FabCBD: Affordable CBD Sleep Tincture With Natural Ingredients

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Oil For Sleep; Top Selling

Exhale Wellness

Our top recommendation for this product and most CBD products is exhale wellness – it probably will always be exhale. They hold vast experience in manufacturing in the CBD industry and the THC industry. 

This company has an excellent reputation amongst market analysts and their customers alike. When it comes to CBD oil that can help ease a sleeping disorder, exhale provides one of the best products to do that – for large parts, you will sleep like a baby. 


The full-spectrum variant of the exhale's CBD oil contains some of the most nutritious organic ingredients, and additives are not added during production – it is also free from GMOs. Besides the fact that the oil will get you a good sound sleep, there are various health benefits to gain from using the oil. 



•    Hemp seed oil: you can enjoy the same benefits from all CBD oil products. But the carrier oil is an extra spice that guarantees you something different. They use hemp seed oil as the carrier in their full-spectrum CBD oil. This differentiates it from all other CBD oil products. The hemp seed oil added in CBD oil is one of the best sleep drivers. It has a cooling effect and the membrane that will cause you to sleep. And aside from these benefits, it also serves as a treatment for symptoms of atopic dermatitis. It helps moisturize the skin, helps your eyesight, will help control the rate of acne on your body, and prevent body swelling. The addition of hemp seed oil increases the bioavailability of CBD, and this mixture is the best remedy for insomnia.

•    Satisfaction guaranteed: the fact that the company offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee shows their belief in their products' effectiveness. They assure customers that their CBD oil will satisfy what they need. If it does not, they are willing to refund within a stipulated time frame communicated to the customer.

•    Exciting discounts: most people love when they can cut down costs and still get a quality product for it. Exhale wellness helps with that part; they offer various discounts on their official website; with this, you can cut down the cost of getting a good night's sleep. New customers can enjoy a 20% discount on their first purchase on the company's website. All you have to do is subscribe to the company's newsletter.


•    All the company's products are constantly tested at an approved third-party lab. 
•    They do not employ artificial ingredients during the manufacturing process.
•    They use one of the best sleep drivers: hemp seed oil, as their CBD oil carrier.
•    If you are not satisfied with the product within the first thirty (30) days of use, you can request your money back.
•    The company employs an advanced and safe extraction method.
•    They sell their product in two size variants.

•    Some of their customers have reported delays in receiving their products.

#2. Budpop: Top Rated Hemp CBD Oil For Better Sleep


Budpop is one of the Giants of the CBD industry. They have earned themselves the reputation of being reliable and proven they are good value for it over time. This brand has not been long in the market like exhale wellness; however, they have successfully built a niche for themselves. 

So many CBD enthusiasts hold great respect for the brand, and its popularity has grown amongst consumers of CBD products. 

The lack of companies that promoted manufacturing quality products using the best of hemp plants was earmarked as the reason behind establishing the company.

The team running the company has experience working in the CBD industry, and they know how best to produce CBD oil that is effective for sleep.

They sell their product in two flavor variants. They offer a natural earthy musky flavor and peppermint-flavored CBD oil.


•    Coconut oil: Carrier oil of CBD oil can be just that extra spice needed to make a top-notch product. Budpop employs coconut oil as the carrier oil of its CBD oil. Coconut oil is a top-notch body energizing agent; this is helpful during sleep; you will not feel weak when you wake up and feel full throughout your sleep. This way, you will not feel hungry and chase after food. It ensures your body system enjoys the adequate rest it requires. Asides from the benefit of causing consumers to have a sound sleep, it is an eco-friendly option for a carrier oil. Its thin consistency and absorbent qualities serve as one of the best options for a carrier oil.

•    Fast and free shipping: the company's delivery service has been praised by customers for its fast delivery. The company has a complete understanding of how important it is for a consumer to sleep, so they try to get the product to you as quickly as possible so that you can get the necessary sleep time required for a fully functional body. And this fast delivery feature applies to all of the company's products. In addition, consumers that have ordered their product are issued a tracking number, and this will help you track your delivery every step of the way. The company will also send you email notifications to keep you updated on the shipment of your product.


•    There are two flavor variants available for you: the peppermint flavored CBD oil and the natural earthy musky flavor.
•    The CBD oil comes in a glass dropper that helps you know the quantity of CBD you consume.
•    Each package of the company’s CBD oil contains 1,500mg of CBD.
•    A single drop of the company’s CBD oil holds 50mg of CBD.
•    All the company’s products are tested by independent labs to verify claims of potency, safety, and ingredients made by the brand.
•    They do not add additives or artificial ingredients to their product.


•    You can only get the product in one size.

#3. Cheef Botanicals : Full Spectrum CBD Oil & Tincture

Cheef Botanicals

One of the big brands of the CBD oil manufacturing industry is Cheef botanicals. They are built to base their production on everything natural. They believe the men before used nature to have significant effects, and we of this century can do the same. 

The company's founders believe the Orthodox medicine creators can diversify their primary material and use natural plants. The company also believes that the primary cause of health issues is the effects of chemicals used in producing what we eat, drink, and the drugs we take. They believe nature is the best remedy to all of this. 

They offer full-spectrum CBD oil, which is a promising agent for getting sound sleep. The effects of this product are long-lasting, and they offer different size variants. This CBD oil can help you get the amount of sleep your body requires.


•    Different potency and dosage variants: the company offers its product to customers in four different potency and dosage variants. They make their CBD oil to be full-spectrum oil. These variants are: 15ml bottle with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD inside, 15ml bottle with 600mg of full-spectrum CBD inside, 30ml bottle with 1,200mg of full-spectrum CBD inside, and 60ml bottle with 3,000mg of full-spectrum CBD inside. As a bonus for customers, you can buy all four variants as a bundle and enjoy some percentage of the cost. A 30% discount is given to those who subscribe to the company's newsletter.

•    Tasteless oil: this is one of the unique features of the company's CBD oil. The product is designed to offer little or no taste. This manufacturer does not follow the popular trend of flavored CBD oil to market their product better; they only care about the health benefits consumers can enjoy from using the product. Therefore, they do not add artificial ingredients to their product and maintain all organic ingredients. When considering, having a tasteless oil is the best oil for those who want to ingest their CBD oil. You can mix it with your food or drinks, and you will not feel its taste. Some people tend to get irritated by the taste of something; this will not be the case here.


•    All the company's CBD oils are vegan friendly.
•    They offer cost-effective CBD oil when compared to the prices of other brands.
•    They offer you four potency and dosage levels.
•    In taking Cheef’s CBD oil will not give any psychoactive feeling.
•    They mix their CBD oil with hemp seed oil; it can be effective in causing sleep.
•    If you are not satisfied with the product, you are assured of getting your money back within thirty (30) days of purchase.


•    You can not expose the oil to sunlight or heat; this will destroy the oil's freshness.

#4. Hollyweed CBD : Premium Quality CBD Oil To Treat Insomnia 

. Hollyweed CBD

If we had made this list of the best CBD oil for sleep without mentioning hollyweed CBD, we would have done the readers of our article terribly. The team behind the running of this company are cannabis experts who have vast experience working in the CBD industry. 

The priority of this brand is to offer its customers top-quality products consistently while promoting the benefits of hemp plants. They are a natural first brand, and they produce their CBD oil using all-natural and organic ingredients.

The company deals in several CBD products, including THC products like the Delta-8 cartridge. They are known for being a reliable brand. They serve customers with consistent quality and ensure all their products are safe to consume. The best of their CBD oil for sleep is the full-spectrum CBD oil, it works effectively, and its effect is long-lasting.


•    CBD-rich strains: CBD concentration in their product is very high. They only use hemp plants that have very high CBD concentrations. The company also says that their CBD oil can not get a consumer high as it lacks the psychoactive component to make that happen. Suffering a side effect from the use of CBD oil is quite unlikely. The best natural ingredients were employed to make the CBD oil.

•    Convenient packaging: There are different sizes and packaging variants for different people. They also offer different potency and dosage variants. When shopping for their product online, you will be asked to choose your potency level. A list will be presented to guide you on the different levels. These levels start at 1mg per drop of the oil to 2.5mg per drop of the oil. This potency list applies to the company’s broad-spectrum CBD oil.

•    Ultra-clean extraction: the company uses the CO2 extraction method. However, this method is quite popular amongst CBD oil manufacturing brands. Hollyweed went the extra mile to ensure they used an ultra-clean CO2 extraction method. They conduct their extraction process via certified extraction facilities that will ensure the CBD is extracted according to guiding regulations. This way, they can ensure the oil is pure and does not contain any harmful substance.


•    They have a certified third-party lab test their products to ensure their safety and potency level.
•    All CBD oil size variants come in a glass dropper that measures the quantity consumed.
•    Consumers do not pay for the shipping of their products.
•    The company produces its CBD oil using only natural and organic ingredients.
•    For those consumers that subscribe before ordering, you will get a certain percentage of your actual cost.
•    They offer different potency and dosage variants.


•    You can only order their product if you stay in the United States.

#5. FAB CBD : Affordable CBD Sleep Tincture With Natural Ingredients

This brand prides itself in being the creator of remedies to several health issues. The products manufactured by Fab CBD serve their purpose effectively and come with the extra benefit of boosting a consumer's immune system. 

The company has a customer-oriented service, and they are out to ensure every CBD user is treated fairly and given quality products worth their money. They also do a lot to help the communities around them; they give back some of their profit and help whoever needs them.

They obtain their hemp plants from farms in Colorado, and they deal in several CBD products such as gummies, oil, and cream. They also manufacture CBD products for dogs. So you can rest assured of getting a quality product when you patronize Fab CBD.


•    Mouthwatering flavors: in contrast to some tasteless CBD oil in the market, Fab CBD offers a variety of tasteful CBD oil. It comes in four flavors: creamy vanilla, sour citrus, mint, and sweet berry. The brand also produces a natural taste CBD oil. This serves consumers who prefer the tasteless oil-primarily those who like to ingest the oil order than absorb it.

•    Extended health benefits: stepping away from being a remedy for a sleep disorder, Fab's CBD oil carries other benefits a consumer can enjoy. After your exercise, you can use CBD oil to help ease your muscles; they also work to relieve stress and help you become focused or calmer. All ingredients used in producing CBD oil are natural and organic. They do not add additives and preservatives to their product – the hemp used in manufacturing this product is cultivated without pesticides and herbicides.


•    They offer their CBD oil in five different flavors, and they come in four potencies and dosage levels. 
•    The Colorado farms where the hemp plants are obtained from cultivates without chemicals.
•    Their product contains less than the stipulated 0.3% THC.
•    They operate a blog that posts articles to educate consumers on the CBD industry and available products.
•    Their products have a significant concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.
•    Their customer review online is mind-blowing. 


•    All their products are usually sold out on their official website.

How We Made This List Of The Best CBD Oil For Sleep

CBD components and their benefits are well earmarked amongst its users and industry experts. This has caused an increase in the popularity of CBD brands. This situation has led to more customer demands, which has had the ripple effect of creating bad companies. 

These companies have established themselves to take advantage of the high demand to make profits. They do not care about providing consumers with the highest quality or a CBD oil product that is safe to use. All they want is the huge gain that is being made. 

The essence of our list is to help you surf the market and get the best cbd oil for sleep to choose from. We curated this list using strict guidelines and testing each product before recommending them. 

We also did thorough research on the effectiveness of each product in countering inadequate sleep. Getting CBD oil for insomnia might not be your thing, but we strongly advise you to try it – you can employ this list to guide you. 

What We Looked For:

Transparency and Lab Tests

This lab testing is a way to confirm the product's authenticity and ingredients. The best test results are those conducted by a third-party lab. Test from company labs or an unknown lab could have been tampered with to favor the manufacturer's claims. 

A company that has gone through third-party lab testing will be issued a certificate of analysis – this will show if all ingredient claims made are valid if the product is safe to consume and if the quality is as accurate as published. 

The ability for a brand to post their lab results online is another way of securing clients. This act means the brand is open to educating customers about their products and service. 

Most companies that posted their lab tests online were retained in our list. It shows they are transparent. Regardless of how bad it might be for a brand to post their lab testing results online; it shows respect for their customers.

The Source of Hemp

The purity of a product is considered the perks of purchasing a pure hemp plant. Most companies in the cannabis industry get their hemp plant from farms in Colorado. The laws guiding the cultivation process in the state are adequate to assure that all hemp products. 
The purity of the product is always another critical measure to judge products by. A well-extracted and manufactured product from naturally and adequately grown hemp will offer one of the best CBD products.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential part of any research you are doing on a company before buying their products. You need to know what people that have used the same product think of it. We checked online: through the company's website and other review sites to see the amount of positive and negative reviews the product got and was still gaining. 

We ratio the positive to the negative, this way, we can be on a safer side. The number of negative reviews for some brands was just too much for comfort, so we did away with them. The companies on this list had raving customer reviews, and third-party sites earmarked them as quality products.

The Brand's Reputation

The legitimacy of a brand is something we considered when putting this article together. Brands that had a history producing quality products consistently were selected aside. 

Most new CBD product manufacturing brands do not hold the same pedigree as the old guys. Most of the old brands have a culture that guides their production process. The reputation of these companies, both old and new, precedes them, and most CBD users know their products. Brand reputation helped us narrow the list to the top five (5) CBD oil-producing companies.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying CBD Oil For Sleep & Insomnia

This is essential for beginners. Before you step out to get CBD oil for your sleep, you need to research the market. This will help you avoid being scammed or purchasing a product of low quality. 

This guide of ours has listed some of the factors you should check for in any brand you want to patronize. Following the guide will help you get a quality and effective product.


Every brand that lets its product go through testing at a third-party verified lab will be issued a certificate of analysis. This COA will detail several information about the product and state if the claims made by the company are valid. 

Safety is the priority of every customer, and the only way you can be sure of that is through a lab testing certificate. In addition, any credible brand will post their certificate of analysis on their website; this way, every customer that logs on to the website can see it and verify their claims. 


No one wants to buy a product that will not work or a product you need to consume plenty before feeling the effect. The effect of CBD oil for sleep is to ensure you sleep at night and, in addition, for an extended period. 

The ingredients in CBD oil are the significant determinants of the product's effectiveness. You need complete knowledge of natural and organic ingredients to know which one will serve your needs best.

Source Of the Hemp

The quality of the hemp plant the CBD is extracted from is the primary determinant of the quality of the product. Therefore, the location of the hemp used during production is vital – ensure you check this information and ensure the company gets their hemp from farms in the United States. Farms in the United States have strict quality guidelines they must follow.

Customer Reviews

People are always ready to give feedback on a product, mainly when the product does not serve the purpose, they bought it for. Unfortunately, some companies are foul; they tamper with customer reviews, and some pay people to leave a positive review on their page. 

Customers who have used the product will always leave a detailed review; they will discuss their expectations and why the product did not meet them. 
You can check on social for reviews on the product, go through the review section on the company’s website, or watch review videos on YouTube. You can also ask your friends or neighbors If they have used the product and if it works/worked for them.

Check Other Ingredients

Knowing the other ingredients involved in producing CBD oil can be helpful. For example, they might have used something you are allergic to; checking this will help you understand quickly. Moreover, hemp is the primary ingredient but not the only element that makes CBD oil top quality. 

The other ingredients used during production tell a lot about the quality of the product. For example, a CBD oil made of natural and organic ingredients has a binding agent that maintains its quality, while products with added preservatives are manufactured using low-quality ingredients. Hence, the need to add in preservatives.

Nature of Extraction

Ensure that the CBD was extracted using the CO2 extraction method. And you should always check If it’s a full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or isolate CBD. 

Level of THC

The law guiding the production of CBD products states that all products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. It would be best if you looked out for this – any product beyond 0.3% THC is not a CBD product, and you should avoid it. CBD oil is not meant to get you high.

•    This oil contains ingredients that are good as pain relievers.
•    For those going through chemo or other cancer treatment – this oil can help ease the side effects of your treatment.
•    It has been tested to help cure brain issues.
•    The natural and organic ingredients in CBD oil for sleep tenders reduce blood pressure and serve as a remedy for other heart-related illnesses.
•    This oil is multi-purposed – it can be a remedy for anxiety.

Side Effects

•    Ingesting the oil may result in a dry mouth.
•    You may experience symptoms of diarrhea.
•    You might often feel tired.
•    It may cause your nerve system to be too calm, which will result in too much sleep.
•    You may lose your appetite to eat.

FAQs Related To CBD Oils For Sleep

Q1: CBD oil for sleep should be used by who?

There are no stipulations on who can and who can not use CBD oil for sleep. It is usable by everyone, although certain products may contain ingredients you are allergic to. And you should not use CBD oil while on Orthodox medications – contact your doctor first.

Q2: what differentiates CBD tinctures from CBD oil?

Usually, people confuse the two together; they are two different products. For example, CBD oil only contains CBD and a carrier oil, while tinctures add alcohol.

Q3: is inducing sleep the priority of CBD oil creation?

CBD oil has many health benefits that you can not pinpoint to one. However, in recent times, brands have produced oils specifically made to treat insomnia. But generally, CBD is meant for several purposes.

Q4: Are CBD oils 100% safe?

There is nothing that is entirely safe. However, for most body systems, CBD oil is safe to use. Some people have underlying issues that can lead to severe health problems if CBD oil is used. While there are some side effects to using CBD oil, there has not been an extreme case.

Q5: Are CBD oil psychoactive?

No, they are not. They contain 0.3% of THC, but that is not enough to get someone high. After taking CBD oil, you will feel relaxed but not high.

Q6: does CBD oil mix well with Orthodox medications?

You should contact your doctor first. You do not want to risk aggravating your health issues by administering CBD oil yourself. 

Concluding On The Best CBD Oil For Sleep & Relaxation

CBD oil for sleep serves as an impeccable option instead of Orthodox medicine. And it is pretty unlikely that you will overdose from using the product. Asides from the benefit of treating insomnia, it serves other purposes and benefits. 

You can buy any CBD oil you want, but ensure they are of top quality. Do not let price lead you away from a good product. 

There are many fake companies out there with CBD oil containing harmful substances. Gather as much information as you can on a company before purchasing their product.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.