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Apple Pay Casino - Best Gambling Sites With Apple Pay

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Apple Pay Casino - Best Gambling Sites With Apple Pay

Here is the list of our recommended betting sites that accept Apple Pay. These include real money online casinos that accept Apple Pay, Slots Apple Pay Casino, and Apple Pay Sportsbook. This list is in no order.

Apple Pay Casino
Apple Pay Casino

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Apple Pay Casinos and gambling sites. In this ever-growing world of online casinos, we understand the importance of finding the perfect platform for your gaming and betting needs. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the most reliable and up-to-date information on the best Apple Pay Casino websites available today.

As avid gamblers ourselves, we appreciate the ease, security, and convenience that Apple Pay offers. This innovative payment method has revolutionized the way we deposit and withdraw funds, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.

Top Apple Pay Online Casinos

Here is the list of our recommended betting sites that accept Apple Pay. These include real money online casinos that accept Apple Pay, Slots Apple Pay Casino, and Apple Pay Sportsbook. This list is in no order.

Best Apple Pay Online Casinos & Gambling sites:

1. 10Bet Casino – Betting & Online Casino – Play now!

2. Dream Vegas Casino – 1000+ Slots – Play now!

3. Casimba Casino – Top Gambling site – Play now!

4. Playzee Casino – Apple Pay & Neteller – Play now!

5. Monopoly Casino – Casino Online with ApplePay – Play now!

6. Borgata Casino – Casino with Apple Pay – Play now!

See all Apple Pay Gambling sites here.

Apple Pay Online Casinos

Gambling sites that accept Apple Pay can be categorized based on the most advantageous aspect to players. Here are the most popular classifications.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Casino Online Bonuses

Boosting your chance for bigger winnings is the top priority of every casino player. Bettors can get great deals the moment they sign up to online betting Apple Pay. Generous offers and free spins await players. Seasoned players won't miss out the fun part. They can join the VIP loyalty programs and leaderboard tournaments too. You can get as much as 100% match bonuses and up to thousands of dollars. What’s more, you can have a lot of free spins on Apple Pay slots. Be sure to check for the casino’s payment eligibility and wagering requirements when claiming bonuses.

Mobile Apple Pay Casinos Sites

Created by the same brand, it is no wonder that Apple Pay works synchronously with iPhones. As a mobile-first payment method, it is very suitable when playing for online casinos. Of course with its own mobile app. Casino sites that accept Apple Pay run their own HTML technology on their mobile version. This perfectly adapts to the original desktop version. Since many live a fast-paced life, betting sites that have the mobile versions can attract a lot of on-the-go players. All because of the convenience. Players can also do deposits right away with their phones. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Online Slots Apple Pay Casinos

The amount of casino games is a dealbreaker for most players. Top Apple Pay casinos do have a wide array of game collections. One well-loved game is the online slots with Apple Pay. Created by the leading software developers, slot games can bring in instant rewards and free spins. Players won’t certainly run out of variations to try. Plus the live slot dealer feature can provide a more thrilling game experience.

Apple Pay Cash Casino Sites

A sub-category that is worth mentioning is the casino that utilizes Apple Pay Cash. It is a digital card for payment. Also, this card also exists in your Apple Wallet. Despite its amount limitations, it only requires a minimal fee of 1.5% for instant transfer. It is also available only for US residences.

Apple Pay Betting Sites

Right at the moment, the most sought-after are the online casinos that accept Apple Pay. Though not limited to, an Apple Pay casino focuses on quick processing of deposits. This funds the player's casino account. Of course, that is via Apple Pay. There are a lot of advantages that players can appreciate when using it. With the reputation provided by the brand, these betting sites that use Apple Pay can gain some credibility as well.

Innovation in payment methods are hard to come by, but casinos that take Apple Pay are of a different league. Despite being effortlessly done in your phone, you cannot disregard its top-notch security. Deemed to be the best, American law enforcement will have to go to great lengths to crack Apple's encryption technology. The service doesn’t easily share user’s information to third-party entities. Also, there is no such thing as a security backdoor access. Due to its privacy policy, its safety features are even more sophisticated than the e-wallet colossus, PayPal. Having said that, betting is easier and more fun in an Apple Pay online casino. All thanks to its incredible features. We'll discuss it further down the line. Overall, the service remains to be one of the most reliable and fastest payment options accessible in your phone.

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Before we start diving deep into casinos that accept Apple Pay, let us first understand what the payment service is and what the fuss is all about.

A Brief History of Apple Pay

Prior to its launch in 2014, Apple has been tirelessly working on Apple Pay for several years. This project was a joint venture between Apple and the three giants in the finance and payment industry. Namely, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

These three companies were looking to replace the traditional way of payment. It is where it shares the customer’s information. They were looking at single-use digital tokens. It will be a replacement for traditional transaction systems.

In order to achieve this, Apple approached several of the big banks in the US to help them with this endeavor. The result of all the hard work is Apple Pay. Unveiled in 2014 by CEO Tim Cook, it happened together with the launch of the iPhone 6.

At the event, Cook described the traditional payment systems as “outdated” and “insecure”. The risk of loss and theft was very likely because of its magnetic interface. Apple’s answer to that was to allow people to pay directly from their smartphones using Apple Wallet. The project gained traction. After a few years, big names like Starbucks and KFC started to adopt the new payment method.

It is now regarded as one of the leading payment services in the world. In 2019, just five years from its launch, around 441 million people all over the world will use Apple Pay as a mode of payment. Making it one of the fastest growing payment systems. Now that’s an impressive milestone to reach!

How does Apple Pay Work?

If you are familiar with how contactless card payments work, then you won’t have a hard time using Apple Pay. It basically works in just the same way.

The most important thing before you can start using Apple Pay is to have an iOS device. These include iPhone 6 and later models, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch. It is not limited to just Apple-specific terminals. Any contactless payment system will accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Users then have to input their payment information to Apple Wallet. Then, make sure to verify it by following the steps set by the card issuer. Once done, all information needed to make a payment is then linked to the app. Meaning, the user does not need to hand over their physical card when paying.

What Apple Wallet does is to create a token inside its system that replaces the credit card information. In its place, the system creates a Device Account Number. This is fully encrypted and stored in the device’s Secure Element. Every time it secures a payment, merchants use the token to process the transaction. This means that the merchants will never get their hands on the credit card information.

Secure and Instant Transactions with Apple Pay

One thing Apple does to secure its system is that it does not share users’ information across its cloud service. This means that users will have to manually input their credit card details. Same goes for all the iOS devices they want to use for Apple Pay. This is a chore to some, but doing this adds to the security of the payment system.

Apple Pay will need verification before it can complete making payments. Verification comes in different ways. This includes fingertip recognition with Apple’s Touch ID, facial recognition with Face ID, or by entering a pin.

Contactless payment systems utilize a near-field communication antenna. It allows iOS devices to communicate wirelessly with a point-of-sale (POS) system. This gives the ultimate convenience to users. They don’t need to fumble around looking for their wallets. All they have to do is to place their Apple device near a terminal and that’s it. Payment done.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Online Casinos and Betting Sites

With millions of Apple device users, we can only assume that a big portion of this are also online casino patrons. Apple Pay is slowly gaining popularity in the gambling and betting landscape as an alternative payment method.

As more users experience its benefits, the list of bookies that accept Apple Pay is surely getting longer. The security of making a casino deposit with Apple Pay will surely give a great gaming experience that will keep them coming back.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that players get from an online casino that accepts Apple Pay.


Apple devices in themselves already have a variety of security features. It uses state-of-the-art security software. This is to make sure that only the owners have access to their device. With that said, it follows that Apple Pay enjoys the same security too, sometimes even more.

When paying with Apple Pay, users do not need to give merchants or stores their bank information or even their personal information. This gives added privacy to the users since it stores their information in the device. Apple Wallet uses encryption to keep the information safe. All consumers need to do is to verify the transaction using either Touch ID, Face ID, or a password.

In this way, players can rest easy knowing that their information is safe from the prying eyes of hackers. Especially when playing at an online casino that uses Apple Pay or placing bets at sportsbooks that accept Apple Pay.


Making payments with Apple Pay is very quick and easy to do. First, make sure that you set up your Apple Wallet. For transactions in physical stores, you just have to place your phone or device near an NFC scanner. Then, verify the transaction using one of the security measures, and you’re done.

This will prove very useful for players that gamble with Apple Pay. Speed is important since it can be the deciding factor between a win or a loss. New and existing players that make a casino Apple Pay deposit are in for a treat. This is because their funds will go through almost real time.


Apple Pay makes it very convenient for their users to pay for their transactions. As long as you have your iOS device with you, you can do transactions anytime, anywhere. Just make sure that the merchant or store accepts this as a method of payment.

This also proves extremely useful for those who frequently play at online casinos using their mobile phones. As long as they play at betting sites with Apple Pay, they can make transactions with just a few taps.

Another plus of this system is that you don’t need to have an internet connection for it to work. As long as you ready your Apple Wallet, you’re good to go. Since Apple Pay allows major credit cards to connect with Apple Wallet, it is now very easy for users to fund their e-wallets.

How to Set Up Apple Pay for Casino and Betting Transactions

Let’s say you’ve decided to go on and try out Apple Pay. Setting up Apple Pay on your devices is easier than you might think. Before you start, you’re going to need three things.

  • An iOS device — iPhone 6 or later models, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook
  • A debit or credit card — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other supported issuer
  • Apple ID

Once you have these at your disposal, you’re ready to start setting up Apple Pay on your device. Read on as I take you through the steps you need to do to set up your Apple Pay.

How to add a card to your Apple Wallet on your iPhone

  1. On your iOS device, open the Apple Wallet application and tap on the “+” sign.
  2. Select either “Debit” or “Credit” to add a new card.
  3. If you have previously used another card, you can select “Previous Cards” to add that to the wallet instead.
  4. Select “Continue” and follow the steps on the screen.
  5. Verify your information with the card or issuer. It might require you to give more information. Or even download another application before you can be fully verified.
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. You can choose to make the added card your default payment method.
  8. You’ll see an image of your card on the Apple Wallet once it is successfully added. If you have other cards, you can add them as well as long as they come from supported issuers.

How to add a card to your Apple Wallet on your Apple Watch via iPhone

  1. On your paired iPhone, open the Apple Watch application.
  2. Select “My Watch” and choose “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  3. Press on “Add Card”.
  4. Again, select your card type, either Credit or Debit, and click on Continue.
  5. Go through card verification similar to the steps above.

How to add a card to your Apple Wallet on your Mac and iPad

  1. Open the Apple Wallet settings. For the Mac, you can locate it inside the System Preferences as Wallet & Apple Pay. Meanwhile, for the iPad, you can find it in the Settings as Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. Again, select Add Card.
  3. Select whether to add Credit or Debit Card and select Continue.
  4. Enter your card details. Then, go through the verification process similar to the ones above.

The process is fairly similar across different Apple devices. Just remember to have a card from a supported issuer and an eligible device.

Now that your Apple Pay is ready to use, you can start paying for transactions using your wallet. You can even make deposits to fund your online casino wallets now. This is possible as long as that online casino has Apple Pay as a deposit method.

A Few Things to Remember when Using Apple Pay:

  • Apple Pay works on devices that have Touch ID or Face ID. This provides two-factor authentication (2FA) for your transactions. That’s why you must remember to set up a passcode for your Apple Watch.
  • Users below the age of 13 are not allowed to use Apple Pay services.
  • If you are using multiple iOS devices, make sure that you log in to the same Apple ID and iCloud account across all your devices.
  • When using Apple Pay for online casinos and online betting, take note that it allows only Deposit transactions. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you need to select another payment method. Apple Pay does not support withdrawals for the time being.

Finding Reputable Apple Pay Casinos and Betting Sites

Looking for the best Apple Pay casino that suits your gaming style is quite tricky. Due to the vast amount of casinos present on the internet, many find it difficult to access the worthwhile sites. Numerous dubious casinos are very good at faking their legitimacy. Therefore, players must be extra critical prior to playing online.

Essential Tips in Identifying Trustworthy and Reliable Apple Pay Gambling Sites

Here are simple tips that might help you find an honest online casino as you bet with Apple Pay.

Protect your own information at all cost

Do not divulge any personal data to others, especially those regarding your finances. You are always the first line of defense in data privacy. Do not overshare with others, especially strangers. Hackers don’t exempt anyone. So, be always cautious when it comes to your information.

Do your background investigation because it pays to check first

Make sure not to rush in playing online as this is the most usual player’s pitfall. Check on the casino’s long-standing reputation since its inception. A legitimate casino with Apple Pay cares a lot about their customers’ feedback. Scandals and controversies are red flags to watch out for. Always be on the lookout for user reviews. These can answer some of your queries about your casino prospect. Search particularly about the payouts process and time. Published return-to-player percentage and odds say a lot to its integrity as well. Most importantly, a real online casino is serious when it comes to player’s safety and security. Safety features include encryption from basic to the latest SSL and elaborate firewall system. Two-factor verification, and long password are also a requirement.

Stick to an online casino with Apple Pay that looks and feels right

The casino’s website must be in order. It must have no typographical or grammatical error, and attractive to say the least. With a correct domain name and website address, it must be free of annoying pop-ups. These can affect your computer with malware. Legitimate ones, such as Apple Pay Bet365 casino, present well. Also, it displays all the need-to-know information and basic casino sections. Displayed games in the lobby must be familiar. Well-known software developers should be the creators of these games. Payment methods should include the trusted payment services only. Including Apple Pay, of course. If your gut tells you otherwise, better proceed on to your next candidate.

Try inquiring in its customer support before you register

An honest online casino has a matter of urgency. This is not only for critical matters like payments and troubleshooting. It must also apply to basic inquiries. You don’t have to sign-up prior to using this service. This can also show how they handle customer issues. It can reflect the quality of the assistance that can provide the players as well. Staff must be professional in communicating and must not take long to respond.

You should be able to register without a hitch

Before you hit the submit button, be sure to truly read the terms and conditions section. Majority of players skip it due to its long contents. However, once you agree to these, you are already bound with its content. Process of registration must not take longer than usual. It should only cover a few personal questions.

Considerations in Choosing the Top Online Casino that Accepts Apple Pay

Luckily, there are now guides that can help players on what to look for in a top Apple Pay casino. These benchmarks may vary in a few areas to some extent, but basically these are the standards to check. It is recommended that players only bet on authorized casinos to avoid wasting their money.

Reputation & Licensing

Since Apple Pay is a licensed money transmitter, it does not mean that casino sites with Apple Pay are automatically legitimate. With its long history and experience, Apple is one of the most trusted brands by consumers. May it be due to its products and services, it will remain to be on top in the next few years.

When it comes to the Apple Pay betting apps, licensing is always the top priority. Depending on the jurisdiction, a sole or a few authorizing bodies are responsible for granting permits to online casinos. Players must look for the logo and details of the licensing body in the casino’s homepage. Also, they can easily access this information without any difficulty. A true and legal casino won’t certainly lie to players about these things.

Information Security & Player’s Privacy

Equally important consideration is security. As said earlier, Apple Pay does not take it lightly. Apple has a sophisticated technology that requires users to enter their biometrics during sign-up. This secure form of authentication will be the basis to confirm payment transactions. The payment option itself provides an extra layer of protection to its users. You can surely rely on their security as they evidently invested in it.

Best Apple Pay casinos have the latest technology that keeps players’ data secured. Starting with the SSL encryption, it will prevent any third-party to see, or much more to steal, sensitive information. Part of the requirements for casinos are random number generators. These will ensure that games are cheat-proof and are being played fairly. There must be no way for the casino to influence the results of its game. Also, an auditing gaming firm has to regularly oversee the casino’s compliance to requirements and regulations.

Plethora of Game Selection

As mentioned above, having a diverse game collection can dictate the tune of player retention in online casinos. Options are necessary to maintain the player’s interest and curiosity. Game types should vary and must include both classic and modern ones. Player’s demographics can sometimes hold a clue on what games can appeal to him or her. Among the most popular titles are slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and live dealer games. Sports betting Apple Pay casinos are hugely in demand to sports fanatics as well. Remember that it is always nice to have choices.

Customer Support

In any service, it is important that customer care and support is always available. Most especially if it’s about financial transactions. Apple Pay is very accessible with its 24/7 customer service portal. Commonly asked questions are readily available in their FAQ sections as well. Players do appreciate having helpful personnel on the other line to assist them when the need arises.

This is the same with an online casino accept Apple Pay site. A legit website must have a helpful customer line that can answer queries at any given time. Casino hotlines and email must be active and responsive despite a slight delay in reply. This can appease players that there will be a line of help in case of an issue.

Promotions & Bonuses

Using Apple Pay in online casinos can reward players with flexible offers. A true casino will stay true to its word of awarding players with the promised bonuses. New players can take advantage of the hefty welcome bonus and free bets. This is like in an Apple Pay sports betting. They can usually claim it after their first deposit with the casino. Also, existing players are eligible for loyalty bonuses as well. As for the high rollers, possibility of bigger winnings are more likely with the VIP program. Despite no current bonus in using Apple Pay per se, you are still a winner with the campaigns of the online casinos.

Payment Methods

A licensed casino definitely has a big roster of payment options available. They can take on various modes of payment that are easy to use. Of course, Apple Pay is always among them and is always one step ahead. As discussed in this article, its credibility carries a lot of weight in the industry. That is the reason major casinos accept it in doing their deposit online. Aside from it, other payment services should be available to players at all times. It is because this factor usually decides on what online casino players bet on initially.

Availability In Mobile

Leading online casino sites do have available iOS mobile applications. Also, the casino interface will adapt seamlessly in iPhone browsers. The best sites are usually pioneers. They can set the standard for advanced technologies. Apple Pay is a trailblazer in the payment service industry. Thus, its partner casinos must also keep up with the competition.

Depositing and Withdrawing at Apple Pay Casinos and Betting Sites

More and more players switch to alternative payment methods when transacting with online casinos. This is due to e-Wallets proliferating across the internet. One such e-wallet is Apple Pay. The brand enjoys recognition and reputation all over the globe. It is no surprise that there is an increase in punters delving into sports betting with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay bookies and Apple Pay online gambling sites are not hard to find nowadays. With all the benefits that this payment method gives players, there is a growing number of players who prefer this banking method.


Before making any kind of deposit to online casinos and sports books, it is a good practice to check for bonuses associated with Apple Pay. These can bolster your gaming experience. Also, it can provide you with additional funds or free spins to make your gaming worthwhile.

Basically, the process of making deposits is the same for the majority of online casinos and sports books.

  1. Find a reputable online casino or sports book that has a mobile version or application.
  2. Register at the casino or sports book of your choice.
  3. Once successfully registered, head on over to the Cashier portion.
  4. Look for the Apple Pay logo and click on it. Input the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Go to your Apple Pay app on your iOS device and verify the transaction.
  6. Lastly, there is nothing left to do but enjoy your funds.


As we have previously stated, Apple Pay currently does not support withdrawals to its system. If you want to get a hold of your earnings, you need to select a different payout method. No need to worry as there are several withdrawal alternatives you can choose from. The ones mostly available are credit and debit cards, other e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies.

The processing time will depend on which method you choose. Some may take longer than others. However, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies generally have a fast processing time. Sometimes funds will be available in an instant when using these two payout methods. On the other hand, if you prefer to use a credit or debit card, it’s a waiting game as processing may take from 24 to 48 hours. The longest would have to be via bank transfers where processing time takes about 5 business days. Plus, there may be fees associated with the transaction.

Apple Pay Fees and Limits

One of the biggest features that make Apple Pay appealing to players is that they don’t charge additional and hidden fees. It can ensure that your casino wallet will receive the exact amount that you will deposit. Apple will not deduct or charge any extra fees. This is why players prefer playing at an online casino that accepts Apple Pay.

In the event that it charges you a certain amount, it might be the online casino’s transaction fees, and not Apple per se. So it is your responsibility as a player to find out if your online casino or sports book imposes certain transaction fees.

For transaction limits, again, Apple does not have one in terms of the amount of money you can transfer. However, limits can be set by your card issuer or online casino itself. So again, we emphasize that you do your research first so that you won’t run into any unexpected problems.

We know that this can be frustrating for players especially when they encounter issues. It might even give them a bad gaming experience. Our advice is, do your research, read the fine print, and be a responsible gamer.

Alternatives to Apple Pay for Online Gambling

As much as we find Apple Pay to be advantageous, it is also important to consider some alternatives in certain situations. There are competitors that are worth some attention of casino players. Here are its notable competitors. Let’s see how Apple Pay fares with them.

PayPal vs. Apple Pay

This is, in fact, the battle of the payment service giants. An exciting match up between Apple Pay and PayPal. As the leading e-wallet and payment service, PayPal can’t just disregard Apple Pay. The latter gives the former a run for their money. Both operating a highly sophisticated technology on information security, they are safe payment methods. With the Apple Pay carries the good reputation of its mother company, PayPal has longer experience of great customer service. Though Apple Pay has the upper hand in terms of data privacy. PayPal is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, which is the Apple Pay’s Achilles heel. So, we can conclude that they are at par with each other and will just come down on the players’ preference after all.

Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay

The rivalry between the two brands goes way back. Both are famous digital payment services. Also, they are quite similar in terms of functions. Despite the availability on both iOS and Android and the extra features found in Google Wallet, Apple Pay remains to be easier in terms of usage among the two. With its parental monitoring feature, it is still user-friendly to teenagers as well. Security of Apple Pay is distinctively superior. It absolutely stated that it will never store and track past transactions. Also, it makes use of biometrics in authentication. Whereas Google Wallet still employs the traditional way of PIN-based verification.

Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay

As the two great mobile tech companies, every product release results in a showdown. Both battling each other on every device specifications and latest offerings. In terms of being a payment system, it will highly depend on the area of location. Samsung Pay is good at making transactions without the use of tangible cards. Also, it is a very terminally-compatible payment service because of its magnetic secure transmission technology. On the other hand, Apple Pay is still the most convenient payment service. Its safety feature continues to be beyond comparison.

Skrill vs. Apple Pay

When it comes to security, Apple Pay is the clear winner when compared to Skrill. It also leads the race in world-wide reach. Also, because of its higher market value, it does have more utilities compared to Skrill. Yet interestingly, Skrill has a slight lead in gambling on website categories only. Having said that, Skrill recognizes Apple Pay’s dominance in the market. It already joined forces with Apple Pay as you can now add Skrill's prepaid Mastercard to it.

Online Casino Apple Pay Is Your Best Bet

Without a doubt, Apple Pay is indeed a step towards innovation. Top Apple Pay casino sites have a solid and positive impact on players all over the world. With people recognizing its importance and edge over others, it is safe to assume that it will continue to grow and flourish. It can possibly branch out more soon. Eventually, it will create a bigger platform to cater to more audiences and their needs. So, the casino online Apple Pay option is your best shot.

With the touch of your fingers, payment transactions can happen instantly. As long as you stick with your Apple devices, everything will surely be integrated and can happen in a matter of seconds. It does make things so convenient. Also, you can easily do transactions whenever and wherever. You just need to initially link the applications once. Then, voilà. You are all set.

Security is something Apple Pay takes pride in. With top-notch features that could rival anyone in the market, it is certain in protecting its clients’ personal and financial data. Players need not worry as they play on licensed online betting Apple play sites. Add to that is the extra blanket of protection it provides its users from third-party online casinos. You can have a full gaming experience without any concern. At the end of the day, it will always fall on you as a player on how you would take care of your personal information. Regardless of how comprehensive the security features of a payment service are, it won’t matter. If you are too complacent and careless, it will be for nothing.

Time To Take A Bite Out Of Apple Pay

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced bettor, Apple Pay has a lot to offer. Being true to its word, “Cashless made effortless”, digital transactions have never been this easy and convenient. Time to try on Apple Pay betting in your favorite online casinos. A generous introductory bonus is in store for you.

It is not forbidden. So, take a bite. Sign-up now and enjoy Apple Pay gambling.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.