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Best Car Rental Software Or How To Make The Most Of Auto Lease

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Best Car Rental Software Or How To Make The Most Of Auto Lease

Here are the best vehicle leasing software companies and their strengths and weaknesses compared. Find the top rent a car software in one click!

Best Car Rental Software Review
Best Car Rental Software Review

Using the best car rental software is a necessary step today. I'm not boring you with introductions: your business waits for practical, effective, and money-bringing solutions. So, I'm introducing you to the top vehicle rental apps immediately.

How I Evaluated These Solutions 

I tried 11 auto leasing software sites, and there was always something I did not like. I encountered several serious issues when joining the business, such as damage recording, data security, and accounting. Scheduling was rather chaotic as well. 

Moreover, vehicle lease software sometimes did not provide any solutions for anything but regular cars, motorcycles, and maybe buses. Long story short, the standards grew… 

Evaluating and testing vehicle lease management software, I paid the most attention to the following: 

  • Order management ease: How fast and easy it is to create orders, set dates, etc. Plus, how easy is it to edit an order? 
  • Customer accounting tools: How car leasing software lets me organize the customer base, add documents, connect orders to partners, and check credit cards for authenticity. 
  • Vehicle rental process starting/ending: How vehicle lease management software lets me track kilometers, tank fueling status, damage, etc. 
  • Versatility of car rental reservation software: How many vehicle types can I offer with a single application? 
  • Prices and what they include: How costly is it to use this car renting app, and what can it provide for this money? (for instance, for how many VINs is it? Is it for cars only, or can I also work with it offering equipment or boats? How many offices can it be used at? What is the technical support level? What changes if I go cheaper or pricier?)
  • How transparent and fair are the companies offering these apps? Transparency was among my priorities since I've had instances with such programs. 
  • Security of the payment methods: How safe I am regarding financial data buying these services. 
  • Rental car app reviews: What other users mention and highlight about a particular company providing software for a car rental service.

And now…

Top 6 Solutions: Find the Best Site for Rental Cars Business 

So, what is the best rental car company that can give you reliable software? Of all 11 in general and of the 6 best car rental sites, the top car rental reservation software is… TopRentApp. That is the most convenient application among rental car software systems. But before getting to the main review, let me simplify it all for you: 

Automotive lease softwareHow is it good? All vehicles Good for startups 30%+ discounts Score/10
TopRentAppBEST FOR EVERYTHING regarding managing a business. This is the only car leasing software I use now. 9.5
HQRentalThe best equipment rental software after TopRentApp8
ARSLoanerGood business solution for an affordable price✅ 7.5
ScheduleBullA good rent car app for planning and scheduling but not as versatile ❌ 7
RentGuruzAn okay car business organization app for fast reservations 6.5
LimoAnywhereGreat elite car rental service software 6.5

So, what is the best vehicle rental company? As you can see, the top car rental business software to use is…

#1 TopRentApp


TopRentApp is the #1 vehicle leasing software for many reasons 

This vehicle lease management app is simultaneously the best CRM for your car renting app. Highly functional, scalable, and secure, it saves eons of your time by digitizing every single data piece and providing well-systematized analytics. 

Main features 9.5/10 

Automation TopRentApp rental car software generates contracts automatically. But also it can 
  • Recognize customer data by passport information (AI-boosted technology)
  • Check credit cards (with BIN)
  • Provide convenience for digital signing, etc. 
And all that is also automated! 
Multilingual It is a multilingual rental car management software that can create contracts in English, German, Polish, Italian, and Russian.  I must say that these languages are more than enough to provide services to people from the US, the EU, and some Eastern countries (such as Kazakstan, Georgia, etc.). 
Fast account creation for customers Yet again, a plus to the automation point: this car leasing software makes the registration process in your company a matter of two clicks.  I've learned that making registration easy and fast is among the first steps you must provide — let a person become your service subscriber and deal with all their other data later. 
Digital signing & documents No more papers, physical documents, and waiting for a signature. TopRentApp is a 100% digital car rental reservation software that frees its user company from unneeded paperwork.  Plus, agreements, invoices, and authorization forms are digital, too. You need no moves to have all that prepared instantly because the auto leasing software does that automatically. You, in turn, receive a ready-made PDF with all data you can instantly print. 
Damage recording TopRentApp has something other rental car software systems lack, and it is a supreme damage recording mechanism. You get all video and photo evidence securely stored (a must-have). 
Administering fines Another thing this vehicle lease management application does without a hitch is keeping a record of all fines. 
10/10 reports Reports have always been my weak point because they are usually messy and need work to organize all facts. Having started working with TopRentApp automotive lease software, I have now zero issues with getting detailed and well-organized (and finally easily readable) reports on each car AND my company's success. 

TopRentApp rent a car software and order management 10/10

The best site to rent a car must always have mechanisms to facilitate ordering. Some customers are… restless and need everything to be lightning-fast, which can be overwhelming when you have only started providing car rental online services. Moreover, when your company grows, you must handle more orders, and even the best car rental companies can sometimes lag when a stream of customers accelerates. 

One of the first decisions I made for my car rental company was making ordering a matter of seconds. TopRentApp vehicle leasing solution was and is my best choice since it helps with…

📝 Creating valid orders in seconds 

This car renting app helper surprised me with its ability to create an order with minimum information. Choosing a date and a car model is ENOUGH to have a valid order you can fill up later. So, the car rental booking software already has a document, and your customer can take their time to provide other essential facts (but they are YOUR customer already). 

Contrasting the speeds of today's and previous work, I feel the real change. It used to take me up to 10 minutes to create a contract. Moreover, some clients delayed that; a single deal could take over half an hour. Managerial work now takes 30 seconds on average because I get auto-generated documents in PDFs I can instantly print. 

📝 Time selection convenience 


It has a clean and convenient calendar that also lets you leave blank spaces that can be filled later. That is nothing special, but I like the ease of using it. Plus, the interface has nothing odd. 

📝 Car availability checks 


TopRentApp car tracking software has the simplest yet most effective solution for car availability checks. You can see all your models in a list and their status immediately for the ultimate convenience. 

📝 Smart filters 


Another strength of this rental fleet management solution is that you can find the needed vehicles with an advanced filtering mechanism. The app lets you filter 

  • Availability 
  • Brand 
  • Type 
  • Brand 
  • Year 
  • Color 
  • and Transmission. 

📝 Grouping your vehicles 

TopRentApp vehicle rental management software lets you create groups of vehicles as easily as creating a folder on your desktop. Two clicks, and you've got organized folders with your cars you can name as you wish. 

TopRentApp auto lease software and customer accounting 10/10

Customer accounting is another challenge for even the best vehicle rental companies. I needed a rental car app with a design that let me see all essential details immediately, and this pick was the only one that provided me with such convenience. 

🧍 Customer base with important facts on one display 


Data on people who need your services must be complete. For me, those portraits were usually INcomplete because I needed to open profiles to see this and that. TopRentApp, in turn, is the first car rental fleet management software with such a readable base. Entering it, I (and, well, any user) can instantly see 

  • Name + status (regular customers, VIPs, and denylisted ones)
  • Contact info (mobile phone + emails)
  • History of renting. 

🧍 It is easy to work with documents 

I felt a significant positive change in time management with this solution. 

Adding a photo of a customer's passport makes the rental car management program fill in the blank instantly. Name, surname, dates — all that is in your database immediately if the photo has good resolution and is taken well. For me, it saves hours of time. 

Comparing my old work, I remember spending 5 minutes on each client. Today, it takes me approximately 10 seconds to complete a profile. 

🧍 Partner's clients 

If you have "friend" companies or work with an agency, provided clients can be linked to them so that you always remember it is a person sent to you by a partner. 

🧍 Checking card authenticity easily 

When adding a new customer to the rental car app base, you can check their credit card to see if that is an authentic document. 

This app feature is also 10/10 for small rental car business projects. So, use it whenever, not only when you feel something is missing or wrong. TopRentApp's solution uses a Bank Identification Number. Simple, but that gets you basic information sufficient to determine if this card is real. 

Starting and ending rental car processes 10/10 

🚗 Kilometers and fueling accounting 

The vehicle leasing management solution provides another fast and efficient solution that lets you see how many kilometers your vehicle has "run" and how much fuel it has after each process ends (you have to select that, of course). 

🚗 An accounting system that saves your time 

This auto lease software lets you know how much a customer owes you or has already paid. Your task here is to set the predefined daily price, delivery costs, value-added taxes (VAT in %%%), and the final price is calculated for you. 

Moreover, if you have calculated the best car rental prices after setting your price, changing it takes seconds. 

🚗 Signing in real-time 

All your customers can leave a signature online using their smartphones or tablets. The only thing you need to get that is an internet connection. 

🚗 Car rental business software that helps your workers 

Your best rental cars will be safe only when your employees are well-trained. Yet, how do inexperienced workers get to know this and that without practice? When hiring new people to the point of rental, I feared they would mess something up, but I was willing to let them show their skills. 

Of course, that was a risk. That is no longer a risk; I do not need to teach them the whole process repeatedly. TopRentApp rental software has a system that does not let employees forget what they must do.

Reports of this rental car software have steps that must be completed before I can work with them. So, an employee always sees that they must enter information about 

  • Damages 
  • Odometer 
  • Fuel level 
  • Driver's documents 
  • Deposit details 
  • and signatures. 

🚗 Damage information records 

Incidents happen, and it's okay. This car rental booking software lets you enter and securely save all data about damages, be those paint scratches, weather damage, windshield problems, rear-end issues, etc. 

How versatile is this rental fleet management software? 10/10 

The best car rental companies, especially big ones, often offer various vehicle types. Even small rental websites may provide cars, vans, motorbikes, and some other options. The problem with many car rental management software providers is that they only focus on some vehicles

Nevertheless, that is not the case with this rental fleet management software. TopRentApp is optimal for...

  • Cars of all brands
  • Vans 
  • Busses
  • Motorcycles and scooters 
  • Bikes 
  • Boats 
  • Caravans 
  • Electric vehicles 
  • Buggies 
  • Moreover, it is also a car sharing software. 

… But also, it works with planes and construction machinery, which is a rarity in the market. 

Of course, I have not tested the latter ones because I do not have them. The only thing I want to highlight here is that I've never seen rental car software systems that work with literally ANYTHING. I guess spaceships, atmospheric spacecraft, and Death Star are the only options not on this list. 

It guarantees automation for all vehicle management cases and brings in much-needed scalability. So, this choice is optimal for small businesses that will grow, as well as advanced companies with a solid history and many vehicle types offered.

Prices 9/10 


Most rental car software systems are at least $95 monthly, and that is the minimum (usually for mediocre solutions). 

TopRentApp fleet management software has standard market prices when you pay monthly. Its discounts make it all better, and the regular payment plan is not much worse than the pro one. 

Still, there are noticeable differences. They will be more relevant for bigger online car rental services. Here is the thing: it is better to take pro accounts when you have an expanding business since you will need API integrations, work with CSV data, and offer more vehicles.

After working with this best site for rental cars management for 2 months, I went for a yearly subscription. The Pro-service plan now costs me $63 (€59), and that is for two offices. Plus, I needed to integrate this app, and the pro account was my only option. I have no regrets. But note that the 40% discount only works for the first year — do not let the offer mislead you into thinking that you will save yearly. 

The Pay-as-You-Go plan is always a no-no for me. It is unnecessarily expensive and gives you the minimum. Why would you pay the monthly price at the end but not have all the features unlocked? For instance, you cannot use the AI recognition feature when you choose this plan; CSV is not a thing, either, and you cannot integrate it… In my practice, such plans are not that useful. Still, you can make use of it if your business is small and you have 5-10 VINs in the fleet needing free car rental solution for the basics. Yet, the free car rental software will not be effective when your fleet has over 10 VINs. 

This vehicle rent solution has a two-week free trial. I recommend testing this management software: it is better than throwing money down the drain on Pay-as-You-Go. 

Payment methods 10/10

This rent car app software provider accepts all popular credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, etc. Regarding instant payment, there are the following options: 

  • PayPal 
  • ApplePay 
  • GooglePay
  • SamsungPay
  • Qiwi
  • WebMoney. 

I just used ApplePay. 

Also, there are cryptocurrency payment options. I've already seen rent a car software providers using BTC, ETH, and LTC, but TopRentApp has a longer list of accepted cryptos. It works with 

  • Tether 
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash 
  • Ethereum and Ethereum Classic 
  • Litecoin 
  • Binance 
  • And Ripple. 

I have not detected anything suspicious during my payment and have no more comments here. 

Reviews from other rental car business projects 7/10

This is where I have my doubts. Yes, this car rental business software choice has been perfect for my project. Nevertheless, I have not found many testimonials about it. 

There are car rental software reviews on the website: 


And they were not convincing for me, even though these are legit and real-existing top car rental companies. I did not find any results on Trustpilot and Sitejabber either. Only practice showed that this vehicle leasing software was good. 

I still recommend this vehicle rental management program over everything else; it is a new solution — Version 1.0 — so car rental software reviews will appear later. 

User-friendly 10/10 

I have not experienced a single issue using it on a desktop. Employees are also satisfied, and most use the mobile version. 


The rental fleet management program will provide an application later, but that does not disrupt any processes. It is 100% mobile-friendly, works well on tablets and is overall easy to navigate. Plus, with advanced payment plans, you also get SMS notifications on your mobile device. 

Communication details 

Several communication channels exist. The most effective one is their phone number: +39 347 810 4408‬. I recommend texting via WhatsApp or calling. 

The email is [email protected]

Also, TopRentApp has an office. The address: Oxygen SRL, Via Bellosguardo 12, Roma, 00134 Italia. They are open from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

New features 

TopRentApp auto lease software published its development plan with upcoming updates you can track the completion of. So far, this car leasing software is already almost 10/10 for what it can do for such an affordable price. Yet, there will soon be new features, which you can check here

The verdict on TopRentApp 

Positives Negatives 

✅ Highly functional + automated 

✅ Fast and efficient order management 

✅ Convenient scheduler 

✅ Clean customer base 

✅ Easy to work with partners 

✅ AI technology 

✅ Easy to record damage 

✅ Works with any vehicle type 

✅ Secure payment methods 

✅ Free car rental software 

✅ API integration 

✅ Highly scalable 

✅ Fast and effective communication.

❌ The Pay-as-You-Go plan does not unlock all features 

❌ Does not have an application (will have it with the next version)

❌ The 40% discount letting you save a lot of money yearly only works once

This automotive lease program has been a convenient, efficient, and cost-saving solution for my fleet. It is optimal for small business projects, but it is also scalable and effective, meaning that it can grow with you or handle bigger volumes of customers. Moreover, this is multilingual rental fleet management application with additional features that facilitate order creation, accounting, etc. 

Regarding prices for this car rental booking software, they are low but enough to give your business a versatile solution. Plus, there is a rental car software free plan when you pay for the actual use only. 

When it comes to the negatives of this vehicle leasing management program, I do not have much to present. First, a young company needs more time to create advanced features, but the existing toolkit is 10/10 already. Also, I wish there were more testimonials. 

5 TopRentApp Alternatives — Other Good Vehicle Leasing Solutions

Some other solutions I used to have can also be good vehicle lease software options. I still recommend the previous car fleet management software for its functionality and price. Still, the following five choices can provide you with the needed features to keep your business organized. 

#2 HQ Rental

HQ rental is another option that lets you save on administrative staff and deal with fleet management effectively in several taps/clicks. Another 100% paperless solution, it offers the best equipment rental software after TopRentApp. In addition, it is good rent a car software for long-term leasing deals. 

I used to work with this auto lease program because its automation was helping a lot, and reporting was sufficient. Plus, it can be easily integrated with online bookings, insurance, and revenue management tools 

HQ rental services focus on the following sectors: 

  • Cars and vans: It is as good as the previous one and also works well for fast agreement creation, as well as getting digital signatures in real-time. Since the solution is user-friendly and works well on mobiles, it can be optimal for both small and bigger businesses. 
  • Motorbikes and boats: HQ rental software is also a car booking solution for some other vehicle types. You can offer additional equipment with this. Moreover, it can be a good tool for maintenance and repair alerts. 
  • Equipment rental: Sports, custom, and construction equipment are also on the list of what HQ rental software can help with. 

In many things, HQ rental software is like TopRentApp. My #1 motivation to switch was the price and how many things I could simplify with vehicle leasing apps.

Compared to TopRentApp, HQ rental software is much pricier but has fewer functions and cannot be useful for some vehicle types. It has an easy-to-use calendar and all the necessities, but you get that for at least $225 monthly when having over 25 vehicles. Furthermore, you cannot use HQ rental software when you have two branches for this price, while TopRentApp has a much cheaper and better service for 2 offices for $149 (139€, and that is without discounts).

Regarding discounts, the maximum your business can save is 8% with HQ rental service. Full functionality costs no less than $2475 and can handle only 50 vehicles. 

I loved HQ rental software earlier before finding a better solution. Still, it is a valid option, especially when you highly value car leasing software with a long and transparent business history. 


Positives Negatives 

✅ Automation 

✅ Decent car leasing management application that can also work with boats, motorcycles, and equipment

✅ Integration with many other necessary programs 

✅ Good calendar 

✅ Fast support 

❌ Much pricier 

❌ Is only useful for some sectors, while TopRentApp works with many more vehicle types 

❌ Is not as efficient and fast as TopRentApp regarding customer profile creation 

❌ Only 3 languages 

#3 ARSLoaner

ARS is a fast solution for check-ins and outs. I also liked it for its mobile-friendliness, fast document scanner, and 100% paperless approach to the rent-a-car business. Plus, it has advanced GPS technology for fleet monitoring. 

Saving and analyzing data with it is also a fast, enjoyable, and effective experience due to well-organized reports and simple interface (but I cannot say that these are the best and most detailed reports I've seen). Plus, the company offers personnel training in case you need a professional to explain how this and that works to your less experienced employees. 

The program starts working with full functionality in 1-2 hours after you request a demo. In addition, this rental car management solution has a 30-day trial! 

Regarding prices, they are rather low. You get significant discounts for larger fleets. The starting price per VIN is $9 monthly, but you pay only $4 when you have 50 or more VINs. 70 vehicles in your fleet result in each VIN costing only $2.86. Plus, there is a $200 cap on how much this program costs — so, you are not spending more than that, regardless of how many VINs you have. 

I loved this one and would use it again. The only thing stopping me is that it is not scalable at all. It needs some advanced features and novelties to be useful to a bigger company. Yet, it is a great option for business projects that have just started their journey. 

Positives Negatives 

✅ Real-time GPS tracking of a fleet

✅ Easy to create orders and fill forms 

✅ Easy to track mileage and fuel 

✅ Fast digital signing

✅ 10/10 prices, especially for small businesses 

✅ 30-day free car rental management program demo 

❌ Scalability problems 

❌ Old solutions here and there 

❌ Other programs are much better when it comes to mobile-friendly usage 

❌ Other programs have much better reports 

❌ Car fleets only 

#4 ScheduleBull

SheduleBull is, first and foremost, a scheduling application. It is versatile for business and can be useful for car rentals, vehicle repairs, hotel reservations, etc. It's a good solution for contract creation and invoices, but everything else is not as effective as it can be with TopRentApp or its best alternatives above. 

At least, ScheduleBull is user-friendly, regardless of which device you and your employees use. 

A significant positive is that this rental car software free solution literally costs $0 when your fleet has 5 cars. 5-50 cars raise the costs to only €75, and you can connect 10 other users to the system. A bigger fleet requires you to contact customer support and clarify the monthly price. 

Also, this option has a free 30-day demo. 

Positives Negatives 

✅ Easy-to-use rental fleet management program

✅ Good for small business 

✅ Instant contracts and bills 

✅ Good price management 

❌ Literally a simple scheduler 

❌ Statistics do not have some important details 

❌ Not scalable 

❌ Prices are not transparent — you must call/text the support to clarify how much it is monthly for a fleet with over 50 VINs

#5 RentGuruz

RentGuruz is the budget version of TopRentApp, except that it has fewer functions while being pricier. Still, it is also a comprehensive program for making agreements, creating customer profiles, creating invoices, managing your inventory, and keeping your fleet healthy. 

The dashboard is nothing complex, and the application is user-friendly enough. There is not much to say about it, especially after getting used to more advanced solutions like TopRentApp and HQ Rental software. 

Positives Negatives 

✅ Fast contracts 

✅ There is nothing odd in the interface 

✅ Direct credit card charges 

✅ Smarr organizer 

✅ Detailed reports 

❌ A simpler version of the best car fleet management software

❌ Okay for small businesses but insufficient for bigger projects 

❌ Not a scalable solution 

❌ The Policy Page is accessible only when you have already registered on the site

#6 LimoAnywhere

LimoAnywhere limo booking software has been in the market since 2004. Nevertheless, it brings in more updates and solutions systematically, enhancing its system. Plus, it is also a financial solution that lets you receive payment securely with a unique system. 

This car fleet management software includes

  • Reservation management 
  • Dispatch management 
  • Reporting and statistics 
  • Driver tracking 
  • Flight tracking 
  • Scheduled emailing 
  • Online booking tools. 

It is as versatile as TopRentApp but is also much more complex. Moreover, its prices are determined by how many trips your cars take, and the starter $99/month payment plan allows 150 trips only. Paying $269/month lets you organize over 2 thousand trips, and you can also contact the support for a custom plan. 

Note that this vehicle lease management software has hidden charges. For instance, automated emails are not free. Only 5 emails are $0, while any other additional "package" costs $10 monthly. Moreover, you pay $299 upfront for the first month in any case. 

So, it is good for versatility but terrible when it comes to determining your budget for the service. 

Positives Negatives 

✅ User-friendly interface 

✅ Easy to work with 

✅ Comprehensive activity reports 

✅ Perfect for work with customers 

✅ 100% paperless 

✅ A tested company that has been in the market since 2004

❌ Hidden costs 

❌ Many features are still in development despite the fact that this company has been live for long 

❌ It focuses on simplifying reservations and is not as comprehensive as TopRentApp

My Experience with TopRentApp Is the Best 


Auto leasing software choice is quite a personalized thing. A business's choice depends on the fleet, vehicle diversity, specialization, location, goals, and many other things. When seeking HQ Rental software alternatives, I needed it to be just a bit better. Yet, finding TopRentApp was even better than what my company needed. 

Its scalability, advanced technology, minimalist design, and many other positives greatly simplify management and save costs on managerial staff. Furthermore, it is easy to use for your workers and can be easily integrated with other apps. 

It is the all-in-one affordable solution with the biggest discounts in the market today. Despite high functionality already, it will soon get more features because the team has announced an update. Everything that has been said about TopRentApp is Version 1.0 only — in 2023-2024, there will be even more functions to help a business prosper. 

Plus, the #1 vehicle lease application is optimal for businesses of all levels. Startups, small businesses, average and big projects — TopRentApp deals with everything momentarily, being a supreme choice. So, I recommend it over everything else, even though some other legitimate solutions have demonstrated good performance, too. 

Final Words 

The top auto leasing software can accelerate your business growth and save months of your time and thousands of your money by automating the most important processes and eliminating the human error factor. 

All rental fleet management solutions described in this car rental software review are licensed and have been providing legitimate services for some time. Some options on this car rental software review are newer and some have years of business history, but all of them have already proven that their services are fair. 

When evaluating the best equipment rental software or choosing rent a car software independently, pay attention to

  • Order management ease
  • Customer accounting tools
  • Vehicle rental process starting/ending
  • Versatility
  • Prices and what they include
  • How transparent and fair the companies are 
  • Security of the payment methods
  • Rental car app reviews.

And may the chosen automotive lease software help you make your business #1 in the industry! 


What is the average price for auto leasing software? 

On average, auto leasing software costs $250-600 monthly. Bigger businesses may spend over $2,500 monthly for such solutions. 

What is the best software for a startup? 

The best software for startup projects is TopRentApp. Some great alternatives for a startup are ARSLoaner, ScheduleBull, and RentGuruz. 

What is the best rental inventory software? 

The best rental inventory software options are TopRentApp and HQ rental software. 

Where to look for car rental software reviews? 

The top websites that let you check car rental software reviews are Trustpilot and Sitejabber. You can also find reviews on companies' websites, but these might be AI-generated or bought.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.