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BeLiv Reviews: Can It Control Blood Sugar Level In The Body?

BeLiv is a new blood sugar supplement that comes in liquid form to support healthy blood sugar levels by controlling hunger and provides energy to the body to perform the daily task without losing focus.


BeLiv is a liquid blood sugar oil developed by David Andrews. It controls blood sugar levels in the body and raises energy levels with its 24 natural ingredients. 

The most common problem among people in the world is irregular blood sugar which leads to diabetes or prediabetes and these fluctuating glucose levels may lead to other health problems.  

People with diabetes have problems with insulin production and sensitivity, leading to fluctuating blood glucose levels. 

Therefore, they must visit the doctor who advises medicine or insulin injections to control blood sugar levels. Once this medical treatment starts, it will last long till the end and the person must take diabetes pills or insulin shots daily to maintain the blood glucose level in the body. With this medical treatment, people cannot 100% end diabetes from their life. 

Over the years several programs and supplements on the market claim to restore blood sugar level but these all are just a claim or contains adverse side effect which can harm body health in long term. 

If you are concerned about your blood sugar level, use all medical treatments, products, and supplements that temporarily control the sugar level in the body. When you stop using it, your blood sugar climbs, so it is not a permanent solution to treat diabetes.  

It is called the million-dollar industry because many pharmaceutical companies and doctors make millions of dollars by selling diabetes pills or drugs that will not permanently maintain blood sugar levels. People are wasting their money on buying diabetes pills again and again. 

For this reason, the BeLiv Blood Sugar Oil supplement is the permanent solution to prediabetes and diabetes by controlling blood sugar or glucose level in the body. BeLiv Oil works for all men and women above 18 who have diabetes or prediabetes. 

What Is BeLiv Blood Sugar Oil? 

BeLiv is a new blood sugar supplement that comes in liquid form to support healthy blood sugar levels by controlling hunger and provides energy to the body to perform the daily task without losing focus. 

Each drop of BeLive contains eight clinically proven ingredients to provide healthy blood sugar by circulating healthy blood to different body organs to function flawlessly. 

BeLiv Blood Sugar Supplement is a proprietary blend of the formula that includes 24 natural ingredients, clinically tested and proven safe and effective for controlling blood sugar levels in the body. 

Each BeLiv Oil Bottle contains a liquid formula that works for all men and women in their 30s, 40s, 60s, 50s, 70s and even more. 

This BeLiv Oil formula is manufactured in the USA under a medical facility that has a GMP certificate to assure people about its quality and safety. 

Does BeLiv Works For All? 

BeLiv Reviews says it works for all adult men and women of any age having fluctuating blood sugar problems. 

BeLiv is a liquid formula that contains all-natural ingredients of plant or herb extract and does not contain any additives which have side effects. So the consumer can use BeLiv without any worries. 

BeLiv oil can be consumed directly or mixed with water to swallow quickly. Once you start, BeLiv helps to improve blood circulation in the body, enhancing digestion health and removing stored fat in different body parts. These stored fat slow down blood flow, resulting in irregular blood sugar levels. 

Consuming BeLiv alone will not control blood sugar levels in the body. People must take a healthy diet, exercise properly, avoid smoking and stop drinking sugary drinks or alcohol. 

This way, BeLiv will help you balance your blood sugar level and remove diabetes from your life after using it for 3 to 6 months. 

And it is recommended by health professionals for all people to check sugar levels daily in the morning and before sleep. 

How To Control Blood Sugar Level? 

If you are suffering from diabetes or prediabetes, your blood sugar level will fluctuate. It is necessary to control blood sugar level as it affects energy level, mood, and overall health condition. Below are the tips and tricks to control blood sugar and blood glucose level. 

  1. Fiber Rich Foods 
    Try to eat fruits that are highly rich in fiber which regulate your blood sugar level. Some fiber-rich fruits are apple, banana, peach, kiwi, pineapple, and much more. 
    BeLiv Ingredients contains African Mango Extract that is highly rich in fiber. Fiber helps the body remove toxins and reduce inflammation for overall health. 

  2. Drink Water 
    To stabilize your blood sugar level, drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water daily to flush free radicals from the body. 

  3. Eat Vegetables 
    Many people use vegetables in their diet to lose weight. The leading cause of diabetes is the fat stored in blood cells which affects blood circulation. 
    The vegetables effective in weight loss include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and onion. All these can be effortlessly bought from local shops. 

  4. Avoid Junk Foods 
    For diabetes patients, avoid junk or processed food that causes a rise or drop in blood sugar levels quickly. 

  5. Avoid Alcohol And Sugary Drinks 
    You should avoid alcohol and sugary drinks that increase insulin resistance and high blood sugar. BeLiv's official site also recommends evading the usage of alcohol and sugar drinks. 

  6. Reduce Stress 
    When the body is stressed, it produces cortisol hormone that raises blood sugar and glucose levels. To reduce stress, try to do meditation, yoga, exercise, hear music and take deep breaths. 

  7. Sleeping Problem 
    Studies prove that people with diabetes cannot sleep for long hours because of feeling pee after a short time. Doctors recommend sleeping 8 to 9 hours daily to stabilize blood glucose levels. For this, BeLiv oil is the best remedy as it controls diabetes and gives better and longer sleep at night. 

  8. Check Blood Sugar Level 
    Diabetes patients must check blood sugar every morning before breakfast and at night after 2 to 3 hours of dinner. 

  9. Blood Sugar Control Supplement 
    To maintain your blood sugar, BeLiv Blood Sugar Oil is the best remedy as it helps stabilize blood sugar levels with the help of its 24 natural ingredients that are all clinically tested and proven safe for all people. 

  10. Proper Diet 
    Also instructed by the BeLiv manufacturer, take a healthy diet like fruit, veggies, meat, fish, dairy items, nuts, and seeds with BeLiv Oil to reverse diabetes. 

How BeLiv Ingredients Help To Control Blood Sugar Level? 

BeLiv contains eight main ingredients for controlling blood sugar or glucose level in the body. In this BeLiv Review, we will briefly discuss how each ingredient works. 

Maca Root: 

The Maca plant is scientifically known as Lepidium Meyenii. It is an edible plant found in South America and Peru. Maca is packed with high levels of iron, vitamin, calcium, minerals, and amino acid to promote healthy blood cells and the digestion tract. 

This Maca Root has potential benefits for women's health as it balances hormone levels, helps women with PCOS problems, and improves fertility and menopause. 

The primary function of Maca Root is to control high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels with its 50 phytochemical compounds, which can be found in various fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and other plants. 


Paullinia Cupana known as Guarana is a plant native to Amazon which contains caffeine. Guarana is widely found in energy drinks to boost stamina. 

Guarana reduces fatigue, improves memory, and boosts the energy level in the body. People with diabetes mostly feel tired, so use BeLiv Formula to increase your energy level. 

Guarana contains other features: it supports heart health, weight loss, skin health, pain relief, and improves eye vision as an age-related problem. 

Grape Seeds: 

In BeLiv Ingredient, Grape Seeds extract is used, which can be found in the seeds of grapes. Its antioxidant properties reduce inflammation, battle oxidative stress, and repair damaged tissue. 

Grape Seeds Extract also helps to decrease blood glucose and sugar level by reducing stress which is the common reason for diabetes. 

African Mango: 

African Mango is found in Irvingia gabonensis trees native to West Africa. This African Mango fruit is mostly fiber-rich and primarily used in weight loss pills

African Mango Extract is also beneficial in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol level. 

Taking a heavy dose of African Mango can cause sleeping difficulty, gastric problems, headaches, and constipation. BeLiv uses an adequate amount of African Mango Extract to get full benefits. 


Eleutherococcus Senticosus is a small woody shrub native to North Asia, called Siberian Ginseng. This Ginseng is included in BeLiv Ingredients for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities that reduce cancer risk and stable blood sugar levels. It has been widely used in many Korean and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. 

Other benefits of Ginseng include improving brain health, reducing insomnia, and enhancing the immune system. 


Gymnema Sylvestre is a woody shrub found in India and Africa. Gymnema has been used in Indian Medicine, Ayurveda, for years to treat diabetes, snakebites and malaria. 

Studies confirm that Gymnema has several anti-diabetes properties to reduce sugar cravings in the body [1]. It contains an anti-inflammatory ability to prevent pancreatic cells from damage caused by free radicals and increases insulin production, lowering the sugar level. 


Astragalus Membranaceus is a medical herb used in many Chinese medicines for reducing mental and physical stress. Astragalus is useful to support the immune system, lower cholesterol levels, cure diabetes, and improve liver health. It has anti-bacterial properties to help skin glow brightly and smoothly. This plant is also valuable in treating respiratory infections and allergies. 

Using Astragalus in high quantity may result in itching, runny nose, rash, diarrhea, and other health issues, so BeLiv used a specific amount of this plant in their ingredients. 

Coleus Forskohlii: 

Coleus Forskohlii is helpful mainly in producing a powerful heartbeat and muscle by widening blood vessels to provide healthy blood to the body organs. Coleus is used in many weight loss supplements to control appetite and reduce weight quickly. 

Many studies have shown that this ingredient decreases sugar levels. 

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers cannot use it. Same with people having an allergic problem or heart disease should avoid it. 

The main BeLiv formula contains these eight main ingredients to stable blood sugar levels without any side effects. 


The BeLiv Blood Sugar Oil can only be found on the official website, not in any local shops or stores. 

According to the official website, BeLiv comes in 3 different packages for their customer, which are as follows: 

  • Try One Package (30-day supply): 1 BeLiv Bottle Price $69 + Shipping 

  • Most Popular Package (90-day supply): 3 BeLiv Bottles Price $177 (Per Bottle Price Will Be $59) + Free Shipping To US 

  • Best Value Package (180-day supply): 6 BeLiv Bottles Price $294 (Per Bottle Price Will Be $49) + Free Shipping To US 

Customers must wait for the BeLiv package to be delivered to their home address. 

All these BeLiv packages come with a 60-day full money-back guarantee with a no-questions-asked policy. If the customer wants to refund it, they have two months to do it and get all their money back within days. 

Also, BeLiv offers their customers tremendous discounts and free shipping on buying the most popular or best value package. The price per bottle can range from $69 to 49, far less than consuming diabetes pills or insulin injections. 


The manufacturing is also providing two free bonus books with 90 or 180 days package, which are as below: 

The Ultimate Tea Recipe - This book contains a list of healthy tea benefits to boost the energy level of diabetic patients. 

Learn How To Manage Diabetes - It is a digital book containing tips and tricks to enjoying life with diabetes. It also includes a diet plan, exercise routines and stress-free music to improve mood. 

Dosage Guidelines: 

BeLiv is a liquid formula packed in a bottle that contains 30ml oil, enough for 30 days. This BeLiv oil can be put under the tongue and if finding it difficult, then dissolve in water and drink it. It comes with an attached dropper of 1ml to use easily. Consumers can use this dropper to measure 1 ml of oil easily. 

According to the official website, it must take in the evening but as per BeLiv Reviews, customers take it in the morning. 

BeLiv Results: 

By reading BeLiv Reviews, we found no complaints about side effects and complications. Some say they start seeing positive results in their sleeping habits after 1st week of use. 

Many other BeLiv customers replied that they had seen the positivity in the mood by reducing sugar and glucose level. 

The manufacturer recommends taking BeLiv Oil for up to 3 to 6 months with a proper diet and daily exercises to maintain a stable blood sugar level. 

We all know that all human beings are different in lifestyle, gender, age, workload, and eating habits, so the BeLiv Result also varies from person to person. 

Benefits Of BeLiv Blood Sugar Formula: 

The BeLiv Formula has many health benefits explained under: 

  • BeLiv Blood Sugar Oil can treat type 2 diabetes caused by high sugar levels with its organic and natural ingredients. 

  • Diabetes patients mainly lose their energy and stamina; therefore, BeLiv is the best solution as it gives the body energy to perform daily tasks efficiently. 

  • BeLiv Oil is also helpful in weight loss. Obesity and overweight also cause diabetes or prediabetes because of fat stored in blood cells. 

  • Diabetes makes the body's blood thick which cannot pass through blood vessels, so taking BeLiv will make blood thinner so that it passes through blood vessels quickly. 

  • BeLiv also reduces stress levels so that body does not create cortisol hormone that increases blood sugar levels. 

  • Taking BeLiv Oil regularly will make you sleep longer and better without feeling pee for long hours. 

  • Using BeLiv will control appetite so the body can lose weight quickly. 

  • BeLiv also provides energy that can use for doing daily tasks and exercises. 

  • BeLiv Oil is much cheaper than the cost of any diabetes pills or insulin injections that do not treat diabetes entirely. 

Who Should Not Use It? 

Children under 18 years old cannot use BeLiv Oil as it contains plant and herb extracts, which need a robust immune system to digest. 

People having allergies to plants or herbs must avoid this product. You can find the complete list of ingredients on the product label. 

Same with people with type 1 diabetes and taking pills or injections should consult with their doctor before trying it. 

Same with pregnant women or nursing mothers shouldn’t consume BeLiv supplement. 


BeLiv Blood Sugar is an oil formula, not a supplement or pill with side effects. It is also supported by the FDA facility and has GMP certification to prove its safety. 

At last, in this BeLiv Review, if you want to get diabetes-free life or want to control your blood sugar level, then use BeLiv Oil for 3 to 6 months without skipping the daily dose. 

You can get genuine products only from their official product page, offering a massive discount on multi-bottle packages. 

The company offers 60 days of full money-back guarantee with a no-questions-asked policy. Customers have two months to try it if they are not satisfied with the results, they can ask for a refund. 

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