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Best AI Headshot Generator - Create Professional Headshots

Headshots are important when it comes to making first impressions. They are the first thing that recruiters see when going through social media profiles. They also add lots of personality to resumes and websites. Nowadays, you won’t find a professional profile without a fantastic headshot accompanying it.


Best AI Headshot Generator

But what are headshots really? And what do they do? More importantly, how do you make one? Today’s feature talks about the best AI headshot generators available and how you can make your own from the comforts of home:

The Best AI Headshot Generator

There are tons of headshot generators available online, so how do you know which one is the best? There are three important things to keep in mind when choosing the right AI app for your headshots. First, the generated photos must be as realistic as possible. Another factor to consider is the extra features or retouches included in the packages. And lastly, you have to think about the prices and whether it’s worth the product that you’ll be purchasing.


Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet for the best AI headshot generators. Check out this comprehensive list and we’ll let you be the final judge:

1. HeadshotPro


Headshot Pro was first developed in Holland before launching worldwide and becoming one of the most popular AI image generators. Many people love using this app because it offers ultra-realistic results from just several high-quality photos. Headshot Pro also makes it available for users to test out their app thanks to their secure transactions and multiple payment options. They also prioritize data privacy and allow manual deletion from their servers.

How To Use:


  • Create an account with your email address or Google Mail account.
  • Select a headshot package from at least three categories.
  • Send payment through one of many verified payment channels.
  • Choose the style, outfit, and background of your headshots.
  • Upload at least 17 high-quality photos taken at different angles.
  • Wait for two hours while Headshot Pro generates your headshots.
  • Receive your set of headshots through email.


  • $29.00 – Small Package (40 headshots and 1 style)
  • $39.00 – Normal Package (120 headshots and 3 styles)
  • $49.00 – Premium Package (240 headshots and 6 styles)
  • $39.00 – Team Plans (paid per person)

2. Aragon


Another AI app that’s making waves among professionals is Aragon. The app was developed by two amazing engineers and is now one of the leading AI software in the world. Aragon boasts a diverse range of portrait styles and backgrounds, including a 60-minute generation process. It’s also one of the few AI tools that offer a money-back guarantee for its users.

How To Use:

  • Create an account with your email address and password.
  • Select your paid plan and confirm payment.
  • Answer questions about your profession and the reason for your headshots.
  • Enter a detailed description of your headshots into the writing prompt.
  • Upload at least 12 photos to generate your headshots.
  • Wait for at least an hour while the AI processes your photos.
  • Receive your set of headshots through your account gallery.


  • $29.00 – Starter Plan (40 headshots and 20 styles)
  • $39.00 – Basic Plan (80 headshots and 40 styles)
  • $69.00 – Premium Plan (200 headshots and 100 styles)

3. Secta


Although it’s relatively new, Secta is already proving to be a strong contender for AI tools. Unlike its competitors, this AI-powered app focuses on visual and textual details. To generate your headshots, you’ll need more than 20 photos and an excellent writing prompt. One of the best perks from Secta is that they offer a one-time payment for users and an additional two retries at no extra cost.


How To Use:

  • Create an account with your email address and password.
  • Alternative: sign up using your LinkedIn, Google, or Apple account.
  • Send one-time payment through payment channels.
  • Write a detailed writing prompt for the AI.
  • Upload at least 25 images as your source photos.
  • Wait for less than an hour while the AI generates your headshots.
  • Receive your set of headshots through your account gallery.


  • $49.00 – Launch Price (300+ headshots and 100 edits)

4. ProPhotos


If you want a fast turnaround time, then ProPhotos is your top pick. Compared to other AI tools, this app only needs ten source photos to generate your headshots. They also offer a wide range of filters, styles, and backgrounds for their users. You also don’t have to worry too much about the quality of your photos since ProPhotos accepts candid shots like selfies or social media pictures.


How To Use:

  • Create an account with your email address and password.
  • Choose a payment plan from three tiers and confirm payment.
  • Upload the minimum number of photos required on the dashboard.
  • Edit the AI settings to your preferences.
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes while the AI creates your photos.
  • Receive your set of headshots through your account gallery.


  • $25.00 – Basic Plan (40 headshots and 1 style)
  • $55.00 – Premium Plan (80 headshots and 6 styles)
  • $155.00 – Professional Plan (160 headshots and 8 styles)

5. Try It On

Try It On

Try It On is one of the most popular AI apps for content creators. The brand is designed to be fun, quirky, and personalized which directly reflects its features. In addition to high-quality headshots and convenient processing time, Try It On also boasts human edits. For a small fee, one of their dedicated team members can help you make the necessary edits to perfect your headshots.


How To Use:

  • Create an account by using an existing email account.
  • Buy photoshoot credits and confirm payment.
  • Use the credits to generate your headshots.
  • Upload the minimum number of photos required by the app.
  • Receive your set of headshots through your account gallery
  • Edit headshots according to your preferences.


  • $17.00 – AI Headshots (100 headshots and 40 styles)
  • $29.00 – AI Headshots Plus (200 headshots and 50 styles)
  • $45.00 – Premium Headshots (200 headshots, 50 styles, 2 human edits)

Why Do You Need A Professional Headshot?

Headshots are formal portraits typically used for business purposes. Before the age of social media, headshots were often used by performers and creative professionals when submitting their portfolios to agents and casting agencies. The same purpose still holds today. You’ll see headshots everywhere – from social media channels to personalized websites.


Headshots are important because they encapsulate your personality, profession, and impression in one photo. They also add a face to the name especially when used on social media profiles. When it comes to resumes and websites, headshots give a personal touch to make you appear friendlier, polished, and more approachable. So, despite the great migration of the workforce towards the digital age, it’s safe to say that headshots aren’t going away anytime soon.

What’s An AI Headshot Generator?

A headshot generator is an AI-powered software that generates pictures from a collection of source photographs. Using advanced algorithms and tools, an AI app can now analyze your facial characteristics from photos to create completely new portraits. You can also edit these photos by changing their clothes, backgrounds, and even expressions. Other apps also offer their users the ability to transform their photos into digital artworks.


easy to see why AI-generated headshots are incredibly popular. For one thing, they are simple and easy to make. You can use any AI app after creating an account and paying a small fee. And for the amount you’ll be paying, the results are fast and ultra-realistic. From profile pictures to creative portfolios, you can use these headshots for anything.

How To Make The Best AI Headshot

Just because the headshots are AI-generated doesn’t mean that the app will be doing all the work. Remember that your photos will only be as good as you allow them to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure the quality of your headshots. Here are a few tips on how you can help the AI app generate perfect photos every time:


Keep your expectations in check.

While AI technology has come a long way, it’s still learning so it’s important to set your expectations. There may be some cases where your photos will have small errors or glitches. Since the tech is constantly improving, these types of mistakes are to be expected when using AI-powered tools. Luckily, you can fix these errors with quick edits within the app or with the help of other editing software. The good news is that these glitches will probably straightened out in the next few years, especially at the pace that AI tech is going!


Only upload high-quality photos.

Keep in mind that the quality of your photos is dependent on the source photographs. If you want your headshots to be realistic, then make sure to upload high-quality photos. Aside from choosing high-resolution images, you also have to curate your pictures properly. This means not including shots where there are other people, nighttime shots, or blurry photos. Always ensure that your face is front and center, the quality is consistent, and the photos are taken at different angles so that the AI can detect your facial features properly.

Be extremely detailed with your prompts.

Some of the AI tools on this list will require you to add a writing prompt during the generation process. In this case, you want to be as detailed as possible so remember to add any significant input. The AI tool will then read this information and use it as a guide for generating the pictures. The more detailed the prompt, the better the AI’s accuracy in generating more realistic pictures. You can also specify in the prompt the style, background, or expression that you want for your headshots.


Choose the perfect style for your shots.

Most AI tools will allow you to pre-select the portrait style, background, and outfit for your headshots. If you’re looking for a headshot to go with your resume or LinkedIn profile, we recommend going for more formal attires and backgrounds. This means pressed suits in front of single-colored backdrops or brick walls. On the other hand, casual headshots will go perfectly with social media channels and personal websites. With this style, you can opt for shirts and outdoor shoots. Here is a list of the best AI LinkedIn profile photo generator .

Generate as many headshots as possible.


The number of AI photos that you’ll generate will depend on the package you paid for. Some apps offer 20 photos while others can deliver up to 200 headshots. However, it’s always best to have as many shots as you can. This way, you’ll have lots of photos to choose from and you won’t feel restricted to just five or ten pictures. And with AI tools, the more photos you generate, the higher your chances of getting realistic headshots.

Tips & Tricks When Taking A Professional Headshot

Aside from AI generators, you can always create your headshots at home. Even if you don’t see yourself as a professional photographer, there are tons of tricks you can use to make your shots look like a pro’s. Whether you’re testing out your camera skills or you’re saving on budget, these set of tips have your back. Here are a few things to consider when taking a professional headshot :


Choose an excellent camera.

First things first: choose a high-quality camera. If you don’t have a DSLR camera sitting at home, even a smartphone will do. You’ll be surprised how many phones nowadays can go toe to toe with professional cameras in terms of resolution and quality. If you’re using a phone to take your photos, don’t go for a selfie angle. While selfies are easier to take, they can look too casual or informal especially when used for headshots. In this case, it’s best to have a friend take the picture for you.

Dress up for the part.

Even though you’re not going to a physical photoshoot, it’s important to dress up for the part. If you’re still job hunting, one common tip is to dress for the job you want. This will also help make a lasting impression on recruiters. But if you’re just looking for a photo to accompany your social media profiles, even a casual outfit can work. Remember that details are important, so make sure that your clothes are clean, pressed, and looking smart!


Go for a clean and neutral background.

When shooting headshots, even a DIY one, it’s best to go with a clean or neutral background. If you have a solid-colored wall at home, you can capture several shots in front of it. You can also set up your headshots in your office and adjust the camera settings so that your background doesn’t seem too cluttered. Choosing the right backdrop is important because you don’t want to look unprofessional or distracting to recruiters. It’s also easier to take the shot when you only have one subject in front of the camera lens.


Natural lighting is the key to great pictures.

Another important factor to consider is natural lighting. The best time to shoot your headshots is during the “golden hour.” This can either be an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. During these hours, the sun offers a soft diffused light which looks great in all cameras. On the other hand, too soft or harsh lighting can make your face look washed out or too contoured. Nail the perfect lighting and it can do wonders for your headshots!

Don’t be afraid to take as many shots as possible.

You have all the time in the world so don’t be afraid to take as many shots as possible. This is one of the perks of doing a DIY photoshoot. You don’t have to worry about the time or rescheduling bookings, so feel free to take all the shots you need. You can also do unlimited test shots before you officially start your photoshoot. This way, you can test out the lighting and make the necessary adjustments before you take your headshots.


AI Headshot Generator FAQs

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Headshot Pro is the best AI headshot generator in terms of overall quality, use, and price. Their turnaround time isn’t too shabby as well, considering that you’ll receive an amazing set of headshots. It’s undoubtedly the most popular among creatives and professionals.

What is the most realistic AI image generator?

Headshot Pro is the most realistic AI image generator. Although their processing time is longer than most AI tools, this allows the results to be more accurate and realistic. Headshot Pro’s results also tend to have fewer errors and glitches compared to other apps.


What is the fastest AI image generator?

Airbrush AI and ProPhotos both offer AI headshots in half an hour or less. It’s important to take note that the generation process will depend on the AI’s algorithm and the package that you paid for. Some AI tools offer more expensive plans for faster turnaround time.

Are there any free AI headshot generators?

Although account creation is free, all of the AI headshot generators featured on this list have paid plans. This means that you need to pay before you can fully enjoy the AI’s technology. There are free AI generators on the internet, but one shouldn’t expect too much from the resulting quality.


Is it safe to use AI image generators?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use AI image generators. All featured AI generators automatically delete their data after a given period of time. You can also manually delete your photos from their servers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to AI-generated headshots, you can’t go wrong with Headshot Pro. It’s the top pick on this list thanks to its high-quality renderings, impressive turnaround time, and budget-friendly prices. It also saves its users tons of time compared to booking physical photoshoots. In a matter of hours, you’ll have a realistic and professional headshot that best represents you and your profession!


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.