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Aroma Vastu Catering Air Blends Based On The Five Elements Of The Vastu Shastra

Aroma Vastu is one such brand that uses a remedial process that uses essential oils to align energy movements within a building or containing object.

Aroma Vastu Catering Air Blends Based On The Five Elements Of The Vastu Shastra
Aroma Vaastu

Vastu Shastra, or as it is more commonly known as Vastu, is a science that dates back over 5000 years. These Vastu recommendations for homes are typically thought to bring homeowners serenity and success. Vastu Shastra, or the "science of construction," provides Vastu advice for positive energy. Vastu advice for homes is simply a complete set of recommendations for newly constructed homes and land. These include Vastu Shastra color and advice on where to build doorways, bedrooms, etc. Directions are crucial in Vastu's suggestions for home. The correct energy is critical to the home's and its tenants' well-being. As a result, these suggestions will offer balance and positive vibes to your family. Related to the same, Aroma Vastu is one such brand that uses a remedial process that uses essential oils to align energy movements within a building or containing object.
Essential oils are perhaps one of the most underutilized energy sources, capable of restoring great life power to items. These oils, which can only be produced by nature, are the key to longevity and natural energy balance. The energy transmitting lengths of essential oils can range from a few hours to nearly 30 years. The use of such potent oils in conjunction with a thorough understanding of Vastushastra, the ancient Indian science of space and form, and Jyotish, the science of planetary influences and cosmic patterns, creates a very potent solution for curing a wide range of health, prosperity, and happiness issues. This unique methodology has been lauded at a number of prestigious venues, including the FRI (Forest Research Institute) in Dehradun, the AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologer Societies), and others. Here is a list of air blends based on the five elements of the Vastu shastra:
 Aroma Vastu- Ayatan(Air)
The Air blend from Ayatan Elements ushers in all positive changes in your life, bringing new mobility. It may assist you in coping with the acute pain caused by life events, both bodily and emotional. The available resources will come to your aid, as will new inspiration and determination to make the most of your existence.
Aroma Vastu- Ayatan(Fire)
The Fire blend from Ayatan Elements balances the southeast directions, inviting the beneficial energies of Shukra. Its consistent application generates cash flow and wealth for you and your family. The Fire element boosts self-esteem while also empowering the Praan Urja's intrinsic life energy. If the fire element is not correctly balanced, you may experience sadness, broken-heartedness, and frustration.
Aroma Vastu- Ayatan(Water)
Ayatan Elements Water provides you happiness in life, attracting and maintaining the attention and respect of family and society. It creates fresh opportunities in your endeavors, putting the past behind you and paving the way for you to walk along new roads. Activate your potential for fresh education and broaden your horizons.
Aroma Vastu- Ayatan(Ether)
With the daily application of Ayatan Elements' Ether blend, you can open up new worlds to explore. Because ether is global, it keeps you in sync with the macrocosm all day. It gives you enough wiggle room in your life to keep the daily stresses at bay and to avoid roadblocks and stumbling blocks in your personal and professional endeavors.
Aroma Vastu- Ayatan (Earth)
Earth is the Ayatan Element combination that is closest to mother nature's bosom. The mix works to untangle mental and physical tangles in your system. Increase your bank savings while getting new experiences and knowledge every day. It also improves your interactions with your friends and family.
Aroma Vastu was founded in the halls of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Jyotiesh Vidhyalya, a Kashi-based institution that specializes in bringing together scholars from all domains of esoteric, mystic, and yogic studies on a single platform. Aroma Vastu creates curative blends for human problems through incremental steps that build on the extensive knowledge already present in Vedic scriptures. For years, an inter-departmental team led by Dr. Kunwar Sawhney documented hundreds of plant extracts and their real-life healing qualities, forming Aroma Vastu. In the context of traditional Indian Astrology, Vastushastra, Numerology, and Aroma Therapy focus groups within the team regularly analyze and iterate curative treatments for many subtle and vast modern-day difficulties. Then a rigorous herb selection process begins.