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Are The Polygon And Polkadot Doomed Already, Letting The Big Eyes Coin Enter The Crypto Market With A Bang

Polygon (MATIC) is the layer-2 scaling solution platform for Ethereum scaling. It allows users to build multiple applications using Polygon SDK.


Crypto communities have met major crises after 2021. However, the coins still to release have shown immense possibilities for buyers. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also one of those coins that have performed well in its presale. It has gained the attention of buyers with its unique marketing tactics and distinctive features. How could it possibly impact the existence of Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT) after its release?

Polygon (MATIC): Improving The Scalability Of Blockchains

Polygon (MATIC) is the layer-2 scaling solution platform for Ethereum scaling. It allows users to build multiple applications using Polygon SDK. They can also create Optimistic and ZK rollup chains, stand-alone chains, and many other networks. It has transformed Ethereum into a multichain system with high security and governance rights.

By being the layer-2 scaling solution, it aims to address the scalability challenges the blockchain faces. Both the Plasma Framework and proof-of-stake blockchains allow MATIC to carry out autonomous smart contracts and execute the scalability of blockchain networks. MATIC has been ranked in the top 15 coins by CoinMarketCap. It currently is an inexpensive cryptocurrency, costing less than 1 dollar. The Market cap value of the coin is around 6-8 billion dollars. It went to its highest price, $2.92, in December 2021.

Polkadot (DOT): Connecting Various Blockchain Networks

Polkadot (DOT) is an open-source multichain protocol. It provides a connection for various blockchain networks allowing them to interoperate. DOT is a layer-0 meta protocol that enables developers to launch and describe various layer-1 protocols. It supports multiple features like connecting public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles, and other technologies.

It has the futuristic goal of making a decentralized web to create dApps and various institutions. DOT serves three major purposes: staking for operations, allowing network governance, and connecting parachains. The Polkadot (DOT) witnessed a decrease in price after 2021. It went to its all-time high at $55.00 around a year ago. But it currently costs less than 7 dollars. Its market cap value is less than 7 billion dollars.

Will Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Be A Potential Addition To The Crypto Market?

Although Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is based on an attractive, big-eyed cat whose objectives are more vivid than its eyes, this community-owned token wants to see the decentralized world by shifting all the wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. In its presale stage 7, this cryptocurrency has raised a fairly large amount by disclosing its innovative features. It has kept 5% of its tokens for charity purposes. It has already made donations to various nature conservation platforms. BIG uses NFT to build a reliable community and let users participate in exclusive events. It allows easy money transfers without any additional charges.

This cat coin intends to participate more in crypto by introducing various new features in stage four, named Catwalk. In this stage, it aims to keep $1 million for charity purposes, introduce community events, evolve NFT, and bridge more coins. It has its eyes on launching a fully-integrated NFT club. It will let buyers exchange digital currencies and win rewards.

Buy Big Eyes Coin (BIG) By Following This Guide


Recently, BIG entered stage 7 of the presale. It has raised a surprising $12M in its presale.

To join the presale:

1. Download the crypto wallet on your device (MetaMask for PC and Trust wallet for mobile phones).

2. Fund the wallet with either BNB/ETH or USDT. You will then be able to connect your wallet and make the purchase.

3. Claim your coins once the presale is over.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may outrun the demand for existing cryptocurrencies with its huge rewards and potential features, making it difficult for MATIC and DOT to survive.

For more information on Big Eyes (BIG), you can visit the following links:

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