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Bajrangi Prasad Yadav Gives His Insight On The Changing Agriculture & Environmental Reforms

With the motto to bring extraordinary changes that trigger growth and help the marginalized section of society manifest their strong opinions among the public, Bajrangi Prasad Yadav is bringing revolution across various sectors

Bajrangi Prasad Yadav met PM Modi

With the nation is moving toward equal opportunities and progressive thinking, several social reformers have been continuously contributing to various walks of life for society to benefit. Following the same ideology, hailing from Sahibganj District, Jharkhand, Bajrangi Prasad Yadav also a National secretary, BJP Kisan Morcha and Incharge of Chhatisgarh state, takes the initiative to restructure Indian society along modern lines. With the motto to bring extraordinary changes that trigger growth and help the marginalized section of society manifest their strong opinions among the public, Bajrangi Prasad Yadav is bringing revolution across various sectors. One among them is the food and agricultural sector, pushing the world to bring better employment and earning opportunities. Below is the take of Bajrangi Prasad Yadav on how the agriculture and farming sector is yielding positive outcomes.

How did your political journey turn into social reform?

From the beginning, I was inclined toward inducing change that works for the betterment of society. With the dream to uplift the backward section of society and help them make big in their respective domains, I have been putting my best efforts and ensuring that no one lacks their utmost potential. When the world was hit by the pandemic and everything came to a standstill, I decided to come forward and assist the entire nation who was facing the most difficult time of their life. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than building opportunities to make society a better place to live in.  

How are you contributing to the Modi Government farmer's scheme?

Agriculture and farming sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy. It employs almost half of India's workforce and accounts for 17% of the country's GDP. Since independence, many developments have occurred in the sector, andd we have been striving to make the efforts count. During the unprecedented times of the pandemic, I made sure that the food was delivered to 21 thousand families under the 'Modi Aahar' programme. Further, I gave Rs.500 to each family through the 'Modi Dakshina' programme. During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs; hence to support them, I took the initiative and distributed 15 kilograms of food grains, including rice, lentils, cooking oil, and spices, to every family. 

What are your views on the changing environment, and how are you providing solutions for the same? 

Environment plays a crucial role in the development of the nation. With the constant changes developing at a fast pace, it is important to examine what is hampering the nation's growth in the long run. Therefore, to make the world green and clean, I have planted around 12 thousand trees across the district, taking inspiration from the 'Namami Gange Project' and combating deforestation. Having more than 12 years of experience in environmental balancing, I am stepping forward to carefully observing the hazardous effects that the pollution is bringing along with it. Getting recognition from the state of Jharkhand has motivated me to push my boundaries and bring something that nobody has introduced before.

How are you helping the women to make a strong impact?


We have a foundation named 'Arjun Herbal Medical Education & Research foundation' under which we have been conducting mass wedding ceremonies for the poor girls of the economically backward society. Under the same banner, we also have been providing people with shelter, food, medication, etc., in the unfortunate times of natural calamities. I try to help as many women as possible because I believe that women should be self-dependent. I also feel that women's empowerment is necessary for our society's growth and catering to that. 

According to you, how is the farming and agricultural sector going to revolutionize the world?

Being national secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party's Kisan Morcha, I have been propelled by the mission to bring outstanding transformation that makes the world a better place to live in. The government and other organizations are attempting to address the key challenges of agriculture in India. I am trying to bring efficient resources that focus on cost-effective technologies, further safeguarding the environment and conserving our natural resources. There is no doubt that with changing times, we need to outperform the challenges that stagnate the nation's growth. 

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