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Best CBD Oil For Pain Management Of 2023

Outlook for Brands

Best CBD Oil For Pain Management Of 2023

 CBD oils are very effective in relieving pain. Go for the best CBD Oil for pain brands, which are being popular for treating arthritis pain.

Best CBD Oil
Best CBD Oil

CBD oils are a great way to relax your sore joints and achy muscles. These oils are great if you have sore knees, backs, or arms from working out or hard manual labor.

As you get older, it’s no secret your muscles and bones get weak. So, we take steps to keep strong- workouts, eating well, and drinking water are all great ways to keep yourself energized. CBD oil is a natural method by which we can alleviate aches and pains. 

You don’t have to have a medical card or training to utilize these tinctures. Just apply them to where it hurts or mix them into your food. 

Finding a quality CBD oil for pain can be hard, so we’ve done the tough stuff and found the best five CBD oils around. This list will remove the guesswork and make you feel great in no time. 

Read on to learn more.

Our List Of Best Brands Of CBD Oil For Pain Relief: 

1.    Exhale Wellness - Overall Best CBD Oil For Pain & Inflammation
2.    BudPop - Popular CBD Oil Tinctures For Pain Management
3.    Cheef Botanicals -  Top-Rated CBD Brand To Buy CBD Oil For Joint Pain Relief
4.    HollyweedCBD - Premium Hemp Oil & CBD Tincture Products
5.    FabCBD - Full Spectrum CBD Oils To Relieve Pain

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. Exhale Wellness - Overall Best CBD Oil For Pain & Inflammation

Exhale Wellness
Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness operates in California- Los Angeles, to be specific. Here, they create, imagine, and design these great CBD products, marketing them to people young and old. 

In these offices, they dream up the best CBD oils on the market- cannabis lovers working hard to create oils of the highest quality and fairly priced. 

The company is widely known for its distribution of delta-8 and CBD products organically made. So, it’s no secret why they’re first on our list; they’ve made people feel relief across the country.

Exhale Wellness takes pride in being honest about its business dealings and products. They’ve got plenty of information about CBD and other cannabinoids, which is friendly for first-time buyers. Every product is backed using a third-party lab test also.

They’ve joined forces with organic, Colorado-based farms to create these oils. This step ensures that you are getting the best hemp on the market. Plus, oils are sold in potencies of 600 mg and 1200 mg. 

The site is peppered with happy customer testimonials, and people cannot get enough of the full spectrum CBD oil by Exhale Wellness .


Organic Everything: Every Exhale Wellness product is made using organic hemp. You won’t find any inorganic ingredients in these oils; the same quality standard is extended to their gummies and other fine products. 

Safe Farming Practices: All of the items sold by Exhale Wellness are free of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants. All products are sent to a third-party lab, so customers know they're getting something safe.

Non-GMO: We searched carefully across the Exhale Wellness website to answer whether or not the hemp was GMO-free. The answer is yes- the hemp is grown the way Mother Nature intended, and no GMO plants are used in making these oils. 

Vegan Safe: These oils are great if you follow a vegan lifestyle. They are clean and free of allergens, too. Everyone can use them how they see fit, whether you take it under the tongue or mix it into your drinks/foods for relief.


•    Organic, vegan-friendly oils
•    Two potencies for you to select from
•    Non-GMO hemp
•    Shipping’s free for all orders


•    None of their oils have natural flavors, such as peppermint.

#2. Budpop - Popular CBD Oil Tinctures For Pain Management



The next brand we’re featuring today is Budpop. This company is new to CBD but following all steps to ensure they’ve got a competitive product for you to enjoy. 

The Budpop site is filled with information about CBD to help new buyers understand how it can help. 

Budpop is known for being honest with its customers about its oils. They are honest that these oils serve as a health supplement, and that’s it- these oils are not a cure, nor are they FDA-approved. 

All of their products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. The oils contain no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC and are made using organic industrial hemp. These oils will not produce a psychoactive high, only lasting natural and safe relief.

The hemp used in these oils comes from Nevada, is organic, and grown sustainably and ethically. You’ll find zero pesticides or chemicals in this hemp. 

Also, every product is tested at a third-party lab. The lab reviews these products for safety and deems them safe for human consumption. There are no solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, or other impurities in these oils. 

Budpop’s CBD oils are not cheap, but their quality speaks for itself. You’re going to love this company and what it can offer. 


Natural Formula: MCT oil is Budpop’s carrier oil, and it’s fast-absorbing and safe. It is a healthy, safe oil and will help you enjoy the benefits of Budpop’s great CBD oil faster.

Easy to Use: Budpop oils are a breeze to use. So as long as you are 21 and up, you can easily figure out how to use the blend. All customers should check the company website and read the details about usage if they’re unsure. 

It’s best to begin with a small dose and increase it slowly until you find the amount of CBD oil right for you.

Efficient Pain Relief: Budpops CBD oil offers highly potent, long-lasting pain relief to anyone using them. Whether you’re dealing with physical pain or need relief from mental pain like anxiety, Budpop may be able to help.

•    Plenty of favorable customer reviews
•    Many uses for this great oil
•    Delicious peppermint oil flavor available
•    Highly effective for pain reduction

•    Budpop only markets its products online.

#3. Cheef Botanicals - Top Rated CBD Brand To Buy CBD Oil For Joint Pain Relief

Cheef Botanicals
Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals is the third contender on our list, and they are known for making the best oils you’ll ever find if you need pain relief that doesn’t quit. The company was created when some cannabis lovers decided it was their life’s mission to educate more consumers about what hemp is capable of, especially for those who like home remedies. 

Some people are turning to natural means to get pain relief. Some people are tired of being handed a new prescription every time they go to the doctor and look for ways around it. CBD oil is not a cure for anything, but it is helpful.

The company was founded due to the lack of high-quality CBD goods to enjoy. All the products sold here are vegan, organic, and grown in the United States. All products are dairy-free, have zero GMOs, and employ wholesome ingredients as part of their makeup. 

The founders are also here to show the great things that happen to the body after using CBD. They do this by creating high-quality, pure, safe CBD oils for you to try. All products are backed by third-party, independent laboratories that test the products for potency and purity. 

All lab tests are posted on the Cheef Botanicals website.

The oils are made using natural ingredients. The oil itself features a pleasant, earthy flavor, and they contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

The oils are versatile and can be used when and where you need them.

You could place them under the tongue, add them to your favorite foods and drinks, or apply them topically to an area that calls for soothing.

You can enjoy a wide range of potencies with these oils, but if you are a beginner in CBD oils, try out the 300 mg potency. One strategy you might consider is buying three bottles of CBD oil this way; you can save money. In addition, you’ll be stocked up and never run out of pain relief!


CO2 Extraction Method: Cheef Botanicals’ CBD oil uses carbon dioxide extraction. It is a safe, clean way of making CBD oil a reality, and best of all, no solvents are used in the process. The result is ideal for manufacturers who need to make oil fast- they needn’t take steps to ensure solvents have been removed from the finished product.

Four Potencies Appeals to Many Customers: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 3000 mg are available for sale at Cheef Botanicals. You can choose the potency that makes the most sense to you. Absolute beginners to CBD oil should begin with 300 mg and go for a higher potency if necessary.

Subscriptions Available: You can apply for a subscription using Cheef Botanicals subscription services, which nets you a 25% savings. A monthly subscription is a great idea if you rely on Cheef Botanicals’ CBD oils to help you mitigate pain or lower anxiety.

Just CBD: There is no THC present in these fine oils proffered by Cheef Botanicals. The products here are compliant with every aspect of the 2018 Farm Bill and contain only trace amounts of delta-9 THC. Therefore, you will not get high using these oils.


•    Oil is clean and extracted using the CO2 technique
•    THC-free oils sold here
•    Varied potencies for many customers
•    Customers can save 25% when they subscribe


•    Only natural flavor oils are offered; no flavored options to try out.

#4. Hollyweed - Premium Hemp Oil & CBD Tincture Products


Hollyweed was made when the entrepreneurs behind the brand noticed very few transparent, honest CBD brands out there. The company then decided to make its line of products to offer buyers the very best in CBD oils. 

Hollyweed’s CBD oil is made with customer interest at heart. They’ve made oils that are safe for use and priced affordably. 

The brand indicates that its products are organic, from the seeds planted to the products packaged up for sale. 

We noticed nothing artificial in these ingredients, either. The oils are made in a variety of potencies. Feel free to select from 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, or 3000 mg. The 300 mg oil is cheap, best selling oil. 

This oil is non-GMO, and we were confident about including them on the list posted today. Hollyweed items are vegan-friendly, too- this makes them even more appealing to a wide variety of customers. 

If you want an allergen-free, cost-effective pain solution, purchase this oil. It’s a highly effective oil and won’t drain your wallet. 


No Preservatives: HollyweedCBD is serious about offering organic, safe oils to consumers. They use zero additives or preservatives. Thanks to the third-party testing posted on their website, you can also rest assured that the oil is free of contaminants. 

Extended Shelf Life: Go ahead and store your Hollyweed oils for a long while. 

There’s no need to rush through and use them up quickly. Instead, keep the oils out of direct sunlight for best results. 

The bottle inhibits UV rays from seeping inside, but don’t risk it by storing it on a sunny windowsill doesn't risk it. Also, the oil keeps for a while, which is a selling point.

Full Spectrum Oil: HollyweedCBD is proud to offer its buyers CBD products of the full-spectrum variety. 

They have a whole-plant oil blend, which grants you flavonoids and terpenes. 

You'll enjoy that entourage effect when you take these oils. So it's a stronger choice than a CBD isolate.

Money-Back Guarantee: Hollyweed is generous with its return policies. Return it if you’ve bought this CBD oil and aren’t happy with its results. Simply contact the brand’s customer support team to get instructions on returns.

Federally Compliant: Hollyweed is careful to comply with all regulations in the 2018 Farm Bill, the most important of which is that all hemp products for sale have to contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less by dry weight. This oil complies with that requirement and provides a natural, safe method of pain relief. 


•    No allergens or preservatives are found in these oils
•    It is a non-intoxicating blend
•    It is a full-spectrum extract
•    30-days money-back guarantee


•    No flavored oils to enjoy or try.

#5. FabCBD - Full Spectrum CBD Oils To Relieve Pain

FabCBD puts in the time and effort to develop and create the finest CBD oils. The company is famous for using modern extraction equipment and Current Good Manufacturing practices to make these oils. 

Their supply chain is efficient, and they’ll never run out of CBD oil. They’ve been in business since 2017 and are well-versed in what it means to run a business. They began with the mission to change what “hemp usage” means to everyone and are doing a fine job of it so far. 

They’re based out of Tampa, Florida. 

Here, they work endlessly to make CBD oil in a clean, sanitary setting. The company brings in hemp from Colorado. 

The farms are the source- they offer organic, clean industrial hemp. The company oversees every step of manufacturing, from seed to sale. 

They employ third-party labs, specifically ProVerde Labs, to test all of their goods. You can read over all laboratory reports by clicking on the links found on their website. Thus, reading and viewing these reports is easy before investing in their oils. 

The oils are sold in four potencies. 

You may choose from 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, or 2400 mg. The company has flavored oils to make the experience more pleasant. 
So, if you need a small, large, or medium dose, FabCBD can help you get what you need. 


Easy to Use: Utilizing FabCBD’s oils is easy.

If you’re new to CBD usage, rest assured this will be easy to work into your daily life. The graduated dropper is printed with simple numbers to read, so you can measure out the dose that works for you. 

Detailed instructions are included on the company website and packaging. So, do not fear to dose when you shop with FabCBD!

Delicious Flavors: FabCBD is different from the other companies on our list because they have many delicious flavors for customers to try and enjoy. 

There are four stellar choices to try. 

They have chosen four classic flavors that buyers are sure to enjoy. You can enjoy mint, citrus, berry, or vanilla. 

Of course, there’s a natural option as well. 

Lasts A While: FabCBD is your one-stop-shop for oils if you use CBD oils intermittently.

These CBD oils have a yearlong shelf life. So, you can use this oil and store it safely for a whole year before it’s time to purchase a new batch. 

So, don’t worry about wasting these oils; you have an entire year to enjoy them. 

Freshly Made Oil: FabCBD takes pride in shipping only the freshest oils. 

This procedure ensures customers get only the best of the best. They make the oil after your order has been placed and paid, and a confirmation email is sent. 

The company is very efficient in its setup, and its manufacturing line is operated by experienced personnel that knows how to fulfill many orders in short periods.

•    Different flavors are offered for sale
•    Fair refund policy
•    These oils last a while
•    Fast shipping
•    Clear instructions for easy dosing

•    You must spend at least $99 to get your order shipped free.

How We Made This List Of Best CBD Oil For Pain Management: 

We took a few extra steps to ensure the readers were getting quality products. So, how did we do it? Have a look below to see our criteria.

With many products to select from while shopping, your safest bet is to locate the most reputable, responsible brands and use them for any CBD oil needs you may have. 

These companies truly care about offering quality oils for sale. They are careful to follow all Current Good Manufacturing practices as well. 

The first list we created started with 25 brands. After carefully vetting them, we cut down the list to about five brands. We recommend any of these brands to fulfill your CBD needs. 

Here are the criteria we used:

Brand Reputation: The first thing we looked at was the reputation of each company. We checked to verify that customers enjoyed the services rendered and that reviews were largely positive. 

After that, we ensured they were United States-based brands and used American hemp when creating these CBD oil for pain . As a result, these companies are more likely to follow USA hemp laws and utilize third-party testing for consumer and product safety.

CBD Content: Some CBD oils you buy may not have just CBD within. They might have THC, impurities, or other contaminants you don’t want. Or, they might be hemp oil, which isn’t the same as cannabidiol. We selected brands that chose safe, pure, Farm Bill compliant CBD oils that can mitigate pain.
Certificates of Analysis: We used companies that employed third-party lab testing when creating their products. These lab reports indicate the oil you are buying is free of 

Customer Care: If you have a problem, you may need the help of a customer service agent. You deserve somebody that can answer questions in a friendly and knowledgeable tone. 

You should have the ability to speak with customer service about any aspect of your order- ingredients, pricing, shipping, and more. 
You will be glad to know all customer service offered by these brands are excellent.

Pricing: We had to include high-quality but affordable products. 

We reasoned that we could locate products that met all quality standards but didn’t compromise on using great ingredients if we looked around enough. 
The prices for the oils you’ll get are reasonable and won’t break your budget. In addition, you can be assured of their quality and efficacy. Plus, every company has discounts available.

Beginner’s Guide: Buying CBD Oil For Pain & Inflammation: 

If you’re confused about what to look for when shopping for your CBD oils, look no further, our helpful buying guide will get you informed about what matters as you peruse the online shops for CBD tincture.

Price Points

The prices of these oils are vital to think about when shopping. 

Usually, a bottle with 300 mg best CBD oil for pain potency will cost anywhere between $20 to $30. It is a lowered potency but still great for most customers. 

Companies should sell the best brands at this price range. 

This way, you can be certain you’re getting high-quality oil. Stay away if the oil is priced very low or seems too good to be true. The product is probably dangerous or low-quality.

Customer Testimonials

You should look for reviews left by customers. You can check out the testimonials left by customers by reading the brand website. 

However, if you’re not seeing any negative reviews, take time to read other sources. For example, you can review third-party sites like Trustpilot to see what others say about the products and company. These sites do not filter reviews. 

The Better Business Bureau is also a great place to begin your search. There, you can easily see what other sites think of the brand.

Hemp Source

Another important part of choosing your CBD oils is discovering where your hemp comes from and learning where the farms are located who supplies these companies. 

You should buy from companies using hemp from the EU or US. 

The taste and quality of such plants are better when they come from countries like this. The USA is best if you are an American buyer because it stays fresher that way. Plus, farms in the USA have to adhere to strict industrial hemp farming standards.


The brands featured on our list are proud to display third-party tests for their products. In addition, they tell you where the hemp is sourced by listing it on their website and the extraction methodology used to harvest their oil. 

Be sure you avoid brands known for printing up fake Certificates of Analysis, using inorganic fertilizers, ethanol extractions, or pesticides to produce their hemp. 

Instead, make sure you buy from brands that use organic hemp only.


Brands may sell varied potencies of CBD oils. 

All people need a different potency; there is no “one size” dosing method.  

We suggest buying from a brand that has a low-potency oil if you’re a first-time buyer. Beginners should start using a low dose and see how it makes them feel before taking more. 

Once you’ve learned how the product affects you, it is easy to increase the dose. But, if you are happy with the dosage, just stick to it. Consider starting a subscription to your preferred brand once you’ve discovered what works for you. 

It’s a great way to stay stocked up and never run out.

FAQs Regarding CBD Oils For Pain: 

Q1. What is CBD? 

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant known for mitigating anxiety, physical pain, and depression. 

CBD is made from industrial hemp, which contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less (this is the stuff found in traditional marijuana that provides a psychoactive high). 

Q2. How many drops of CBD should I take? 

Use your dropper to take a smaller dose- 2-5 mg is good if you are new to CBD. See how the oil makes you feel at first. 

Then, increase the dose until you discover the amount of oil that works for you and gets you the desired results. 

You should speak to your healthcare provider regarding CBD usage to figure out a dose that works for you. 

Be sure to follow all dosing instructions printed on the label.

Q3. Can I put my CBD oil under the tongue?

Yes- that is a good way to take your CBD oil for anxiety if you prefer to do it this way. 

You can mix it into foods and drinks that you enjoy as well. 

Some folks report adding it to their breakfast smoothies or oatmeal. 

Others mix it into their coffee. But, placing it under the tongue is a good way to get quick relief. 

The many capillaries of the mouth make it a cinch for the oil to absorb quickly.

Q4. What’s the difference between CBD oil and Hemp Oil? 

The main difference is that CBD isn’t found within hemp oil.

Hemp oil is loaded with helpful omega-3 fatty acids and is a fine food additive. 

CBD is naturally effective and safe for pain relief. For some CBD blends, hemp oil is the carrier oil. Such a blend offers you numerous benefits.

Q5. Could CBD make me suffer from insomnia?

If your goal is to get some sleep, CBD can help you do that. Studies show that CBD is a fine natural method to use if you need some rest. 

Also, if pains, aches, or mental hurts like anxiety keep you awake at night, consider the usage of CBD to nix those pains preventing you from getting the sleep you deserve.

Q6. What do full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum mean?

Full-spectrum CBD oils for sleep are sometimes called “whole-plant” and offer THC traces and cannabinoids. In addition, the blend provides you with something called the “entourage effect,” which gets you the benefits of all other cannabinoids within the plant, plus flavonoids and terpenes. 

Meanwhile, CBD isolate is only CBD and nothing more. It is good if you want no CBD in your oil and offers a practical, clean solution for pain relief. However, it lacks the benefits of full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oils. 

Broad-spectrum is what you might call "the happy medium" among the three types. It has zero THC, a few terpenes, and a few cannabinoids. All three are helpful in pain mitigation, but full-spectrum oil will provide the greatest benefits.

Q7. Is CBD oil for pain legal?

Although the federal government has legalized the creation of CBD from industrial hemp sources so long as it contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less, each state has its own rules about CBD use. 

For most USA states, the cannabinoid is completely legal. However, you must review your state’s laws and regulations before purchasing CBD. 

Wrapping Up On Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Pain: 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the best CBD oils for pain. The brands featured on our list are known for offering quality oils that work. 

We suggest visiting the sites and researching them for yourself to learn what these oils are capable of for pain relief. 

Enjoy the relief and happy shopping!

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.