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Alpilean Reviews - Is The Ice Hack For Real? Do Customers Really Lose Weight?

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Alpilean Reviews - Is The Ice Hack For Real? Do Customers Really Lose Weight?

In this Alpilean review article, our research and editorial team will find out whether this “Alpine secret” product can be a good supplement to tackle our weight gain problems.


Alpilean is a dietary supplement for healthy weight loss , influenced by an ancient alpine secret. It contains a proprietary blend of clinically proven nutrients and plants that aims to diminish the root cause of fat accumulation in the body. 

This supplement supercharges our calorie-burning engine to support healthy cholesterol and healthy muscles. As per the manufacturer, Alpilean has gone through many clinical trials to maintain its quality, purity, and potency standards. 

In this Alpilean review article, our research and editorial team will find out whether this “Alpine secret” product can be a good supplement to tackle our weight gain problems. 

Let’s begin with a brief summary: 


Weight Loss Dietary Supplement 

Supplement Name: 


Supplement Form 


Servings Per Bottle: 


Supplement Description: 

Alpilean formula is a proprietary blend of 6 alpine plants and nutrients to target the root cause of unexplained weight gain. 

Alpilean Reviews: 

The online Alpilean reviews have been highly positive . It has helped consumers lose extra fat in their bodies effectively. 

Alpilean Ingredients: 

Golden Algae, Drumstick Tree Leaf, Ginger Rhizome, Bigarade Orange, Dika Nut, Turmeric Rhizome 

Who Can Use Alpilean Supplement? 

Men and women above 18 years of age who want to dissolve excess fat in their bodies healthily and fast. 

Alpilean Purity Standards: 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Made in an FDA-restricted facility 
  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • Free of GMOs 
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 

Alpilean Pricing: 

  • 1 Container at $59 (For 30 Days) + Shipping 
  • 3 Containers at $49 each bottle (For 90 Days) + 2 Free Bonuses + Shipping 
  • 6 Containers at $39 each bottle (For 180 Days) + 2 Free Bonuses + Shipping 

Alpilean Bonus Products: 

  • Bonus #1: 1-Day Kickstart Detox 
  • Bonus #2: Renew You 

Satisfaction Guarantee: 

  • 60-day money-back guarantee 

How To Purchase Alpilean? 

Alpilean dietary supplement is sold on the official website for the customers to purchase only the original product. 

Now, let’s start with the comprehensive Alpilean review. 

A New Scientific Discovery - How Alpilean Was Created? 

Recently, a team of doctors and researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered the root cause of weight gain in men and women. They studied over 170 years of scientific data and found that all overweight people around the world have one thing in common, which is low inner body temperature. 

On the contrary, one thing that is common in people having a healthy weight is normal inner body temperature. Basically, inner body temperature means the temperature of our cells and internal organs, not how cold or hot our skin feels. 

To back this study, further clinical research was performed. And it was discovered that our inner body temperature plays an important role in how our body metabolizes fat. This means when our body’s inner temperature is normal, we burn calories fast and effortlessly. 

On the other hand, our metabolism is slow when our inner body temperature is low. According to the researchers, our body’s metabolism slows down to 13% or more with every drop in our inner body temperature. 

This Lead To The Creation Of Alpilean 

After discovering the new shocking root cause of weight gain, Zach Miller and Dr. Matthew Gibbs, along with other medical professionals, designed and formulated Alpilean. The formula consists of 6 Alpine nutrients and plants blended in correct dosages that target the inner body temperature. Thus, boosting our body’s metabolism to burn fat. 

The ingredients, such as Golden Algae, Ginger Rhizome, Dika Nut, etc., are considered as “Alpine Secret” by the manufacturers of Alpilean dietary supplements. Made from the finest foreign and domestic ingredients, this supplement is free of GMOs and other chemical substances. 

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Working Mechanism - How Does Alpilean Work To Stabilize Inner Body Temperature? 

As mentioned above, Alpilean makes use of the new scientific discovery that explains the root cause behind increased weight and slowed metabolism. According to the research study, most obese people have a low body temperature which slows down their calorie-burning mechanism. 

Alpilean targets the slowed-down metabolism caused due to our inner body’s low temperature and helps enhance low-core body temperature health and keep it within the required range. 

According to the makers, Alpilean is unlike anything that we’ve ever experienced before. It is the only weight loss supplement available in the market that will electrify our sleeping metabolism into full energy-boosting and fat-burning mode. 

Inside every Alpilean capsule, there are 6 clinically proven and handpicked natural ingredients that are claimed to be “Alpine Secrets.” These ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help maintain our body’s inner temperature while supporting liver, brain, and heart health. 

Who Can Use Alpilean? 

The manufacturers of Alpilean Dietary supplement recommend that it can be used by anyone who is above 18 years including: 

  • Obese people are looking for a healthy weight loss formula. 
  • Bodybuilders are looking to gain a healthy body mass. 
  • High cholesterol or type 2 diabetes patients (under the recommendation of their healthcare professionals) 

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What Are The Natural Ingredients Blended Together In The Formula Of Alpilean? 

Following are the six key ingredients incorporated in Alpilean to promote fat burning: 

Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients

Golden Algae 

Golden algae have several components that work together to promote weight loss. First, it is high in protein, which can help to increase feelings of fullness and reduce cravings. Additionally, it contains fiber, which can also help to reduce appetite and promote feelings of fullness. 

It is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked to obesity and weight gain, so reducing inflammation can help to promote weight loss. Finally, golden algae have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which can help to prevent weight gain and promote weight loss. 

Drumstick Tree Leaf 

Drumstick tree leaf contains several active components that contribute to their fat-burning properties. One of these components is chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol that has been shown to increase fat metabolism in animal studies. 

Chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase, which is involved in the production of glucose in the liver. By inhibiting this enzyme, chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of glucose that is produced and stored as fat in the body. 

Several scientific studies have investigated the fat-burning properties of drumstick tree leaves. In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers found that obese mice fed a diet supplemented with drumstick tree leaf extract had lower body weight, reduced fat mass, and improved glucose tolerance compared to mice fed a standard diet. The researchers attributed these effects to the chlorogenic acid and quercetin content of the drumstick tree leaf extract. 

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Ginger Rhizome 

Ginger rhizome has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various ailments, including digestive issues and inflammation. However, recent studies have shown that ginger rhizome can also promote fat burning. 

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that gingerol and shogaol increased the body's metabolism by up to 20%. This increase in metabolism led to a significant reduction in body weight and body fat percentage. 

These components work by increasing the body's production of heat, which is known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a natural process in the body that burns calories to produce heat. 

Citrus Bioflavonoids 

The active components of citrus bioflavonoids that promote fat burning are naringin and hesperidin. 

Naringin has been found to increase the activity of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an enzyme that plays a key role in regulating metabolism. This means that naringin can help to increase the rate of fat burning in the body, leading to weight loss. 

One study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that naringin and hesperidin can reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver and improve lipid metabolism in rats fed a high-fat diet. 

African Mango Extract 

Studies have shown that African Mango Extract can increase leptin levels in the body, which can help reduce appetite and increase metabolism. By regulating leptin, African Mango Extract can help individuals feel fuller for longer periods and reduce the number of calories consumed. 

African Mango Extract has been found to increase protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis is the process by which the body builds new proteins. By increasing protein synthesis, African Mango Extract can help build lean muscle mass, which can increase metabolism and aid in weight loss efforts. 

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Turmeric Rhizome 

Turmeric rhizome has been found to promote weight loss in several ways. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which is often linked to obesity and weight gain. 

Curcumin has also been found to boost metabolism and increase fat burning. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that curcumin supplementation can significantly reduce body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference. 

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What Are The Overall Health Benefits of Alpilean Dietary Supplement? 

Alpilean facilitates weight loss in adults by supercharging their calorie-burning engine. The reason being its ingredients are strategically and synergistically blended together to address the internal body temperature. 

Some of the major health advantages of consuming Alpilean are as follows: 

It Can Maintain A Healthy Internal Body Temperature 

One of the essential ingredients of Alpilean is golden algae which is known to have many health benefits. The supplement can reduce adipocyte differentiation in our body to help increase the temperature of internal organs. 

As a result, the increased body temperature can prevent the accumulation of fat cells in our body, stimulating the fat-burning process. The makers suggest consuming Alpilean for a considerable amount of time to help burn deep stubborn fat and lose weight safely. 

Boosts Metabolism And Promotes Healthy Weight Loss 

The potent ingredients in Alpilean can help you lose weight naturally. They contain essential nutrients that can balance the temperature of our internal organs. By doing this, it can boost our body’s metabolism. 

With an increase in our body’s metabolism, the Alpilean active ingredients can then reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in our body effectively. As a result, we can burn more calories and get rid of unhealthy weight gain whilst promoting healthy weight loss. 

It Can Increase Energy Levels 

Alpilean targets the root cause of low energy, slow metabolism, and unexplained weight gain, which is low internal body temperature. The Alpine Secret ingredients of the supplement are so potent and blended in the right dosages to maintain the temperature of our organs, as much as we require. 

An increase in the inner-core body temperature results in a faster metabolism rate, providing more energy for our body to use. This means we can remain energetic the entire day, keeping our mental and overall health protected. 

It Can Control Blood Sugar 

High blood sugar levels and unhealthy weight go hand in hand. As we know, how Alpilean can boost our body’s metabolism rate, which, in turn, can help reduce the excess fat accumulation in our body. 

Simultaneously, when we do not have unwanted fat, we help our body maintain insulin sensitivity, reducing high blood sugar levels. The manufacturer recommends ingesting Alpilean capsules regularly to help control blood sugar. 

Supports Healthy Immune System 

Alpilean ingredients not only promote weight loss but also support our gut health. Since the supplement is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, preventing low inner body temperature. As a result, it can improve our heart health as well as our immune system. 

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What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Alpilean? 

Alpilean creators suggest users take one capsule with a big glass of cold water consistently for a few months. If used regularly, the natural ingredients can work to burn fat even when sleeping. 

Are There Any Cons Of Consuming Alpilean Every Day? 

Before proceeding forward, let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of Alpilean: 


  • A bespoke proprietary blend of natural ingredients. 
  • GMOs and chemicals free 
  • Vegetarian-friendly 
  • Promotes healthy weight 
  • Can control high blood sugar level 
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules 
  • Easy to carry anywhere 
  • No side effects have been reported 


  • Only available on the official website to be purchased. 
  • The exact dosages are unknown. 
  • People with existing medical conditions are recommended to consult their healthcare professionals. 
pricing of the Alpilean
pricing of the Alpilean

How Much Does Alpilean Cost? 

The pricing of the Alpilean dietary supplement is as follows: 

  • If an individual purchases one bottle for 30 days supply, it will cost $59, which does not include shipping. 
  • If an individual purchases the bundle of 3 bottles for 90 days supply, they can get a discount, and one bottle will cost $49. It does not include shipping; however, the company provides 2 complementary eBooks. 
  • If an individual purchases the bundle of 6 bottles for 180 days supply, they can get a bulk discount + free US shipping. One bottle will cost $39 + 2 Free eBooks. 

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Which Complementary eBooks Does Alpilean Provide? 

As mentioned above, if an individual purchases a bundle of either 3 or 6 bottles of Alpilean, they will get the following two e-Books for Free: 

eBooks Does Alpilean Provide
eBooks Does Alpilean Provide
  • Bonus #1: 1-Day Kickstart Detox: It contains 20 bizarre tea recipes that can be made in 15 seconds to help cleanse, detox, and flush our organs. 
  • Bonus #2: Renew You: It contains simple methods that you do easily to relieve mental stress, reduce anxiety, and calm your mind. 

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee Offered By Alpilean Company? 

Yes, Alpilean provides a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. This means if we order a single bottle of Alpilean today, it will be protected with an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. 

So, if any individual is not impressed with the fast melting of their deep stubborn fat into enhanced energy levels, then they can claim a refund. That too, the company will not ask any questions. All they have to do is inform their customer support team within 60 days of purchase. 

Alpilean Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Not? 

Alpilean is a solid natural solution to help people deal with their unhealthy weight gain. It features a proprietary blend of 6 potent natural ingredients, which has gone through many clinical trials to be blended in the right dosage to help maintain the required inner body temperature. 

After studying many online Alpilean reviews, we can say that this dietary supplement may be effective in fat-burning and promoting healthy metabolism in our bodies by targeting its root cause. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which can be a plus point for those who don’t see any results. 

Hence, Alpilean can be worth our time, money, and effort. However, we will suggest our users get a recommendation from their healthcare professionals before implementing this dietary supplement into their lifestyle. 

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